Top 150 Covering Quotes

We have collected the best Covering Quotes by famous authors including Ed Bradley, Walter Cronkite, Helen Thomas, Johnny Miller, Dougray Scott and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I had never been out covering a story, but boy, was tha
I had never been out covering a story, but boy, was that fun.

Ed Bradley
There’s no story that breaks, including a five-alarm fire in Brooklyn, that I don’t wish I were covering.

Walter Cronkite
I’m covering the worst president in American history.

Helen Thomas
Most announcers play pattycake, pattycake with the players they’re covering.

Johnny Miller
Being a salesman and an actor were not that dissimilar: It is a good lesson in covering up your feelings. No one wants to buy from someone who looks depressed.

Dougray Scott
Covering Capitol Hill was my first assignment in political journalism, and I still think it is the best beat in Washington.

Kasie Hunt
I can play every position in the secondary. And I can do everything – help run support, traveling, covering whoever is out there, small guy, big guy. I can play any type of coverage – blitz if I need to. There aren’t too many people who can do all of that.

Jalen Ramsey
It’s important to stay a human, to be a journalist, to be a human covering the stories and trying as best as I can to put myself in their shoes, to be respectful, to just listen.

Brooke Baldwin
In my case, I was covering politics in Texas as a newspaper man in the 1960’s.

Jim Lehrer
CNN was crazy to think they could fill 24 hours with news – let alone around the world in 10 to 20 languages. Reuters or AP with a thousand people around the world covering news? Crazy.

Jason Calacanis
I never thought I’d be covering the White House. I never thought I’d be covering the White House for CNN. And I never thought I’d be covering the White House for CNN while Donald Trump was president.

Kaitlan Collins
On a daily basis I’m covering things that are leaking out of the White House and leaking out what should be closed-door meetings on the Hill. That is not integrity.

Harris Faulkner
‘A Pirate Looks at 40,’ we had to do that song. I’ve been covering that forever.

Zac Brown
When a big event happens, people turn on to CNN, not only because they know there will be people there covering an event on the ground, but because they know we’re going to cover it in a way that’s non-partisan, that’s not left or right.

Anderson Cooper
The idea of being a foreign correspondent and wandering the world and witnessing great events, having adventures and covering the activities of world leaders, appealed to me greatly. It was a very glamorous life in those days.

Alan Cranston
I loved my time at MTV because the music was critical; the music was our thrust. That’s what the channel was all about. And I loved that, because we were pushing the limits with how we were covering and interviewing and consuming music and bands.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
Historians will handle a much wider range of sources than a biographer and will be covering a broader spectrum of events, time, peoples.

Claire Tomalin
If I go into a relationship with an artist, which at most is going to last five years, we have a 100-page contract covering every eventuality. Whereas with marriage you go into it with no contract, with laws that date back hundreds of years, and I don’t think that’s right.

Simon Cowell
On the steps is a machine-gun ready for action. The square is empty; only the streets that lead into it are jammed with people. It would be madness to go farther – the machine-gun is covering the square.

Erich Maria Remarque
With my skin, I have to avoid direct contact with the sun, so that, combined with my mom being conservative, meant I grew up wearing stockings under shorts and long sleeves under tank tops. It was kind of embedded in me that I was supposed to be covering up.

Winnie Harlow
I’ll never forget coming home after covering Sandy Hook. Seeing the faces of family members. The firefighters who could never unsee the unthinkable. Those tiny caskets. I came home, sat in my dark apartment because I didn’t even bother to turn the lights on, and wept.

Brooke Baldwin
Covering up, so far as I can see, is often the accompaniment to far more truly shameful behaviour than stripping off.

Julie Burchill
Hell, covering all with its gloomy vapors, has cast shadows on even the holiest eyes.

Jean Racine
Oh, yeah, I’ve always thought of covering some of my influences like Billy Joel, Elton John, Stevie Wonder.

Jon Secada
With sociolinguistics, after covering the basics of the field, I focused on discourse analysis.

Carrie Brownstein
As the wife of a retired Navy commander and the representative of the district covering Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington, I see firsthand the permanent effects of war – both physical and psychological – on those who serve our country.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers
If chick-lit really is taking a commercial battering, I’d suggest it’s because the marketing has been done to death. Covering everything in girlie pink and putting chocolate in the title may once have been a clever Pavlovian device but now makes readers feel a bit sick.

