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Christian Science has been enormously influential in ou
Christian Science has been enormously influential in our religious history, and the church is very powerful. It has won an extraordinary number of legal battles in this country. It has succeeded in passing a number of what are called ‘religious exemption laws.’

Caroline Fraser
From Drew Barrymore to Robert Downey Jr., there’s a long list of people who have faced their troubles, wildly overcome them, and succeeded.

Chris Pine
Duke Nukem’ helped bridge the gap between games designed for adults and what they wanted in their entertainment as adults who also wanted to have fun. ‘Duke Nukem’ bridged that gap and helped bring those things together. It’s one of the reasons it succeeded at the time.

Randy Pitchford
I was excited at something new, always liked something new, but give credit to everybody who helped. I didn’t do anything alone but try to go to the root of the question and succeeded there.

Katherine Johnson
At first, I was called a quack, a charlatan, and worse, year after year, in Australia, England and the United States, by men who simply refused to believe that a nurse from ‘the bush’ could devise a treatment which succeeded where they had failed.

Elizabeth Kenny
The journey of Robert the Bruce became my journey because the moral of that story – as every schoolchild is taught in Scotland – is he went into this cave and watched a spider trying to spin its web and it kept failing several times, and then it finally succeeded.

Angus Macfadyen
The truth is that for a Democrat to triumph in a presidential election, it needs to come on the heels of ‘the dark times’ of an unpopular Republican administration. Carter followed the Nixon era, Clinton succeeded after 12 years of Reagan/Bush, and Obama was a direct result of eight years of Bush/Cheney.

Fabrizio Moreira
You look at who’s actually created shows for FX that have succeeded, and there are a lot of first-time showrunners – Ryan Murphy, Denis Leary, Louis C.K., the ‘It’s Always Sunny’ creators, Kurt Sutter, Joe Weisberg, Pamela Adlon, Donald Glover.

John Landgraf
I’m not wedded to covering the markets. I’m intrigued by the markets. If I can connect Main Street with Wall Street, then I’ve succeeded.

Neil Cavuto
But no one has yet succeeded in reducing the size or scope of the federal government.

James Q. Wilson
I knew I could not maintain that leadership in open struggle against Moscow influence. Only two Communist leaders in history ever succeeded in doing this – Tito and Mao Tse-tung.

Earl Browder
When I play a song for someone the first time, if I make ’em laugh, I think, ‘Yes, I’ve succeeded.’

Tove Lo
Beats succeeded because, as music lovers, we knew oscilloscopes don’t buy headphones – people do.

Jimmy Iovine
I think it’s more and more important to spend time with your children, because it seems to be harder and harder for them to succeed as their parents have succeeded.

Dan Marino
There is a sensuality about fabric. I think all materials should be inviting when they touch the skin. When I watch children stroking their mother’s clothes, I feel that I have succeeded.

Azzedine Alaia
We’re never going to please everyone, but all the great Jewish comics have succeeded through irreverence and self deprecation.

Bryan Fogel
Although I still have a long way to go, I would like to become the pride of Asia. When another Asian artist enters the U.S. market, I would like him to think, ‘There was an artist called Rain who succeeded in the U.S. market.’ This is my dream.

I have friends who’ve tried suicide many times and haven’t succeeded. I myself made an attempt, so I had a connection with that sort of group of people who have tried suicide at one time in their lives.

Judy Collins
It’s only very recently that women have succeeded in entering those professions which, as Muses, they typified for the Greeks.

Mary Ritter Beard
Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to ensure fair pay for women in the workplace. In addition, he succeeded in getting a measure passed to end discrimination against gays in the military.

Kitty Kelley
It’s fairly easy to know when you’ve succeeded because you’re kind of hanging on for dear life. It’s such an unstoppable juggernaut; you’re trying to stay with your head above water because things are moving so fast.

Caterina Fake
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

Bessie Anderson Stanley
If I hadn’t been a determined person I wouldn’t have succeeded in life.

Elie Saab
If you ask me why I’ve succeeded, it’s because I was in the Royal Marines. You have this unbelievable sense of achievement and of overcoming adversity. That’s the confidence it breeds.

