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One of the categories of people I don't like much are i
One of the categories of people I don’t like much are intellectuals. People say, ‘Oh, you’re an intellectual,’ and I say, ‘No!’ What is an intellectual? An intellectual is somebody who thinks ideas are more important than people.

Paul Johnson
You watch an old ‘Jeopardy!’ and the categories alone are very plain. ‘Poetry,’ or ‘Movies,’ or ‘Physics.’ If you watch it now, though, there’ll be a theme board where the categories are all Hitchcock movies. Lots more jokes, lots more high-concept categories and questions.

Ken Jennings
The campaigns and the models in them create the fantasy around the brand. It has always been about having strong images. Without that, we could not have gone into all the categories we did. It really has been the foundation from where the house of Guess was built.

Paul Marciano
Even though I had won in other categories, I didn’t have any expectations when I came into F1. Qualifying fifth, finishing sixth? I didn’t expect it.

Lando Norris
Until recently, Hollywood offered only a handful of roles to actors of color. The majority of my opportunities have fallen into two categories: Scary Black and Funny Black.

Baron Vaughn
I like most of the venture capitalists I know; they’re smart, well-intended guys who genuinely enjoy helping entrepreneurs succeed. And I love venture capital and investment capital of all categories – its economic impact is proven. The more of it the better.

Andrew Yang
I don’t like any category; categories are not my favorite subject. They’re too confining.

Paul Horn
Our vision is to break the projects into stories that must be told, stories that we would like to tell and stories that people go to movies for. If we can find great scripts that fit these three categories, we will go out and make a movie.

Ronnie Screwvala
The main bone of contention is whether Islamic injunctions are legal or moral categories. When Muslims say Islam commands daily prayers or bans alcohol, are they talking about public obligations that will be enforced by the state or personal ones that will be judged by God?

Mustafa Akyol
Certain product categories become less attractive for us because, as they become mature, they become low-cost, and hence, there is less to invent. There is less to invent in a television, whereas in heath technology, there is a lot to invent. So we wanted to put our innovative power to work where it really matters.

Frans van Houten
Music, reality shows, acting, all of them are ways to express my feelings. So I will continue to try to do my best in all those categories.

Henry Lau
People are interested in things not necessarily covered by the mainstream media, so they download things online. The categories are growing because people find out that they’re not able to get information about stories that are of interest to them on the evening news.

Soledad O’Brien
One lesson learned is you’ve got to finish the scenario with excellence. You just cannot stop. You have to complete this, and I think that’s where Apple has taught us all what experience excellence means in the creation of categories.

Satya Nadella
There are people who design buildings that are not technically and financially good, and there are those who do. Two categories – simple.

Frank Gehry
The Espionage Act is very broadly written. It doesn’t make distinguish – or it doesn’t make distinctions between categories of people that can receive and publish information and under what circumstances.

Asha Rangappa
When I was young, people were almost identified solely by the kind of music they liked. People fell into categories of who liked what.

Sade Adu
People have become desperate to reduce everything, including each other, to mindless categories of good and bad, as if the world can be divided into Facebook likes and dislikes.

Victoria Coren Mitchell
Typically, booksellers like to put things into neat little categories.

Nick Hornby
In U.S. discourse, immigrants are mostly represented as less than human, a policy problem, or as just that, a category, and categories are prisons.

Francisco Goldman
In my professional and personal life, when I meet people who feel broken after a divorce, they can usually be divided into two categories: those who truly believe there’s something wrong with them, and those that are using their status as armor.

Emily V. Gordon
The Congressional Budget Office tells us that Medicare spending has increased fivefold in the past 42 years, dramatically more than all other categories of federal spending.

David Limbaugh
I feel that the industry can be sliced into two categories – grateful actors and non-grateful actors. I’m always so appreciative that this has happened for me – and against all odds – as a middle child from Canada. I’m very grateful.

