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Whole watermelons will keep in the fridge for about a w
Whole watermelons will keep in the fridge for about a week with no negative consequences for the texture or flavor, while cut pieces are best eaten within three days. When serving watermelon as part of a buffet or outdoors, always keep the cut pieces on ice for a cold and refreshing treat.

Sohla El-Waylly
Our music’s got flavor; it’s got skill. And we present it really well.

Yolandi Visser
First and foremost, food needs to be delicious. It should pop and explode with flavor. Food should please all the senses.

Johnny Iuzzini
Wrap fish fillets, sliced veggies, and other quick-cooking items inside foil packets with bundles of fresh herbs and throw them directly on the grill; the steam will release the herb’s perfume and flavor anything contained inside the pouch.

Emeril Lagasse
Well, Smoke n’ Mirrors has very much a world music flavor and it doesn’t park itself in one country. It borrows heavily from the Brazilian angle, which is dear to my heart, and I recorded several albums with that flavor.

Lee Ritenour
In the ’70s, with movies like ‘Little Big Man,’ westerns began to have a little different flavor, and I think casting people and filmmakers began to realize, ‘Hey, maybe we can get a little more authentic in terms of who we cast here.’ That kind of opened up the gates.

Wes Studi
There are some things, like sushi, that I’ll still choose white for, because its flavor is so unobtrusive. But I actually prefer the nutty intensity of brown rice in stir-fries, grain bowls, and as my go-to grainy side dish.

Chris Morocco
I wanna record these girls individually. And then, I wanna cut a blues album on me. But all of it, original stuff, you know. When I listen to the blues today, it’s like they all sounds similar. I wanna do something different, to try to add to the blues flavor.

Ike Turner
The stimulation I get from my phone does not feel like the opposite of boredom to me. It actually feels like a different flavor of boredom… a twitchier flavor. And sometimes, it’s almost more irritation than stimulation. It’s an itch.

Robin Sloan
I’ve been a fan of ketchup for as long as I can remember, and the thick, rich flavor of Hunt’s ketchup delivers every time.

Patrick Mahomes
Pureed soups kinda suck. By definition, they have one flavor and one texture, a visual blank space where something much more interesting should be.

Chris Morocco
My seriousness as a politician will be seen from what I speak from a political stage and say in press conferences. If my comic flavor shows there, I cannot be taken as a serious politician.

Gurpreet Ghuggi
Barley malt has a really deep, rich taste. A lot of manufacturers have switched over to corn syrup over the years because it’s a cheaper sweetener, but it doesn’t have the flavor.

Nell Newman
In any sauce you make, start with a concentration of flavors with great acidity. You then re-dilute the sauce, but the proportion of liquid you add should not be so high that you wash away the extracted flavor you’re aiming to create.

Daniel Boulud
Probably every band – you get back to like, The Stones are kind of the tough guys, Beatles are kind of psychedelic, Led Zeppelin was kinda mystical, The Who are kind of mods. You know, you just go right through. Everyone’s kind of adopted their so-called persona or flavor if you will.

Kyle Gass
After a solid day of fishing, I’m craving something hearty. That’s where a jug of buttermilk comes in. Poaching fish in buttermilk yields the luscious texture and pure flavor, but with a more substantial richness and a poaching liquid you’ll want to lap up with a spoon.

Jonathan Miles
While it’s typical to find steamed clam recipes which include a bit of bacon or sausage, you might not think of adding shredded ham hock, but it’s another way to pair the lusty, smoky flavor of animal fat with the briny ocean flavor of shellfish.

Tom Douglas
I think, when I was younger, I was cooking to impress. Sometimes the dish would have 15 things on the plate. That’s cooking only for yourself. As you get more mature, you take all the superfluous things away, and you get the essential flavor. Now I cook for people, not for myself.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten
I believe in using fresh, high quality from-the-earth ingredients and cooking methods that protect the natural goodness and nutrients of foods, while always maximizing flavor and taste.

Suzanne Somers
Iberico de Bellota is best when cooked medium rare with a nice, pink center to allow the delicious acorn-infused flavor to come through.

