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I have a lyric journal that I write in a lot. When I'm
I have a lyric journal that I write in a lot. When I’m going to play, I just sit down and have my books with me and my notes and tapes and whatever I need to refer to. I just play and try different things. It’s a kind of discipline.

Amy Ray
For me personally, the technology that has taken the most unexpected turn in my lifetime is what I refer to as ‘the device formerly known as the cell phone.’ I still remember many predictions that by 2000 there would only be about a million cell phone users. Boy, were they ever wrong!

Padmasree Warrior
Well, I refer to ‘Celebrity Jeopardy ‘ as the short-bus ‘Jeopardy,’ because it is a lot easier. Like, there was a whole column basically naming stores in New York.

Andy Richter
Europe is no longer a Christian continent; few Europeans attend religious services on Sunday, and the European Union recently refused to refer to Europe’s religious heritage in its fledgling constitution.

Meir Soloveichik
With me, baseball will never grow old. In my own estimation, it may not have improved so much as many believe, but regardless of everything, it is the same good old game. If I have contributed to its success, I do not refer to this in the sense of boasting. I had to or fall out of the ranks.

Charles Comiskey
I jokingly refer to the word ‘gourmet’ as the ‘g’ word.

Arthur Schwartz
When I go to China, people call me ‘Uncle Mo’ because they refer me as Yao Ming’s uncle. I’m pleased to be his uncle as long as he listens to me!

Dikembe Mutombo
I like to refer to my years with the Angels as the foundation of my career.

Nolan Ryan
In some industries, we refer to risk taking as ‘research and development.’ At financial institutions, we often take risk by investing in securities.

Kenneth C. Griffin
We have heard the Chinese refer to the Shangri-La Dialogue speech at various points. You have a lot of articulations about the top leadership itself about what is the spirit of India-China relations. There is a very clear understanding between the two countries about the defence relationship.

Nirmala Sitharaman
It wasn’t until I became a mother that I started to refer to myself as an artist as opposed to a fine art photographer.

Zoe Buckman
First literature came to refer only to itself, the literary theory.

Mason Cooley
I prefer to write about what we refer to as ‘the supernatural’ versus everyday life. Humans, by themselves, bore me.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
It would be an egregious mistake to ever refer to me in the same breath as most of the people I write about.

Anthony Bourdain
As a note, I never once refer to ‘Train’ as a game in the rules, and I also never refer to the participants as players.

Brenda Brathwaite
If you knew my wife, you’d be like, ‘Yeah, you’re very married.’ She runs the household. I refer to her as ‘the greatest director I’ve ever worked with.’

Max Greenfield
When people refer to ‘Back in the Day,’ it was a Wednesday. Just a little fun fact for you.

Dane Cook
The radicalized populace in liberal havens like California and New York seek to impose their socialist utopian ideology on those law-abiding, everyday Americans who live in what elite, coastal liberals derisively refer to as ‘flyover country.’

Kayleigh McEnany
When I was a young person, they used to refer to it as Christmas time. Course now it has to be politically correct and call it the holidays.

Frank Sinatra Jr.
As a former prosecutor, sometimes people refer to me as ‘Attila the Hun.’ I understand how people can get a reputation sometimes.

Mary Jo White
I’m a drag artist, and we put so much effort into creating characters, so the easiest way to show us respect is to call us by the name we gave ourselves and refer to the gender we have chosen to be on stage.

Conchita Wurst
I’m a big veteran of being able to, in one comic, explain to you everything that you need to know to get forward in the story without you having to refer back to years of continuity and a universe in these superhero comics.

Mark Waid
People are starting to refer to ‘The Giver’ as a classic, but I don’t know how that is defined. But if it means that 10, 20, 50 years from now kids will still be reading it, that is kind of awe-inspiring.

Lois Lowry
I usually refer to myself as Hispanic.

Andres Serrano
Hawthorne has given us a tradition that some people refer to as Yankee Magic Realism, and I do think there is a certain quality to the landscape that definitely leads into the dark woods.

Alice Hoffman
There is but one nation on the globe from which we have anything serious to apprehend, but that is the most powerful that now exists or ever did exist. I refer to Great Britain.

