Top 122 Funny Thing Quotes

We have collected the best Funny Thing Quotes by famous authors including Karl Lagerfeld, Chris Evans, Rod Laver, Jo Brand, Marti Noxon and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I never smoked. I never drank and I never took drugs. T
I never smoked. I never drank and I never took drugs. The funny thing is, nothing is more boring, people like this. For me, it’s OK. But most of my friends, at least they smoke and drink.

Karl Lagerfeld
The funny thing about directing is that you have your own opinions, but it’s a collaboration. Directing is a group effort. Even though you might think something works, the smartest thing you can do as a director is try and weigh the opinions of the people around you.

Chris Evans
Funny thing about the volatile and biased French crowds. While they’d prefer to be cheering a countryman and giving his foreign opponent merry hell, if there was no Frenchman in the game, they’d always support a Continental player over an Englishman, an American, or an Australian.

Rod Laver
The funny thing is, I don’t actually think of myself as fat at all. I don’t think I am. Not really.

Jo Brand
I love being in a public space where teenagers are talking. And the funny thing is that it hasn’t changed that much. There’s certainly slang that I’m not familiar with, but among the average teen, it’s still the same.

Marti Noxon
The idea of me being an icon or something is a very funny thing, just because of my own weird insecurities. But, yeah… probably because I toiled away being nothing for so long.

A funny thing happened on the way to the election – I got to the Senate first.

Pierre Salinger
Trying to be funny is arguably the least funny thing you can do.

Romesh Ranganathan
The funny thing about me that most people never really understand is that, at heart, I’m really a jock.

Billy Corgan
The moment you think you’re not funny, the next funny thing you think of is just around the corner. So you have to appreciate the natural breathing patterns, the ups and downs. There are moments you’re going to be hilarious and moments where you’re going to be not so hilarious. That’s just the way it works.

James Adomian
The funny thing with Ophelia is that I remembered her being this really cool, awesome female character when I read ‘Hamlet’ in high school, and when I went back and read it, no, she’s not.

Ryan North
Funny thing is that the poorer people are, the more generous they seem to be.

Dolly Parton
The funny thing about being a female director in the last 25 years is that I never let it feel different.

Kari Skogland
Actually, the funny thing is, after all these years, I’ve got all these new songs to learn for the show we’re doing at Joe’s Pub, so it’s kind of fun to get down and rehearse new things, and also rethink some of the older songs, how we’re going to do them.

Lesley Gore
‘Power’ is a funny thing. Maybe it’s a show that draws people in because they are watching people do things they secretly wish they could do or know they could get away with.

Omari Hardwick
The funny thing about writing is, although you are writing about an experience which only you have had, you are trying to welcome other people into it, and there are ways I think of doing this, and one of them is through the senses, through the sounds and the smells.

Ronald Frame
It’s a funny thing because you look at the careers of other filmmakers, and you see them sort of slow down, and you realize, maybe this becomes harder to do as you get older. That’s sort of a cautionary thing. I hope it doesn’t happen to me.

Joel Coen
Experience is a funny thing. You don’t always have it when you need it.

Patrick Chan
When we criticize in Iran the actions of the government, the fundamentalists say that we and the Bush Administration are in the same camp. The funny thing is that human rights activists and Mr. Bush can never be situated in the same group.

Shirin Ebadi
The funny thing about history is that we imagine that people didn’t laugh in the old days, but of course they did, at stupid things.

Terry Jones
The funny thing about ‘Office Space’ is I almost never get my lines quoted back to me.

Ron Livingston
The funny thing is I’m actually really insecure. I have a lot of girl issues – ‘I’m not pretty enough,’ ‘I’m not skinny enough’ – but there is a confidence I have in what I can do. I did tend to overcompensate to cover up other insecurities that I have.

Lindsay Pearce
People were stopping me on the street to say, ‘Oh my God, it’s Crazy Eyes!’ Which is kind of a funny thing to have people shout at you on the street.

Uzo Aduba
It’s a funny thing. You sort of never figure it out with acting. You’re always learning.

Paul Dano
The funny thing is, I was never purposely blonde. I just got highlights, and then you get highlights over highlights, and then it looks like you’re blonde.

