Top 100 Exotic Quotes

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Chuck Norris
Souvenirs always tend to look great when you see them in some exotic souk but awful when you finally get them back home. They tend to start in my study and eventually get demoted to the garage or the loft.

Theo Paphitis
If the arts are held up solely as a means of social insight, fantasy is denied the chance to be commonplace and reality the chance to be exotic.

Richard Eyre
Then I began filming a world that I knew quite a bit about. I was peripherally involved in that world much of my life – the exotic reptile world, the collectors, the dealers, the smugglers.

Eric Goode
There is nothing wrong with professional pet owners and private breeders of exotic animals. And I would be the first to fight to take away an animal from an irresponsible owner.

Joe Exotic
Wormholes don’t exist because the only way they would exist is if they were seeded with exotic material created by an intelligence far beyond our own. Something would have to make one.

Jonathan Nolan
In my head, I’d love to go on a vacation to somewhere exotic and far away and in the middle of nowhere. But then I think about the effort it would take to book a flight and a hotel, etc., and I just end up staycationing.

Ross Butler
I read so much stuff that black women say, especially about my relationship. ‘Oh, he left his black wife to go be with some exotic chick.’ First of all, my girl is black: she’s Jamaican.

Kevin Hart
I also have a film coming up called Breaking Up, and my part in that was not written for a Latina, and my character is not particularly pretty or sexy or exotic.

Salma Hayek
WrestleMania is one of those events where you want to put the most different, most extravagant, most exotic show you can out there.

Big Show
I enjoy collaborating with creative people and trying to get the best image possible to convey a feeling or story. Plus, I get flown all over the world to exotic places. How can you lose interest in that? It’s a great lifestyle. I can take vacations whenever I want, and no two shoots are ever the same.

Alyssa Sutherland
I like hearing the sort of harmonies people get into in different parts of the world. I love music that has a sense of allure to it, and exotic tunes. That’s what I’m drawn to.

Bria Skonberg
Now when one goes to Dubai, one does shop a lot. I bought a lot of exotic food like Tofu and smoked salmon, which are generally not available in Mumbai.

Himani Shivpuri
It’s where you come from that’s the strange, exotic, quirky, mad place.

Irvine Welsh
I usually write at my kitchen table, nothing exotic. I don’t need any equipment. I don’t have to organise anyone else to rehearse, and when I do a reading, lots of women and girls come, whereas gigs are dominated by men. Not against men, but I want to communicate to women.

Viv Albertine
The downside to defining everything Chinese as different than American is that all things Chinese then become exotic.

W. Kamau Bell
A lot of people say when you get a short life span you want to go out and do all of this crazy stuff like go bungee jumping and travel to exotic places. But you just want to live.

Claire Wineland
I do remember instances where girls would just fawn over me because they liked that I was different – exotic – to them. And they didn’t use the word ‘Asian’ at the time. All of the aspects that make me Asian, they liked.

Alex Tizon
I love being in my garden. I don’t plant a lot of exotic flora, but I do spend a lot of time outside doing manual labour.

Jacqueline Bisset
Africa was the most exotic place I could conceive of – the end of the world – and I knew I would go there one day.

Henning Mankell
Asian people have a unique way about them and a different sense of beauty. It’s exotic to me. I like they way Asians project their feelings. There’s a hardness to the culture, but at the same time there’s a delicateness.

Paz Vega
I once went to the Mayfair club Annabel’s and the best thing about it was the Ladies. Perfumed air, exotic wallpaper, full-length mirrors – when you’ve had enough of the bustle, it’s like having a rest in a boudoir: a female sanctuary.

Susanna Reid
You live overseas, you see these exotic places and you want to know about them. But, weirdly, it also made me homesick for all these very prosaic places in America.

Ken Jennings
I was in school studying civil engineering. A guy approached me on the street and said that I had a interesting look-very exotic. He told me I should try to be in the industry.

Thuy Trang
I wanted to make my stories, which are inspired by Asian stories, into something fresh, decontextualized – to give them new life as a new kind of fantasy that isn’t so cloying and exotic and strange.

Ken Liu
Americans think African writers will write about the exotic, about wildlife, poverty, maybe AIDS. They come to Africa and African books with certain expectations.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Personally, I have nothing to prove. But I’m tremendously curious about human nature. Female life is so incredibly underexplored in cinema, so these stories feel very exotic.