Nia Vardalos
A long time ago, I became aware that many of us have a tendency to lump nature into simplistic categories, such as what we consider beautiful or ugly, important or unimportant. As human a thing as that is to do, I think it often leads us to misunderstand the respective roles of life forms and their interconnectedness.

Gary Larson
I believe aphorisms are best when first read in the wild, free from the confines of any categories.

James Geary
Let’s get into talking about how autism is similar animal behavior. The thing is I don’t think in a language, and animals don’t think in a language. It’s sensory based thinking, thinking in pictures, thinking in smells, thinking in touches. It’s putting these sensory based memories into categories.

Temple Grandin
There are a lot of artists that come and go very quickly, and I understand why just because someone has a No. 1 doesn’t necessarily mean they should be up for best male or female categories. I understand that Aria are protecting the integrity of what Aria is, but I do think that pop music isn’t recognised enough.

Ricki-Lee Coulter
If you can turn off certain categories of law, do you not also have the power to turn off all categories of law?

Trey Gowdy
When you come into this league, everyone tries to put you in categories – ‘this is what he is’ or ‘this is what he can do.’

B. J. Armstrong
I’m not one who divides music, dance or art into various categories. Either something works, or it doesn’t.

Twyla Tharp
I think people like to have their categories clear. They want to know if it’s fiction or fact, biopic or not.

Lenny Abrahamson
While loyalists and defectors overall said John Smith did a better job of standing up for Labour’s values, they put Blair ahead on representing the whole country, appealing beyond traditional Labour voters and offering strong, competent leadership; switchers to the Tories gave him a clear lead in all categories.

Michael Ashcroft
Open your refrigerator, your freezer, your kitchen cupboards, and look at the labels on your food. You’ll find ‘natural flavor’ or ‘artificial flavor’ in just about every list of ingredients. The similarities between these two broad categories are far more significant than the differences.

David Chang
The idea is to be unrestrained by categories.

Kurt Elling
Labels only confuse people. The smarter people recognize artists who transcend categories. But I always try to entertain. It’s in my nature; writers are born to entertain. If that means working ostensibly within a genre, fine.

John Shirley
I noticed that no matter where I went in the country, there was this group of questions that got asked. I would track them and keep them in categories. Like body image, school, family, friendship, you name it, the emotional life of a teenage girl.

Elizabeth Berkley
Maybe one day music will just be music, and there won’t be these categories; it’ll just be different shades of music.

Sam Hunt
We say, ‘You may drink at the age of 21 but not at the age of 20.’ Why? Because humans like to create terribly neat categories out of nature because it allows us a nice, tight social organization. The truth is, nature doesn’t care that we like nice, neat social organizations. Nature likes variety.

Alice Dreger
I am much more open about categories of gender, and my feminism has been about women’s safety from violence, increased literacy, decreased poverty and more equality.

Judith Butler
The First World became a popular phrase in about the 1970s and ’80s. The World Bank then began categorizing countries in different categories, advanced to the least developed.

Lee Kuan Yew
I think we get too hung up on categories. Obviously, the book market has to categorise things, and it makes it easier for a reader to go into a bookshop and choose, but as a writer, it helps to get rid of all of that and imagine you are a storyteller around a campfire.

Matt Haig
Sometimes entire categories of craigslist are rendered nearly unusable by spam. Con artists prowl the listings, paying sellers with fake cashier’s checks and luring buyers to share their credit card numbers.

Gary Wolf
Perception plays a vital role in the diagnosis of bipolar illness. Symptoms are perceived through the categories of psychiatric medicine at a given moment in history, categories which are continually shifting and being named or renamed.

Siri Hustvedt
Class, race, sexuality, gender and all other categories by which we categorize and dismiss each other need to be excavated from the inside.

Dorothy Allison
In bypassing barriers between different classes, maturities, rating categories, debt seniority levels and so on, credit derivatives are creating enormous opportunities to exploit and profit from associated discontinuities in the pricing of credit risk.

Blythe Masters
I don’t mind categories, but it’s so hard to find one that fits.

