Top 101 Stealing Quotes

We have collected the best Stealing Quotes by famous authors including Trea Turner, Claudette Colvin, Tucker Max, Mechai Viravaidya, Gary Wright and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Obviously, I think the most meaningful thing is winning
Obviously, I think the most meaningful thing is winning, and winning the World Series, but the way you help your team, if that is stealing bases and you can be the best at it, I think that’s pretty cool.

Trea Turner
That was worse than stealing, you know, talking back to a white person.

Claudette Colvin
Books are so cheap and easy to get that people don’t bother stealing them, which is the essential rule of piracy that the music business learned much too late.

Tucker Max
When you start learning how to give when you’re young, when you get older it is second nature. Just like stealing. Start young and you keep on stealing forever. Ask my politicians.

Mechai Viravaidya
No one likes to work for free. To copy an artist’s work and download it free is stealing. It’s hard work writing and recording music, and it’s morally wrong to steal it.

Gary Wright
It’s hard enough for disabled people to get acting jobs without able-bodied people taking them. As an actor, I know that I’m not going to be stealing any able-bodied roles from any able-bodied people.

Josh Blue
My ancestors came from Co Roscommon, transported to Van Diemen’s Land for stealing food.

Richard Flanagan
No people is wholly civilized where a distinction is drawn between stealing an office and stealing a purse.

Theodore Roosevelt
Inspiration is one thing. Stealing is another.

Christina Tosi
Many rogue sites exist to make a profit and others are enormously expensive to maintain. If they don’t have the resources to continue stealing intellectual property, they’ll wither away.

Jared Polis
There are important rules in life – like not parking on yellow lines or stealing from your neighbour. But some rules are made to be broken.

Katie Hopkins
I might go my whole life stealing money. I got paid to play basketball, which is a scam. I get paid to watch basketball, which is a scam.

Charles Barkley
I don’t actually read that much. I like movies a bit more. That’s how I come up with ideas – by seeing things, hearing things, recycling things. Stealing things!

Mike Patton
Stealing bases was put to me almost as a prerequisite for staying in the game. They didn’t give me a handbook on how to do it; they said do it. Under those conditions you go out and develop your own handbook.

Lou Brock
The relationship between ‘My Chemical Romance’ and Michael Pedicone is over. He was caught red-handed stealing from the band and confessed to police after our show last night in Auburn, Washington. We are heartbroken and sick to our stomachs over this entire situation.

Frank Iero
What a brutish master sin is, taking the joy from one’s life, stealing money and health, giving promise of tomorrow’s pleasures, and finally leading one onto the rotten planking that overlies the mouth of the pit.

Jim Elliot
Christian values were important at home. Cleanliness. Don’t steal. Don’t lie. Those were the rules, and they were strictly enforced. Especially the stealing and lying. When you broke the rules, you got a beating. I always broke the rules a lot.

Jimmy Cliff
I would rather have nothing worth stealing than live my life trying to protect things.

Hugh Dennis
I’ve always been fascinated with the stealing of innocence. It’s the most heinous crime, and certainly a capital crime if there ever was one.

Clint Eastwood
One of the things that drives me crazy is the belief in Hollywood that bittorrent exists solely for stealing things.

Wil Wheaton
I think of the Jens Lekman in the songs as a completely different person who’s stealing my stories.

Jens Lekman
It’s so easy to steal from the bottom 99 percent, but try stealing from the top one percent, and they put you under the jail.

Richard Ojeda
The British Museum is great for seeing how excellent we were at stealing things.

Russell Howard
I loved the idea of how all these guys always are stealing other guys’ girls and I was like, ‘There’s no female anthem for a girl stealing another guy’s girl,’ and that is the coolest thing ever.

Hayley Kiyoko
I go to correctional facilities and talk to kids there. They have little kids in there who are, like, 12 years old, stealing cars and stuff like that.

I know imitation is the highest form of flattery, but stealing one’s identity is totally different.

AnnaLynne McCord
Synthesizers were looked at as stealing the soul of music, but then there were these new bands who used it to contradict that idea.

Brendon Urie
Of all the plays in baseball, stealing home is by far the most exciting.

Cheech Marin
To those who have being stealing government money, it has to come to an end.

Cyril Ramaphosa
To love the one who loves you, To admire the one who admires you, In a word, to be the idol of one’s idol, Is exceeding the limit of human joy; It is stealing fire from heaven.

Delphine de Girardin
I’ve stolen licks from just about every person that ever picked up a guitar. We all borrow from one another; it’s called legitimate stealing.

J. J. Cale
There was one ‘crime’ during the whole time I was at school, when a fountain pen went missing. Stealing just didn’t happen. I was taught not to shoplift, not to steal, not to behave badly. We weren’t even allowed to drop litter.