Jojo Moyes
Back in August 2002, I was hired as a reporter for a website covering New Jersey politics, then still a pretty novel concept. I was 22 years old, not from the state, and thoroughly inexperienced.

Steve Kornacki
Yes, Barack Obama had his clashes with the press. I witnessed those first-hand covering the second term of his administration. But we did not have Barack Obama on almost a weekly basis referring to the press as the enemy of the people and accusing reporters of treason and calling legitimate stories fake news.

Jim Acosta
I generally don’t follow domestic news that much aside from how it relates to the stories I’m covering abroad, like what Americans think of the War in Afghanistan.

Lynsey Addario
I’ve just learned that love is a very fleeting thing, so we – then we have it; we need to hold on to it but hold on to it in a gracious fashion. Not in the smothering but more so just a covering kind of love.

Betty Wright
Newspapers are not free and they never have been. They can appear to be so, but someone, somewhere is covering the costs whether that is through advertising, a patron’s largesse or a license fee. Advertising is no longer subsidising the industry and so the cost must fall somewhere – why not on the people who use it?

Heather Brooke
Covering the NBA is about covering people. I think that’s why it’s sometimes compared to a reality show – because you actually get the chance to know the characters, not just the teams.

Malika Andrews
Historians and scholars have access to every issue of every newspaper and journal written during the civil rights struggle of the 1960s but can access only a comparative handful of papers covering the election of Barack Obama.

Jeffrey Zeldman
When I was first assigned to cover the Republican presidential race in 2007, that meant covering John McCain. He was the next in line, and at that point that mattered in the GOP.

Dana Bash
It’s almost impossible to explain how little the NBA amounted to when I started covering it in 1963. It wasn’t fair to call it bush, although everybody did. It was simply small – only nine teams – and insignificant.

Frank Deford
Every one of us has a small but critical part to play in the battle against coronavirus. From washing our hands to wearing a face covering on public transport and in shops, every time we take one of these actions, we push the virus further into retreat.

Alok Sharma
Everything is about energy. We’re surrounded by electro mist, fog and smog. We’re covering ourselves in the wrong sorts of electro-magnetism. These idiot politicians who talk about climate change, for goodness sake, do they really think little us can do anything about it? No, of course not.

Noel Edmonds
Most Muslim women know it is fear and curiosity that cause people to stare. They know it is ignorance and stereotypes that cause people to suppose that a piece of material covering the hair strips a woman of the ability to speak English, pursue a career, work a remote control.

Randa Abdel-Fattah
And at that point, I think my experience in covering the subject helped me. I think editors felt comfortable with the idea of me telling this story because I had demonstrated that I know this business pretty well.

Laura Hillenbrand
With the overhand right in the past, I always got caught. My chin was up, and my shoulder wasn’t where it was supposed to be, covering my chin.

Joseph Parker
I absolutely consider fashion a form of art. Of course, there is some fashion that is not art at all – it’s utilitarian, made for the purpose of covering up. And there are a lot of people out there who put a lot of effort into looking awful. But there are also people putting the same amount of energy into making bad art.

Iris Apfel
Well, I mean, I like to be pretty athletic off the mound in terms of taking care of my job, which is covering first base, fielding bunts in certain situations, fielding slow rollers to the first base and having to communicate and direct traffic.

Gerrit Cole
You know, we have a long history of covering different periods of this band’s development with a live record… a sort of live thing that would be done for three or four records, and that was the intention with this particular package.

Alex Lifeson
And I realized that there was no sports reporter, so I started covering sporting events.

Ed Bradley
When you are covering a life-or-death struggle, as British reporters were in 1940, it is legitimate and right to go along with military censorship, and in fact in situations like that there wouldn’t be any press without the censorship.

Kate Adie
I am proud to state that every national Jewish organization we support enforces non-discrimination practices around sexual orientation and that more than 70 percent have written policies in place covering gender identity and expression.

Lynn Schusterman
Am I the only person covering politics who ever noticed that Newt Gingrich is actually a nincompoop?

Molly Ivins
If 2,000 Tea Party activists descended on Wall Street, you would probably have an equal number of reporters there covering them.