Allan Holdsworth
I spent almost no time studying categories like geography and sports, even though they came up frequently on ‘Jeopardy,’ because I’m already strong in those subjects.

James Holzhauer
When we talk about music, we tend to place our experiences into one of two categories: making the music and listening to it. Delineating the two seems practical and obvious. In reality, though, there are a lot of opportunities for overlap, and it doesn’t matter how you get into the music as long as you connect with it.

Hilary Hahn
We said in our 21st Century Party paper there are 61 mosaic groups, which the market research people use as different socio-economic categories and half of our members come from just five of those groups and that is very narrow – too narrow.

Francis Maude
Claudia Rankine’s book-length poem ‘Citizen’ was nominated for National Book Critics Circle awards in the categories of poetry and criticism. It is one of the most devastating takes on American culture I have read in a long time, laying bare the stakes of being black in a country long ambivalent about our presence here.

Glenn Ligon
Honestly, I think they need to work to improve the categories. If the driver goes from the go-kart to F3 one year and then to F1, why do we have GP3, GP2?

Felipe Massa
A lot of times we have these categories that maybe don’t fit the reality of human experience and human identity. I’m completely sympathetic to what a lot of people in my community are saying – that often as Asian Americans we’re made to feel more foreign than we internally feel ourselves.

Lee Isaac Chung
Apart from a small minority, teenage boys fall into three distinct categories: macho, metro, or just plain muddled.

Alexandra Adornetto
Easily the hardest ‘Jeopardy!’ categories to study in the kids’ section are the so-called ‘trashy’ pop culture ones.

James Holzhauer
Do not ghettoize society by putting people into legal categories of gender, race, ethnicity, language, or other such characteristics.

Preston Manning
If I’m interviewing someone I need to know everything about them – I do these massive spider diagrams. Everything under different categories, and certain questions in other categories.

Cat Deeley
New York has been embarrassed by corruption and lags behind in too many important categories. We can do better.

Chris Gibson
In the realness categories, what happens is you walk and your peers judge you, because if you’re not able to walk amongst your peers and pass as being cis male or cis female, then it’s obvious that you haven’t done enough work. They wanted you to be able to go outside and come back home safely.

Dominique Jackson
It’d be great to have more categories in the rock and metal category – but I don’t want that job, picking where everybody is supposed to go.

Lzzy Hale
The spread of computers and the Internet will put jobs in two categories. People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do.

Marc Andreessen
Artists are expected to fit into fraudulent categories.

Robert Smithson
The case for sponsorships in commercial spaceflight is compelling and could dramatically impact the economics of space tourism. Global brands are looking for fresh, new ways to position themselves on the leading edge of their categories.

Dylan Taylor
Sometimes we see things as being black or white. Perhaps you have two categories of coworkers in your mind – the good ones and the bad ones. Or, maybe you look at each project as either a success or a failure. Recognize the shades of gray, rather than putting things in terms of all good or all bad.

Amy Morin
Objects can be classified scientifically into three major categories: those that don’t work, those that break down and those that get lost.

Russell Baker
I try to eat fruit and veggies and meat and all the different categories and have a well rounded diet.

Andrew Luck
I am viewed as the Negro who has gone outside of the categories assigned to me.

Anthony Braxton
Both climate change and extinction are results of our tyranny over the nonhuman world and our domination of, and exploitation of, whole categories of each other – and those, in turn, are clearly linked to agriculture, the cattle-industrial complex, capitalism.

Lydia Millet
I was always fascinated by speed… My father was always an enthusiast and once I found a passion in racing, I had something in common with him, so from my childhood onwards we spent a lot of time going to karting tracks and racing in the various categories.

Christian Horner
By dismantling the narrow politics of racial identity and selective self-interest, by going beyond ‘black’ and ‘white,’ we may construct new values, new institutions and new visions of an America beyond traditional racial categories and racial oppression.

Manning Marable
I feel uncomfortable with the term public art, because I’m not sure what it means. If it means what I think it does, then I don’t do it. I’m not crazy about categories.

