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I have been instilled with culture from such a young ag
I have been instilled with culture from such a young age that I know who I am, and I know once sporting is out of the picture, I will have this to come back to and continue the customs and traditions that I’ve been taught.

Patty Mills
My father instilled in me to take care of my family. Show up even when you don’t want to show up.

Steve Harvey
My mom always instilled in me that it was braver to ask for help when you need it. That has absolutely stuck with me over the years but became even more important in practice once I became a mother. It may sound trite, but the concept of ‘it takes a village’ really could not be more true.

Julia Hartz
I had a very difficult childhood. I was surrounded by people who had both parents, which made me feel different. Having a bit of a rougher existence early on, it made me appreciate the work ethic that my grandparents instilled in me.

George Lopez
My parents instilled in me that life was going to be very difficult and that I’d have to work for everything.

Joan Collins
I’ve worked since it was basically legal to work. I was a waitress on and off for eight years. I worked at Sears; I worked at Abercrombie folding clothes. My dad really instilled good money management habits, and I’ve saved 10 percent of my paycheck, every paycheck, since I was 15.

Rosanna Pansino
My parents and my brother instilled in me my sense of humor. That’s kind of the way we communicate with each other, and it’s always been a way for me to get to know people.

Zach Anner
My role model was my grandfather. He instilled in me the feeling that no matter how successful you are you have a responsibility to help others.

Kevin Johnson
I was born into a Greek family, and it was instilled in me not only to be passionate about the culture but also to be freaky loyal.

Elena Kampouris
I go to studios and dance all the time. And that’s something that will always be instilled in me. That was always my first passion from the time I was 3 years old – dance.

Camille Kostek
Skin care is massively important to me. My mom instilled that into my brain from a pretty young age.

Madelyn Cline
Doing what we can to repair the world was instilled in me from an early age. I will never forget my siblings and me knitting squares for blankets to be sent to the troops during World War II. This was an inspiration from my mother.

Charles Bronfman
My father instilled in me an attitude that you couldn’t really enjoy yourself unless you had done something to deserve it. So, my childhood was spent working on farms or local shops or, when I got older, in banks.

Ben Elliot
I can’t turn my aggression off and I can’t turn it on; it’s just instilled in me and that’s how I play.

Patrick Beverley
Outside of my family and my work, I have two passions, both instilled in me by my father: golf and fishing.

Matt Lauer
My years living and working abroad have instilled in me a passion for fine food, wine, theme parties, and enjoying life to the fullest.

Sonja Morgan
I was born in London. In a lot of ways I’m English, but I have this Iranianness, this culture instilled by my parents, by my family.

Kayvan Novak
I come from a really big family, my father was a businessman and what he always instilled in us was to be your own boss. My father built up his business, and he was by no means a rich man, but he figured out how to work four-and-a-half days a week.

Tony Shalhoub
My father just instilled in me that either you’re going to be No. 1 or nothing at all.

Yvonne Orji
My dad instilled in me a great sense of humor. I wasn’t bullied at school because my outward attitude was confident, and that helps.

Warwick Davis
While I will never demonize those who disagree with me, the Hoosier values instilled in me from a young age have always inspired me to protect life and the unborn.

Mike Braun
Being a white southern African who saw the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, the sense of being an outsider was absolutely instilled in my limbic system.

Alexandra Fuller
I knew Manuel Pellegrini from my time in Spain. I’d only heard good things about him, that he was someone who instilled the confidence in his players to go out and play good, attacking football.

Sergio Aguero
My parents are really supportive of my interests and try to help make them happen with the tools I need. More importantly, they instilled in me that anything is possible if you work hard to make it happen.

Taylor Steele
My parents always instilled in me to be a citizen of the world, so that’s why I’ve taken to traveling and why it’s such a huge part of my life.

Kevin Olusola
The gift my mother gave me was the gift of possibility. From an early age, she instilled in me a belief that I could do anything I wanted to do. It wasn’t a matter of, ‘Can I?’ or ‘Should I?’ It was just, ‘You can, you must, you will!’ She wanted me to believe that anything was possible.

