Top 105 Floating Quotes

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For the industry we're starting now, for suborbital fli
For the industry we’re starting now, for suborbital flight, there is no destination, so the spacecraft you go up in has to be large and spacious. That’s why SpaceShipTwo is much bigger than SpaceShipOne: It needs to be because you want those six people to be floating around and enjoying themselves.

Burt Rutan
Although floating and fixed rates appear dissimilar, they are members of the same freemarket family. Both operate without exchange controls and are free-market mechanisms for balance-of-payment adjustments.

Steve Hanke
A squirrel attacked me. I got attacked by a squirrel in Battersea Park. They’re dangerous. It’s rare. I’ve torn most of the ligaments in my knee. So no football for me. It’s early retirement now. I’ve got a floating knee-cap!

Niall Horan
I’ve always thought it’d be nice to be seaweed, kind of just floating about.

Devendra Banhart
And Twin Peaks, the Film is the craziest film in the history of cinema. I have no idea what happened, I have no idea what I saw, all I know is that I left the theater floating six feet above the ground.

Jacques Rivette
There’s probably a bunch of Power Stripe floating through the Def Jam offices right now.

Method Man
Since we don’t use any type of currency manipulation schemes – we have a floating exchange market – we are very glad to consider any type of process that would stabilize the Mexican peso.

Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal
When the space shuttle’s engines cut off, and you’re finally in space, in orbit, weightless… I remember unstrapping from my seat, floating over to the window, and that’s when I got my first view of Earth. Just a spectacular view, and a chance to see our planet as a planet.

Sally Ride
I usually have two or three ideas floating around. When I have free time, the one I end up thinking most about is the one I end up pursuing.

Colson Whitehead
I’ve had several joint surgeries just to get floating bone chips and different things removed.

The Undertaker
I’m a bit of a floating voter actually – I’ve voted for all parties.

Alexander Armstrong
When I took a couple of years to do the documentaries after I left ‘American Morning’ – what was I gone for, five years? – I didn’t feel that I was floating under the radar.

Soledad O’Brien
I was missing the main weight-bearing bone in both legs. And the left leg, I didn’t have a full knee. It was a floating knee. I had six toes. My hands were webbed, and I also have one kidney. I don’t have a full bicep on my right side. Thank God my hair didn’t get ruined.

Oksana Masters
I’m kind of floating out there as an artist. I’m in a safe place where I can play a girlfriend or a best friend or a mommy or a lawyer, but a huge part of me is unused. I’m classically trained, historically inclined and somewhat revolutionary by nature, so I’m frustrated as an artist.

Nicole Ari Parker
In terms of me being a Christian, going to Israel was really cool. Going to the West Bank, Bethlehem, floating in the Dead Sea – that was great for me.

Larry Fitzgerald
Ju jitsu is very Buddhist. All that we fear we hold close to ourselves to survive. So if you’re drowning and you see a corpse floating by, hang on to it because it will rescue you.

Tom Hardy
I write in the most classical French because this form is necessary for my novels: to translate the murky, floating, unsettling atmosphere I wanted them to have, I had to discipline it into the clearest, most traditional language possible.

Patrick Modiano
A novel is a collision of ideas. Three or four threads may be floating around in the writer’s consciousness, and at a single moment in time, these ideas collide and produce a novel.

Anita Shreve
A lot of the records you buy, there’s nothing you can hold in your hand, it’s all 1’s and 0’s, this digital cloud floating in the ether. but with analog albums, you can hold it in your hand.

Dave Grohl
Puberty for a girl is like floating down a broadening river into an open sea.

G. Stanley Hall
You can look up, you can see the stars, the moon and the sun, and you wonder: How does it all work? I didn’t have the answers, but I was thinking about all this floating amongst the stars. That is my objective.

Wally Funk
There was this moment, particularly after I had my first child, where I felt like, ‘I don’t know if I’ll ever make a record, or if this is always going to be something just floating around in my head.’

Karen Elson
We’re trying to fix this with the plan we’ve been floating. Now, the law says the transition ends in 2006 or – and the ‘or’ is the only part that matters – 85 percent of Americans go buy a digital TV.

Michael K. Powell
Because of social media, we have a lot of personal essays floating around; you see them on Facebook: everyone’s either reading them or writing them. Some of them are great; some of them are diary entries put forth as essays.

Meghan Daum
‘Floating Worlds,’ published in 1975 and the lone science fiction novel by acclaimed historical novelist Cecelia Holland, was unique in being completely devoid of the usual pulp influences present in much space opera up to that time.

Pamela Sargent
In my state of spiritual abstraction, I no longer belong to myself and to my eyesight. I am nothing more than a single narrow gasping lung, floating over the mists and summits.