Jose Andres
I feel like I’m on crutches when I have to go by the dialogue sheet. I want the artiste’s natural, spontaneous reaction and vocabulary so that it adds a genuine flavor to the scene without which the sequence becomes entirely cinematic.

Vignesh Shivan
I have to say there are a lot of me-too products and companies. Yet another social network, of the 15th flavor – that’s common in every new technology revolution. There are imitators who have marginal improvements.

Tim O’Reilly
Since truffle oil and caviar aren’t always in the budget, learning to tweak and enhance just a few ingredients and flavor combinations can help you transform those ordinary ingredients into the extraordinary!

Marcus Samuelsson
When it comes to salt, what was really staggering to me is that the industry itself is totally hooked on salt. It is this miracle ingredient that solves all of their problems. There is the flavor burst to the salt itself, but it also serves as a preservative, so foods can stay on the shelves for months.

Michael Moss
I love dessert. All kinds. But there’s something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone.

Rachel Nichols
Salt has a greater impact on flavor than any other ingredient. Learn to use it well, and food will taste good.

Samin Nosrat
Having so much nutrients and flavor in such a small plant really puts microgreens into the superfood category for me.

Brad Leone
If I could only have one type of food with me, I would bring soy sauce. The reason being that if I have soy sauce, I can flavor a lot of things.

Martin Yan
People aren’t used to guarding this kind of size and I’m able to add a little finesse to my game so it has flavor and I’m a playmaker so I can create for my teammates and when I have to finish I’m gonna finish.

Zion Williamson
I try to take elements from all kinds of music. Even if I’m listening to anything off the wall, like Britney Spears, there might be a certain way someone did something, that I can feel, in some hip-hop flavor.

Metro Boomin
We got Martha Stewart legitimizing homemaking for her generation, and then there’s this return to being interested in all things home, lifestyle, and food again. I think this generation is less about the frills and more about the flavor of things.

Nadia Giosia
As soon as you wanna take away the flavor of anything, just fry it.

Guy Fieri
Many popsicles you’ll find in a supermarket have a lot of unwanted sugar or preservatives, but with a few ingredients you can make healthier popsicles with any flavor you can imagine.

Marcus Samuelsson
When I venture out to eat, I like to go to places with food that I don’t know how to make. So my favorites are Japanese and Indian. Indian food has so much layering of flavor, and the dishes go together so harmoniously.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Supermarket cherry tomatoes do serve a purpose, but the flavor is vastly different than those from your own garden. Same for broccoli and snap peas.

Marcela Valladolid
Browning butter affects more than just the color and the flavor of its milk solids; the water that butter contains also simmers away.

Samin Nosrat
There’s a reason why anger, fear, and hatred are paths to the dark side: they all spring from a single source – the same source as a certain flavor of love. A dangerously sweet, addictive flavor.

Matthew Stover
Salt’s relationship to flavor is multidimensional: It has its own particular taste, and it both balances and enhances the flavor of other ingredients.

Samin Nosrat
I don’t like touching things that are the curatorial flavor of the month.

Laurie Simmons
And then writing, it was like I just found it, you know? Like you just found your favorite flavor of ice cream, all of a sudden there it is. ‘This is what I should have been doing for the last thirty years. What was I thinking?’ So I was, then I was in and then I had to just keep going with it.

Stephenie Meyer
I’ve taken a lot of time to build up the name Flavor Flav, but this could come tumbling down in 30 seconds. If you want to keep what you worked for hard all your life, then you got to do the right thing in your life.

Flavor Flav
I’d like to think of myself as the flavor of the decade.

Ron Paul
We can create any sort of flavor on a printed image that we set our minds to.

Homaro Cantu
I try to stay low-carb and high on lean protein. I’m lucky in that I love chicken and rice; it’s one of my favorite meals. I steam some vegetables and top them with olive oil for some flavor.

Ashley Wagner
I’m a very stereotypical person… and that’s part of my flavor, I guess, because I tell it like it is.

Patti Stanger
The Tom Brady sandwich would be a prosciutto with a nice Buffalo mozzarella, on a crispy baguette with a little fresh basil. Brady is classy; he’s a really cool dude. He’s got a lot of flavor.