Brian McDermott
Ronald Reagan succeeded in bringing down the Iron Curtain by showing strength and resolutely standing up to the Soviet Union. President Trump needs to be similarly resolute towards Putin.

Dan Lipinski
The men who have succeeded are men who have chosen one line and stuck to it.

Andrew Carnegie
Don’t make art for other artists or for ‘intellectuals’, make art for people – and if you can touch just one person in a lifetime and make a difference – you have succeeded.

Ray Conniff
This kind of prelude was succeeded by the concerto itself which he executed with a degree of spirit and firmness that no one has ever pretended to equal.

John Hawkins
I hope I may have succeeded in presenting to you, however imperfectly, the currents of thought due to the work of the immortal Darwin which have helped to make anthropology what it is at the present time.

Franz Boas
Everyone who has succeeded in correcting their wrong should have the right to work.

Danny K. Davis
There’s an American idea that you want to look as young as you can for as long as you can. If you can be mistaken for a teenager from behind into your 50s, then you’ve won; you’ve succeeded.

Pamela Druckerman
To me, the pinnacle of my career is writing for youth. I can die happy: I have succeeded in doing what I have always wanted to do.

Jewell Parker Rhodes
The feminine mystique has succeeded in burying millions of American women alive.

Betty Friedan
I look up to so many powerful women who succeeded before me and I’m here doing my thing to inspire women who will come after me.

Rhea Ripley
France turned a deaf ear to the demands, but Ho had succeeded in attracting great publicity in progressive French circles to the situation in Indochina.

Wilfred Burchett
I didn’t think I was going to be an actress. Everybody in my family was in films, and they succeeded so much, I thought, ‘It’s better for me to do something else,’ and they agreed.

Isabella Rossellini
You stand with the least likely to succeed until success is succeeded by something more valuable: kinship. You stand with the belligerent, the surly and the badly behaved until bad behavior is recognized for the language it is: the vocabulary of the deeply wounded and of those whose burdens are more than they can bear.

Greg Boyle
I have tried to bring the family together. My father should have done it, and to some extent, I have succeeded.

Claude Picasso
Neither politics of chaos and anarchy has succeeded earlier and nor will succeed in future.

Shehbaz Sharif
I think the War on Terror has succeeded in creating more terror, more terrorists, a less safe America, and a less safe world.

Stephen Gaghan
A careful inspection showed them that, even if they succeeded in righting it by themselves, the cart would travel no longer. The axles were in a hopeless state, and the missing wheel was shattered into pieces.

Kenneth Grahame
I think I’ve succeeded more by learning what needed to be done next and getting help in getting it done. I was just very focused and impatient.

John Kendrew
It’s ironic my biggest mental crisis in life came when I actually succeeded. A lot of people talked about dealing with failure, but for me, dealing with success was probably the hardest time in my life.

Abhinav Bindra
I didn’t want to become a professor or get tenure or teach or anything. All I wanted to do was get a degree because Louis Leakey said I needed one, which was right, and once I succeeded I could get back to the field.

Jane Goodall
Yet the effort to inform the public also encouraged responsible public discussion that succeeded in developing a consensus for the measured approach that many scientists supported.

Paul Berg
The Republican Party of Richard Nixon was called to power in 1968 to bring an honorable end to the war in Vietnam and restore law and order to campuses and cities convulsed by crime, riots and racial violence. Nixon appeared to have succeeded and was rewarded with a 49-state landslide.

Pat Buchanan
There’s more than a few remnants left in German welfare policy today. Many Germans eagerly condemn Hitler’s fascism but won’t examine the other reasons why the Third Reich succeeded for a season.

Suzanne Fields
Art is the production of objects for consumption, to be used and discarded while waiting for a new world in which man will have succeeded in freeing himself of everything, even of his own consciousness.

Eugenio Montale
One reason Zipcar succeeded was its branding: cool, hip, smart, urban, fun, innovative. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with that?

Robin Chase
Every man who has at last succeeded, after long effort, in calling up the divinity which lies hidden in a woman’s heart, is startled to find that he must obey the God he summoned.

Henry Adams
I do think the attempt to raise consciousness has succeeded. People are very aware of gender concerns now.

Clifford Geertz
The dream of socialists, the Maximum Programme, has always been to eliminate the private property, the family and the nation state. With the private property they have not succeeded, but they continue on the path of destruction of the family and the nation.