John C. Calhoun
What having a Down’s syndrome child isn’t – and I feel very strongly about this – is a tragedy. All those pregnancy books you read when you are expecting refer to Down’s syndrome as if it were the worst possible outcome, and it’s not.

Sally Phillips
9/11 allowed us to witness the ordinary face of goodness in the love that those about to die brought with them to work that day. It is fitting that we refer to a large segment of the church year as Ordinary Time because it describes the look of the true faith that, as we read of the Kingdom, is spread about us.

Eugene Kennedy
I had four great years at West Ham. People will always refer to the difficulties at certain times, but you get those everywhere.

Sam Allardyce
I always start drawing any job by planning out to some degree the locales and trying to nail the characters. If they’re existing characters, I’ll draw them several times on rough paper just to get a feeling for them. The ideal when you’re drawing a comic is to have everything in your head, not to have to refer to notes.

Dave Gibbons
Automobiles and the automotive industry are increasingly driven by data and computing. The saying ‘What’s under the hood’ will increasingly refer to computing, not horsepower.

Brian Krzanich
I remember the first time I heard a co-worker refer to himself as a foodie. It immediately irritated me. Was he implying that he appreciated food more than other people? That his love of eating was somehow more evolved than mine? Don’t all people love the thing we can’t live without?

Jessi Klein
What Democrats call ‘nuanced’, most people refer to as ‘stupidity.’

Evan Sayet
I refer to myself as ‘we.’

Genesis P-Orridge
I always like to refer managers in corporate America as the renters of the corporate assets, not the owners.

Henry Kravis
The uncertainty relation does not refer to the past; if the velocity of the electron is at first known and the position then exactly measured, the position for times previous to the measurement may be calculated.

Werner Heisenberg
When you’re writing a book, you don’t want it to be overly trendy because you want people to enjoy it for years and refer back to it.

Lauren Conrad
No matter how many modern parts I do, people still refer to me as Mrs. Costume Drama. Fight Club is a studio pic, and I’ve done very few of those. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to change things for me.

Helena Bonham Carter
All women have appealing features. I do not refer to model-type appeal, but rather that which comes from your personality, your attitude, and your expressions. I urge you to enhance the natural, God-given, feminine gifts with which you have been so richly blessed.

James E. Faust
I used to refer to myself as a ‘theoretical anorexic,’ just as crazy when it came to body image, but saved by a lack of self-discipline. My daughters do everything better than I do – they’re smarter, more beautiful, happier. What if they end up better at anorexia, too?

Ayelet Waldman
The recording companies are continuing to look at ways to buy short and sell long. So now they give recording deals to groups of people who we refer to as ‘garage bands’ – they are amateurs who are bought for nothing and it’s really a shame.

Frank Sinatra Jr.
A book I often refer to by Naomi Klein is called ‘No Is Not Enough’. It’s not enough to be against something. You have to actually be for something. A better alternative. For me, that’s about transformation.

Jo Swinson
Obviously I faced the possibility of not returning when first I considered going. Once faced and settled there really wasn’t any good reason to refer to it.

Amelia Earhart
Every time I’ve talked about my family in the past, people have ended up getting upset. So I said to my friends and family: ‘I shan’t refer to you at all, and there’s nothing for you to get upset about. There’s the deal.’

Richard Griffiths
When my son was 8 months old, he had a febrile seizure. You know, if you’re in the first year – my wife and I refer to it as the ‘darkness.’ You’re just underwater.

Jeff Nichols
When a salesperson truly cares about you, trust forms, and you’re more likely to buy, come back for repeat business, and refer new customers.

Adam Grant
After I was cast, I decided to read ‘Sharp Objects’. I ended up drowning it in sticky notes, highlighter and pen. It became my little diary I could refer to. I took little quotes out of the book and transferred them onto this scrapbook I kept about Amma.

Eliza Scanlen
So aging is really just the way we deteriorate over time. Lifespan on the other hand is how long we live. We typically refer to that as longevity.

David Andrew Sinclair
As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

Albert Einstein
I am not interested when people refer to a quarter or this year because the way I look at a country is what are its prospects over the next 20-30 years, and India’s are good.

Jamie Dimon
I refer to myself as an actor. I mean, why is there an ‘actor’ and an ‘actress’ when there is no ‘doctor’ and ‘doctoress’ or ‘lawyer’ and ‘lawyeress?’