Barbara Kruger
I see the demographics increasing, and by that I mean the notion of social acceptance is growing, not decreasing; I think the notion of fiscal responsibility is growing, not decreasing. And Republicans seem to be moving further away from those two categories than closer.

Gary Johnson
If my spirit is down, then so are the physical and mental levels. That’s always been the case. When I’m motivated, my body feels great and I’m ready and excited to go. When I get burned out, I feel it in all three categories – mind, body and spirit. I’m aware and in touch with all three categories.

Rob Van Dam
If you haven’t really raced a lot in lower categories, and you make the jump to Formula One, you have to learn in Formula One, and a lot more people are watching.

Max Verstappen
Part of the reason Loewe has diversified into so many other categories is because what we can’t do any more is simply say, ‘Here’s more stuff you can buy.’

Jonathan Anderson
I live by the business model that there is a better than, a less than, or a different than. Those are the three categories. I chose to be different than. The one that’s different than will stand out with the proper work ethic.

Diamond Dallas Page
Americans fall into two categories when it comes to British royalty: loyalists and rebels. Loyalists made Princess Diana the all-time best-selling 57-time cover girl of People magazine.

Martha MacCallum
Accessories design is one of the most creative categories. It’s like cooking, like decorating, because it involves the person. They have to choose, and they have to figure out how to wear it and to mix it based on their style.

Betsey Johnson
I am not a physician, but I am deeply interested in diagnostic categories and have read extensively in the history of the subject.

Siri Hustvedt
If some stock categories get too hot-and-pricey, mass supply is created via stock offerings to tap that cheap money – and, when overdone, drives it all down.

Kenneth Fisher
Our English language really says if you’re not a theist, the only alternative is to be an atheist. What I’m trying to do is develop a language that will enable us to talk about God beyond the, what I think, are sterile categories of theism and atheism.

John Shelby Spong
Inanimate objects can be classified scientifically into three major categories; those that don’t work, those that break down and those that get lost.

Russell Baker
I’ve always said if you’re comparing movies to music, then horror would be the black metal of the categories.

Lauren Ashley Carter
Groceries, TV shows, and shoes are a few categories Amazon has been willing to hang onto for years.

Adam Lashinsky
As the 19th century progressed, Europe’s innovations, norms and categories came to achieve a truly universal hegemony.

Pankaj Mishra
I can play in many sorts of categories because we’ve seen that with Led Zeppelin, all the acoustic stuff, and this, that and the other.

Jimmy Page
I had always considered myself a martial artist who fights rather than a fighter who learned martial arts – although I probably flowed between those two categories over the years.

Sharice Davids
I collect… for a long time, I collected Nike Air Max 90s, this specific shoe. And it really is nerdy, because collecting sneakers is not that nerdy, but if you don’t wear them, and you keep the box fresh, if you’re that fanatical about it, then you leap several categories into super-dork, and that’s the way I was.

Charlie Hunnam
With every new social network, smartphone feature, and digital diversion, innovation-driven consumer companies must constantly redefine their categories and, in some cases, redefine themselves to ensure they remain both relevant and differentiated in the minds of consumers.

Dinesh Paliwal
Without Socialism the working class is a heterogeneous mixture of different categories, some of which have independent, varying interests, sometimes opposed to each other.

Karl Radek
I feel that the industry can be sliced into two categories – grateful actors and non-grateful actors.

Nia Vardalos
As a small company our fastest way to market was going to be by working with other retailers that were known for pioneering new technologies and categories.

David Rose
It’s a really diverse time in music, with all these different DJs and all these different categories, and we are all taking footnotes from everyone else. There are no real genre boundaries anymore; you can take a trance idea and put it into a trap record – it’s not that uncommon.

Steve Aoki
I do shop online! But I’m shopping online mostly in the home categories – One Kings Lane and Gilt. At a lot of architectural websites, I buy a lot of hardware for cabinetry like hinges and things like that from England. So, you know, for me, I shop at Net-A-Porter, but I don’t really shop that much for clothing online.