Niki Caro
Because I am really interested in gardening, I do really interesting plants, not even always flowers. And because I have grown them, I really know them like friends. I paint everything from exotic orchids to rosehips growing wild in a hedge. They just have to speak to me.

Emma Tennant
I did not want to be a tree, a flower or a wave. In a dancer’s body, we as audience must see ourselves, not the imitated behavior of everyday actions, not the phenomenon of nature, not exotic creatures from another planet, but something of the miracle that is a human being.

Martha Graham
I love the food in Thailand because of the exotic spices they use. Their style of cooking is unique to their culture and always amazing.

Venus Williams
There, the grand lines of mountain and sea are admirable, and apart from the exotic vegetation that is here, Monte Carlo is certainly the most beautiful spot of the entire coast: the motifs there are more complete, more picturelike, and consequently easier to execute.

Claude Monet
I’m not some ditzy moron who has no idea how to deal with a diplomat as if they’re some exotic animal.

Louise Linton
When I was little, I thought that everyone wanted to hold me as a baby because I was this thing of fascination. But rather than this thing that wasn’t quite right, I just felt that my difference was something that was probably very exotic.

Ruth Negga
A permanent base on Mars would have a number of advantages beyond being a bonanza for planetary science and geology. If, as some evidence suggests, exotic micro-organisms have arisen independently of terrestrial life, studying them could revolutionise biology, medicine and biotechnology.

Paul Davies
If there is an exotic woman it’s always a terrorist role.

Persis Khambatta
Redheads get so stereotyped. You’re either exotic and wild or totally Victorian.

Alicia Witt
The long, cold Minnesota winters instilled in me a fascination for exotic far off places; I aspired toward a career in tropical diseases and world health problems.

Peter Agre
I don’t enjoy traveling in America. I don’t like the food, the cars. It is not exotic enough. It all tastes a bit like airline food.

Carla Bley
I would love to go to Iran. The island of Madagascar, everyone says is pretty exotic, or the wonderful Namibian desert.

Michael Palin
By recognizing that infectious disease is not some faraway exotic issue but a global problem, and by sharing the responsibility for its prevention, diagnosis, and control, the whole world will be a lot safer.

Seth Berkley
Home was extremely normal. But my dad’s life was quite exotic, really. When I went away to stay with him, it was a different world. I never wanted to be in that world. I was much happier with my mates at home.

Nick Hornby
European authors often write books about the rest of the world that profess a vision of shared humanity but fall far short, casting the other as exotic or dangerous.

Uzodinma Iweala
My history writing was based on what I saw in strange, exotic places rather than just reading books.

Tony Judt
I like both Greek and Egyptian. More Greek stories have survived, so we know more about them. They’ve always been my favorite. On the other hand, I like the Egyptian stories because they’re not as commonly known and they have an exotic flavour.

Rick Riordan
I have lots of ambitions. I’d love to do theatre. I’d like to be in ‘Tea With Mussolini 2;’ I’d like to touch Meryl Streep – which would involve being with her in some exotic location. I have lots of fantastical dreams.

Miranda Hart
I get upset about what is taken as great literature and what is cute and exotic.

Rabih Alameddine
Gamelan instruments are exotic and mysterious.

James Newton Howard
Funnily enough, the most danger I felt was when I did a story about exotic animals kept as pets in America.

Louis Theroux
I’ve always felt that the human-centered approach to computer science leads to more interesting, more exotic, more wild, and more heroic adventures than the machine-supremacy approach, where information is the highest goal.

Jaron Lanier
I like things that are hand made – but personally for a man, I’m not interested in fashion that evolves with time. I like things to be the same. For a woman I think it’s fantastic to have things that are different – it’s like a flower where every season there’s some new exotic bloom.

Roman Coppola
Just because you have an exotic animal as a pet does not make you a danger or irresponsible.

Joe Exotic
We have a lion, tiger, liger, which is the father is a lion and the mother is a tiger, black and spotted leopard, mountain lion, Asian leopard cats. Weve got a tremendous number of the exotic feline.

Tippi Hedren
New York is great, but I miss L.A. – I feel like there was something exotic about L.A. that I kind of underestimated at the time. It was very unfamiliar to me.

Emily Mortimer
At the time of Woodstock, I was just 13, but I used to see these exotic hippy creatures and I did look on with envy. How could you not? In an ideal world, I would have loved to have been a hippy – but I might have been a bit strait-laced. It was my fantasy.

