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Before Julius Erving, being a stylish basketball player
Before Julius Erving, being a stylish basketball player meant 13 ounces of pomade in your hair and color coordinating the belt in your shorts with your canvas sneakers. Dr. J was a transcendent figure athletically, but he also changed the aesthetics of the sport.

Sean Evans
I used to sleep in the T-shirt I wore during the day and whatever ratty old gym shorts I could find on the floor. But one year for Christmas, someone gave me a very chic, comfortable pair of pajamas from Brooks Brothers, and I realized the error of my ways.

Derek Blasberg
What’s the point of shorts if they’re not short?

Juergen Teller
I’ve always been into fashion and obscure articles of clothing, and while this first set of Hoods Up includes beanies, shorts, shirts, leggings, sweaters and duffel bags, that is only the first tier of what we are planning.

Ronnie Radke
When our bodies are sick and people extend their sympathy, bring us soup, offer up solutions. When our minds are sick, people tend to shy away from you, be afraid, or call you outright crazy. I’m fascinated by the way society and individuals view mental illness, and most of my shorts comment on that.

Anna Akana
I love thigh highs, heels, shorts, or a skirt.

Aja Naomi King
After a couple of attempts at making shorts, I decided to make a feature film with a friend, Tom Hall, whom I’ve worked with ever since.

John Carney
We used tea towels for gloves until we got proper ones and were always breaking our mum’s ornaments. She’d come home and find us all sat in our boxer shorts, out of breath and our skin red raw. She hated it.

Liam Smith
I’m really annoyed by the wave of country music that’s just a list of stuff. It almost sounds like L.A. people writing country music, because it’s just a list of stuff: ‘My pickup truck and my cowboy boots and my Levi’s jeans and my girlfriend with the short shorts.’ It’s so boring!

Kathleen Hanna
I love L.A. I love America; it’s fantastic. The people are friendly, and everyone’s always smiling. The sun is always shining. My only problem is choosing what color shorts to wear.

Ricky Whittle
I got my MFA from AFI as a director in 2010. I’ve had time to make the shorts that I made previous to ‘Hereditary’ and to kind of build these movies in my head.

Ari Aster
The bottom line is that most cycling kit exists for a reason. The padded shorts, for example, might look silly, but if you are riding for any length of time on a small, thin saddle you are going to feel it.

Chris Hoy
We’ve got our football where no one wears anything and the guys are in little shorts and they beat the crap out of each other, and they can catch it and they can kick it, and it’s the only place it’s played in the world.

Rachel Griffiths
If you feel like an idiot wearing neon yellow shorts, you shouldn’t wear them.

Nina Agdal
Not all my work features black actors. I mean, it’s funny: someone was reading back to me all the languages that have appeared in my films, whether they were shorts or features. They span Arabic, French, Mandarin, Cantonese – all kinds of languages. I think it’s really cool.

Barry Jenkins
I really don’t like getting dressed up. It’s a lot more comfortable to be in some type of T-shirt or dry-fit shirt and shorts. That’s pretty much my typical attire.

Brian Shaw
You can propose marriage naked or in handcuffs, but no one is going to agree to forsake all others for a man in shorts. You can’t declare war in shorts or deliver a eulogy in shorts.

A. A. Gill
It is a point of pride for the American male to keep the same size Jockey shorts for his entire life.

Bill Cosby
A simple life is good with me. I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy.

More and more teams are, in the vernacular, ‘going small,’ with only one big man down deep. Good grief, the position of power forward is in the process of going the way of short shorts.

Frank Deford
I feel like I am a lot of who I am because I watched these shows that said it was okay to be a total weirdo. Shows like ‘Pete and Pete,’ ‘Hey, Dude,’ ‘Salute Your Shorts’ – that’s what I grew up with.

Mae Whitman
I personally am not a shorts-wearing guy. That goes for any form of shorts, beside sports shorts, that I have to wear.

James Wolk
At the beginning of my career I was going through a really weird phase of dressing in boys clothes. I would only wear one American Apparel T-shirt and shorts and brogues the whole year round. Not the same T-shirt, obviously, but one style of American Apparel T-shirt. I think I was going through a tomboy stage.

