Top 125 Retiring Quotes

We have collected the best Retiring Quotes by famous authors including Judit Polgar, Marianne Faithfull, Dr. Dre, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Wortley Montagu and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Since retiring from competitive chess, my focus is on e
Since retiring from competitive chess, my focus is on education and organising children’s tournaments: I make a point of never separating girls and boys, nor awarding special prizes for girls.

Judit Polgar
The only time I ever really consider retiring is when I get fed up with the press. Which is often.

Marianne Faithfull
I don’t ever see myself retiring totally from music, because I have a genuine love and passion for it.

Dr. Dre
I’ve been talking about retiring for years. It’s my standard answer to the question, ‘What are your future plans?’ The truth is, I’ll always want to do things that are worthwhile or fun.

Dick Van Dyke
Time has the same effect on the mind as on the face; the predominant passion and the strongest feature become more conspicuous from the others’ retiring.

Mary Wortley Montagu
We have so many people retiring that we do not have enough people paying into the system to be able to provide the benefits for those collecting those benefits.

Chris Chocola
I think it is very good for the country, for the world, and especially for the Democrats that Harry Reid is retiring.

Dana Perino
I don’t believe in retiring. Your mind stops working then.

Lorne Greene
I’m against retiring. The thing that keeps a man alive is having something to do.

Colonel Sanders
People talk about retiring. I never said that r-word. People though I went away after the Olympic Games. I took time off to do something I’ve always wanted to be – a mother.

Gail Devers
It was probably right after I made my comeback – after retiring post-2008 Olympics – when I finally felt more at ease with my body. Being away from the sport helped put things in perspective.

Alicia Sacramone
Retiring as the champion and being the only athlete to ever do that, I think goals like that are set in the mind. I want to make that happen.

Tito Ortiz
I don’t have a normal job, so I don’t consider retiring.

Denny Laine
I never envisioned retiring out of the Congress.

Richard Burr
I’m retiring because my time is up.

Dave Hickey
I don’t see myself ever retiring, unless it’s for something that I like better, and so far I like directing a lot but I don’t see the necessity to retire from anything unless there’s a really great alternative.

Anjelica Huston
The positives of retiring outweighed the positives of returning and my desire to still play.

Drew Bledsoe
We need to tap the resource of current and retiring science and math professionals that have both content mastery and the practical experience to serve as effective teachers.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers
I’ve never entertained the idea of retiring because I’ve never regarded myself as having a proper job. Anyway, retirement can be the death of you.

June Brown
I couldn’t imagine myself retiring from a match.

Petra Kvitova
Cowboy boots you can’t wear unless you actually are a cowboy or in a Status Quo tribute band, or over 60; there’s something about a retiring gent in cowboy boots that looks sort of presidential.

A. A. Gill
I am retiring from startup investing. It’s hard to leave all this behind right when things are going so well.

Chris Sacca
After retiring, I was a little bored with nothing to do and got fat. I thought, if a 60-year-old metabolic fat man, after five years, can get to Mount Everest, that would be very exciting.

Yuichiro Miura
Somebody said they threw their copy of Dungeons and Dragons into the fire, and it screamed. It’s a game! The magic spells in it are as real as the gold. Try retiring on that stuff.

Gary Gygax
People ask me if I am thinking of retiring. Well, it doesn’t occur to me. Different day, different challenge, different way. Lovely jubbly.

David Jason
I’m not retiring. I am graduating. Today is my graduation day. Retirement means that you’ll just go ahead and live on your laurels and surf all day in Oceanside. It ain’t going to happen.

Junior Seau
You need some insecurity if you’re an actor. It keeps the pot boiling. I haven’t yet started to think about retiring. I was shocked when I heard about Paul Newman retiring at age 82. Most actors just fade away like old soldiers.

Al Pacino
Ain’t no worst part about retiring! Believe me.

Rasheed Wallace
Why go now? That is the question people asked when I announced I was retiring. A combination of things made me feel it was all drawing to a natural end.

Graeme Le Saux
A clown I knew who was retiring from Ringling Brothers gave me his giant shoes, and somebody else made me a clown suit.

Wavy Gravy
Right after retiring I didn’t want to be on the road 16 weeks a year – leaving on a Thursday night and coming home on a Sunday night – it was a little too much.

Jason Sehorn
I remember when I was retiring I said to my kids ‘I promise you I’ll never put on weight’ because people always think footballers retire and eat and drink and put on loads of weight.

Andy Cole
Since retiring I have spent a lot of time with my family, on my boat, and playing football.