Guy Fieri
I don’t feel like my sound is similar to any female artist that’s out right now, so I definitely feel like we just need some Texas flavor.

Megan Thee Stallion
It was a great challenge creating the Zumbarons. Coming up with the elements for each was the hardest, but it only took us one attempt and we were happy with the flavor.

Adriano Zumbo
Wine lovers have known for centuries that decanting wine before serving it often improves its flavor. Whatever the dominant process, the traditional decanter is a rather pathetic tool to accomplish it. A few years ago, I found I could get much better results by using an ordinary kitchen blender.

Nathan Myhrvold
I love my molcajete, which is a Mexican mortar and pestle. There is no comparison in flavor to when I use a processor.

Marcela Valladolid
For me, it’s always been about doing different things… If you’re still jazzed about the possibilities, the chances of you coming up with stuff that has flavor is more conceivable. It keeps you going. Like working with the younger artists. It reminded us of who we are. Sometimes you need that.

Philip Bailey
I like flavor – I could never stick to any diet that was steamed vegetables and low-fat chicken breast.

Marisol Nichols
I don’t think there is one player who is liked by everybody. Every single person has their own flavor.

Zaza Pachulia
I don’t want to be the flavor, the passing thing that the girls scream at. I think that it’s more important for me, honestly, that the guy who gets dragged to the show, you know, looks at his wife and says, thank you, that was great and tells his buddies.

Michael Buble
I add a lot of citrus to my food and I think that flavors it. And, to me, that what makes it healthier, lower in fat, lower in calories. It adds lots of flavor. Spices, of course. But citrus is definitely kind of my go-to to season and really to really make those flavors, make that food come alive.

Cat Cora
Escamoles have a cottage cheese-like consistency and have a buttery yet slightly nutty flavor. They are usually served sauteed with butter, garlic, and scallions for making soft corn tortilla tacos.

Marcela Valladolid
It’s so fun to get creative with various colors in the kitchen. The challenge is finding how to get enough color without letting the flavor overpower – unless that’s what you want!

Molly Yeh
Many TV shows these days have rural flavor, but in terms of content, they are all family politics.

Suhasini Mulay
I planted an orchard when I was 13. The impulse came from wanting to grow my own apples. That and the nursery catalog showed an apple tree with a beautiful girl standing under the fruit. Whether the flavor or the picture that did it, I’ve been hooked since.

Bill Pullman
First and foremost I am a chef, whether behind the stove at one of my Northern California restaurants or for the past 15 years in front of the camera on my Food Network cooking shows. Creating new dishes and flavor combinations that bring cooks and our restaurant guests pleasure is my job and I love it.

Tyler Florence
From a young age, I understood the idea of balanced flavor – the reason you put ketchup on a hamburger. I was that kid who wouldn’t eat something if there was something missing. I never really understood it until I began cooking professionally, balancing acids, sweets, spicy flavors and fat.

Michael Mina
Taste, which enables us to distinguish all that has a flavor from that which is insipid.

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Some of the best cooks that I’ve cooked with, whether it’s in New York or Chicago or even here in Philadelphia, are actually Ecuadorians. And there’s something about their palates that really just inspires me, and has a really deep sense of flavor.

Jose Garces
I feel like women have so much more to offer: our essence, or flavor, and our part of the story.

Natti Natasha
Even in terms of the technical stuff there’s a very traditional British flavor that comes out. Our characters are influenced by our culture so there’s definitely something unique about British wrestlers in the U.S.

Wade Barrett
A guy as great as Brett Favre has been for the length of time he’s been, you would hope that he would be able to leave the game with a positive flavor in his mouth.

John Elway
I love big shrimp, like Japanese botan shrimp and the meaty ones from Santa Barbara, Calif. In classic Japanese cooking, shrimp like these would be dropped into a broth or boiled as served with sushi. But I think boiling dilutes their great flavor, and they are better when stir-fried.

Nobu Matsuhisa
Life has a certain flavor for those who have fought and risked all that the sheltered and protected can never experience.