Florence Welch
The weather in California is so much hotter than it is in England that it’s absolutely changed my style. I have many more dresses and shorts than I ever thought I would coming from U.K.! It’s so much easier to dress femininely in a warm climate.

Tamsin Egerton
Football is not played in shorts and it’s not fair to the big guys. So many guys look bad in shorts and then they put the pads on and they’re football players.

Bruce Arians
If I need a pair of tennis shorts, I’ll buy them online. I don’t really care. Not going to go and try on a pair and see how my bum looks. Who cares? But for things that you care about – I mean, a jacket and a pair of trousers, you’ve got to try them on.

Peter Marino
I like Lil Wayne’s style. His style probably influences me the most. Basically, he’s just wearing exactly what he feels like wearing. He goes to the club, and he’s got shorts and a wife-beater on. That shows you what type of celebrity he is and what he is able to pull off, fashion-wise. I try to be in that same lane.

Von Miller
On screen, if I have to wear shorts or bikini for a scene, I should have the body for that.

Parineeti Chopra
I don’t have any elaborate uniforms; I come to the ring in a T-shirt, a pair of sneakers and some shorts.

John Cena
It’s fun to be able to dress up from time to time and pretend that I don’t wear cleats, a T-shirt, and shorts every day.

Kelley O’Hara
I think swag is very important to rappers. It’s the overall appearance and style of an artist – these blue shorts and this blue hat and this $80,000 chain, this jewelry and all these tattoos, that’s swag.

Soulja Boy
I don’t know about you, but every time some joker points me out as I walk through an airport wearing extra-small Dolfin shorts, a tank top and leg warmers, I get a little upset.

Richard Simmons
My style is edgy but really put together. I’m not the kind of girl to walk out of the house in booty shorts and a crop top and Converse. I don’t like that look.

Sofia Richie
Yes, U.S. travelers dress better. The British are always so conspicuous in hot climates. They don’t seem to wear shorts. American men seem to be comfortable wearing hot-weather clothing.

Bill Bryson
Shorts wager on price declines by selling shares that they have borrowed in the hope of buying them back at far lower prices.

Gary Weiss
Striped shirts and printed shorts, jeans, and trousers are all items I buy and wear a lot in my private life.

Liu Wen
Shorts are silly. Men in shorts are silly men. And silly is the very worst thing a man can be.

A. A. Gill
I think one of the most humiliating moments of my life was putting on spandex, personally. It’s always nice when four women pull you into spandex when you’re in jockey shorts. Yeah.

Michael Chiklis
When I had people scratchin’ my shorts a bit, it played better. We lost a bit of that in all the personnel changes and it’s an element we need to get back.

Tom Bergeron
The perfect shorts are always important.

Britt Robertson
Michael Jordan broke the mold of the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird era – he came in and he had a gold chain, he wore longer shorts and his sneakers were a different style.

When I first started doing influencer marketing for my company Due, I lost my shorts with literally no return on my investment.

John Rampton
Sometimes I just want to sit in my boxer shorts and cry. That’s what being a human is.

Big Narstie
I’m really into laces; I always accessorize with shoe laces whether I wear them as a belt, or attached to my shorts or in my hair or as a bracelet.

Eliza Doolittle
I love making shorts out of jeans, or customizing denim. Basically, I like to rip and distress things… I love that look.

Hailey Baldwin
I like playing a guy who wears pants as opposed to shorts.

Diedrich Bader
I was always writing scripts, and I had made several shorts, before and after film school. But I worked a variety of temp positions over the years.

Geoffrey S. Fletcher
Sometimes, particularly in summers in New York, I have tried to write in shorts or with no shirt on and found myself unable to do so, the reason being, I take it, that writing, even of the most impersonal sort, is for me a divestment, a striptease, even, so that if I start off undressed, I have nowhere to go.

Alan Bennett
A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach.

Tom Ford
Everyone freaks out because my character is the only one who has shorts on the Galactica. Well, that is because I went and grabbed a pair of pants and scissors and cut them off and gave her shorts.