Shefali Shah
Bosses should sanction the nap rather than expect workers to power on all day without repose. They might even find that workers’ happiness – or what management types refer to as ’employee satisfaction results’ – might improve.

Tom Hodgkinson
We wanted the humor to come from the characters and their world – you go down there to escape the world up here for a while. So when the crew would write jokes that would refer to American TV or culture, I’d just eliminate them because it just seemed odd that SpongeBob would know about it.

Stephen Hillenburg
I would say the Go-Go’s are pretty iconic but don’t know if I’d refer to myself like that.

Belinda Carlisle
We’ve been in business together ever since we were children, so back in the day, there were so many references to ‘your dad.’ Rather than wanting to sound totally hickified and go, ‘Well, my daddy said,’ we would refer to him as ‘Phil.’

Willie Robertson
Who I always refer to as my acting mentor when I got into junior college is an acting professor by the name of Tom Blank. He took me under his wing, and he was that strong male figure. He was tough love, but he believed in me, saw everything that I had.

Cress Williams
To remove this obstacle I repeat or refer to such knowledge as has come under my notice, my own previously expressed views, and also describe and exhibit my last experiments and explain their novelty and utility.

Lawrence Hargrave
I heard a computer scientist the other day refer to playing with the Kinect as ‘storytelling.’ At first I thought that sounded a little high-minded, but after trying a few games I could see what she meant.

Susan Orlean
While the word ‘bisexual’ was technically correct, I would only slowly come to use it to refer to myself in part because of the derisive connotations. But, in addition, it would seem to me woefully inadequate and impressionistically inaccurate.

Charles M. Blow
People refer to me as ‘that ‘Love Boat’ man.’

Irwin Thomas
There is much in the result of John Chilcot’s seven-year inquiry into the decision-making that led to Britain’s involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq that can be cited to excuse headlines that refer to his findings as ‘scathing’ and ‘damning.’

Terry Glavin
In my own recent String Trio I attempt to superimpose two quite different sets of formal strategies, both of which, ultimately, refer back to historical precedent.

Brian Ferneyhough
One thing that’s really important for me to be creatively motivated is to find an angle. Some people refer to that as a concept, which it is, in a sense, but not overtly. It’s just something I need to focus and hone in on, and the trajectory of what might be seen as a ‘concept’ gives me creative momentum.

Devin Townsend
The word survivor suggests someone who has emerged alive from a plane crash or a natural disaster. But the word can also refer to the loved ones of murder victims, and this was the sense in which it was used at a four-day conference in early June at Boston College.

Godfried Danneels
Some media outlets refer to ‘protesters’ and ‘militia members,’ not ‘terrorists,’ even though armed antigovernment extremists seizing federal property and expressing a desire to kill and die is a textbook description of domestic terrorism.

Ibrahim Hooper
I think the Internet is having an impact in very diverse ways anchored around amplifying voice, from enabling what I like to refer to as micro-activism.

Ory Okolloh
We often refer to loneliness as something negative. And we look at it as a weakness.

Jay Shetty
I think I constantly refer back to some of the things that I learned in New England and throughout my career. It was a great stepping stone, and it also gave me time to mature as a player and as a quarterback.

Matt Cassel
Absolute space, that is to say, the mark to which it would be necessary to refer the earth to know whether it really moves, has no objective existence.

Henri Poincare
Under the circumstances, may I suggest another means of encouraging probity in elective office. I refer to term limitations, which can serve ends beyond that of saving congressional souls.

James L. Buckley
I love when I go to conventions, and often it’ll be the younger kids who will refer to us by our character names – how can you not find that absolutely charming? I remember when I used to go to conventions when I was a kid when I would stand in long lines to get people’s autograph.

Yuri Lowenthal
I do have friends in Australia who now refer to me as ‘Hollywood Jack.’

Jacki Weaver
People oftentimes refer to me as ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’ So, I’m Mr. Johnson. I’m a complete outsider.

Ron Johnson
My decision has been that anyone who breaks the law will be prosecuted. If you’re a parent or you’re a single person or you happen to have a family, if you cross between the ports of entry, we will refer you for prosecution. You’ve broken U.S. law.