John Stuart Mill
The Internet is a limitless library at your fingertips. It’s a great place to start with the acquisition of knowledge. My process is to go to a place when I’m writing about it. Nothing captures the essence, feeling and flavor of a place better than when I’m actually there and doing the writing.

Barry Eisler
When I was starting out, doing guest spots on TV, and even commercials, I would go in with a whole crazy wardrobe and some terrible accent. Obviously, I was doing too much. If you bring too much flavor to it, it’s absurd. There’s something to just being spontaneous.

James Franco
Sometimes I loved the disruptive student in class who livened up lectures with wisecracks – it put a spin on things, added flavor, made me laugh. Other times, I wished the heckler would just shut up so I could learn something.

Kaui Hart Hemmings
When you’re watching people in non-title fights making four times the amount of money that a champion makes, it takes away the flavor of being a champion.

Tyron Woodley
If you’re dining with someone who wants the same cut, it’s always better to get a 16-ounce steak and split it than to order two eight-ounce steaks. The longer something cooks, the more flavor it develops, so you’ll get a better taste with a bigger piece of meat.

Tom Colicchio
If Flavor Flav was any smaller and darker, Brad and Angelina would try to adopt him.

Lisa Lampanelli
There is always a new flavor of the month, especially in film.

Wendy Raquel Robinson
As most people will tell you, the best pies have the best crusts. It has to be tender, flaky, and full of flavor. That is the key to a great pie.

Johnny Iuzzini
I think the focus of the media changes. At the moment the more electronic stuff like trip-hop was the flavor of the month, just a little while ago. It all depends on the angle, from which point of view you see it.

Stephen Malkmus
Perhaps that suspicion of fraud enhances the flavor.

C. S. Forester
Indian filmmakers sometimes twist the details and the mood of the film to give it the Indian masala flavor. This tod-marod in films is a rather big impediment.

Rohini Hattangadi
That’s the beauty of risotto. You can make it any flavor you want. It’s a great carrier.

Lidia Bastianich
For me, I’m not trying to be the flavor for everybody. But I’m just proud when people I respect or people that I want to be my fans are my fans.

Matt Sydal
The Delmore Brothers is hit music – very, very popular – and it still retains that rural flavor and simplicity. I always think of it as family music, really, because families sang it.

Ry Cooder
It’s important to salt the tomatoes before draining them because that helps pull out the water. Fresh herbs, some garlic and pepper will also enhance the flavor.

Geoffrey Zakarian
I just understand that I’m supposed to be one of those people that disrupts the flavor a little bit instead of being part of the same sound as everyone else.

Flying Lotus
Just over 800 people were gathered around the cooking stage, all eager to learn about my five-minute flavor cooking. The demonstration had to be done right then and there, in front of everyone.

Rocco DiSpirito
Unlike charcoal grills, which take up to 30 minutes or more to heat up, wood pellet grills can give off an even heat quite quickly. And, unlike propane grills which heat up quickly but lack flavor, foods cooked on pellet grills are rich in smokiness and succulence.

Homaro Cantu
We Chinese use a lot of ginger and green onions to flavor dishes but not to overpower them. Westerners have this misconception that we eat the ginger and green onion, but we leave those on the plate.

Alvin Leung
If you salt a chicken the day before cooking, it starts to break down the cell structure of the meat and allows it to take on more flavor and actually helps it to stay more moist. Same goes for a steak, a pork chop. A lot of people brine; we preseason.

Michael Symon
Every place has its own punk flavor, but they all borrowed ideas from SoCal. It’s still a vibrant scene creeping into every crevasse of youth culture. When you hear grunge, you think of the ’90s, but when you hear L.A. punk, it’s timeless.

Greg Graffin
I have kind of a weird technique with zucchini. I cut it into small cubes; sweat it in olive oil, adding just a little oil at time so it crisps. Then I cover it with boiling water, not stock, which really brings out the flavor of the zucchini, add lemon, thyme, and serve it with burrata and a fried zucchini flower.

Tom Colicchio
For flavor, instant sex will never supersede the stuff you have to peel and cook.

Quentin Crisp
Here’s something pompous – you take your day and artistically create it, so every moment has an artistic flavor.