Cheri Oteri
Height is a funny thing in tennis because it definitely helps the serve, but it can hinder agility and movement. I think I have to spend a lot more time working on movement and flexibility than some of my shorter colleagues.

Kevin Anderson
The funny thing is, the girls that I’m always up against for roles are pretty nice and cool, like Emma Watson. She’s awesome.

Amanda Seyfried
Research for fiction is a funny thing: you go looking for one piece of information, and find something altogether different.

Nell Freudenberger
I think the pattern of my essays is, A funny thing happened to me on my way through Finnegans Wake.

Leslie Fiedler
For as long as I could remember, I’ve wanted to play basketball at the University of North Carolina. Funny thing is, there was a long period of time when I wasn’t sure how much they wanted me.

Harrison Barnes
The funny thing is more money doesn’t necessarily get you what you think it’s going to get you and the way where it does get you more value on screen.

Alan Taylor
The funny thing is, strangers still seem to feel comfortable coming up to me and saying things, but now usually it’s because they recognize me, and they say nice things.

Todd Solondz
I have been working as an actor for 16-17 years now. The funny thing is I still feel awkward in communicating with the public as a star. It hasn’t been long since my drama ‘Goblin’ ended, and I’m looking forward for some time to rest.

Gong Yoo
The men I idolized built their bodies and became somebody – like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger – and I thought, ‘That can be me.’ So I started working out. The funny thing is I didn’t realize back then that I was having a defining moment.

Dwayne Johnson
I thought, ‘Oh that’s what happens. You put a song out and everyone likes it.’ Well, then a funny thing happened: I started putting more songs out, and none of them did the same thing.

Mike Posner
It’s a weird thing. Rick Springfield wrote ‘Jessie’s Girl,’ and he probably gets sick of talking about ‘Jessie’s Girl.’ The thing is, I didn’t write ‘Blurred Lines.’ I didn’t direct the music video. I’m really happy for the success, but it is kind of a funny thing to follow me around.

Emily Ratajkowski
It’s a funny thing when you finally have an excuse to get all of your favorite people from all corners of the globe together in one room for my wedding. Other than saying ‘I do’ to my hunky Englishman, that is the thing I am most excited about!

Brooke Baldwin
The funny thing that still cracks me up is when you get a grown man coming up to you shaking asking for a picture. I’m like ‘Dude, you know I’m a scrub, right?’

Samantha Ponder
The funny thing is everybody wants to win a Super Bowl, and it really doesn’t change anything in your daily life.

Devin McCourty
And the funny thing is, I’ve always been an optimist – it’s practically a congenital disorder with me.

Molly Ivins
The funny thing is that the fashions from the ’90s seem to sit so well with the fashions of 2016. Everything from then somehow skipped and came back.

Edward Enninful
My mom is super fabulous, and I remember her telling me at 13, ‘You can start wearing makeup now.’ And the funny thing is, I didn’t take her up on it!

Samira Wiley
Death isn’t a funny thing. We’re all lucky to be living.

Pauly Shore
I’ve never really understood that. It’s a funny thing; people sometimes accuse us of condescending to our characters somehow-that to me is kind of inexplicable.

Joel Coen
The funny thing is, we teach – as a culture, we teach people that it’s OK to talk about your fitness goals… Like, I want to be more physically fit, I want to drop 10 pounds, but no one’s talking about how I can spend 10 days to get happier.

Karamo Brown
The funny thing is, whenever I’m working on something, I kind of forget there’s a lot of people watching. It makes it easier to be in the moment and to tell a story as well as possible.

Michiel Huisman
The funny thing is, when you look at photos of Tuvia Bielski, he was fair, blue-eyed, and could pass for a Gentile.

Edward Zwick
When you reminisce, you don’t say, ‘Remember that time you got sued by so-and-so?’ No, you say, ‘Remember when we played here and it was unbelievable, and we went out for that incredible meal and that funny thing happened?’ Those are the important moments.

John Petrucci
I think this is the funny thing about PWR BTTM that a lot of people don’t realize at first, which is that straight people have always loved us – inexplicably, seemingly.

Liv Bruce
The funny thing is, people’s perceptions of what a song is about is usually wrong a majority of the time. But they’re still going to read what they want to into it.