Kirstjen Nielsen
I am sure that I don’t want to take up stupid roles. And by stupid, I refer to those which doesn’t have any sense. A role should have some life in it, right?

Aishwarya Rajesh
When are we going to stop labeling everyone? How many times have I been referred to as ‘out gay actor?’ Do we say, ‘out heterosexual actor’ when we refer to Tom Hanks?

Bryan Batt
A whole generation is moving away from highly ritualistic practices into a more thinking, spiritual process. By spiritual, I don’t refer to a cult or a guru. In your heart, you continue to feel the presence of people who’ve been dear to you even after they’ve left.

Amala Akkineni
It’s difficult to write a book where a character is on virtually every page of the book but you cannot refer to his or her gender. It gets rid of every his, her, she and he.

William Least Heat-Moon
This idea that we should be best friends with our partner of the opposite gender leads toward tremendous frustration. Did you ever notice that while men often refer to their wives as best friends, women usually refer to another woman in that way?

Deborah Tannen
If indeed, as Hilbert asserted, mathematics is a meaningless game played with meaningless marks on paper, the only mathematical experience to which we can refer is the making of marks on paper.

E. T. Bell
Not a lot of individuals get to refer to the Lord in their prayers as ‘Dude’, but he’s doing a new thing with me.

Stephen Baldwin
I refer to calls for humanitarian intervention in the affairs of another state – a new idea, this – even when they are made under the pretext of defending human rights and freedoms.

Boris Yeltsin
So on my screenplay, on the left-hand side of the page, I will put all the ideas that refer to the scene next to it so I have some sort of pictorial reference.

Adrian Lyne
A friend is someone who has your back. Those in the military refer to it as, ‘I got your six.’ My closest friend on ‘The Five’ is Dana Perino.

Kimberly Guilfoyle
I’ve made a point of not being, say what I refer to as a ‘careerist’ about anything.

Jon Brion
‘I’ is the word everyone uses to refer to themselves. On the one hand, it points to a specific person, but it’s also this blank space that you can insert yourself into; it’s a chute into empathy.

Alexandra Kleeman
I’d refer to myself as a feminist. I don’t think my music is overtly rooted in feminism. I’m a teenager, and 95 percent of my friends are boys, and that’s just the way I’ve always been.

The first type of abstraction from objects I shall refer to as simple abstraction, but the second type I shall call reflective abstraction, using this term in a double sense.

Jean Piaget
I always refer to the first ‘Resident Evil’ movie as ‘the little movie that could’ because, at the time, it was kind of unfashionable to do video game movies.

Paul W. S. Anderson
Part of my training was learning how to refer patients to cardiologists for heart problems, gastroenterologists for stomach issues, and rheumatologists for joint pain. Given that most physicians were trained this way, it’s no wonder that the average Medicare patient has six doctors and is on five different medications.

Mark Hyman
I think that a good movie creates its own world, and that world needn’t refer to anything that’s real. If it’s consistent, if it’s entertaining, if it’s interesting, it justifies its being there.

Christopher Walken
It’s difficult on a ship to get away from your job because that accommodation house, which is where seafarers live, is their workplace, it’s where they live, it’s where they relax, it’s everything, and it’s just hard to get away. And seafarers often refer to their job as being in prison with a salary.

Rose George
When it comes to Pakistan, the first word that comes to the mind of the Chinese is ‘iron brother.’ To us Chinese, Pakistan is always a trustworthy friend who is as solid as iron. Actually, Chinese netizens refer to Pakistan as ‘Iron Pak.’ This testifies to the strength of China-Pakistan friendship.

Li Keqiang
I obviously know how good I was, and people refer to the modern game being tougher.

Stephen Hendry
Critics of ‘economic sciences’ sometimes refer to the development of a ‘pseudoscience’ of economics, arguing that it uses the trappings of science, like dense mathematics, but only for show.

Robert J. Shiller
It is an honour and it’s flattering that people refer to me as someone they trust or get inspired from.

Conchita Wurst
Every coal miner I talked to had, in his history, at least one story of a cave-in. ‘Yeah, he got covered up,’ is a way coal miners refer to fathers and brothers and sons who got buried alive.