Vladimir Bukovsky
I succeeded at venture capital because, for years, I rarely thought about or spent time on anything else. Anything less than that unmitigated full commitment leaves me feeling frustrated and ineffective.

Chris Sacca
Basically, the myth is that America has been founded on the free market; the government has done very little; it has thrived under free trade. But actually, if you look at the history, this is actually the country that has succeeded most with protectionist policies.

Ha-Joon Chang
‘Villain’ succeeded because we were genuinely working towards a good film. We worked hard and with a lot of conviction.

Ajith Kumar
In the digital universe, our personal history and its sense of narrative is succeeded by our social networking profile – a snapshot of the current moment. The information itself – our social graph of friends and likes – is a product being sold to market researchers in order to better predict and guide our futures.

Douglas Rushkoff
If you look at the history of large financial institutions, most of them have succeeded because of a deep presence in their home market.

Uday Kotak
While the women of the older generation were thankful if only they succeeded in obtaining ‘a work and a duty,’ however monotonous and wearing it might be, the will of the younger generation for a pleasurable labour has fortunately increased.

Ellen Key
My father never was and isn’t a mean man. You know, he never was ruthless. And he succeeded in life without sticking it to anybody. And that’s a great example for a man, a strong man, a man’s man, to give to his children. You can succeed, you can be successful, without walking over somebody.

Maria Shriver
I fear it’s because religion is man’s attempt to reach God, and when he feels he has succeeded, he cannot abide anyone else’s claim to have done the same.

Jerry B. Jenkins
Indiana’s ninth congressional district isn’t historically known as a fount of congressional contributions. That said, if you look at my fundraising history, we’ve succeeded.

Todd Young
To me, it’s always been a challenge to look for the light: to look for those spaces in your heart where there is hope and faith and try to embrace that rather than crush it. I’ve spent so many years trying to crush those feelings of hope, and I certainly succeeded for quite a while.

Dave Gahan
But the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished forever.

Edmund Burke
With popular rulers, the wife can become the guardian of their greatness: Peter the Great was succeeded by his wife, Catherine I. Sometimes the wives are an improvement.

Simon Sebag Montefiore
Man masters nature not by force but by understanding. This is why science has succeeded where magic failed: because it has looked for no spell to cast over nature.

Jacob Bronowski
It’s always astounded me to have succeeded at having kids. It’s crazy!

Carla Bruni
Innovation comes to you from creators who do have a vision and a passion, and that is how we succeeded.

Warren Littlefield
Those who have succeeded at anything and don’t mention luck are kidding themselves.

Larry King
I was an unusually big kid for my age and did not know how to express myself after being targeted as the odd one out. I thus landed myself in trouble for reacting aggressively. But with time, I succeeded as an athlete and people started respecting me.

Mark Henry
Good leadership is to know when to go, and you only succeed as a good leader if you’ve transported someone else in and the company gets stronger. Then you’ve succeeded as leader.

Tony Fernandes
At no time in history have we succeeded in making, in a timely fashion, a specific vaccine for more than 260 million people.

Laurie Garrett
People are tough. We’re evolved for less food; more exercise; less sleep; less security; more paranoia. The irony is that we’re so good at what we do. We strive for more food; less exercise; more sleep; more security; less paranoia – and we’ve succeeded.

Jeff Carlson
Yes, I believe the will is very important. It’s how I have succeeded in life.

G. Gordon Liddy
If Iraq had succeeded in spray-drying anthrax spores to extend their life and lethality, that would have been among the most important secrets of its wide-ranging weapons program.

Barton Gellman
This is a place where you really are what you achieve in Houston, and that’s a tremendous boon to this town. I think you’ll find people who have succeeded because of that kind of open culture.

Richard Kinder
Everything seems to be going faster and faster. It’s really harder to create something that endures. The New York City Ballet has succeeded in doing that.

Robert Caro
I have succeeded at times and failed at others, but I am here to do good cinema.

Sushmita Sen
There have been at least three other cases in which federal agencies have succeeded in placing fake news reports on television during the Bush presidency. It was a really good tour. It seemed maybe about a week too long.

Frank Rich
I’m blessed to be able to say that at every juncture in my career, I succeeded.