Vince Gill
The mind is a funny thing in how it works. Sometimes you have to tell yourself what’s really true. If you don’t, your mind starts trying to tell you lies.

Case Keenum
The funny thing is, I sometimes get the impression that some people outside of the field think that there’s some element of security that we have in working on a theory that hasn’t made any predictions that can be proven false. In a sense, we’re working on something unfalsifiable.

Brian Greene
A lot of comedies are based on the reaction shot. You have one person doing something stupid and one person is generally the straight man, and the laughs generally come on the reaction of the straight man to the funny thing the other person has done.

Richard Ayoade
You know, albums are a funny thing. They’re not like an intellectual decision. It’s a collection of your kind of musings.

Glen Hansard
Selling wine is all about sizing people up, and it takes a certain amount of chutzpah. The tableside bottle sell is a very funny thing – you take a look at the guy’s blazer, what kind of shoes he’s wearing, what kind of broad he’s with. Is he trying to be a hero?

Joe Bastianich
The funny thing was, with IT, I was never really a tech type of person: I was better with people, good at dealing with people. I had technical experience; I knew the nitty gritty. I could never be a programmer or anything, but I knew my way around.

Being called a ‘music legend’ is a very funny thing. It’s nice to know that my work has been appreciated and that people have given me that status. On a personal level, however, I can’t think about it too much. It means a lot… but then it doesn’t.

Chris Squire
The funny thing is musicians often love to go to see visual art because you’ve got all these pictures to turn into metaphors.

Dar Williams
Video is a funny thing. It’s one thing to be an artist, singer-songwriter, and use words and create pictures in people’s minds. And then be asked to do video for it, to actually give a certain visual for your song.

Melissa Etheridge
The funny thing about the entertainment business is that we all feel like kids playing in a candy store, but we are entrusted with millions and millions and millions of dollars and an entire industry that can thrive or die on whether or not we do our jobs well or not.

Julie Plec
Confidence is a funny thing, and sometimes that’s all you need is just that little bit to elevate you to the next level.

DeAndre Yedlin
The funny thing is, I’m not really a big reader, not a big fan of books in the first place.

Macaulay Culkin
The funny thing is, I’ve never really hurt myself in an action movie. I’ve done ‘Wanted,’ ‘X-Men,’ ‘Welcome To The Punch,’ even ‘Trance’ to a certain extent has little bits of action and stuff, but I’ve never really hurt myself at all – not even like a sprained ankle.

James McAvoy
If you just stop and think, baby, honey, love is a funny thing. Whatever you put in, that’s what you expect to gain.

Jimmy Reed
I went to my first school dance on the set of ‘Spider-Man.’ The funny thing is, it wasn’t actually real. I didn’t choose my dress or my date or anything about it. I just showed up for work.

Angourie Rice
With ‘Pariah,’ at the time, I had just come out. I had a coming out experience, and I was writing about it, transposing my experience as an adult: What would it have been like if I had been a teenager in Brooklyn? The funny thing was people thought I was from Brooklyn. I had to be like, ‘No, I’m from Nashville.’

Dee Rees
The funny thing about this business is the only time I get praised is for being critical, but I don’t want that to be my sole reputation as an announcer.

Cris Collinsworth
The funny thing is, I’m so used to not caring what anyone says, good or bad, that unfortunately even when people say good things… I wish it made me feel good, but it doesn’t.

Rob Zombie
It’s such a funny thing when you see your daughter transitioning from your baby, your little girl, to suddenly being a young woman. If you’re not really looking for it, you can miss it, and Lily-Rose is on that road already, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

Johnny Depp
The funny thing about acting is, there’s no ‘right’ way to make it. Some people need to work their butts off, and some don’t. They’re just naturals. I wasn’t a natural. I sucked.

Alexander Dreymon
Because my musical background is so diverse, it lends me to have very much my own style and it helps me to relate to the music as I’m going to play it. I just write. And if it comes out country, it’s a country song. The funny thing is, I write all across the board. I just write what hits me at the time.

Casey James
The funny thing about my films is that you can make little piles of them. You could make little piles of the movie that were family movies, you could make a little art movie pile, you could make a little action movie pile.

