Top 15 Foggy Quotes

We have collected the best Foggy Quotes by famous authors including Cavett Robert, Matthew Mercer, Porter Robinson, Juergen Teller, Terry Glavin and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

When it's foggy in the pulpit it's cloudy in the pew.
When it’s foggy in the pulpit it’s cloudy in the pew.

Cavett Robert
Whenever I’m driving through an area of a town, and it gets really foggy, my brain immediately starts having anxiety because of ‘Silent Hill.’

Matthew Mercer
Virtual Self’ was me trying to paint a picture of a very foggy, distorted memory that I had of electronic music on the internet.

Porter Robinson
I’m often in Venice in November and December, when it’s foggy and wintry, and the decorations in the shops and the lights in the churches make the place feel both Christmassy and melancholic.

Juergen Teller
It’s true that since 9/11, the application of conventional military rules of engagement has gotten a bit foggy. The Taliban were not an ‘enemy state,’ but the Canadian Forces conducted its operations in Afghanistan as though the rules of war applied anyway.

Terry Glavin
An investigator starts research in a new field with faith, a foggy idea, and a few wild experiments. Eventually the interplay of negative and positive results guides the work. By the time the research is completed, he or she knows how it should have been started and conducted.

Donald Cram
Our brains are very, very good at self-delusion. What happens is, it releases the stress hormone cortisol in the brain, which leads to foggy thinking, so you’re not even able to judge well whether you’re working well or not.

Daniel Levitin
The weather and my mood have little connection. I have my foggy and my fine days within me; my prosperity or misfortune has little to do with the matter.

Blaise Pascal
I’m interested in memory because it’s a filter through which we see our lives, and because it’s foggy and obscure, the opportunities for self-deception are there. In the end, as a writer, I’m more interested in what people tell themselves happened rather than what actually happened.

Kazuo Ishiguro
Maybe this is pathetic, but I still dread producing a book that doesn’t earn back its advance. I hate obligations that are financially foggy.

Helen Garner
Some nights, I wear my cape, and I go out on the pier. It is foggy… I look for… Riddler.

Adam West
I was a foggy, erratic teenager: a fifth child, the last in the queue for conversation or attention.

Eavan Boland
Our culture constantly inundates us with new information, and yet our brains capture so little of it. I can spend half a dozen hours reading a book and then have only a foggy notion of what it was about.

Joshua Foer
At 155, I kind of feel, when I’m fighting out there, I just don’t feel like I have the right thinking ability. I kind of feel like my mind is foggy, if that makes sense. I don’t really know how to describe it. Maybe it’s the weight cut.

Sage Northcutt
There is a distinct layer between the Earth and the universe, which is extremely black. Slowly, the entire universe starts to look 3D, like you can fly through it rather than this sphere of blackness overhead. And when you’re above the atmosphere, there isn’t water vapour in the air to make things foggy.

Sunita Williams