Katee Sackhoff
A few brands have asked me to design shorts for them. I’m not sure about that. I don’t want to have them as a mass product, and suddenly everybody is walking around in them.

Juergen Teller
A lot of people say, ‘AC/DC – that’s the band with the little guy who runs around in school shorts!’

Angus Young
The older I get, the less I need. I wear the same jean shorts for the whole week. I’m not running to the store to get the latest bag.

Daria Werbowy
Part of my preparation is I go and ask the kit man what colour we’re wearing – if it’s red top, white shorts, white socks or black socks. Then I lie in bed the night before the game and visualise myself scoring goals or doing well.

Wayne Rooney
I think the fans of the old-school Internet shorts were a little bit older just because it was racier material.

Andy Milonakis
My body’s urge is to be in a pair of shorts, working and going down to the beach.

Derek Walcott
I sing about UFOs and extraterrestrials, and so I designed a UFO fashion. It includes science-fiction bikinis and Bermuda Triangle shorts.

Nina Hagen
Catsuits were big for me in the ’90s, and I had many of them. Even catsuits with shorts in them.

Soleil Moon Frye
When I was nine years old I use to copy – not trace – the covers of the Donald Duck comics. Many years later I became a close friend of Jack Hannah, the director of the Donald Duck film shorts.

William Jackson
Michael Jordan always wore his Carolina shorts under his Bulls’ uniform.

Lorrie Fair
I’ve gone through stages where I hate my body so much that I won’t even wear shorts and a bra in my house because if I pass a mirror, that’s the end of my day.

Fiona Apple
My first job out of school was the ‘Adventure Time’ pilot. I was lucky enough to have my first lead on a job at a company called Frederator. They were accepting pitches for a shorts program.

Pendleton Ward
I want my handbags and my shoes to be stylish but I want to make sure that they’re versatile. I travel and I have to make sure the pieces I put into my bag can go with a dress or with shorts or jeans.

Maria Sharapova
We use shorts at the studio extensively to develop talent. I always love to give opportunities for young story people, animators, layout people something like that to take the next step up in their career and try things out.

John Lasseter
My partner and I won the race, and I threw my hat into the air and bent to pick it up. Everyone started laughin’ because I had split the back end of my pants out, and I wasn’t wearing shorts.

Chris LeDoux
I cannot feel my legs from the waist down any longer. But who cares? I look good and that’s all that matters. And when I die of hypothermia for wearing formal shorts in winter, tell them to put that on my tombstone.

Eliza Coupe
I love to just throw on a leather jacket with jean shorts and a T-shirt, or I’ll pair a menswear-inspired blazer with jeans for a casual but chic look.

Stella Maxwell
Every August, I go away for four weeks to a place in Michigan. I work in the mornings, spend the month in shorts and flip-flops. It gives me time to think like an investor and come back in September for some heavy planning.

Joe Mansueto
I travel as light as possible and usually pack in less than a minute. If I’m going somewhere hot, I throw in some flip-flops, T-shirts and shorts – but I still pack clothes that I never use.

Tom Parker Bowles
More people than not have seen me on television in swim shorts, so I don’t have any problem stripping down.

Ian Ziering
I don’t understand longer shorts. I don’t think they look good on anyone.

Juergen Teller
With my skin, I have to avoid direct contact with the sun, so that, combined with my mom being conservative, meant I grew up wearing stockings under shorts and long sleeves under tank tops. It was kind of embedded in me that I was supposed to be covering up.

Winnie Harlow
I have no personal agenda in whether or not a library keeps ‘Whale Talk’ or ‘Athletic Shorts’ or any of my books shelved.

Chris Crutcher
I am a California girl, born and raised, so flip-flops and cutoff shorts are my go-to look. An easy Angeleno uniform, so to speak. But for my role on ‘Suits,’ I’m dressed in Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, and Prada almost every day. And therein lies the difference. For work, I wear art; in real life, I wear clothes.

Meghan Markle
I used to think fashion was something unattainable and reserved only for people who look like models. But looking back, I’ve always made bold choices, possibly beginning with the silk jungle print jacket, orange shorts, and Nepalese cap I insisted on wearing every day when I was ten.