Julianne Moore
If I ever do anything, it actually might be some fantasy elf thing or even some cute, funny thing. Just to do something a little bit out of the ordinary. I’ve done my superhero gig.

Todd McFarlane
It’s a funny thing when you know someone and you meet their siblings – you get so much a sense of who they are because when you can recognize similar traits in the family, you understand exactly why they are the way they are.

Laura Donnelly
Here’s the funny thing: Nothing drives a performance like an audience that gives back and even takes over. ECW was a product that will be remembered as much, if not more, for its audience interaction as for the things that happened in the ring.

Paul Heyman
The funny thing, I guess, is that my husband ended up being the muse of a book about the worst marriage in the world, because if he hadn’t consistently said, ‘Don’t censor yourself, don’t worry about me’ – if he’d been anxious and worried about it – then it would never have gotten written.

Gillian Flynn
Everything seems fine until you’re about 40. Then something is definitely beginning to go wrong. And you look in the mirror with your old habit of thinking, ‘While I accept that everyone grows old and dies, it’s a funny thing, but I’m an exception to that rule.’

Martin Amis
The funny thing is that everyone thinks I’m naturally dark because all of my siblings are, but I’m naturally dirty blond.

Khloe Kardashian
The funny thing is I’m not even Latin. I was constantly getting Latin roles, and I was like, I even was nominated for an award, and I was like, ‘Let them know at the NAACP, the first white woman. Let them know I’m totally grateful, but I’m not Latin. I can’t do that. I play Latin.’

Vanessa Ferlito
The funny thing is while the grown-ups in the family may indulge, we really try to offer our son Duke clean food, as all his meals are made with organic ingredients as the rest of us eat cookies straight out of the freezer.

Bill Rancic
It’s a funny thing that when a man hasn’t anything on earth to worry about, he goes off and gets married.

Robert Frost
The human brain is a funny thing: it’s very susceptible to tempo and melody. You put the right words to it, and it becomes very influential.

Ray Stevens
It’s a funny thing, the less people have to live for, the less nerve they have to risk losing nothing.

Zora Neale Hurston
You know, it is a funny thing, but ‘The Flintstones’ was bought by ABC and the sponsors when they discovered adults were watching and enjoying ‘Huck Hound’ and ‘Quick Draw McGraw.’

William Hanna
The funny thing is that I’ve known since I was 7 years old that I was never going to have kids. I always imagined myself as this worldly, traveling gypsy lady.

Kat Von D
It’s a funny thing about me. I don’t have any interest in food most of the time now, although when I was a kid I was always hungry.

Alan Ladd
Your name is a funny thing. It stands for what you’re about, and everything I do is really about pride.

Tom Ford
Fame is a funny thing. I like doing normal things. I like going to fairs. I like going to ball games. I like going to Disney World or a big field on the Fourth of July and having picnics with friends. The problem is you’re either worried you’re going to be recognized, or you’re thankful you’re not. It’s always there.

Chris Evans
The music in Haiti is all tied up in voodoo and African rhythm, and so there’s this funny thing: go to a voodoo ceremony, and then go to a Catholic church and tell me which music you liked better, to which one the music is more integral.

Win Butler
If you’re talking about Java in particular, Python is about the best fit you can get amongst all the other languages. Yet the funny thing is, from a language point of view, JavaScript has a lot in common with Python, but it is sort of a restricted subset.

Guido van Rossum
The funny thing about the golf swing is that you try to alter it and end up with the same faults as you’ve had all your life.

Ronnie Corbett
The funny thing about ‘The Naked Brothers Band’ movie was that we tricked the audience into thinking that we were actually rock stars.

Alex Wolff
The funny thing about living at Longleat is that there’s no ‘typical’ day, but I usually wake up around 6:45 A. M.

Emma Weymouth
The funny thing about commercials to me is that many of them now don’t even mention the product until the very end. You don’t really know what the commercial is all about. They’re kind of like little movies, like shorts, and that’s why I think they’re so entertaining.

Kevin Nealon
Strange questions are the more interesting ones. Children by and large don’t try to trip you up… they want to find out how you do this funny thing that you do… if they’ve loved a story they love to know how it started.

