Top 165 Alter Quotes

We have collected the best Alter Quotes by famous authors including Amy Morin, Wendy O. Williams, John Dalberg-Acton, James Allen, Madeleine Stowe and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Thinking things like, 'I will never get hired for this
Thinking things like, ‘I will never get hired for this job,’ or ‘Nobody ever listens to me,’ can alter your behavior in a way that makes those predictions come true.

Amy Morin
My music is very innovative, in a class by itself. Nobody else is saying anything of value. What I’m trying to do is get people to think, to alter their consciousness. It’s not your typical platinum formula for success.

Wendy O. Williams
Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral laws are written on the table of eternity.

John Dalberg-Acton
Our life is what our thoughts make it. A man will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter towards him.

James Allen
There came a point in time when Michael was under a great deal of pressure to alter the film in a way that was just disturbing to him. I had not seen the movie, yet. He phoned me in July of ’92 to look at his version.

Madeleine Stowe
There can be no equality or opportunity if men and women and children be not shielded in their lives from the consequences of great industrial and social processes which they cannot alter, control, or singly cope with.

Woodrow Wilson
You cannot of yourself move your arm or alter your position, situation, posture, do to other men good or evil, or effect the least change in the world.

Nicolas Malebranche
With a painter or a sculptor, one cannot begin to alter his works, but an architect has to put up with anything, because he makes utility objects – the building is there to be used, and times change.

Arne Jacobsen
Yes, I believe stories are very important to all performances. The life story of the performer shapes their work, and the life stories of the audience alter how they receive the work, what they read into the performer.

Marina Abramovic
Facebook deploys a political advertising sales team, specialized by political party and charged with convincing deep-pocketed politicians that they do have the kind of influence needed to alter the outcome of elections.

Antonio Garcia Martinez
Never forget: This very moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny. This second, we can turn the tables on Resistance. This second, we can sit down and do our work.

Steven Pressfield
Basically, I tend to see the world differently to other people, and I write books and stories to alter the imagination of people so that they also see the world in a different way.

Ian Watson
No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft.

H. G. Wells
Midlife is a time of explosive change, when our hormones rampage and our bodies alter, forcing us into a whole new chapter of life whether we want it or not. Everyone has a moment when they realise for sure that this so-called passage of time is changing them – and perhaps not in a good way.

Kate Garraway
The unhappiest memories are of losing my mother when I was 14. Alter six months, my father remarried. The thought that somebody was taking the place of my mother was unacceptable. It is sad because, after that, my father also changed.

Sushma Swaraj
The well-known fact that the form of a specific substance, e.g. water, and hence its properties can alter without a change in composition was disposed of by the formal view that a physical, not a chemical, process was involved.

Wilhelm Ostwald
I respect, too, the fact that in our legal order it is for Congress and not the courts to write new laws. It is the role of judges to apply, not alter, the work of the people’s representatives.

Neil Gorsuch
Humor can alter any situation and help us cope at the very instant we are laughing.

Allen Klein
Seeking approval and people pleasing forces you to alter your actions and speech to no longer reflect what you actually think or feel.

Mark Manson
If one’s desire for change is an earnest desire to see things improve, then surely there is a state in which things have been improved to the point where you would hope to conserve a structure rather than alter it. At that point, you become a conservative.

Bret Weinstein
It’s not my job to try and alter the director’s style – he’s in charge, and I’ll always give him my trust.

Ewan McGregor
Oh, I just want what we all want: a comfortable couch, a nice beverage, a weekend of no distractions and a book that will stop time, lift me out of my quotidian existence and alter my thinking forever.

Elizabeth Gilbert
The poet is the voice of the people. And when the poet presents certain ideas, two phrases in one poem can alter a generation’s view. So poets have always been feared – and controlled and jailed.

Even though I feel I am a bit reticent and shy, performing arts like dancing and acting is like my alter ego.

Sanya Malhotra
Characters do not change. Opinions alter, but characters are only developed.