Goran Ivanisevic
I served in the state Senate for six years with retiring Gov. John Lynch. During that time, we had the fourth-lowest unemployment rate in the country.

Maggie Hassan
My wife’s family kept inviting me to shoot and I just didn’t want to go, but since retiring from football I’ve had more time and I thought… let’s get all the kit and practice.

Sol Campbell
Retiring was hard. I’d spent 15 years doing something I loved, but when you get older everything seems to go. When I started spending too long with the physio and the doctor, I knew it was time to call it a day. But I had no preparation for being retired and I didn’t know what to do.

Daley Thompson
It sounds so early – retiring at 28. But I don’t feel it’s that early for me. If you’re blessed enough and you’re gifted and you’re lucky enough, and you’ve got a fortunate career, then you can take that step back. I’m just happy that I did it.

Naseem Hamed
The days of 35-year-old pros turning up in the States to earn easy money before retiring are long gone and the MLS is a really competitive league.

Steve Nicol
Retiring is a strange word. I’m 27 years old. I’ve still got stuff to do.

Aaron Peirsol
Retiring can be hard but it’s nice to be in a position where I can run and feel liberated doing it.

Denise Lewis
Most proud moment: Winning the championship in 2003 with a great team, retiring, and going out in the perfect way. Had a great journey and knowing it was the right time to focus more on family and community activities.

David Robinson
The notion of making money by popular work, and then retiring to do good work, is the most familiar of all the devil’s traps for artists.

Logan Pearsall Smith
I’m moving on. I should have made that clear when I made the announcement. I guess I wasn’t clear. If people think you’re leaving a show after all these years, you might be retiring. So I understand where they’re coming from, but I should have impressed the fact that I hope I’m just moving on right now.

Regis Philbin
I have always had my mum and wife worry about me and ask about retiring – but it was different hearing it from my son.

Luke Campbell
A hedge fund manager whose clients demand monthly performance reports has different needs than any individual investors with a 20-year time horizon. The needs of that long-term investor differ markedly from someone who is retiring in three years.

Barry Ritholtz
Returning to WWE before retiring is not a question of whether they want to or I want to return. Neither I hope nor want to return, nor do they expect me to return or want me to return.

Alberto Del Rio
I have to struggle to change people’s perceptions of me. I grew very frustrated with the perception that I’m this shy, retiring, inhibited aristocratic creature when I’m absolutely not like that at all. I think I’m much more outgoing and exuberant than my image.

Helena Bonham Carter
Well, I didn’t grow up with that word ‘retirement’ as part of my consciousness. I didn’t grow up with professionals that retired. I thought retiring was when you are tired and go to bed.

Ruby Dee
Today, Medicare provides health insurance to about 40 million seniors and disabled individuals each year. The number is only expected to grow as the baby boomers begin retiring.

Jim Bunning
Fidelity to conscience is inconsistent with retiring modesty. If it be so, let the modesty succumb. It can be only a false modesty which can be thus endangered.

Harriet Martineau
I started talking about retiring in 1997. This is a brutal game, and 25 years of it ain’t good for your health. After I get past Tarver on Saturday, give me Klitschko or Tyson. Otherwise, I’m outta here.

Roy Jones Jr.
For me retiring wasn’t hard once I knew that that was the decision I was going to make.

Gabriela Sabatini
I really don’t like confrontations. One of the reasons I’m retiring is that I’m tired of hurting people’s feelings.

Earl Weaver
Open the borders to willing workers from any and all nations. They will create businesses that pay taxes, especially payroll taxes to fund Medicare and Social Security benefits of retiring baby boomers.

Louis Navellier
If I wasn’t addicted to the idea of performing, I think retiring out of the ring and moving to a backstage position or becoming more of an office guy. That wouldn’t bother me so much.

Christopher Daniels
Woman and men of retiring timidity are cowardly only in dangers which affect themselves, but the first to rescue when others are in danger.

Jean Paul
A lot of my friends were retiring from the newspaper business, and the newspaper pensions are not enormous.

John Sandford
I don’t think I was a year too late or a year too early in retiring. If the Seahawks had been in the playoffs a year later, I might have had some regrets.

Steve Largent
I’ll keep playing ’til the doctor tells me I can’t play. I’m going to be Brett Favre: ‘Yeah, I’m retiring… Naah, I’m coming back!’

Brittney Griner
Not fighting, avoiding talking to fans… that’s when the thoughts creep in about retiring and moving on to something else.