Lisa Hanawalt
I used to overpack a lot and sometimes even forgot vital pieces of clothing, such as my swimming shorts and sandals. I’m much better now. I only take what I know I’m going to wear or use and always double-check my suitcase so I don’t have to rush to the nearest clothing store when I unpack at the hotel.

Jean Reno
After being a born-again punk rocker for about ten years, the whole thing started falling apart. American hardcore had become Californians in baggy shorts making jokes about being white trash, and British punk had morphed into dogmatic crusties yelling at everyone about everything.

Gavin McInnes
I don’t take any shorts. I don’t say, ‘Okay, it’s good enough.’ I try to get exactly what I’m hearing in my head to the tape, and I won’t let it move until then.

Dr. Dre
I just say throw on your bathing suit or the shortest shorts you own regardless of your size and rock it.

Tess Holliday
I always assumed that the reason I’ve never run a marathon is because I haven’t bought a pair of shorts and arrived at the start line.

Sue Perkins
I went to an all-girls school in a uniform and always got detention for wearing colorful boxer shorts under my kilt.

Tory Burch
When you make shorts, people don’t get paid. It’s mostly about being diplomatic that you’re going to do a masterpiece of short cinema.

Gaspar Noe
I like sundresses with cowboy boots, little shorts with big wedge heels and a big piece of turquoise. I also love classic, Old Hollywood romantic styles. I’m ‘country girl meets city girl’ circa 1930.

Kirsten Prout
I studied English in college and approached filmmaking from a writing background while trying to learn as much as I could about the technical side of things by making shorts and a webseries.

Susanna Fogel
All of my friends are like, ‘Look at me when I was a little kid. I was so cute!’ and it’s a picture of them in a tutu. I’m so terrified to show them my pictures, because it’s me in boy shorts and a ponytail and my brother’s shirt.

Sofia Richie
I never want to be seen in my boxer shorts ever again.

Christian Cooke
NASA has to approve whatever we wear, so there are clothes to choose from, like space shorts – we wear those a lot – and NASA T-shirts.

Sally Ride
I wear short shorts. After 10 years of strenuous ballet, it’s the least my legs can do for me.

Solange Knowles
If the plane lost all my luggage, and I was somewhere sunny like Ibiza, I would just get a bikini, shorts, T-shirt, and sandals. If it was somewhere colder like New York, I’d go for jeans, jacket, and a pair of Louboutins.

Kate Moss
With a lot of those ‘S.N.L.’ shorts, we would do them just as we wanted to do them and then beep out the bad words. Since it was late night T.V., they let us get away with a lot.

Akiva Schaffer
I like to have long shorts, not really high, but very long, you know, almost to my knee. I like when it’s a bit baggy. I prefer that kind of style.

Gael Monfils
I trained at Celtic when I was a kid. I used to train at Rangers as well. I wore my Celtic shorts underneath my Rangers shorts when I trained there!

Robert Snodgrass
Shorts are practically a uniform in every woman’s closet. Tailored shorts are okay for running around, and if you’re 18, you can get away with cut-offs. But it’s very easy to make a mistake with shorts.

Trinny Woodall
One of the things I had a hard time getting used to when I came to California in ’78 was Santa Claus in shorts.

Dennis Franz
I wear a lot of sweatshirts and joggers in the winter and gym shorts and tees in the summer. I really appreciate something that is easy to slip on and chill out in.

Julian Edelman
I will never run out of cycling shorts, ballet slippers, denim shorts, socks and pyjamas.

Shakti Mohan
All these fifty-year-old guys wearing baseball caps and shorts and acting like children. It winds me up. Men don’t have to take responsibility anymore. Most of the guys I know would punch me on the nose for saying this, but maybe we do have to bring back conscription.

Chrissie Hynde
I’ve directed web series, music videos, film shorts, and theater. It’s just a hat I put on.

Malik Yoba
I’ve worked my butt off. That keeps my feet on the ground – I’m the same Luis Fonsi onstage and at home cooking an omelette in basketball shorts.

Luis Fonsi
I’m most comfortable in my bare shorts without any underwear and a T-shirt if I’m home. I definitely like to sleep naked. I don’t know how girls do it with thongs. Forget that!