Amy Goodman
When I was operating as one of President Reagan’s economic advisers, an early assignment was to analyze the federal government’s landholdings and make recommendations about what to do with them. This was a big job. These lands are vast, covering an area six times that of France.

Steve Hanke
I’m sorry to say I’m very lizard-like. My skin is dry, so covering my face in greasy antioxidants is a better alternative.

Sally Phillips
I used to always buy clothes too big, but I should have showed off instead of covering up.

Carey Lowell
For me, journalism has been more a matter of projecting a particular approach to covering policies, to covering issues. It was a continuation of what I tried to do in government.

Eliot Spitzer
The people, as much as it’s fun to hate us, they need us. They need good, strong, skeptical journalists to be covering whoever it is – whether it’s Barack Obama or President Donald Trump.

Megyn Kelly
One of the big things that I have realised since styling people is was how many women, size 14 and above, think that covering up in lots of fabric is the best way to dress. I literally could not agree less.

Dawn O’Porter
Well I think we can’t avoid covering the news and when the president says something like that you’re the enemy of the people, I think I’m well within my right to stand up and say this is well within my lane as a journalist and as an American to say that that’s not appropriate.

Jim Acosta
I was covering the Manchester attack and was asked to stay another day and do the programme from there. But I had promised my little boy I would be at his sports day, and I had this really sharp sense that I needed to be there.

Emily Maitlis
I never intended to become a data head. I could never have predicted it would play such an important role in my life. Yet here we are: My Institute on Gender in Media has sponsored the largest amount of research ever done on gender depictions in media, covering a 20-year-plus span.

Geena Davis
Sometimes, they do a great job covering everyone downfield, so you just have to checkdown and hit a tight end to convert. That’s just how we play ball.

Lamar Jackson
I loved covering presidential politics – not so much because of the candidates but because of the people it allowed me to talk to.

Gwen Ifill
Ideally, I’d like every issue to include a diverse group of stories that meet the qualifications sketched above, but covering a wide range of specific matter and flavour.

Stanley Schmidt
I defend a woman’s right to cover her hair if she chooses, but the face is central to human interaction, and so the ideologues who promote its covering are simply misogynists.

Mona Eltahawy
When we went to cover it I thought we would change it to a song of loving and longing instead of the sex machine song Kylie turned it into. I’ve met Kylie and told her we were covering her song and she was pleased.

Wayne Coyne
I’ve always been someone who believes in being real and embraced my imperfections with pride rather than covering it up.

Zareen Khan
I’m not wedded to covering the markets. I’m intrigued by the markets. If I can connect Main Street with Wall Street, then I’ve succeeded.

Neil Cavuto
Going back as far as I do covering men’s college basketball, the objections to me being an analyst never came from inside the game. The players and coaches have always showed me the utmost respect and quite frankly my gender has never felt like an issue inside the game.

Doris Burke
The politicians of New York have everything that is necessary to make proper decisions and they will have to live with what happens afterwards. The worst scenario is the politicians covering their eyes and turning it over to the FBI.

Tom Hayden
Last year, when we were in Mobile, Al., covering Hurricane Ivan, we heard the stories of poor people, many of them black stranded downtown because they had no way out.

Al Roker
I was 23 years old. It was a wild time. I was covering everything that blew up – blackouts, Studio 54, son of Sam killer, and all of that stuff.

John Tesh
Computing should be taught as a rigorous – but fun – discipline covering topics like programming, database structures, and algorithms. That doesn’t have to be boring.

Geoff Mulgan
I respect and empathize with reporters and editors who must compete in today’s environment. And I know full well that when I’ve been covering campaigns, which I still do, I’ve made my mistakes and have been far from perfect.

Dan Rather
My first job in journalism was covering politics in New Jersey.

Steve Kornacki
Covering two presidential campaigns for CNN was great fun, especially because of remarkable friends throughout the entire political unit, especially Mark Preston.

Ed Henry
In campaign reporting more than any other kind of press coverage, reporters aren’t just covering a story, they’re a part of it – influencing outcomes, setting expectations, framing candidates – and despite what they tell themselves, it’s impossible to both be a part of the action and report on it objectively.

Michael Hastings
A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things, but we don’t know ourselves! Why, thirty or forty skins or hides, as thick and hard as an ox’s or bear’s, cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there.