William Shatner
I’m into very colorful food. Obviously lots of flavor, but I think we eat with our eyes first, so it has to look great. The presentation has to be great.

Giada De Laurentiis
Focus on the flavor and texture of your desserts. Don’t go overboard with too many ingredients and flavors keep a good balance of flavors.

Adriano Zumbo
For me, there’s something likable but not quite lovable about poached fish: the ultraclean flavor, the melt-away texture, the no-fat virtuousness.

Jonathan Miles
Bananas are the base of all my smoothies! They are packed with potassium and give a solid base flavor.

Hannah Bronfman
I’m a very textural composer. I care a lot about textures and gestures. Electronics add so much to that. It’s like a flavor – it creates so much texture.

Du Yun
And I think that we’re more of an alternative act in that sense, and that flavor comes across to the audience.

Juice Newton
I usually bring along a bottle of kombucha, thinking, ‘This will be really good for me.’ But I never actually drink it. The fermented mushroom-y flavor is too intense for me.

Lena Headey
I try as much as I can to bring out my own British flavor.

Wade Barrett
‘Smallville’ is like a Domino’s pizza. While you’re eating, you’re thinking, ‘This is good, and it reminds me of pizza, but there’s not enough flavor in each bite.’ That’s the feeling you have the entire time with ‘Smallville’ – that it’s just about to be good, but it never is.

Ira Glass
I buy soy sauce and flavor it five different ways: with sake, mirin, sugar, kombu and bonito flakes. I use them on lots of dishes at home.

Masaharu Morimoto
If I’m doing an olive oil tasting, I would do a very lean bread: an Italian style or pita bread. You want the flavor of the oil to shine; you don’t want the bread or anything else to mask it.

Gil Marks
I write novels, mostly historical ones, and I try hard to keep them accurate as to historical facts, milieu and flavor.

Gary Jennings
I know how I like my food. I like it spicy, salty, sticky, crunchy, juicy, oozy – basically any dish you know and love, jacked up to a bordering-on-socially-unacceptable amount of flavor.

Chrissy Teigen
The classic French blanch-and-cool technique I learned at Chez Panisse yields the kind of brilliant, picturesque vegetables we all want to see on restaurant plates. Long-cooked foods, on the other hand, fall firmly into the ‘ugly but good’ camp of the Tuscan cucina povera, where flavor far outshines looks.

Samin Nosrat
We were a very popular live band in London, packing in 6,000 people a night, and the record companies that came after us wanted us to be the flavor of the month.

Dave Clark
I really love to write about food, crafts, and fashion, so those details will always be a part of my books. I think they inject stories with color and flavor, providing a tactile experience.

Jenny Han
I make a really delicious eggplant and squash curry that’s inspired by Vij of Vij’s Restaurant, a great chef and restaurateur in Vancouver. I like to cook that dish because it’s really simple, but the flavor is so pungent and intense that I feel like I’m a real chef whenever I create it.

Carmen Ejogo
I could see how artists like Parliament would revisit the same music and kinda change it a little bit, change the words and hook, and it’d still be that same flavor. A lot of groups back then would make another song that sounded very similar to a song they already had. Ohio Players used to do it.

Too Short
I use a lot of fresh citrus, garlic, and fresh herbs when cooking to cut down on fat and sodium but punch up flavor. Our cupboards and fridge are full of condiments – mustards, vinegars, etc. that also add tons of flavor but are low in fat, calories, or other processed additives.

Cat Cora
I concentrate in my work on preserving and displaying the original flavor from each ingredient in a dish.

Alain Ducasse
My favorite jellybean is the pink one with the flavor inside.

Chester Bennington
Although the skin on ginger is edible, it lacks flavor and, depending on how you plan to further process the ginger, can also lend an unpleasant texture to a dish.

Sohla El-Waylly
Open your refrigerator, your freezer, your kitchen cupboards, and look at the labels on your food. You’ll find ‘natural flavor’ or ‘artificial flavor’ in just about every list of ingredients. The similarities between these two broad categories are far more significant than the differences.

David Chang
If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from both Spike Lee and Tarantino, it’s that you can wear your influences on your sleeve but at the same time invoke new energy and new flavor.