Maria Shriver
Growing up as the youngest daughter to immigrant parents, it was instilled in me from an early age to not be wasteful and to be respectful of money and possessions.

Konnie Huq
Idleness does drive me crazy, but I’d rather read or write than do anything just to work. A kind of respect has been instilled in me for acting: I love it too much to ever have a bad relationship with it.

Karen Allen
I owe my drive and determination to my upbringing, which instilled in me a set of values that make me who I am.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
We were a single-parent household for a while. It was just my mom, me, and my brother. We were on welfare for about a year and a half. But I remember my mom never complained, and we never wanted for anything. She always made ends meet and she’s been the rock for the family. She instilled in me work ethic and toughness.

Tony Gonzalez
A lot of potential scenarios create challenges. It’s all about how you grew up, values instilled in you.

Isaac Hanson
In East, South and Central Africa, the minority manipulated the majority into believing the minority was the majority, that there were more whites in the world than blacks; instilled in the blacks a sense of inferiority, inadequacy, worthlessness.

Peter Abrahams
As young Australians, the value of teamwork has been instilled in us throughout our schooling.

Alexandra Adornetto
Always the eternal optimist, President Reagan instilled confidence and optimism at a time both were in short supply in our country.

Jim Ramstad
Mountain hikes instilled in me a life-long urge to get to the top of any inviting summit or peak.

Paul D. Boyer
My parents are artists and have always instilled great pride in understanding of various backgrounds.

Paloma Elsesser
That was one thing my mama instilled in me: to be well trained in the kitchen. Growing up, I was always in the kitchen with her. You name it, I make it: red beans and rice, lasagna, chicken, pork. I am the queen of cooking.

Big Freedia
My sister was the inspiration for the character, the good qualities instilled in the character. The initial inspiration was there, but Stargirl has taken on a life of her own. She’s her own character now.

Geoff Johns
My real mom had two kids, my half-sister Tara and my half-brother Clint. When I was growing up Clint was a big wrestling fan and he instilled that into me. I was immediately encapsulated with everything pro wrestling.

Giving back has always been instilled in me since I was a little girl. To me, it’s been something that’s a been part of my life.

Stephanie McMahon
Both my parents instilled an interest in science and mathematics.

George Smoot
Parents forgive their children least readily for the faults they themselves instilled in them.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Look, everything that you experience as a kid is the foundation of how you are today. I was brought up in a working class family in Leeds and when it comes to money both my parents worked hard and instilled the same attitude into me.

Mel B
My father instilled in me the need to behave correctly on and off the pitch.

Paolo Maldini
I believe this with all my heart: The greatest coach of all time in my eyes is my mom. She’s instilled in me a toughness and a perseverance and just a never-quit mentality, and I thank her every day for providing me, for what she sacrificed her life for.

Scott Brooks
My mum fought for feminism in her day so instilled in me the importance of equality. She taught me so much about women.

Chris Evans
Ali vs. Stevenson would have served as a symbolic battle between the United States and Cuba, capitalism and communism: Castro’s values instilled in his boxers pitted against the values of ‘merchandise’ boxers from the rest of the world.

Brin-Jonathan Butler
In great Al Davis fashion, he took a reach that he believed in and instilled confidence in me like nobody else could. I was able to become all that he expected of me.

Nnamdi Asomugha
Giving back is really important. My mother always instilled in me that you have to help others.

Vick Hope
My father instilled those hard-working values.

Khalil Mack
To these ideals which were instilled in me when I was a youth, I attribute in a large degree the success that was mine on the bicycle tracks of the world.

Major Taylor
My father instilled in me the attitude of prevailing. If there’s a challenge, go for it. If there’s a wall to break down, break it down.

Donny Osmond
That is something that my mother instilled in me at a very young age – to know my self-worth. And I have had times again and again in the fashion industry where all of that was tested and I rose to the occasion because I was told that I am worthy and I should be able to walk away from something that is not worthy of me.

My dad instilled in me a warrior like spirit that I’ve applied towards life.

Bruce Buffer
I was never the most technical wrestler. But my coaches definitely instilled in me the belief that if you can push yourself and practice smarter than the other guy, you can beat him.