Benjamin Disraeli
What if you could radically alter the way stories get told? What if the way people wanted to consume content actually changed what you could make?

Ted Sarandos
No change in the balance of political parties can alter the general determination that no class should be excluded from contributing to and sharing responsibility for the state.

Gustav Stresemann
We discovered that fruit flies alter course in less than one one-hundredth of a second, 50 times faster than we blink our eyes, which is faster than we ever imagined.

Michael Dickinson
People who relieve others of their money with guns are called robbers. It does not alter the immorality of the act when the income transfer is carried out by government.

Cal Thomas
Well in the book Carrie was my alter ego. In real life, Sarah Jessica and I don’t look anything alike. But people do say that we sound alike. Sarah Jessica is an adorable girl and she is very funny.

Candace Bushnell
As a writer, you get to play, you get alter time, you get to come up with the smart lines and the clever comebacks you wish you’d thought of.

Iain Banks
One of the biggest things I tell women is not to lose themselves in a relationship. If you’re willing to alter yourself to find somebody, it’ll never work.

Whitney Wolfe Herd
If we are not given the chance to forget, we are also not given the chance to recover our memories, to alter them with time, perspective, and wisdom. Forgetting, we can be ourselves beyond what the past has told us we are; we can evolve. That is the possibility we want from the future.

Caterina Fake
I may find something that looks interesting and then go on to alter the recipe by adding spices, things of my own. I also look for time-saving recipes, dishes that can be prepared ahead and stored.

Paul Lynde
The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.

William James
We’re an improv group and a sketch comedy group called the Tenderloins, that’s our alter ego.

James Murray
Winnie Harlow is my alter ego like how Beyonce refers to her stage name as Sasha Fierce.

Winnie Harlow
My impression of Americans from the beginning is of the best, and I have never since had cause to alter my mind. They are a kind, sympathetic race of people and naturally proud of their country.

W. H. Davies
Tina Snow’ was more turnt up than anything I ever dropped, it’s my alter ego.

Megan Thee Stallion
I always wanted to have sort of an alter ego.

Finn Balor
I am a big fan of movies that don’t take themselves too seriously. You know you won’t change the world, but have fun. Movies like ‘Butch Cassidy’ I enjoyed tremendously, but it didn’t alter my opinion of the world.

Baltasar Kormakur
Time is change; we measure its passing by how much things alter.

Nadine Gordimer
A democratic medical establishment does not alter people’s bodies to fit regressive social norms; it advocates for patients by demanding the social body get its act together.

Alice Dreger
The luck will alter and the star will rise.

John Masefield
You can say, like, planet Earth has an existing geology, and what we do as human beings and as architects is that we try to sort of alter and modify and expand the geology.

Bjarke Ingels
I have a personal prosperity plan. I know where my money goes, and how I can spend it more fruitfully. A prosperity plan is something fluid that may alter month to month.

Julia Cameron
You can’t get an actor to do something that is beyond his range, so you have to be aware of the range of the actor and, if necessary, alter the part to suit the actor.

John Boorman
In an individual sport, yes, you have to win titles. Baseball’s different. But basketball, hockey? One person can control the tempo of a game, can completely alter the momentum of a series. There’s a lot of great individual talent.

Kobe Bryant
We’ve forgotten to respect clothes and consider who made them and where the material came from. We’ve been encouraged to buy things and, if we don’t like them, bin them. When I grew up, we’d repair things or alter them.

Joanna Lumley
It was always remarkable to me how ignorant the labels were of the listening habits of their own customers, and how obstinate they were in denying those habits and then trying to essentially alter those habits instead of retooling their business to adapt to them.

Todd Rundgren
You can alter movie singing so much because you go into the recording studio and, just technology for recording has gotten so good, you can hold out a note and they can combine a note from take 2 and a note from take 8.

Anne Hathaway
You can control and censor a child’s reading, but you can’t control her interpretations; no one can guess how a message that to adults seems banal or ridiculous or outmoded will alter itself and evolve inside the darkness of a child’s heart.