Cheo Hodari Coker
In its pure crystalline form, MSG can be added to soups, stews, sauces, and stocks to add a rounded, savory flavor.

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
That’s the cool thing about suits when you get in there and you customize it – you really get to find out how much flavor you’ve got.

Tobias Harris
Potatoes are popped, with no oil, using the same technology used in the rice cake manufacturing business. It took a lot of trial and error and lots of practice, though, to get the right flavor.

Keith Belling
I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m flavor of the month at the moment, but somebody else is going to roll around the corner in three months’ time. I just want to keep working. I can’t stop!

Michael Fassbender
Bengali is like Urdu. If you cannot get the pronunciation right, you spoil the flavor of it all.

Mukul Dev
Avocados that haven’t fully ripened will lack the big flavor you want for your dip.

Guy Fieri
I’ve been singing about love a long time now, because my kind of love carries a different flavor. My lyrics are not so outrageous as some. You have to think about a lot of different things. You get more mature with what you do – more experience, more capable, you know, the older you get.

Burning Spear
There are about 700 flavors that you can smell, but only five you can taste. A lot of times what you’re perceiving as flavor has nothing to do with palette, but it’s more to do with scents.

Grant Achatz
I can’t imagine Japanese food without dashi, a broth made with kelp and dried bonito flakes. It has the aroma of the sea, tinged with a subtle smokiness, and adds a very important, distinct flavor.

Nobu Matsuhisa
You get used to working with one choreographer. You kind of get stuck in that vein and you work your way out of it, picking up someone else’s style, their flavor. It takes a bit of time.

Janet Jackson
What gives my books authenticity is that I actually do what it is I’m writing about. I think the fact that I am in the autopsy room, I go to the crime scene and I do work in the lab gives my books this flavor that otherwise they wouldn’t have.

Kathy Reichs
I always like teaser trailers because they don’t give too much away, you know? They give just a flavor of what the thing is.

Oscar Isaac
It’s easy to discount water’s importance in the kitchen. After all, it has no flavor, and more often than not, it’s left off ingredient lists, making it seem like an afterthought. Yet water is an essential element of almost everything we cook and eat, and it affects the flavor and texture of all our food.

Samin Nosrat
Everything I do has a certain quality, a certain flair, a certain flavor. I like to eat the way I like to dress, the way I listen to music: put it all together, and it’s a great party.

As with wine, geography affects the flavor. Oysters are usually named for a locale.

Mark Kurlansky
My native place is Belgaum and I understand Kannada and have a flavor for acting in South Indian languages.

Atul Kulkarni
When you use a simple gelatin like collagen, you can get flavor that is 100 percent pure, maybe event 150 percent.

Jose Andres
A lot of food criticism has a similar flavor to it, and I’m probably going to write about it in a different way.

Alex Kapranos
People have been listening to Burning Spear for a long time now, and they know who I am and what I stand for. Yes, I do address many of the same ideas from album to album, adding only a little different flavor or coloring. Yes, the message has remained virtually the same because the issues haven’t gone away yet.

Burning Spear
The thing about all my food is that everything is a remembered flavor. Maybe it’s something I had as a child or maybe it’s something I had in Milan, but I want it to taste better than you ever thought.

Ina Garten
Use spices for flavor in food rather than adding a bunch of oils, fats, or sauces.

Marisol Nichols
I made a Christmas album a couple of years ago and just put it out on my Web site. It kind of smacked of this flavor. All of the reviews said it was Western swing even when it was Christmas standards.

Suzy Bogguss
The most overrated ingredients are garlic and extra-virgin olive oil. With garlic, it’s personal; I have never been that big of a fan of its flavor. As for extra-virgin olive oil, I do use it quite often but its ubiquity serves to overshadow many wonderful oils like pistachio, walnut, argan and even grapeseed.

Lela Rose
French cooking is really the result of peasants figuring out how to extract flavor from pedestrian ingredients. So most of the food that we think of as elite didn’t start out that way.

Michael Pollan
There was a time – before I made movies – when I was more forgiving, but now that I’ve learned as much as I have, I want to do movies that I want to see, that have their own unique flavor.

Ryan Phillippe