Tim Ferriss
My parents instilled a really good work ethic from when I was little – if you want to have money to spend on holidays, you earn it. So I’ve always been someone who wanted to be able to survive by myself, but I think you have to let down the barriers a little bit – let other people in.

Emilia Fox
My parents always instilled knowing that your beautiful, that your fearfully and wonderfully made, and that you know who you are.

Amber Riley
It was Freddie who instilled in us the belief that we had to make people gasp every time.

Roger Taylor
I started baking with my family and friends. We would make easy and competent dishes and spend our evenings and weekends together in the kitchen. It was quite argumentative and ferocious – it was family life. That instilled the love and comfort of food for me.

John Whaite
A great sense of morality was instilled in me through my upbringing in the Catholic faith – particularly because my father is a moral theologian. And morality is something I believe exists separate from faith, as an intrinsic human quality that one should aspire to understand and participate in.

David Lowery
My mum and dad have always enjoyed life, and it’s something that’s been instilled in me. I wake up in a good mood most mornings.

Rafe Spall
My parents were both born and raised in the Depression. They instilled great values about integrity and the importance of hard work, and I’ve taken that with me to every job.

Mary Barra
My parents instilled a lot of American values in me. They encouraged me to work hard and told me that anything was possible for me because I was a citizen.

Diane Guerrero
One good thing is I was instilled with really good values. My mom treats everyone the same.

Carlene Carter
I have never in my life let a man disrespect me, verbally or physically, and that will never change. I feel very strongly about this because it’s something my mother instilled in me and that I have instilled in my daughters.

Yolanda Hadid
Being from Africa is the best thing that could have ever, ever happened to me. I cannot see it any other way. All of my fundamental principles that were instilled in me in my home, from my childhood, are still with me.

Hakeem Olajuwon
The best piece of advice my father gave me was to always work hard. One thing he instilled: Proper preparation prevents poor performances.

Michelle Carter
Women are very different, but the woman I wish to be is the ultra-femme girl, and it’s not something that’s instilled in me, it’s just something that when I look in the mirror, it’s how I want to present myself.

Dominique Jackson
My father instilled in me – of utmost importance and innate in me is the yearning to determine for myself – to define God, to define holiness for myself.

Vera Farmiga
I instilled in my children the importance of good values in business: hard work, determination, integrity, and optimism.

Henry Sy
Patriotism cannot be instilled inside anybody, it just happens to be there. And it can rise above any notion, any emotion.

Boney Kapoor
My parents believed in education and economic security, and I thank them for it. Because I think that’s part of what’s made my life stable. It was instilled in me. You have to be able to pay your bills. You do not get into debt. And I never have been.

Helen Mirren
When I was 5, my father was very much my hero. And he ran for political office in a very thankless campaign for a very thankless position. And he did it because his mother had instilled in him, if you are someone who has the capacity to make a great change, you have the responsibility.

Howard Warren Buffett
We wouldn’t be as far along as a country if we didn’t take on some of Martin Luther King’s ways that he instilled in us.

Rodney King
My father instilled attention to detail and a sense of duty and responsibility.

Ronnie Corbett
My mom, dad and me were a compact group. They instilled in me a love for the outdoors. On school breaks, we’d go fishing for a week in the wilds of Alaska or Canada. The land was always in their souls.

John Carter Cash
Our blackness and how to survive being black in America was something that our parents instilled in us extraordinarily well.

Yance Ford
My parents instilled a very strong work ethic in me from a young age, fortunately.

Matthew Gray Gubler
My mom sacrificed everything for my brother and me. She taught me so many things – about life, love, faith, ambition, and family – and she instilled in me the desire to have my own kids one day.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Ultimately, when you write from a vantage point of faith, humility, and openness to the world around you, people have to respond because those same truths are instilled in them.

Mat Kearney
My mom and dad are second-generation Greek-Americans who instilled in our middle-class family the values of hard work, self-reliance, and service, exemplified by my father’s tenure as a U.S. Marine who was stationed at Camp David under President Truman.