Andre Ward
Since retiring from the FBI in 2007, I’ve traveled the world and worked with everyone from CEOs to their managers and everyday workers on how to apply techniques from hundreds of high-stakes, life-or-death negotiations to business negotiations.

Christopher Voss
‘Retiring’ – within that word is ‘tiring,’ and I’m not tired. I don’t believe in retirement, really.

Theodore Bikel
Sometimes I think about retiring but not stopping work. Just ‘re-tiring’ – put on some new tires and go on to do something else.

Jeff Bridges
I alone will decide when I’m retiring.

Jupp Heynckes
I might feel a little bit empty, and it might get to me for a short time, but I’m hoping to keep my association with football and with broadcasting – I’m not retiring from everything; I’m retiring from the BBC. I’m certainly not going pipe and slippers.

John Motson
You hear too many guys talk about retiring too soon.

Kevin Harvick
Why retire from something if you’re loving it so much and enjoying it so much, and you’re blessed with another group of people to work with like the gang on ‘Hot in Cleveland?’ Why would I think of retiring? What would I do with myself?

Betty White
I was dancing on Broadway for many years. Then everyone was either getting injured or retiring, and I was dancing with younger dancers.

Wendy Whelan
I have no intention of retiring. Even my blood sugar is better when I’m working.

Elaine Stritch
The media that’s having this hysterical reaction to James Mattis retiring is the same media in many cases, the same politicians in many cases, who cheered our nation into a war in Iraq that turned out to be a catastrophe.

Stephen Miller
I’m not really good at retiring. I tried that one time and Nancy ran me out of the house.

Tom Osborne
I don’t know why people thought I was retiring.

Billy Joel
I’m retiring the Mos Def name after 2011. I’m actually doing it.

Mos Def
As soon as I finish one thing, there’s always something else on the horizon I want to do. I don’t have any intention of retiring from anything.

Marla Gibbs
I wouldn’t know what to do retiring. So I have no plans to retire.

Ronald Meyer
When I was younger, I thought about retiring.

Tanya Tucker
After retiring from competition in 1981, I did exhibitions and coached.

Nadia Comaneci
One of the sad things about retiring is that you just become increasingly irrelevant. The world flows around you, and you don’t seem to be impacting it any longer.

John Mackey
When people don’t know me any more or want my autograph, then I’ll think about retiring.

Johnny Weissmuller
Retiring was scary and it was tough to give up gymnastics, but so many great opportunities have come from it that I never expected.

Shawn Johnson
I really don’t believe in retiring as long as you can breathe.

Ruby Dee
I feel autobiographies should be written when you’re retiring and there’s so much to talk about as you’ve been working for so many years then. It becomes more interesting and there’s more material to go in the autobiography.

Asha Parekh
I wouldn’t consider retiring to India: there are too many people, and it’s difficult walking along the pavements. I’d love to spend two or three months a year there.

Miriam Margolyes
A couple years ago I was going to back off and actually thought about retiring, but it keeps calling me back, and I’m going to keep going back as long as it calls me. I really think it has something to do with the good vibes that I feel I’ve spread through my performance and through the time that I’ve spent with fans.

Jason Newsted
Retiring was very tough, it’s tough at the best of times. Nothing can prepare you for it.

Ryan Mason
The big new development in my life is, when I turned 80, I decided I no longer have to do four pages a day. For me, it’s like retiring.

Frederik Pohl
People think retiring is fun. Well, maybe, but if you have a certain kind of fire inside, there is no end in sight.

Sylvester Stallone
Retiring from writing is not to retire from life.

Jim Crace
I’m urging NASA to foster the development of what I call ‘runway landers.’ No, that’s not the name of a high stakes gambler from Vegas. It’s a type of spacecraft that flies to orbit like the retiring Shuttles but then glides to a landing like an airplane on a runway. Just like the Shuttles do.

Buzz Aldrin
I haven’t ever really been close to retiring. I’ve threatened myself, that kind of thing. There were moments where I’m struggling or not healthy: It’s like, OK, is this the best way I can spend my 20s? Is this something that’s going to help me in the future, or I might as well be fishing or gaming.

Tennys Sandgren
Unlike Texas Rangers, we actors don’t have a stop date, so I don’t know about retiring. Sometimes I want to stop acting, but then you get a good script!

Jeff Bridges
Nothing is more bothersome to me than retiring. Weird things happen when you disengage; first you get negative, then you start telling people about your latest surgeries, and eventually you lose touch. I want to stay in touch.

