Top 11 Probation Quotes

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In them days, it was just still not illegal to kill an
In them days, it was just still not illegal to kill an Indian. If you killed an Indian, you’d be very unfortunate if you got probation – most of them were released immediately.

Leonard Peltier
I did probation for three years.

Dereck Chisora
No one doubts that having a criminal record – whether it results in community probation or prison – is a serious handicap.

Heather Mac Donald
Probation is a less-well-known branch of our justice system, compared with, say, police and prisons, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Hundreds of thousands of offenders each year are rehabilitated back into society by probation, which is crucial for the public’s safety.

Sadiq Khan
I didn’t know that I could be an actor until I was 25 years old, and now I continue to go back to the prisons and probation camps and the inner city to say that you don’t have to go through the violence, through the trauma like I did.

Richard Cabral
My father used to always say to me that, you know, if a guy goes out to steal a loaf of bread to feed his family, they’ll give him 10 years, but a guy can do white-collar crime and steal the money of thousands and he’ll get probation and a slap on the wrist.

Jesse Ventura
My father was in law enforcement growing up. He was a probation officer. And I’ve always understood the point of view of the peace officer, you know, because of my dad.

Larry Wilmore
God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ, with Their perfect foreknowledge, already recommended every one of you to fill your mortal probation during the most decisive period in the history of the world.

Sheri L. Dew
Sacrifice is truly the crowning test of the gospel. Men are tried and tested in this mortal probation to see if they will put first in their lives the kingdom of God.

Ezra Taft Benson
And if we are in this state, if we had an eternity of probation, what reason have we to suppose that we should profit by it – if we had ever so long a time to chose for ourselves we should pursue our own will, to gratify our carnal I desires.

Elias Hicks
I had an opportunity to work for the US Department of Probation in Buffalo.

Beth Phoenix