Hilary Mantel
I was a shy kid growing up, and I liked the idea of playing under this alter ego: like, I could be Ziggy Stardust, but I also knew I could never be Ziggy Stardust.

John Gourley
I’m not rigid about directorial changes: I judge them on a case-by-case basis. In the case of a play whose text is widely familiar, I’m open to drastic changes that may alter the author’s meaning, perhaps even considerably. If the results don’t work, then I say so.

Terry Teachout
People often ask whether you’d alter anything about your life. I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing.

Alun Wyn Jones
The truth is a mayor can actually do very little to alter the course of a huge city run by the free market that is home to banking – the engine room of capitalism.

A. A. Gill
I auditioned for ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ I auditioned for the part of Sam, and I didn’t get very far… they wanted people that were taller and alter them in Computer Generated Images, so I never got a call back.

Aron Eisenberg
It is gorgeously shot, and Andrew believes that the old school way of making films in the best way. Meaning: you have a story, and you stick to the story. You don’t change and alter the story because of people who’ve invested in it and what to put product in a shot.

Michael Berryman
It’s probably what I’m most interested in as a choreographer: how I can alter and shift and develop the structure of a piece and of the space.

Justin Peck
Gene editing will be used to alter DNA to erase the origins of a range of debilitating inherited disorders.

Scott Gottlieb
A plastic bag charge is far from representing mere climate change symbolism. It is a clarion call to us all to alter social norms equally if not more importantly reduce the amount of waste we generate.

Pritam Singh
For different roles, my condition and training and diet does alter. Depending on the role, it will really dictate the type of training I do.

Dwayne Johnson
Of Adam and Eve: They had what they wanted. That they did not like it when they got it does not alter the fact that they certainly got it.

Charles Williams
I don’t feel I have an alter ego.

Dita Von Teese
The ordinary experiences of aging alter and clarify your view of past, present, and future.

Edith Pearlman
Let us not alter our course simply because it leads into a dark thicket of work.

Brendon Burchard
You cannot allow whether someone likes you or not to alter your course of action. Sometimes I think, ‘Sure, that hurts my feelings.’ But it’s not so important that I will adjust what I’m doing because someone is not going to like me.

Roger Ailes
‘The Tudors’ was ground-breaking in the sense that it did ruffle the feathers of classical historians and alter the way people did period drama at the time.

Annabelle Wallis
It is clear that it is not man who has created the universe – whether you believe in God or in gods or deny any divine presence – man cannot alter the laws that govern the universe without damaging it.

Sean MacBride
Any type of discomfort is going to alter the way I throw the ball. If I alter the way I throw the ball, I run the risk of major injury to my arm.

Max Scherzer
I also often hear people say that the deck is stacked against them because of racism, sexism, or other oppressive ‘isms.’ But once you let go of the blame and excuses, you’ll see that you can alter your position on your own.

Chris Gardner
My Maria on stage definitely is a real natural part of who I am, but obviously I can’t walk around as that girl. You know what I mean? It’s definitely an alter ego, but it is part of who I am, it is who I am, it is my life.

Maria Brink
Art doesn’t alter things. It points things out, but it doesn’t alter them. It can’t, no matter what a painter wants to do.

Arthur Boyd
God cannot alter the past, though historians can.

Samuel Butler
The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind.

James Truslow Adams
I do think that the desire to permanently alter your body is triggered by this easy access to Photoshop on your phone.

Elaine Welteroth
Comedy is inherently subversive because it turns the normal reality on its head. The art form is all about these questions and contradictions. In comedy, we’re dealing with language that we all understand, but words can have a dozen other things around them that alter or affect meaning.

Paul Provenza
Academics don’t normally manage to alter people’s way of thinking through their strength of argument.

David Crystal
Americans never would alter the way entitlement programs are funded or education administered without serious study and widespread debate.

Richard N. Haass
I think the price of the food can totally alter the perception of it. If I know something is expensive and the ambience is fancy, the food just invariably tastes a little better – and I feel like I’m getting away with something. But I’m also bored by most ‘fancy’ food.