Mark Henry
If you’ve climbed the first 140 meters it doesn’t mean that you’ve succeeded; you are going to succeed by climbing the last 10 meters.

Alain Robert
And I also take photos of hydrogen bomb, from another part of the building. It was not part of my job, but I succeeded to go and take photos of the hydrogen bomb.

Mordechai Vanunu
As an athlete, success is not just about winning; it is about working hard and giving it all you have. I have always taken one match at a time and worked hard; when I succeeded, I worked further on the aspects of the game which worked for me; when I failed, I listed out my weaknesses and worked on them.

Rohan Bopanna
Maybe It’s not the biggest blockbuster film, but there will be some people that will see it, that will be debating it, that will be questioning their own sense of spirituality. If the film resonates, then I have succeeded in what I set out to do.

Eriq La Salle
I’ve succeeded as far as I’m concerned – I don’t feel that I have any cliffs I could fall over anytime soon.

Shania Twain
This country is a better place because Fox News has succeeded.

Bill O’Reilly
I didn’t like characters that were one- or two-dimensional. I liked a guy to have a lot of different levels to him and layers, and I think I pretty well succeeded with Thanos.

Jim Starlin
At the combine and at my workouts, I tried to be the perfect player. I tried to promote my strengths and conceal my weaknesses, and on paper, I kind of succeeded: I was the first pick in the draft. And with that, I inherited this big shiny trophy that I carried around, and it had one word engraved on it – anxiety.

Alex Smith
Extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions.

Friedrich Nietzsche
I am (even after all the torture) amazed at British logic. Never in eight centuries have they succeeded in breaking the spirit of one man who refused to be broken. They have not dispirited, conquered, nor demoralised my people, nor will they ever.

Bobby Sands
We never know, believe me, when we have succeeded best.

Miguel de Unamuno
We were never hip, which is fine with me. We aren’t that interested in that whole situation. But all the times how we tried and failed to get across in our music, we actually succeeded on ‘Superstar Car Wash.’

John Rzeznik
I admire JLo because she succeeded in breaking through and harmonizing two different cultures.

Mia Goth
The failure of women to have reached positions of leadership has been due in large part to social and professional discrimination. In the past, few women have tried, and even fewer have succeeded.

Rosalyn Sussman Yalow
When you succeed, at a certain point, you want to challenge yourself. Otherwise, you become boring. You become a has-been. It’s not very interesting. I don’t want to be this guy who has only succeeded in France.

Gad Elmaleh
Facebook succeeded because it was about real people having a presence on the Internet. There were all these other social networking sites people had, but they were all about fictional people.

Peter Thiel
I gambled and I lost. I failed in securing my options for this choice for myself, but I succeeded in verifying the Dark Age is still with us.

Jack Kevorkian
A religion so cheerless, a philosophy so sorrowful, could never have succeeded with the masses of mankind if presented only as a system of metaphysics. Buddhism owed its success to its catholic spirit and its beautiful morality.

William Winwood Reade
The truth is truth. I have never made a charge in my political career of 30 years where I have been disapproved. No defamation case has succeeded against me.

Subramanian Swamy
My husband and my son are both such positive-thinking optimists. Together, they’ve succeeded in making me a bit like them. I am looking at the brighter side of life and enjoying this phase of my life the most.

Twinkle Khanna
In the past, leaders of both parties have been able to reach across the partisan divide. They succeeded by retaining their own humanity and recognizing the same in their political opponents.

Raja Krishnamoorthi
The act is unjustifiable that either begs for a blessing, or, having succeeded gives no thanksgiving.

Merle Shain
If someone has failed, that is not a deficiency for me. I think that he has more motivation. I’ve seen many examples where someone was successful first and failed later and failed first and then succeeded. If they failed in an honest way, I don’t see it as a deficiency.

Yossi Vardi
When I think of some of my earlier work, it really seems a fortunate coincidence that I succeeded.

Helmut Jahn
The U.S. has always sought to sow intrigue against Iran but has never succeeded in the face of Iran’s greatness.

Hassan Rouhani
You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.

Vernon Howard
I feel less adrenaline in my body now, but more in my head. I tried to be at my best, and I succeeded.