Nate Berkus
Open-mindedness is considered to be a virtue. But, strictly speaking, it cannot occur. A new experience must be redacted into old categories. We cannot handle each event freshly in its own right. If we did so, of what use would past experience be?

Gordon W. Allport
4chan is a framework of pictures and text. I’ve always been extremely hands-off with dictating what gets posted, past general categories and rules. I support providing a place to discuss anything, although I don’t agree with everything that’s posted.

Christopher Poole
Color categories are on steroids in Latin America. I find that fascinating. It’s very difficult for Americans, particularly African-Americans to understand or sympathize with.

Henry Louis Gates
Ballerinas are often divided into three categories: jumpers, turners and balancers.

Robert Gottlieb
Doctors and scientists, being part of that two-sex culture, have done everything they can to try to force people who are in-between into one of the two clear types. Intersex people themselves have also generally wanted to fit into one of the two clear categories; most are not interested in being in a ‘third’ type.

Alice Dreger
I divide the entire set of Fortune Global 2000 firms into two categories: those that know they’ve been compromised and those that don’t yet know.

Dmitri Alperovitch
I’m just being myself, honestly. I know society puts it, Oh, this is masculine and this is feminine. I don’t put myself in categories.

Brittney Griner
You have to separate the negative into two categories – half of it is sensible, constructive things that has made us better. But half of the negative online is negative for the sake of being negative, and it’s important for us to remember it’s okay they don’t like us, and sometimes there’s no point in engaging in that.

Ella Woodward
Religious poetry, civic poetry, lyric or dramatic poetry are all categories of man’s expression which are valid only if the endorsement of formal content is valid.

Salvatore Quasimodo
I lived in Germany from when I was 6 until I was 10, so, of course, I played soccer. When I came back to the States, nobody played soccer, and none of the schools taught German, so I couldn’t continue to excel in those categories.

Kevin Nealon
I love taxonomies, categories, ways of dividing people into groups.

Gretchen Rubin
My music has always been sort of in between categories. Sometimes record stores – back when there were record stores – they’d put my records in the country music section, but other record stores would put my records in the pop or even the rock section. As long as it’s in the store somewhere, I’m OK with it.

Lyle Lovett
The global view of cultures is part of my nature. I want to break down the walls between genres, categories, or cultures.

Ryuichi Sakamoto
We need the disruption of categories that lead us to abandon the difficult, the disagreeable, and the least likely to go very far.

Greg Boyle
I’m not as aware of categories in music as some people are. To me it’s just music. I’m interested in all kinds of music.

Leon Russell
I was an avid reader, but never thought seriously about writing a novel until I was in my thirties. I took no formal fiction-writing courses and never thought about these categories when I wrote my first novel.

M. J. Rose
I had – and continued to have – great fun exploring the Revelation Space universe, but it was always clear to me that I wanted to write other kinds of books, even within what might be termed the fairly narrow overlapping genre categories of hard SF and space opera.

Alastair Reynolds
I find myself, by happy accident, writing ‘Young Adult’ fiction. However, I dislike such categories.

Mal Peet
But in the old days, visual artists used to fall into two distinct categories: those of us who created images with cameras and those of us who applied stuff onto other stuff, with brushes or other tools.

Buffy Sainte-Marie
Most creative people fall into one of two categories – either they’re task-oriented, or they’re time-oriented.

Brian Stelfreeze
I divide criticism into two categories – one coming from those who understand music, who are worthy of being critical because they are knowledgeable about what they are saying; and then there is another category of people who would criticise you anyway, whether your work is good or bad.

A. R. Rahman
Back in the day I was doing runway, editorial, advertising, spokesmodeling, and public appearances. Those are five different categories.

Janice Dickinson
All individuals in all cultures use the same thirty basic moral categories, concepts, or principles, and all individuals in all cultures go through the same order or sequence of gross stage development, though they vary in rate and terminal point of development.

Lawrence Kohlberg