Lisa Hanawalt
It certainly makes a game better to have voice commands because it can alter how the game is played.

Satoru Iwata
Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly.

Francis Bacon
Chantelle Brown-Young is my real name. Winnie is my nickname that I was given as a teenager, and it has stuck with me. I’ve combined my real name and my nick name to create ‘Chantelle Winnie.’ My alter ego, where I seek confidence when I model, is ‘Winnie Harlow.’

Winnie Harlow
I think there’s a part of me that might be my alter ago, like the carefree, do-what-he-wants kind of guy, because I’ve been so restrained most of my life, going to Catholic school and being the good son and the good husband. It’s a fun escape route for me sometimes to lead that life.

Kevin Nealon
When you’re an actor working in the theater, you would never say anything to the writer, never alter the dialogue, never dream to ask for changes.

Jill Hennessy
This Romeo character is something I decided to create, like my alter ego. So the name Romeo was invented from the original Romeo and Juliet. I wanted to show people I’m like a modern Romeo.

Romeo Santos
I am truly happy with what I’ve got. But if I could alter something, it would be my hands. I’ve never been satisfied with them – I would love longer fingers.

Carolina Herrera
One of our ambitions as independents is to alter our political culture. We want to leave behind the bullying, intimidation and tribalism.

Luciana Berger
What an immense power over the life is the power of possessing distinct aims. The voice, the dress, the look, the very motion of a person, define and alter when he or she begins to live for a reason.

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
What I do is between me and the Lord, to examine and possibly alter the state of grace in which I live, and thereby the state of grace of anybody who listens.

Townes Van Zandt
The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

Lee Iacocca
If the World Bank does not alter its shareholding structure to reflect the shifts in global distribution of income and economic power, its role may get marginalised as regional institutions fill the vacuum.

Sanjaya Baru
Whenever you speak to someone, you are presuming the two of you have a certain degree of familiarity – which your words might alter. So every sentence has to do two things at once: convey a message and continue to negotiate that relationship.

Steven Pinker
When dictators feel their support slipping among adults, it is not unusual for them to alter school textbooks in the hope of enlisting impressionable youths in their cause.

Samantha Power
Everything is so unstable in these times of progress at any cost, and social customs and methods of life alter so rapidly, that a few years now suffice to change completely the face of usages which, at their inception, bade fair to outlive the age – so enthusiastically were they welcomed by the public.

Auguste Escoffier
I think you see more of like, the party side of me, which I call Snooki, it’s kind of my alter ego.

Nicole Polizzi
There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter yourself meeting them.

Phyllis Bottome
I’ve always had a compassion for characters in novels – the sense that they are, whatever they might think, living in a world that has a shape they don’t know and can’t finally alter.

John Crowley
My fear is that many institutions will eventually alter how they treat people who refuse to self-track. There are all sorts of political and moral implications here, and I’m not sure that we have grappled with any of them.

Evgeny Morozov
The funny thing about the golf swing is that you try to alter it and end up with the same faults as you’ve had all your life.

Ronnie Corbett
I don’t want to alter anything on my body.

My alter egos have changed a lot over the years. When I was a child, I was a black horse called Storm. Whinnying and jumping over bamboo poles in the garden took up pretty much my entire childhood.

Romola Garai
Man can alter his life by altering his thinking.

William James
I think I’ve gradually learned to become more of a frontman than I was initially. I mean, when I first started, especially playing with Alter Bridge, you know, I really considered myself more a guitar player who sang.

Myles Kennedy
Since I am a turbaned Sardar, I can only play Sardar roles. Either that or producers should be willing to alter the script to accommodate my physical appearance. But I won’t call this a restriction.

Diljit Dosanjh
I became a master of disguise and could play the straight man down to a tee, sometimes over-compensating by getting into fights or being overly aggressive because I didn’t want the real me to be found out. So I created this alter ego, knowing full well that I was living in my little fantasy bubble, my shell.