Joanna Lumley
MAC gave me 55 lipsticks to test. These are the same lipsticks I got caught stealing by the police when I was 15. How ironic.

Eddie Izzard
I’ve been stealing from the Alien films throughout my entire career.

Randy Pitchford
As long as we continue to invest in good content that increases excitement about and understanding of science, we’re on the right side of this fight, and I have no problem at all stealing from the toolbox of the clickbaiters.

Hank Green
It was around the summer of 1982 when the drug problem really impacted. It became a lifestyle rather than a recreation. When you start lying and stealing, you cannot con yourself you’re in control any more.

Irvine Welsh
France has long been regarded as the most adept at stealing trade secrets.

Neil Macdonald
Stealing is stealing. I would hope that a federal employee that engages in theft of trusting travelers would be disciplined more than with just a letter.

Jeff Duncan
Back when Napster first came along, I started telling everybody Napster was like shooting yourself in the foot because you’re stealing music. The record companies don’t pay for us to make records – the bands do.

Butch Trucks
That is why the analogy of stealing does not work. With a thief, we want to know how much money he stole, and from whom. With the artist it is not how much he took and from whom, but what he did with it.

Lukas Foss
It’s so funny, I’m always stealing from Moliere, and nobody ever notices. I steal from him willy-nilly.

Theresa Rebeck
I started stealing in ninth grade. And I don’t mean a pack of gum from the convenience store here and there. I mean stealing on the regular. It got really bad. It was one hundred percent an addiction.

Gigi Gorgeous
If you happen to tell me where you were born, your date of birth and that kind of information, then I’m 98 percent of the way to stealing your identity.

Frank Abagnale
Confiscatory taxation enforced by threat of imprisonment is ‘stealing,’ a practice strongly frowned upon by our Creator.

Ann Coulter
Men are not hanged for stealing horses, but that horses may not be stolen.

George Savile
Baseball is a game where a curve is an optical illusion, a screwball can be a pitch or a person, stealing is legal and you can spit anywhere you like except in the umpire’s eye or on the ball.

James Patrick Murray
If the playing field is not level, if there’s sign stealing going on and we’re not participating ourselves, that really puts you at a great disadvantage.

Joe Maddon
I don’t want to be a guy who’s just sitting on the bench stealing money.

Stephen Jackson
Lying, stealing, and cheating are commonplace.

Joseph B. Wirthlin
‘No Flex Zone’ is when somebody walks in and accuses you of stealing their cellphone, and you didn’t, and you know in your pocket you have enough money to buy their cellphone, and you have your own.

Slim Jimmy
To be perfectly candid, we’re better at stealing other people’s secrets than anyone else in the world. But we self-limit. We steal secrets to keep our citizens free and safe.

Michael Hayden
I’m an honest man. I am living my life. I’m not stealing. And I’ve never been ashamed of who I am – I am a Roma.

Danis Tanovic
Because cheating is easier when we can justify our behavior, people often cheat in small amounts: We can come up with an excuse for stealing Post-It notes, but it is much more difficult to come up with an excuse for taking $10,000 from petty cash.

Dan Ariely
I’ve made an incredible amount of money stealing fans from homeowners.

Douglas Wilson
I don’t want to remember 2005 as a year that the government heaped unnecessary burdens upon American families. Stealing from the poor and middle class and giving to the rich, while increasing the deficit, is hardly responsible.

Marty Meehan
Me and my partners had been stealing cars for a while.

Aaron Neville
No more corrupt politicians stealing from us.

Wanderlei Silva
The Indians began to be troublesome all around me, killing and wounding cattle, stealing horses, and threatening to attack us. I was obliged to make campaigns against them and punish them.

John Sutter
If I was making motorcycles and they came and took one, would that be a crime? Why can’t we punish people for stealing songs? There should be a $10,000 fine for that.

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein
I have never witnessed, nor will I live long enough to witness, a more simplistic crime than me stealing your identity.

Frank Abagnale
My dad’s cooking was magic in the kitchen. But eventually over the years, his personality changed and his ability to remember recipes failed. He became paranoid and thought people were stealing from him, when often he was just misplacing things.

Tess Gerritsen
A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children.

Ian Anderson
From logos to software – you name it, the Chinese have stolen it – and they’ll keep stealing it, if left unchecked.

Trish Regan
The most astonishing subset of the Deep Web is a collection of dark alleys called the Dark Web. The Dark Web is generally thought of as a collection of criminal elements intent on subverting the law, stealing our money, and possibly kidnapping our daughters.

John McAfee
I am accusing him of stealing my best material, he was a very funny man.

Frank Carson
My father, who was jailed for stealing on more than one occasion, just abandoned his fatherly responsibilities and disappeared. I grew up working from the time I was nine years of age. Money was a big issue everywhere I lived.

Wayne Dyer
This photographing is really the business of stealing.