Reinhold Messner
‘Floating Worlds,’ which received a fair amount of attention when it was first published, deserves rediscovery.

Pamela Sargent
Transcendental meditation in particular is very useful in terms of unlocking those deeper parts of the subconscious where ideas are floating.

Jon Hopkins
I think I fall into a lot of cracks in terms of I’m too something. I’m too this, I’m too that. And my music has never really had a home. I’ve been this floating alternative. I’m too mainstream for alternative. I’m too alternative for mainstream. And I’m just kind of wandering.

K. D. Lang
The simple, stupefying truth that, as a woman, I am a minute ocean, in the dark tropic of whose womb eggs lay coded as roe, floating in the sea that wet-nursed us all, moved me deeply.

Diane Ackerman
There are a few ‘Raw Shark Texts’ tattoos floating around the Internet now, so I’m gathering them up to post on my forum. It’s a strange thought, knowing that readers are tattooing themselves with something I’ve created, but it feels wonderful to have added something that people care about to the world.

Steven Hall
Donald Trump’s administration is floating a proposal to return to the moon – and to shut down the International Space Station to help pay for it. The first part of this idea is good. The second is horrible.

Leroy Chiao
I used to get a shiver if I thought about holding balloons, because I was scared of floating away.

Fiona Apple
My idea of a vacation is staying home and doing short day hikes, floating the river and things like that.

Tim Cahill
Conducting ‘Tristan’ is like floating in amniotic fluid, but having worked on it for three months, I now know why people who go near it go so strange.

Simon Rattle
I’m petrified of spiders. I hate them. I sleep with a glass of water beside my bed every night. I woke up once to take a sip of water and almost swallowed a dead one floating in the glass.

Kyle Schmid
There’s an old maxim that says, ‘Things that work persist,’ which is why there’s still Cobol floating around.

Vint Cerf
The truth is, there are probably eight more ‘Snow White’ scripts floating around out there. And once one ‘Snow White’ script got hot, other people started pulling out their ‘Snow White’ scripts.

Evan Daugherty
I’m floating between multiple media. I really wish you could buy the hardcover book and it would come with the digital download and audible version. I spend stupid amounts of money because I’m usually buying my books in at least two formats.

Atul Gawande
When I was maybe 22, 23 years old or so, I was sort of floating in between New Japan, Ring of Honor, TNA – not really committed to one place.

T. J. Perkins
I did a film called ‘Floating’ early on that had a scene which was similar to a real-life situation I was in at the time. It involved me having a conversation with my father, who was dying. It was close to home and it made me realise acting wasn’t just making faces for the cameras, it was a real art form.

Norman Reedus
By 1993, the Stone Roses had become this huge, beautiful cruise ship just floating about in the middle of nowhere with no captain.

Ian Brown
I’m gonna walk super, super slow to when I turn 40 or something. To me, walking and floating slow represents how wealthy you are!

Theophilus London
When men hear women want a commitment, they think it means commitment to a romantic relationship, but that’s not it. It’s a commitment to not floating around anymore. I want a guy who is entrenched in his own life. Entrenched is awesome.

Mindy Kaling
People who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned.

James Baldwin
There’s a long way to fall when you pretend that you’re so far away from the earth, far away from reality, floating in a bubble that’s protected by fame or success. It’s scary, and it’s the thing I fear the most: to be swallowed up by that bubble. It can be poison to you, fame.

‘Original Sin’ is one of those ideas that has been circulating for several years at the Marvel retreats we have a couple times a year. We have all these ideas floating around for a bit before we figure out how to align them.

Jason Aaron
You know, I’ve just always been sort of goofy and kind of gone with it. I actually usually work more in drama, but I have been floating back and forth with comedy, and somehow they keep giving me jobs in comedy, so I guess there’s something funny about me.

Zachary Knighton
Kids would come up to me after concerts and give me drawings they’ve made of violins or, you know, landscapes with a violin floating in it or some sketch of a concert or a portrait of me.

Hilary Hahn
I’m an army kid with floating feet.

Padmapriya Janakiraman
I slept just floating in the middle of the flight deck, the upper deck of the space shuttle.

Sally Ride
It’s a big plethora of music floating around in my head all the time, and I’ll sit there and write a song.

Lee Brice
I didn’t grow up in the Catholic church, but I went to a Catholic high school and a Catholic college, and the Jesuit priests are not saints floating around campus.

Chris Sullivan
As an educator, I try to get people to be fundamentally curious and to question ideas that they might have or that are shared by others. In that state of mind, they have earned a kind of inoculation against the fuzzy thinking of these weird ideas floating around out there.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Intelligence work in the Marine Corps proved to me the strategic value in establishing a Central Command to act as a clearinghouse for disparate bits and floating bytes of information.

