Top 15 Jasmine Quotes

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Jasmine, the name of which signifies fragrance, is the
Jasmine, the name of which signifies fragrance, is the emblem of delicacy and elegance. It is reared with difficulty in New England, but at the South, puts forth all its graces.

Dorothea Dix
Sometimes I sneak out into the streets alone, like Princess Jasmine in ‘Aladdin.’

Jacob Zachar
London is like my second home. I’ve still got friends there from school and from when I first started in the modelling business – people such as Karen Elson, Jasmine Guinness, Jade Parfitt.

Alek Wek
I don’t know what’s happened to me. I’ve got a bit more sophisticated in my old age. I like a bit of jasmine tea. I love it.

Danny Dyer
For ‘Blue Jasmine,’ I made a decision not to wear any make up in the last shot of the film, as I felt like she had such a mask on – I thought it would be a good idea to leave her with nothing and become completely transparent.

Cate Blanchett
Jasmine apologized and said she was sorry and said she loved me, she couldn’t believe it and said she thought it would be her. All of them were really, really sorry that it happened to me.

LaToya London
My favourite artist is Beyonce. I also like Jasmine Sullivan.

Eniola Aluko
I’ve started to really nurture a bedtime routine, which, for me, starts with caffeine-free tea, usually rooibos or jasmine tea, something soothing, very fragrant, just a reminder to get back to your senses.

Caroline Ghosn
I have my sweetheart Yorkshire terrier, Tabasco, along with two cats, Romeo and Jasmine. Yes, I am both a Shakespeare and Disney addict.

Kirsten Prout
When you’re stretching yourself, as a role like ‘Blue Jasmine’ did for me, you risk falling flat on your face.

Cate Blanchett
My daughter’s first sentence was, ‘Dada no hair.’ And I was, like, ‘No Jasmine, Dada does have hair, Dada just shaves his head.’

Nigel Barker
Jasmine is just the most delicate and beautiful scent.

Natalie Portman
I always remember my childhood house with happy memories. There was a beautiful garden, and outside my bedroom window was a jasmine vine which would open in the evenings, giving off a divine scent.

Carolina Herrera
My celebrity crush is Princess Jasmine.

Spencer Matthews
I have one chocolate Lab named Jasmine. I also had a rat named Sky.

Jason Dolley