Meister Eckhart
In 1990 we ran across Europe through 13 countries and covering 7,130 miles.

Dennis Banks
Asean is obviously a very important association for us. Over the past 30 years Asean has made great strides in regional cooperation covering a number of areas, although recently it has been under strain because of the financial crisis and other challenges.

Hassanal Bolkiah
As a beat reporter covering the CIA and intelligence world after the terrorist attacks of 2001, I could sense that many things I couldn’t see or understand were changing, expanding, getting so big they were difficult to manage.

Dana Priest
Listen to the late Isaac Hayes covering ‘Walk on By’ by Burt Bacharach or Mayfield singing The Carpenters’ vanilla-seeming ‘We’ve Only Just Begun,’ and you realize soul’s insistence on transformation: Mayfield in particular makes the song not just about love but the start of revolution.

Kevin Young
I have freckles; I don’t like covering up too much. I like things dewy and natural, and I think that having moisture in your skin is really beautiful and youthful – sometimes that’s more important than coverage.

Why should we build very large spaces when they are not necessary? We can design halls spanning several kilometres and covering a whole city, but we have to ask, what does it really make? What does society really need?

Frei Otto
Our covering ministry is Challenge for Christ ministries, and Travel the Road was solely our mission arm, designed to expose people to what missions are, then connect them with agencies that send people out.

Michael Scott
The White House used to belong to the American people. At least that’s what I learned from history books and from covering every president starting with John F. Kennedy.

Helen Thomas
One of the unique things about covering politics in America is that I’ve gotten to see a lot of corners of this country that I never would’ve gotten to see. It turns out that there are a lot of really beautiful places in corners of America you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Kasie Hunt
One of sports journalism’s great ironies is that covering an Olympics can be wildly unhealthy. NBC shows athletes in peak health performing on the ice and snow, but not the haggard reporters subsisting for three weeks on stadium starches, cheap beer, deadlines, and little sleep.

Mary Pilon
Covering a Super Bowl is actually one of the easiest things we do because our most experienced people are there. We’ll have 25,000 feet of film and there’s no way you’re going to miss anything.

Steve Sabol
I think that in our society we should do everything to encourage child-bearing and family-making. And I think that if insurance will cover Viagra for men, it should also be covering these kinds of methods to try to build families.

Joan Lunden
Every school should have well-rehearsed emergency response protocols covering a variety of possible scenarios, from fire to armed intruders. Schools should have good lines of communications with local emergency response officials and practice those relationships in drills and special exercises.

Irwin Redlener
I spent 19 years as a Washington reporter covering a variety of beats.

Walt Mossberg
When I got the job with Fox, I said ‘God, are you sure?’ I know nothing about politics; I’ve been covering car accidents and street closures and the pothole patrol in my hometown.

Ainsley Earhardt
I get a lot of joy out of covering other people’s songs, and, at my best, I think I bring something a little new to a lot of them.

Shawn Colvin
My favorite emoji is definitely the sad face, like the ‘See, I’m sorry’ sad face, which I use all the time… Or the monkey face, where he’s covering his eyes.

Jade Thirlwall
I think that, in addition of the intersection of media and technology, there has also been an intersection between technology and finance, which is something I find a little closer to home, seeing as I spend so much time covering Wall Street banks.

Kayla Tausche
These ancient huts were soon cleared of the rubbish covering them. I planned them, and removed them for investigation below, which undertaking took until the fourth of Nov.

Howard Carter
There’s an attention paid to the fame – the sort of sheath that’s on you, this sort of cloud that’s covering over you – and that’s what people want to touch. It’s not even really you that they want to touch.

Justine Bateman
You can learn all about the human condition from covering the crime beat in a big city – you don’t need to go to Beirut for that – but a foreign correspondent begins to understand poverty from a different perspective.

P. J. O’Rourke
Journalists dedicate their lives to covering war – they make many personal sacrifices, and it’s not something that’s gender-based. In a place like Libya where there’s heavy fighting, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman.

Lynsey Addario
What is essential – the one thing that could stop us being coarsened to other lives – is that we feel a great, living wave of animal life all around us, covering the earth.

John Burnside
Truly, if you can’t cover a five-car pile-up on Route 128, you should not be covering a presidential campaign.