Todd Young
Three-dimensional results are important to me. I did once spend some time just writing, and floating around, and I lost my mind a little bit. I wasn’t so good at that.

Dave Eggers
This moment where we think we rest, when the brain is floating, you know, in sleep, is actually a moment where I could be very creative in a very strange, uncontrolled way.

Philippe Petit
For me, it was my first cosmic connection, on par with a first kiss. No other planet looks as unworldly or surreal as Saturn. When you see it floating in the eyepiece of your telescope, you feel as if you’ve uncovered mystery in the cosmos.

Carolyn Porco
I love getting the pontoon boat out, and I don’t get to do it as much anymore. If I know in two weeks or a month from now I’ve got three days off, I can start planning for that stuff, getting out there with friends and family and relaxing, just floating around and hanging out.

Blake Shelton
This new understanding of processes on Europa would not have been possible without the foundation of the last 20 years of observations over Earth’s ice sheets and floating ice shelves.

Saul Perlmutter
Venice is the perfect place for a phase of art to die. No other city on earth embraces entropy quite like this magical floating mall.

Jerry Saltz
Solitude is not the same as loneliness. Solitude is a solitary boat floating in a sea of possible companions.

Robert Fulghum
Learn your instrument. Be honest. Don’t do anything phony. There is so much crap floating around. There is plenty of room for a bit of honest writing.

Christine McVie
I’m not like, ‘I act.’ I’m like, ‘I’m kinda floating. I kinda did this movie; it was kinda like going to camp, and I don’t really know what any of this means!’

Sasha Lane
I won’t be able to do what I’m doing forever. There aren’t that many scripts floating around for fifty-year-old chicks.

When I found out about being cast in ‘Spider-Man,’ it was like this bubble developed around me. I was floating in it for a while. And then, suddenly, it evaporated, and I was like, ‘Well, I’m just an actor. I don’t get to actually be Spider-Man.’

Andrew Garfield
The first book I ever bought for myself was ‘One Fish Two Fish’ by Dr. Seuss. My favourite page shows two children carrying an enormous glass jar up some stairs in the dark. In the jar is a tusked beflippered creature floating in brine.

Mini Grey
People think floating should be the easiest and happiest time for a company, but it’s actually really hard. We were meant to think we’d won – we’d gone public and could go on to new things. But we were only just getting started.

Parker Harris
What’s funny is I probably still have some calligraphy business cards floating out in the world, and I can’t wait for someone to call me in a month or something, and say, ‘Can you do these for my son’s Bar Mitzvah?’

Meghan Markle
I’m everywhere; I’m just a soul that’s floating around here on earth.

Lauren Jauregui
Wind is a floating wave of air, whose undulation continually varies.

The obvious thing to me was, let’s take freely floating masses in space and measure the time it takes light to travel between them. The presence of a gravitational wave would change that time. Using the time difference, one could measure the amplitude of the wave.

Rainer Weiss
Obviously you’re looking out the window and you’re seeing Earth and that’s moving and then you’re in a spacecraft now that can move on all axes while you’re floating inside it and I think, for some people, maybe the combination of all three is a little bit of a sensory overload.

Jared Isaacman
I am on a mural in Belfast with ‘Floating up the Lagan in a bubble’ on it. You know you have made it when you have got a mural.

Adrian Dunbar
And since plastic does not naturally degrade, the billions of tons sitting in landfills, floating in the oceans or piling up on city streets will provide a marker if later civilizations ever want to classify our era.

Tatiana Schlossberg
More than specific memories of achievements, for me I remember the feeling you get when you were just at your very best – when you felt like you were floating across the court and could put the ball wherever you wanted.

Guy Forget
It was Apollo 8 that first showed us the tiny blue marble of Earth floating in the void of space, one of the great psychological shifts in human history. From out there, we can both appreciate and begin to solve the problems of our world in ways unavailable to us otherwise.

Rick Tumlinson
We are bits of energy floating about in various guises, and when we die we rejoin the big cosmic soup of the universe.

Bat for Lashes
There’s a lot of bad isms floating around this world, but one of the worst is commercialism.

George Seaton
I want the camerawork to fit the narrative and tell the story from the point of view of the character, but sometimes, to be interacting with the sensations of the story, you almost become like a ghost, you know? Like, someone that is floating, observing, not really judging what’s going on.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Nothing. We’re all friends and friendly. So when the cameras go down, depending on the mood or the nature of the material we’re dealing with, there’s usually a kind of a prevailing light attitude that’s floating around.