James Costos
I don’t say I’m necessarily a professional football player. I’m a competitor. That’s what was instilled in me as a young boy.

Julian Edelman
We never quit. My mom instilled that attitude in us, that never quit, never surrender.

Cody Garbrandt
‘Be passionate about your work and your life’ was instilled in me by my mother Dada, who was a potter. She also introduced me to the arts and encouraged me to embrace the new.

Richard Rogers
I love working with customers. Sales has really influenced everything I do. It has instilled in me the important traits of operating with a sense of urgency and listening to people.

Jeffrey R. Immelt
I was brought up to believe I could achieve anything. My mother instilled in me the belief that there was always something great coming. For example, even though I’m afraid of flying, I always think the plane can’t crash because there are so many better things still to come.

Joe Bastianich
My mother is an amazing woman. Not only did she manage the entire household, she noticed a gift in each of her kids and instilled confidence in all of us that that gift would take us wherever we wanted to go.

Barbara Corcoran
A lot of the motivation for doing the ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’ on SNL was because I had just finished shooting ‘Inception,’ where there were zero-gravity scenes and I got into really good shape and was training and did all these stunts. Coming off of that, that instilled me with the confidence to do ‘Make ‘Em Laugh.’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I mean my mother always wanted us to be individuals. She always instilled that into our brains which was incredibly painful for an adolescent to deal with.

John Rzeznik
Into the soul of every student I would have instilled the patriotic fervor of Patrick Henry.

David O. McKay
I was in the Boy Scouts for about four years until my troop disbanded. It is really one of the best activities youths can get involved in and nearly every scout I have known has been a class act due to the discipline the Scouts have instilled in them.

Ted Stevens
I just feel so blessed to have had the time that I had with my mother. She made it so impactful in terms of how she raised me and my little brother, the values that she instilled in us, the way she inspired us, and how she lived her everyday life.

Kimberly Guilfoyle
Yes, yes, children must early be made to practise piety, godliness, and propriety; a person of good breeding is one into whom ‘good maxims’ have been instilled and impressed, poured in through a funnel, thrashed in and preached in.

Max Stirner
It was my father who instilled the ‘never say no’ attitude I carry around with me today, and who instilled in me a sense of wonder, always taking us on adventures in the car, never telling us the destination.

Marlee Matlin
The blues is instilled in every musical cell that floats around your body.

Nick Cave
My parents instilled in me a sense of self that I was more than just a diagnosis or a condition.

Zach Anner
I was lucky in the sense that I started work very young but had a solid family base provided by my mother. She instilled a strong sense of perspective and humility in me from a very early age.

Elijah Wood
My mother and father instilled in me a sense of purpose not defined by today’s street obsession with bling, cars or cribs.

Brian J. White
There was a time when my uncle was in an immigration detention center, and members of our community would take turns visiting him each weekend. That instilled in me the value of taking care of each other even if the systems aren’t working in your favor.

Opal Tometi
The symbolic power of Barack Obama’s presidency – that whiteness was no longer strong enough to prevent peons taking up residence in the castle – assaulted the most deeply rooted notions of white supremacy and instilled fear in its adherents and beneficiaries.

Ta-Nehisi Coates
Columbine was so frightening. And the media took off with it, like everything else, so it instilled more fear in people. You’re looking around at school for kids like the ones who committed the shootings, and you feel wrong for doing that, you know?

John Robinson
When it came to my childhood – growing up in a single-parent home, often struggling financially – my mother definitely instilled in me and my siblings this strength, this will, to just continue to survive and succeed.

Misty Copeland
My mom played tennis for, like, six hours a day and went to college on a tennis scholarship, because that was the way she could go to school. So they instilled in me the idea that you have to work hard for the things you want in life and never complain.

Dakota Fanning
On the professional side, those 18 years on the farm instilled my love for agriculture.

Mike Johanns
Well when I was young, actually not just me, but we were all poor. Korea used to be one of the poorest countries in the world. Despite such circumstances, I was very, very fortunate to be blessed with having parents who always instilled in a spirit of can-do spirit.