Michael Morpurgo
Frankly, most of my friends hold very different political beliefs. It’s just a funny thing in this country that supposedly you can’t sit down and have dinner and enjoy another person’s company if you don’t have the same beliefs. It’s ridiculous.

Patricia Heaton
A funny thing happens when you go to another country or invest in a company from another country. Suddenly everyone in that community realizes that YC is for them, too.

Michael Seibel
We would write our songs, then we’d have a programmer come in and add, for lack of a better term, bloops and bleeps on top of everything. Of course, the funny thing is that a lot of the modern-day dance music people are super-influenced by the ’70s and ’80s stuff that we already love. So it was a natural fit for No Doubt.

Tony Kanal
The funny thing is, I look at these magazines that make me so insecure and neurotic, but I’m in them!

Heather Graham
It’s a funny thing, but today the Titanic is probably much more – that is people are much more aware of it than they were in 1954, when I was doing my research.

Walter Lord
The funny thing about voice over is you can go in in sweatpants and have your hair all messed up, and no one will see you, and you can still deliver the same great product.

Elizabeth Gillies
A funny thing happened to me on the way to the White House.

Adlai Stevenson II
The funny thing is that I write and I act a lot about being Jewish, but I don’t really think about it as a regular person.

Liev Schreiber
The funny thing is that I almost find it more difficult now to take a still picture than to be behind a moving camera. I’m just so much more inspired and comfortable and confident when I have that whole operation going. I feel more connected. Snapping a moment doesn’t seem relevant to me anymore.

Steven Klein
Chemistry’s a funny thing. It can be instantaneous, but it helps when you know someone.

David Walton
The funny thing is that I had never actually watched TV.

Dave Willis
Life was a funny thing that happened to me on the way to the grave.

Quentin Crisp
We moved to Baltimore, Maryland, in 1979, when I was five. The funny thing is that, even though Baltimore had one of the top murder rates in the country in those days, I grew up hearing about how dangerous New York was.

Philipp Meyer
Having a solo career is a funny thing.

Daryl Hall
The funny thing is, Dennis Miller got me back into comedy.

Tommy Chong
The funny thing is, all my friends are short. I wasn’t aware of tall people till I got to high school. I didn’t know they existed. I was sheltered.

Kevin Hart
With rap, it’s a funny thing. You can say things, and people can take ’em the way they wanna take ’em.

Young Jeezy
I think the funny thing about acting for me – and I hold it in a very holy, spiritual way – not to be overly fundamentalist about it, but it’s that important to me – is that it is an ancient healing art.

Melissa Leo
A funny thing happens in real estate. When it comes back, it comes back up like gangbusters.

Barbara Corcoran
The funny thing is that I’m the girl who no one sees at the beach. Ask anyone who’s traveled with me. Normally, I’m in so many layers, I look like Lawrence of Arabia!

Vera Wang
The funny thing about the people I don’t like – they’re very self-centered.

Brendon Urie
What has been happening more lately – of course, I also put in my bio, I say I do the voice of Goliath, but some people go – you know, I say something, and it’s a funny thing when you work in this business, people will talk out loud in front of you like you’re not there.

Keith David
You know, the funny thing about Lorne and that show is that, you can go over one million things, but in a business of bean counters, he still likes to laugh at small things and creates a show around it.

Colin Quinn
One funny thing is, though, I wear my watch on my right hand and I’m actually right-handed. People always wonder why – I don’t know myself, I’ve just always done it that way and I like it the way a good watch fits on my right wrist.

Luke Evans
Here’s the funny thing about the response I’ve been aware of to my dating famous people: It’s been very negative. I’m either not good-looking enough, not a good enough actor or not successful enough for these people.

Dax Shepard
It’s a funny thing, but it’s often overlooked that I’m a huge devout lover of French cooking. I have the utmost respect for them, though they have lost their respect for me because they think the way I cook is nutty.

Wylie Dufresne
It’s a funny thing, ‘The Office,’ because millions and millions and millions and millions of people didn’t watch it. But culturally, it is more of a phenomenon than almost anything else I can remember as far as British television is concerned.

Martin Freeman