Jeanne Marie Laskas
There was a period which I refer to as the ‘Golden Age of Jazz,’ which sort of encompasses the middle Thirties through the Sixties, we had a lot of great innovators, all creating things which will last the world for a long, long time.

Sonny Rollins
I’ll refer to my music in color, like ‘This song needs to be bright red.’

Janelle Monae
Let no one refer to the sword of Napoleon I as the instrument of progress and civilization!

Elie Ducommun
The earliest paintings I loved were always the most non-referential paintings you can imagine, by painters such as Mondrian. I was thrilled by them because they didn’t refer to anything else. They stood alone, and they were just charged magic objects that did not get their strength from being connected to anything else.

Brian Eno
I think maybe chance works better in a situation like music because music exists over a period of time, and you don’t maintain constantly the you can’t refer back from one area to another area.

Robert Rauschenberg
Nothing gets a bigger laugh than when you refer to things like ethics or human rights.

Ron Silver
I enjoy fashion and taking the effort to present myself well, and I’m glad that a lot of people refer to me as a ‘Hijabster’. I’m not the greatest fan of the term, but I think girls everywhere should be confident in their own skin and be inspired to look and feel good inside and out.

Most victims of ISIL are, in fact, Muslims. So it seems to me that to refer to ISIL as occupying any part of the Islamic theology is playing on a – a battlefield that they would like us to be on. I think that to call them – to call them some form of Islam gives the group more dignity than it deserves, frankly.

Jeh Johnson
I always refer to ‘Blazing Saddles’ or ‘Young Frankenstein’ as very much the kind of humor that I like to do.

Genndy Tartakovsky
It’s never going to get better than working opposite an actor like Jeff Bridges. That’s as good as it gets. I don’t even know what to refer to him as. He’s just a great guy. He’s iconic on his own merits.

Sam Elliott
An academic dialect is perfected when its terms are hard to understand and refer only to one another.

Mason Cooley
With devotion at the center of your awareness, you don’t have to refer to your past in order to make a choice of how to respond or react in any given situation.

Debbie Ford
I hear many people talking as if the terms liberal, progressive and leftist refer to different factions, and that one might partner with one and reject another. I have been on the left my entire adult life. I never have seen clean distinctions drawn between these things.

Bret Weinstein
The term ‘Xiaokang’ is used today to refer to a society where people can receive education, get paid through work, have access to medical services and old-age support, have a shelter and more than enough food and clothing, and lead a well-off life.

Li Keqiang
I love it when coaches don’t talk about which position they see me at. When they just refer to me as a basketball player and talk about all of the different positions they can see me playing in, I definitely listen more.

Zion Williamson
What shall befall me in the pursuance of this work, I refer to the disposal of Almighty God, whose glory is dearer to me, not only than my liberty, but than my life.

John Biddle
I just refer to myself as being Spirit, Mind and Body like everybody else and working toward the mastery of my natural divinity and the healing of my emotional mind.

Leonard Orr
The title ‘Spirited Away’ could refer to what Disney has done on a corporate level to the revered Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki’s epic and marvelous new anime fantasy.

Elvis Mitchell
It’s interesting that, given our culture has so many words that refer to women in a truly derogatory fashion, it’s ‘lady’ – a term that has conferred social respect on our gender for over a thousand years – that has women up in arms.

Sara Sheridan
Will we fight or will we retreat? That is the question that is posed to us. Some of my friends on the other side of the aisle often refer to Iraq as a distraction.

John Boehner
Christians get trees. Jews get bushes. To stay in good standing with the Tribe, you’ve got to refer to a Christmas tree as a Hanukkah bush.

Alan Colmes
There’s a misconception that survival of the fittest means survival of the most aggressive. The adjective ‘Darwinian’ used to refer to ruthless competition; you used to read that in business journals. But that’s not what Darwinian means to a biologist; it’s whatever leads to reproductive success.

Steven Pinker
I have a great track record, and I have never been sued. If I can’t find someone for someone, I refer them out. I have an affiliate division of matchmakers all over the world that I work with. Men like certain types of women, and I can subcontract that out to foreign countries.

Patti Stanger
The characters you refer to as predatory and unsavory are useful. They’re the ones who make a novel into a thriller. They’re active, and most of the common virtues, the signs of a good person, are not.

Thomas Perry