Lee Myung-bak
My politics were pretty anarchistic until 1969 when the Montreal police went on strike. Within hours, mayhem and rioting broke out and the Mounties had to be called in to restore order. It instilled in me that one’s convictions can be subjected to empirical test.

Steven Pinker
For years, Frank Giovinco, as a member of the Genovese Crime Family, instilled fear in victims and perpetrated kickback schemes to tighten the Family’s stranglehold over two labor unions.

Audrey Strauss
I had a happy childhood in the suburbs of L.A. My parents instilled in us an appreciation of history, art and, most important, Motown. Jarron and I weren’t allowed to listen to rap until we were 12. After our birthday I dashed to Target and bought DJ Quik’s album ‘Quik Is the Name.’ I memorized every line.

Jason Collins
He instilled in me to be patient and understanding – my father would always hold me accountable, he taught me the importance of following things through, being responsible.

Ray J
I was always fascinated with science, and being Persian, it’s instilled in us at a young age to follow something very academic in our career.

Nazanin Boniadi
It was instilled in me that the money I was given was not to be lost or spent on any other purpose.

Ian Anderson
I appreciate my parents for everything they instilled in me and my brothers.

My dad was very much a Pan-Africanist and instilled in me and my siblings a want for that knowledge.

Kamasi Washington
I am so proud to be a Philadelphian. I believe there’s a different drive and hustle that’s instilled in us.

Nafessa Williams
My first show was ‘No Exit.’ You couldn’t find a more pretentious beginning, but it also instilled some sense of quality.

Chris Eigeman
I am the product of Denny O’Neil in many ways, I carry forth a lot of what Denny instilled in me.

Greg Rucka
Sam Walton instilled ownership of the products in the stores into the collective consciousness of every associate regardless of what job they did for the company.

Michael Bergdahl
I had a difficult relationship with my parents, who died young, but they instilled self-discipline and a sense of honour and loyalty and accountability. I’m grateful for that.

Monty Don
My father grew up with no money. He was raised in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the U.S. My mother helped him sew labels into his ties. My life has been very comfortable, sure, but they instilled into us the importance of the work ethic.

David Lauren
My father is a chemist, my mother was a homemaker. My parents instilled in us the feeling that learning was the most exciting thing that could happen to you, and it never ends.

Rita Dove
The long, cold Minnesota winters instilled in me a fascination for exotic far off places; I aspired toward a career in tropical diseases and world health problems.

Peter Agre
My father loves people. No matter what their race, no matter what their position in life, he treated everyone with kindness and love and respect. And that was instilled in me just by watching him.

Laila Ali
In terms of whether my mom was influential, I think she instilled a certain way of thinking in me quite early: having a reflective mindset regarding my actions and trying to find the underlying reasons to behavior. I think that’s quite helpful when you’re trying to understand a character.

Joel Kinnaman
Building relationships. Communicating. Trust. Those are three things I’ve kind of instilled myself with.

Dave Martinez
I chose to embrace the spirit of my mother, who, though she had too many of her own dreams denied, deferred, and destroyed, she still instilled in me, her child, that I could have dreams and that I did have a responsibility and the power.

Chris Gardner
Growing up poor taught me a lot. It instilled in me the ethics of hard work.

Chieh Huang
I had the benefit of parents who believed deeply in my ability. And they were teenagers when they had me – they were teenagers when they got married – but they instilled in me that you can do anything and that brains were most important, that passion was important, and drive.

Sunny Hostin
As a child, I would attend shakhas, and the discipline and love for the motherland it instilled in me has helped immensely.

Mahesh Manjrekar
It doesn’t matter where I’m at – if I’m somewhere sitting still for more than an hour, rhymes start popping in my head… It’s just kinda instilled in me.

It is instilled in thousands of American males from an early age that one of their requirements is to be able to both dish out and take a lot of pain. They are taught the rules of this road in gyms, rings, backyards and fields all over America.

Henry Rollins
For me, it is very important to believe in the kind of movies I do. ‘Rang De Basanti’ made me feel good about Indian cinema. The movie instilled in me a confidence so strong, that I wanted to be a part of the revolution in Bollywood.

Vir Das