Molly Ivins
The shortstop is a perfectly conditioned athlete. You’re running out on relays all the time. You’re covering second base. On every pitch, you’re moving.

Lou Boudreau
When I’m covering a story, it’s not just about gathering facts, but it’s gathering the human element as well.

Brooke Baldwin
Covering Richard Nixon’s triumphant run in 1968 turned out to be my last major assignment as a general correspondent for CBS News. In September of that year, ’60 Minutes’ made its debut and I began the best, the most fulfilling job a reporter could imagine.

Mike Wallace
Believe it or not, I worked four summers in college as a sports writer covering baseball for a parks and rec department in Bayonne, N.J.

George R. R. Martin
I find my earliest memories covering the anachronistic features of a previous incarnation. Clear recollections came to me of a distant life, a yogi amidst the Himalayan snows. These glimpses of the past, by some dimensionless link, also afforded me a glimpse of the future.

Paramahansa Yogananda
I just think that a metal band covering a bunch of metal songs is so boring, so ‘done before.’

M. Shadows
In my 20 years as a photographer, covering conflicts from Bosnia to Gaza to Iraq to Afghanistan, injured civilians and soldiers have passed through my life many times.

Anja Niedringhaus
I will have a defensive back on my side, and Peyton will place it in the perfect spot. It’s something I had never seen before. Never. They say I have good corners covering me. But it’s hard for them with Peyton.

Demaryius Thomas
During the whole time we were covering the Bulls, I would get blasted by every other sports reporter who thought I had unfair access. I don’t think it was unfair. It was just fortunate for NBC.

Ahmad Rashad
Trump’s rise was contingent on wide swaths of the country completely tuning out so-called mainstream media sources, while all too many outlets did a poor job covering 2016.

Ben Domenech
I do have a problem with how ‘Politico’ has engaged in covering politics, especially on our side. I think it is tweet-happy, it is clickbait in many cases, and it’s devoid of facts.

Sean Spicer
The dirty little secret the media doesn’t want to admit is that Trump generates such good content that they can’t help covering him even when they hate him.

Milo Yiannopoulos
In the beginning, all of us got ‘women type’ stories. Like covering the first lady instead of the president.

Connie Chung
Presenting statues of honor to reporters for covering an earthquake is like presenting a first prize to a doctor for performing surgery.

Phil Donahue
It is critical that we pass legislation to dramatically reform our health insurance system, and this reform should include a genuine public option, universal coverage, an end to insurance policy rescissions, and no restrictions against covering people with pre-existing conditions.

Jerrold Nadler
I know better than to ever attempt to get a reporter removed from covering any topic. That would never be an option.

Stephanie Grisham
Covering, hosting, and sharing E3 has been a highlight of my year, not to mention a defining part of my career.

Geoff Keighley
Most political journalists come to Washington because they’re snappy writers, big thinkers, or news breakers. Me? My ticket to the big leagues had little to do with talent. It was mostly about the governor I was covering, Bill Clinton.

Ron Fournier
I mean, first of all, let me say whichever superhero first came up with the idea of wearing a cape, he wasn’t really onto anything good. The number of times I’m treading on that damn thing or I throw a punch and it ends up covering my whole head. It’s really not practical.

Christian Bale
My strength is my unpredictablity. I can wrestle, I can strike, I can move fast, and I do a good job of covering up. And because of my experience, I’m able to put myself in good positions in the ring. The guys I fight, they have to be ready for anything.

Tyron Woodley
The other guys and myself have agreed that Billy Sherwood will do an excellent job of covering my parts, and the show as a whole will deliver the same Yes experience that our fans have come to expect over the years.

Chris Squire
I think that the press has a duty and an obligation to report on local government, state government, federal government – to be aggressive, to do its job. And its job is to report on whatever it’s covering.

Mark McKinnon
Even if your bosoms are your best asset, deep round-neck or scoop-neck Ts can be too revealing. Offset this flash of gorgeousness by covering up your arms with a little cardi that has sleeves to the elbow.

I feel like I’ve been playing, coaching and covering basketball my entire life.

Doris Burke
Throughout the lead-up to the war, CNN worked hard to air all sides of the story. We had a regular segment called Voices of Dissent in which we spent time covering antiwar protests and interviewing those who were opposed to the war with Iraq.