Imelda Staunton
I absolutely adore sweets, especially the exotic variety, and am a fanatical chocoholic.

Rahul Dev
I’ve always thought I’d like to be something more exotic than C of E. I can’t even say I’m lapsed. You don’t lose your faith when you are Church of England – you just can’t remember where you left it.

Jeremy Hardy
I’m an ocean, because I’m really deep. If you search deep enough you can find rare exotic treasures.

Christina Aguilera
There was a guy called Carlos Thompson, who was I think Argentinian, and he was doing a series called ‘Sentimental Agent’. That was the very first thing that I did. It was supposed to be taking place in some exotic location, but in actual fact, it was Chertsey with a few shivering potted palms.

Diana Rigg
You don’t necessarily have to go to some exotic location halfway around the world. You can find that other world very close to where you live.

Jeremy Wade
I don’t really know how it feels for an American to go to Mexico, but if you come from Germany, Mexico is a really exotic place. It has this laid back vibe, at least in the countryside, and things don’t seem to be as over-civilized as they are here in Europe.

Shimeji are those odd-looking clusters of small mushrooms you often find in so-called ‘exotic’ selections at the supermarket. They have an appealing firmness that is retained during light cooking.

Yotam Ottolenghi
I think Englishmen or Northern Europeans in general are more naturally attracted to the lute than to the guitar, which always seems Spanish exotic – to our ears.

Julian Bream
Elevating baked eggs to exotic, spice-laden heights, Australians have come a long way since the days of only knowing Middle Eastern cuisine to be dried-out pucks of falafel, or the occasional late-night kebab.

Melissa Leong
Most of us, when we go out with a camera in our own country, try to find exotic subject matter to photograph.

Martin Parr
It does cost a lot of money to make high-quality TV in exotic locations. I know everyone thinks we’ve been given a massive sack full of money and gone off and bought Lamborghinis and gone off for lunch, but it isn’t actually like that.

James May
I used to delight in eating the most exotic meat on the menu: I’d have the snails, camel, squid or anything else that was going.

Judith Durham
I don’t really take vacations because when I’m working, it’s usually in a far-flung, exotic place somewhere. But I have a farm in Australia I like to go back to when I’m at home and not working.

Russell Crowe
A holiday vacation can mean sampling all kinds of new cuisine – whether it’s Uncle Joe’s award-winning chili or the exotic flavors of Nepal. If your little ones are fussy, be sure to ease mealtime hassles by bringing along a supply of the familiar foods they’re accustomed to rejecting at home.

Adam Mansbach
My grandparents never understood why my mother Noreen chose such exotic names for her children: Damon and me. My granny insisted on calling my brother Dermot – a good Irish name – until she died; I was just known as ‘wee one.’

Natascha McElhone
It makes my skin crawl to think about the violent ways snakes, lizards, alligators and other exotic creatures are raised and killed for boots, bags and belts.

Kelly Brook
Now when I look back to the Guildford of that time, it seems far more exotic to me than Nagasaki.

Kazuo Ishiguro
My mother was born in Burma, but my grandfather on her side was Indian-Spanish. So I have this quite exotic mix, which is reflected in my earliest memories, in our Wiltshire country kitchen, of gran, and aunts, cooking spicy stewy, casseroley curries, a version of Indian food with a Burmese twist.

Jamie Cullum
Hey bands, you’re all welcome to fly me to some exotic location and I’ll record you there, Y’know that right? You don’t have to come to this God forsaken place. Hope I can visit you all in Australia one of these days that would be hot! We’ll talk again soon.

Jim Diamond
I was lucky that one of my first movies, ‘One Million Years B.C.’ was made in Europe by a British company. The Brits, and a lot of the rest of Europe, seemed to really love exotic women. The fact that I was American and exotic just made me more appealing to them.

Raquel Welch
Canada has really grown and grown as this unexplored and very mysterious and exotic place to me.

Devendra Banhart
It’s almost like he’s started to sound even more exotic the more people started doing him. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about Al Gore that makes me laugh.

Dana Carvey
The nomads’ egalitarian lifestyle astonished the Greeks, who kept their own women indoors weaving and minding children. The exotic Scythian lifestyle fueled the Greek imagination and led to an outpouring of myths about fierce Amazons, ‘the equals of men.’