Diane Arbus
At 13, I volunteered at the radio station. My first job was cleaning up when I was 17, and before I really started, they fired people for stealing station equipment, and I was on the air.

Bobby Bones
I got caught stealing when I was a kid from the local bodega right across the street from where we lived. I tried to steal a big bag of Red Hot Dollars. And I swear, I was about 7 years old and the bag was bigger’n me.

Marlon Wayans
Stealing bases is just something I like to do. I figure if I can hit home runs and steal bases, I’d be different than everybody else.

Carl Crawford
My workout was running down fly balls, stealing a base, or running for my life on the football field.

Bo Jackson
Before Katrina, you didn’t see criticism of the Bush administration in the media. Here they are, stealing elections, enacting illegal wars, huge crimes against humanity and democracy, and you didn’t even see criticism. It wasn’t until Katrina that people started to come down on them.

Ani DiFranco
If you’re not in the right classification, you’re basically stealing funding and opportunities from other people. This is not the NFL. There’s only so much money to go around.

Jessica Long
It’s nice to sometimes get things out of life, rather than stealing from other artists. I’m trying to steal from the real people.

John Hawkes
I’ve been arrested for ‘stealing’ my own car, only to be released.

Jamaal Bowman
It’s all stealing bases and winning games. If not, go home.

Mickey Rivers
The stealing of American research, of course, ultimately takes American jobs.

Morgan Ortagus
I’ve been stealing scenes all my life.

Mickey Rooney
I got fired for giving coffee away. It was just my regulars. I’d say, ‘Don’t worry about it,’ and they’d put down a dollar tip. Technically, I was stealing. Ethically, I was boosting morale!

Jack McBrayer
There’s been this argument about Coldplay stealing this melody from Joe Satriani, but, if you listen to it, it’s mine! It’s the ‘Foreigner Suite,’ it is!

Cat Stevens
China has pioneered a societal approach to stealing innovation any way it can, from a wide array of businesses, universities, and organizations.

Christopher A. Wray
If I was gonna go to jail, I don’t want to go to jail for stealing a bottle of water. I’ll steal that $20 million. At least then it was worth it.

Idris Elba
The French elites’ strategy of trying to defeat the Le Pens by aping their rhetoric, stealing their policies, and pandering to their voters has been a political and moral failure.

Mehdi Hasan
But this will not do, God will certainly punish you for stealing and for being unfaithful.

Jupiter Hammon
That type of autograph, pictures and apparel thievery was not part of what I grew up with. I loved the artists and their music. I would be thrilled to meet them, but the thought of getting a scribble or stealing an article of clothing never occurred or appealed to me.

Davey Havok
The first time I got locked up, I was in Walmart stealing BB guns.

PnB Rock
Would you go into a CD store and steal a CD? It’s the same thing, people going into the computers and loggin’ on and stealing our music.

Britney Spears
So many people are stealing Bikram Yoga. It’s like you’re practicing medicine, but you’re not a doctor.

Bikram Choudhury
To be sure, robotics are not the only job killers out there, with outsourcing stealing far more gigs than automation.

Daniel Lyons
In West Virginia yesterday, a man was arrested for stealing several blow-up dolls. Reportedly, police didn’t have any trouble catching the man because he was completely out of breath.

Conan O’Brien
Well, stealing bases adds some runs but very few, and you lose most of the runs that you gain by having runners caught stealing.

Bill James
Human experience resembles the battered moon that tracks us in cycles of light and darkness, of life and death, now seeking out and now stealing away from the sun that gives it light and symbolizes eternity.

Eugene Kennedy
Power is every stealing from the many to the few.

Wendell Phillips
Sometimes you are going to have to games where you are going to have to manufacture runs, stealing. Particularly when you face real good pitching.

Jose Reyes
Why would anyone steal a shopping cart? It’s like stealing a two-year-old.

Erma Bombeck
We’ve got tremendous dumping of steel into our country and aluminum into our country – all manner of products being sold in our country at below cost, stealing American jobs or depressing wages.

Peter Navarro
Anyway, I lived on the streets and did pretty good until I got caught stealing, what was it? I kicked in a restaurant window, went in and took all the food that I wanted, and while coming out I was grabbed.

Gregory Corso
They’re stealing my ideas. They’re imitating my shots.

David O. Selznick
Even if the most ethical people were elected to high position and we ran out of resources, there would still be lying, cheating, stealing, and corruption. It is not ethical people that are needed but rather a way of intelligently managing the Earth’s resources for everyone’s well-being.

Jacque Fresco
I’m not saying stealing a girl is okay at any cost, but the message I’m sending out is that if you love someone, you ought to be able to tell her that you do and she has the right to know what her options are.

Kashmira Shah
Stealing Chanel’ was very different for me as an artist. I had to embrace and expose my vulnerabilities, instead of manifesting a character.

Lydia Hearst