Jim Walton
To shoot a conventional film means that you are always covering yourself. You are putting nets and, in a way, letting bad decisions take over.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
I think when I started going to war zones and started covering humanitarian issues, it became a calling because I realized I had a voice, and I can give people without a voice a voice… and now it is something that sits inside of me every day.

Lynsey Addario
Cooking a piece of fish and cooking it right. Knowing the fish, knowing the properties of the fish. That’s a hard thing to do rather than covering it with a lot of sauces and foams or other cooking methods that might be high wire acts and look good on the outside.

Geoffrey Zakarian
The Earth has been lawned with life for something over 3.5 billion years. That’s a span of time great enough to encompass some honest-to-goodness catastrophe. For example, 700 million years ago, Earth underwent a planet-wide deep freeze, with ice covering the oceans from the poles to the equator.

Seth Shostak
I never got away from the war. Not because I was obsessed with it in those years, but because it was the event of my generation and I started out covering it so I stayed with it.

Neil Sheehan
I spent time in, like, criminal courts, and covering murder trials for papers.

Kurt Loder
Poverty is a veil that obscures the face of greatness. An appeal is a mask covering the face of tribulation.

Khalil Gibran
Clothing that covers the body can be comfortable or uncomfortable, depending on the fabric. In India I typically wear a full salwaar kameez of cotton, because it is superbly comfortable, and full covering keeps dust off one’s limbs and at least diminishes the risk of skin cancer.

Martha Nussbaum
Commerce seems to be covering every aspect of our lives now. Which me, because I’m a romantic, is sad for me to say.

Jeremy Irons
The understanding of Syria’s devastating civil war has been distorted by the immense danger and difficulty of covering it.

Nancy Gibbs
My 2016 was basically spent covering Donald Trump and falling madly in love with James Fletcher.

Brooke Baldwin
When I was growing up, my house was filled with books. My mother was an educator, and my father was a history buff, so our home was a virtual library, covering every author from Beverly Cleary to James Michener.

Jeff Kinney
If you go back to 2001, the market had two violent short covering rallies then, although I know the market didn’t officially get going until March 2003.

Louis Navellier
The current wisdom now is that if the three networks are covering the news the same way the difference is the anchor people. I think that won’t be true in the future.

Roone Arledge
In covering breaking news, there’s no better way than using a helicopter.

Zoey Tur
Covering a historic event is perfectly legitimate. It’s not sneaking into somebody’s boudoir… These people belong to history, and not to record that if you have the opportunity would be wrong.

Elliott Erwitt
One of the things I have always enjoyed about Scientology is their proactive approach to journalists who are covering them.

Louis Theroux
We all have insecurities, but some of us are better at covering them up.

David Harewood
When we learned to play in bands, what we were covering was equal part the Velvet Underground and the Grateful Dead. That would defy the logic that somehow these things don’t fit in the same musical well.

Bryce Dessner
I was unknown because I came to Washington from the West. I started covering Watergate. Immodestly, I’d say I did it pretty well, in part because it was hard to go wrong.

Tom Brokaw
Being homeschooled for half of my life allowed me to choose my own curriculum and find things I really enjoy, and that’s kind of inspired me. I’ve always been intrigued in or interested in the topics I’ve been covering.

Yara Shahidi
I was on the campaign trail, covering Donald Trump for two years – and it’s really hard to do anything for yourself with a schedule like that. I didn’t have time to answer text messages from my friends or go to the gym, let alone get my nails done.

Katy Tur
I represent a district covering Rockland, Westchester and Bronx counties, all of which are part of the 9 million people that this water is so important for.

Eliot Engel
So many women have had to make these sacrifices – putting off having kids, letting their husbands down – for some career opportunity. Mine just happened to be covering the woman trying to become the first woman president.

Amy Chozick
As I was writing ‘The Shock Doctrine’, I was covering the Iraq War and profiteering from the war, and I started to see these patterns repeat in the aftermath of natural disasters, like the Asian tsunami and then Hurricane Katrina.

Naomi Klein
Movie acting is about covering the machinery. Stage acting is about exposing the machinery. In cinema, you should think the actor is playing himself, if he’s that good. It looks very easy. It should. But it’s not, I assure you.

Michael Caine