Richard Dean Anderson
I think you really have to know what you want if you want to be an artist. Otherwise, you just kind of end up in space, just floating around.

Nina Nesbitt
On Memorial Day, I was out floating on Lake Norman and came across Denny Hamlin. We struck up a conversation, and one of the first things we were talking about was how much it helped him when he started racing the Cup car and how much it helped his Nationwide program.

Danica Patrick
Remember common sense? Bring it back. Abolishing ICE, our main federal immigration enforcement agency, is a colossally stupid idea. Floating the possibility of impeaching Brett Kavanaugh, whose confirmation just jolted the GOP back out of its coma, is painfully dumb.

S.E. Cupp
Everybody is grappling with their own moral compass, and that needle, like any needle, can’t just stick. It’s always floating a little bit, and depending on where you’re standing, it’s hard to read.

Rhea Seehorn
We’ve gotten to a point where it costs so much money to make a movie that directors and filmmakers feel they have to make sure that everybody gets it. And that’s an unfortunate development, I think, in a lot of narratives floating around in the film industry.

Jeff Nichols
But floating for an extended period is truly amazing. My brain is constantly trying to figure out which way is up. It’s an interesting challenge, one I find slightly amusing.

Victor J. Glover
I feel like I’m 100 years old. I can’t tell you what I did today. I can’t tell you what I did for seven years. I can’t tell you. It happens so seamlessly – I’m just floating along and seven years go by.

Fiona Apple
All these old images of me floating across the screen, the terrible chasm of what you were and what you are. I know who I am, but these people who see me as I was then don’t.

Diana Rigg
Even though there are incredible songs floating around Nashville, it’s important for me to have my voice heard.

Kelsea Ballerini
In the James Cameron blockbuster ‘Avatar,’ 3-D cinematography is the real star. The bugs and crawling creatures seem to slither into the theater seats. The floating mountains of the planet Pandora hover gloriously overhead. And the Na’Vi, Pandora’s 10-foot-tall, blue-skinned natives, come convincingly to life.

Adam Cohen
Almost every bowler bowls a slower ball, but not many can be deceptive. A slower ball can only be deceptive if it is different, if it is floating, swinging.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Whether you’ve seen angels floating around your bedroom or just found a ray of hope at a lonely moment, choosing to believe that something unseen is caring for you can be a life-shifting exercise.

Martha Beck
What we try to do at Disney and through Disney character voices is really maintain the integrity of our classic characters at all costs. So Ariel needs to be me for every project, and if there are any other Ariels floating around out there, it’s not necessarily Disney.

Jodi Benson
Every day is a good day when you’re floating. Your whole life you spend walking around Earth and then all of a sudden you get to fly like you’ve dreamed of.

Anne McClain
There’s something about somebody’s first screenplay: it’s like their whole life experience has kind of been bottled into it. They bring so much richness to it. And not that they won’t do that for their next script, but there is something about their first experience and the time that it’s been floating in their head.

Valerie Faris
Richard was in heavy, heavy costume, he could hardly sit, you know, and I turned up and they put me in two layers of silk, so I played him much lighter – you know, floating around in a pair of slippers, a bit of a hippy.

Michael Gambon
My mother’s from Thailand, and they’re very strict about girls in bikinis, but I would love to do a shoot in the floating market in Thailand.

Chrissy Teigen
When I write plays, I’m already seeing the shapes on stage, of the actors and their interaction, and so on and so forth. I don’t think I’ve ever written one play as an abstract piece, as a literary piece, floating in the air somewhere, to be flushed out later on.

Wole Soyinka
I really do feel like Los Angeles is my home now and, as cliche as this sounds, I felt like I found myself here and I really know who I am now. There was a long period like I was drifting or floating through life, and now I feel like I have a definitive target – and future.

Ryan Kwanten
Maybe the search for life shouldn’t restrict attention to planets like Earth. Science fiction writers have other ideas: balloon-like creatures floating in the dense atmospheres of planets such as Jupiter, swarms of intelligent insects, nano-scale robots and more.

Martin Rees
I don’t believe in fairies floating around, and I don’t believe in telepathy, but there are things I want to say that just simple real-life stories don’t let me say.

Isobelle Carmody
For me personally, snorkeling in a cove in Hawaii, floating along, and looking at all the animals and the colors – I mean, that’s pretty peaceful.

Stephen Hillenburg
After floating for nine and a half months in space, gravity is not your friend.

Peggy Whitson
When I was seven and watched an episode of ‘Beyond 2000’ that featured a floating armchair, I thought we’d definitely have one of those by 15, at the latest.

Stella Young