Gareth Thomas
Reddit offers the opportunity for us as humans to connect on a much deeper, broader level because users have an alter ego and aren’t tied to a social network of friends with whom they want to share how perfect their lives are.

Alexis Ohanian
With our evolved busy hands and our evolved busy brains, in an extraordinarily short period of time we’ve managed to alter the earth with such geologic-forcing effects that we ourselves are forces of nature. Climate change, ocean acidification, the sixth mass extinction of species.

Kate Bernheimer
What happens if the music or alter ego isn’t well received? The fact that people are talking about it, I won already.

Musiq Soulchild
My first and most loved real novel was ‘Little Women.’ I identified with the Jo character even though we were opposites. Jo was very strong-minded and brave, and I was shy and kind of a wuss, everyplace but in my own home. I wanted to be Jo. She was my alter ego. I think reading that book gave me courage.

Rhea Perlman
After lengthy consideration, my views have evolved sufficiently to support marriage equality legislation. This position doesn’t require any religious denomination to alter any of its tenets; it simply forbids government from discrimination regarding who can marry whom.

Tim Johnson
When an action is once done, it is right or wrong for ever; no accidental failure of its good or evil fruits can possibly alter that.

William Kingdon Clifford
A scuffed up shoe on the red carpet or at a big premiere is never okay! It can really alter the vibe of a trendy look.

Brad Goreski
We’re all affected by music. It has the power to inspire, uplift us, change our moods, and even alter consciousness.

Andrew Weil
Because Slash is such a well-known performer all over the world, it definitely helped with the awareness of Alter Bridge. People come up to me and say that they saw me playing with Slash, and it turned them on to the other things I do.

Myles Kennedy
The problem with fame is that you get frozen in one frame and nothing you can do can alter the nature.

Jerry Rubin
Terrorists are people, too – they are given to error. Naipaul and then DeLillo do a good job in their novels of drawing this out: I’m thinking of DeLillo’s contention in ‘Mao II’ that terrorists have replaced writers as the people who ‘alter the inner-life of the culture.’ I thought that was marvellous!

Karan Mahajan
Only an intervention by women around the world, with their innate knowledge of interdependency, deep listening, empathy and self-sacrifice, could possibly alter our species’ desperate course.

Our Lord did not try to alter circumstances. He submitted to them. They shaped his life and eventually brought him to Calvary. I believe we miss opportunities and lovely secrets our Lord is waiting to teach us by not taking what comes.

Mother Maribel
Public officials insult our intelligence and our goodwill when they paint rosy pictures about budgets, jobs, bipartisanship, and transparency, and alter their positions on issues simply to keep collecting their paycheck by never disagreeing or disappointing anyone.

Wendy Long
Our species is on the verge of changes that will fundamentally alter what it means to be human… and we are the people driving that change.

Daniel Keys Moran
The Breton peasant is said to have a hard head. He is obstinate and resists outside pressure to alter his creed or his customs.

Sabine Baring-Gould
I pick out young people and teach them in less time than it would take me to alter the methods of people from the boards, and I get actors who look the parts they have to fill.

D. W. Griffith
Science progresses best when observations force us to alter our preconceptions.

Vera Rubin
I wrote and recorded a song that I highly doubt I will release. The lyrics are somewhat risque. I may have to create an alter ego, and she can be the ‘singer.’

Erika Christensen
I’m going to prepare up to the best of my ability, either way. I’ll alter it as I need to.

Giancarlo Stanton
Sometimes I wish I was one of those artists like David Bowie. They’re not putting their private lives out there; it’s about show and entertainment. But an alter ego is very dangerous for me. Because I am the guy who will become lost in that.

John Grant
In ‘A Bone in the Throat,’ he describes his protagonist and alter ego, the cook Tommy Pagano, as ‘darker, and not as tall as the chef, his hair stood up straight and spiky like a young Trotsky’s.’ He describes Little Italy with such verve, such flavor, that it is impossible not to smell the streets or taste the food.