Adrienne Mayor
The concept of making a movie in which the director dictates is kind of exotic – and absolutely not truthful. Directing means allowing a great deal of collaboration and listening and having the ability to change your mind.

Luca Guadagnino
I do believe that we baby-boomers are reinventing ageing as we enter it. We’re living longer and expecting more from life; the success of ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,’ and other films and novels about finding love late in life, have shown that if we’re up for it, there are adventures awaiting us.

Deborah Moggach
When I was growing up, and periodically going to India to visit my grandmother, my classmates would often ask me about the trains. There was an exotic fascination with people sitting on top of the carriages.

Nish Kumar
I celebrate my life, whether it’s being a single mother, wearing diamonds, or holidaying in exotic places.

Sushmita Sen
I always thought ‘Stump’ was kind of like, you dropped something on your foot. It’s not the most exotic rock-star name.

Patrick Stump
I watched a lot of television as a kid, and the suburbs to me – that was exotic! Like, a mom and dad who lived in the same house and had jobs and cooked breakfast at the same time every morning and did laundry in a washing machine and dryer? That was like, ‘Woah! Who are they? How do you get to be like that?’

Gaby Hoffmann
The rush that you get from having a good night’s sleep is so exotic: to feel powerful and clean, capable and potent, as opposed to washed up, impotent and mute.

Pete Doherty
The two impulses in travel are to get away from home, and the other is to pursue something – a landscape, people, an exotic place. Certainly finding a place that you like or discovering something unusual is a very sustaining thing in travel.

Paul Theroux
I don’t see myself as exotic.

Elodie Yung
The genus Drosophila is one of the great success stories. There’s hundreds of species within the genus. They’re on every continent except Antarctica, they’re in tropical rain forests, they’re in deserts, they’ve evolved many exotic mating behaviors, and they’re capable of incredibly long-distance flights.

Michael Dickinson
I would come, many years later, to understand why ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ is considered ‘an important novel’, but when I first read it at 11, I was simply absorbed by the way it evoked the mysteries of childhood, of treasures discovered in trees, and games played with an exotic summer friend.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I’ve always pushed my body way too hard, gone days without eating at 20,000 feet, and caught every exotic bug that didn’t kill me.

Jeff Lowe
Genuine cosmopolitanism is a rare thing. It requires comfort with real difference, with forms of life that are truly exotic relative to one’s own.

Ross Douthat
For better or worse, zoos are how most people come to know big or exotic animals. Few will ever see wild penguins sledding downhill to sea on their bellies, giant pandas holding bamboo lollipops in China or tree porcupines in the Canadian Rockies, balled up like giant pine cones.

Diane Ackerman
When I first arrived in Houston, I was fascinated with the elaborate styles of cowboy boots and thought they were incredibly exotic. They also seemed to be a central part of a specifically ‘Texan’ identity, one distinct from being ‘American.’

Shahzia Sikander
I think the attraction to Israeli women stems from the fact that we’re exotic and the fact that there are many talented and beautiful women in Israel. I think that there is also greater awareness of Israel than before in the movie industry.

Bar Paly
The ads that podcasts manage to sell tell you a lot about who they think is listening. They include services that promise to make your investment portfolio ethical, deliver exotic, ready meals to your home, or guarantee better sleep thanks to luxury bed linen.

David Hepworth
Jolie’s exotic mixture of brains and glamour makes her the one reliable international star, and one of the few of either gender to make people in every country pay to see her.

Richard Corliss
My ultimate getaway is Vietnam. It has a little bit of everything when it comes to culture, amazing food, beautiful people, exotic sights, sounds and profound history of love, bravery and resilience.

Jeannie Mai
I have to admit to the occasional need for ‘Come Dine with Me.’ I am the most atrocious cook, and that’s probably why I find it so entertaining. It looks exotic to me.

Nicola Walker
I cook a very exotic Hyderabadi rice dish called Hyderabadi biryani, which takes an entire day to cook, and the last time I cooked it was multiple years ago, but someday I’ll cook it again.

Satya Nadella
Maybe the way we have learned to look has changed in the last 25 years, and the exotic is much more acceptable. There are many artists now, younger artists, who work out of the exotic.

Anish Kapoor
We use music, cinematic storytelling and very stylized backgrounds to create mood and atmosphere as ‘Samurai Jack’ travels an exotic landscape. The environment is a major character in each show.

Genndy Tartakovsky