Adam Rodriguez
I love sundresses and I love shorts.

Ashley Tisdale
I’ve never really wanted to do the bra top or booty shorts at festivals. I’d rather be cool, casual, and comfortable, and I like wearing outfits that I can also walk on the street with. In short, I don’t really dress differently at festivals.

Madelaine Petsch
We wear ‘Autism’ on our shorts to raise awareness and show support for other families dealing with autism.

Callum Smith
I love shorts in the colder climates, because you can wear them with chunky sweaters and jackets. It’s cute and funky.

Rachel Bilson
But if I feel comfortable swinging in a short skirt or shorts, if I feel athletic and strong and confident, I can do that, and you shouldn’t call me certain names for it.

Paige Spiranac
I was a typical K-Swiss guy with sweatsuits. I was a ball player, so the ballers, we wore our game shorts to class. We didn’t really have a fashion in high school like other kids.

Paul Pierce
One day during filming, George Clooney was wearing his surf shirt and board shorts, and my six-year-old daughter was in the background as an extra, playing in the sand – playing herself. She and Clooney suddenly looked equally Hawaiian, equally related to the place I call home.

Kaui Hart Hemmings
I don’t like dressing up. If it were up to me, I’d step out in my shorts and ganji and chappals. The maximum I’d wear are my white shirt and my blue shorts and my shades and I’d step out.

Radhika Madan
Lots of people who do bodybuilding want to walk around in tank top and shorts, because they want to show people what they’ve got – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I didn’t want to do that because I didn’t care what people thought.

Dorian Yates
My first memory of Umbro was when I refused to take off my orange and purple Umbro checkerboard shorts for church at five years old. I won that battle, and that drive to express myself and stay true to myself, even as a kid, is why I’m so excited about my partnership with Umbro.

Ashlyn Harris
Everyone needs to have a denim shirt in your wardrobe. They work in the evening with a blazer or over your shoulder. They’re great to pair with a pair of shorts – roll up the sleeves, unbutton it to show a peekaboo of your tank top.

Brad Goreski
I used to hate my legs, but I learned to embrace them. They may be bigger than the average person’s, but they’re beautiful. I love them, and I wear short shorts all of the time.

Barbie Ferreira
Before the Paralympic movement I definitely didn’t like wearing shorts because people would stare at me.

Jessica Long
When I first started Lion Babe, I wore a lot of denim to perform in because I had a limited closet. A lot of the time, I was in cutoff shorts – either dark or light denim – and then I would pair them with whatever top I had.

Jillian Hervey
On my days off, I love denim cut off shorts with gladiator sandals and crop tops.

Kat Graham
I think a lot of people know me for just wearing cut-off denim shorts, an oversized white T-shirt with a pair of high-heels. I usually do wear basic stuff. Jeans and a white T is my go-to look.

Erin Wasson
I need to have proper equipment when I work out, and the Nike Frees are light, comfortable, and great for training. I also usually bring a short-sleeve or long-sleeve compression shirt and a pair of shorts.

Sam Bradford
A lot of shorts spend too much time setting up the idea; sometimes they meander.

Adam McKay
People look great in leggings and shorts and athletic clothes.

Kevin Plank
My big mission in life is to get guys out of those big, baggy board shorts down to their knees. It always looks like they’re trying to hide something, like skinny legs.

Michael Bastian
Leverage your brand. You shouldn’t let two guys in a garage eat your shorts.

Guy Kawasaki
Growing up, I’ve been shamed a lot. Being a curvy girl, being young and seeing the skinny girls wear short shorts because it’s cause it’s hot outside, but I want to put on shorts and it’s provocative, or I want to put on a tank top and it’s provocative.

Jordyn Woods
Given that I often wear shorts with a T-shirt, baseball cap, and backpack most days, a crew-neck shirt gives me the appearance of an undercover cop on the way to a sting operation at a summer camp.

Josh Gondelman
Oh God, I am so pro-shorts. I love shorts.

Nick Wooster
Success sometimes can really bite you in the shorts.

Donny Osmond