Charles R. Swindoll
All my friends were retiring, and it got to the point where I was like, ‘Hey, how come I’m not retiring?’

Johnny Miller
There’s no point in retiring because there’s no fun in retiring.

Robin Leach
Retiring from international football was a personal decision, and I was very sure about what I was doing. I played for my country for more than ten years, and there were highs and lows. It was a fantastic experience, though, and the most wonderful thing is that it ended well.

Diego Forlan
I don’t really think about retiring. I will retire just before people start saying, ‘I knew Leonard Slatkin when he conducted well.’

Leonard Slatkin
That’s one reason India is an attractive proposition for retiring. Servants are much more reasonable than in England. It’s not exploitation so long as you pay a proper salary.

Miriam Margolyes
Every time I try to retire, or even think of retiring from acting, my agent comes up with a script.

Anthony Hopkins
I never think about retiring – because you retire, you die.

Asha Bhosle
I’m not tough. I’m just not a retiring violet when it comes to airing my opinions.

Fiona Bruce
When I’m done playing, when I seem like I’m retiring, I don’t love the game anymore.

A. J. Green
I have no regrets about my career or retiring. Not once have I thought ‘Gosh, I wish I was back on the court.

Rebecca Lobo
I wanted to get my coaching badges after retiring, and I asked to take the exam, but they told me I needed to study for four years. I told them they were crazy. Who is going to study for four years? How is someone going to teach me technical things when I know more than they do?

Johan Cruyff
The money doesn’t interest me. I’m not enjoying MotoGP, and I’m retiring.

Casey Stoner
It’s too many questions about what I’m going to do, why I’m retiring, and this and that. So I answer the same question, I don’t know, a thousand times.

Marat Safin
I enjoy practicing law too much to even contemplate retiring, but I often think about engaging in serious study of the history of art, of the intricacies of classical music. I could write a fugue, or perhaps learn to play the cello.

Karen DeCrow
Of course I could have retired anytime. But retiring would drive me crazy.

Ted Knight
I have no intention of retiring; I can’t imagine not doing stand-up. That’s where I started and where I’ll be.

Bob Newhart
Hugh Grant, who several times has announced that he was thinking of retiring from acting, has said that he suffers from panic attacks when the cameras start rolling.

Scott Stossel
I am going to keep on singing. I have no intention of retiring. Actually, I always wonder whether people know my songs in the different countries I visit. I feel nervous over whether they will sing along with me or not.

Bonnie Tyler
The best thing that I did was get myself out of an environment that was toxic to me and to my mental health. That was through retiring from football.

Adam Goodes
There is this idea that appealing to youth is the only way forward. But that is no longer the case. Youth is not everything. Now we have all the baby-boomers in their 60s, like me, who are actively engaged in life – we’re not retiring, we’re not just being put out to grass once we hit 60.

Julie Walters
Retiring is one thing. Being retired is something else altogether.

Mike Wallace
It’s extremely uncommon in sports to retire and have a show about you within eight months of retiring.

Spencer Paysinger
Retiring had nothing to do with love of the game. Nothing. It had to do with how I felt about myself. I needed the break.

Rolando McClain
As long as I’m still able to have a hit on the radio and sell a few albums and some tickets, I don’t see that it would be worth retiring.

Alan Jackson
When you do something that you like, and you think you can keep doing it, you don’t think about retiring.

Carolina Herrera
I’m not retiring, because when you retire, you’re still getting paid. I’m not getting paid, so I’m not retiring.

Vitor Belfort
In OVW, it was like a different world, pretty much. They had the talent ready to stay around for a while, with guys who weren’t over yet and guys who weren’t retiring yet. With FCW, WWE were a bit more hands-on with the writers.

Drew McIntyre
I had told my wife that I was thinking of retiring at the end of the year. I was thinking I didn’t want to do it anymore, but then I was traded to the Dodgers.

Yu Darvish
I love this university, and although I might be retiring from the presidency, my work with Ohio State will continue.

Gordon Gee
I love being Dr. Ruth, so I have never thought of retiring.

Ruth Westheimer
I was born in 1949, and by the time I was 10, I figured out that my hope chest was not aimed in the same direction everybody else’s was. And that life was going to be very, very complicated. And that I could either be provocative and declamatory, or shy, retiring and scared.

Dorothy Allison
I realize in every year I don’t win a title, I’m closer to retiring.

Mats Hummels
I haven’t had the time to say, ‘I’m retiring.’ But baseball says, ‘You’re retired.’

Rickey Henderson