Andriy Shevchenko
Our message to leaders from every continent was simple: California has succeeded on climate and clean energy because we’ve emphasized local, human values and built a coalition that includes community and environmental leaders, working families, and communities of color – as well as unions and progressive business.

Tom Steyer
Before the surge started, frankly, after I left Iraq towards the end of 2006, I was worried that we were losing the war. But after the surge, I felt that we succeeded.

Tom Cotton
Familiar life, tending to sordidness, had been succeeded by remote life, generally idealized; historical detail had been brought in to teach readers who were being entertained.

Carl Clinton Van Doren
In my career quite a few people have tried to force me out, but so far no one has succeeded.

Ferdinand Piech
That’s where the Black Keys and Jack White have succeeded and I’ve failed: They’ve actually convinced college kids that they’re listening to hip music – but it’s just blues twisted a new way – while I’m playing for the college kid’s parents.

Joe Bonamassa
I’ve succeeded beyond my wildest dreams – financially and the amount of fun I have in my life.

Phil Hartman
It seems as if an age of genius must be succeeded by an age of endeavour; riot and extravagance by cleanliness and hard work.

Virginia Woolf
I am a rare occasion. I think if everyone had known it was going be me who succeeded, they would have supported me a lot more. They would have known what to do with me a lot earlier. They just didn’t know.

CeeLo Green
In fundamental ways, the 2016 Democratic primary has been a litigation of the Obama years, and of whether the president’s 2008 campaign vow of ‘change we can believe in’ succeeded or failed.

Joy Reid
I have always believed that the aristocracy of any country should be the men who have succeeded – the men who have aided in upbuilding their country – the men who have contributed to the efficiency and happiness of their fellow men.

Charles M. Schwab
It is not someone’s fault if they succeeded, it is someone’s fault if they failed.

Herman Cain
When you succeed, at a certain point, you want to challenge yourself. Otherwise, you become boring. You become a has-been. It’s not very interesting. I don’t want to be this guy who has only succeeded in France. I could say, ‘O.K., that’s it; merci.’ But I’m not interested in that.

Gad Elmaleh
‘You, too, can be the President,’ every American kid is told. But one unintended consequence of this belief, it is that, as a result of our being a meritocracy, if you have not succeeded, you are of lesser merit. It is shameful to be a failure in this country.

Caterina Fake
I very much wished not to be noticed, and to be left alone, and I sort of succeeded.

Mary Oliver
I don’t know any nation on Earth that succeeded in creating a strong middle class with rising wages based on building a stronger and bigger government.

Mitt Romney
If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.

Maya Angelou
After decades of persistent, courageous advocacy – often at risk to their own lives, livelihoods, and safety – African Americans succeeded in securing their right to a voice in our government, and their work laid the foundation for the social justice work of generations to follow.

Abigail Spanberger
The turning point for me was realizing that I would learn more at Google, trying to build a company, regardless of whether we failed or succeeded, than I would at any of the other companies I had offers from.

Marissa Mayer
We succeeded in fighting terrorism – we will succeed in reconstruction.

Haider al-Abadi
I’ve failed way more than I’ve succeeded.

Daymond John
If I can have a career based on playing roles that are a challenge and tell an important story, and for no alternative reason, then I have succeeded.

Camila Morrone
I might be popular, but that is not sufficient in a parliamentary democracy set-up. One has to assess every chief minister, his success and rating in terms of how far he has succeeded in developing his colleagues.

Sharad Pawar
Mountain climbing was one of Mother’s favorite occupations, but she never succeeded in inculcating this passion in any of us.

Katharine Graham
It is a curious thing: man, the centre and creator of all science, is the only object which our science has not yet succeeded in including in a homogeneous representation of the universe. We know the history of his bones, but no ordered place has yet been found in nature for his reflective intelligence.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
When I worked at Yahoo, I saw a lot of acquisitions. Some succeeded, and some failed. I think I have learned from that.

Brian Acton
My favorite memory is my five years with the Nuggets. From my first day to my last day is a great memory. There wasn’t a year that I was a Nugget that I didn’t think we succeeded.

Dikembe Mutombo
While China succeeded in transferring nearly 150 million people from agriculture to manufacturing, we could not do so, due to lack of skilled manpower.

Pallam Raju