Sarah Weinman
It is easier for a libertarian to attack the science of global warming than to alter one’s core libertarian beliefs.

Al Seckel
A major loss by a Democratic prosecutor at the hands of the BLM movement could alter the political landscape in a way that might actually change the way prosecutors, and ultimately police departments, operate.

Joy Reid
Our show is all about energy and all about the skill, so we never have to alter it for different audiences, although maybe we might get crazier at a punk-rock show. With kids moshing and crowd-surfing, we might have to get crazy as well.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

John Adams
Let not a man do what his sense of right bids him not to do, nor desire what it forbids him to desire. This is sufficient. The skillful artist will not alter his measures for the sake of a stupid workman.

Religion always remains higher than everyday life. In order to make the elevation towards religion easier for people, religion must be able to alter its forms in relation to the consciousness of modern man.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
J. Tillman was kind of an alter ego. There was a lot I didn’t want people to know about my real life. With Father John Misty, I leave everything in: so much so that I lose sleep before these albums come out because there is always a line or two in there where I’m just like, ‘This is not going to go down very well.’

Josh Tillman
The church’s teaching on marriage is unequivocal, it is uniquely, the union of a man and a woman and it is wrong that governments, politicians or parliaments should seek to alter or destroy that reality.

Keith O’Brien
Research has shown that even small amounts of processed food alter the chemical balance in our brain and cause negative mood swings along with noticeable dips ill energy.

Marilu Henner
Human civilization has been changing the Earth’s environment for millennia, often to our detriment. Dams, deforestation and urbanization can alter water cycles and wind patterns, occasionally triggering droughts or even creating deserts.

Jamais Cascio
Other than being crazy enough to press a button, there is nothing that Putin can do militarily to fundamentally alter American interests.

Joe Biden
I have a rule: I will not alter the basic history of a real-life character to suit our fictional needs in a big way.

Terence Winter
I don’t really have any interest in doing Donald Blake stories. Maybe it’s just I don’t know what to do with that sort of alter ego.

Jason Aaron
Happy as we are, times may alter; we may be bitten with some impulse towards change, and many things may seem too wonderful for us to resist, too exciting not to catch at, if we do not know that they are but phases of what has been before and withal ruinous, deceitful, and sordid.

William Morris
I thought that in general we in the United States were too optimistic in believing that the Soviets might alter what had been for a long time, as a matter of fact for centuries, fundamental Russian policies in respect to the rest of the world.

David K. E. Bruce
I think that many of my ideas are correct, but I’ll bet you, before my death other discoveries will be made that will prompt me to alter various ideas I have about human evolution.

Donald Johanson
I’ve always loved movies and animation. When I was little, I was always pretending to be some alter ego superhero. For years it was Ultraman, ninjas, Spiderman and other cool super heroes.

Ryan Potter
I waited and worked, and watched the inferior exalted for nearly thirty years; and when recognition came at last, it was too late to alter events, or to make a difference in living.

Ellen Glasgow
With things like ‘Dragon Ball,’ in the case of fight scenes, I’d take the panel layout across two pages when the book is opened and alter it by angling them, and making them bigger or smaller, to give movement to the panels themselves.

Akira Toriyama
When a marriage founders, this may well be cause for tremendous sadness, but it’s not a failure of spirit or character. People change, their goals and dreams alter, their ideas of themselves grow, or they just meet someone they like better.

Naomi Alderman
You can magically alter your life if you believe hard enough and then take actual physical action in the world outside your brain to make it happen.

Andrew W.K.
Concentrate your narrative energy on the point of change. This is especially important for historical fiction. When your character is new to a place, or things alter around them, that’s the point to step back and fill in the details of their world.

Hilary Mantel
There’s a great desire for people to alter themselves, but it’s also the art of transformation. ‘I want a bigger butt; I want bigger boobs.’ The artifice interests me – how we’re capable of altering ourselves. There’s a creative element that’s very intriguing.

Mickalene Thomas
I am not making spiteful assertions now but merely stating the facts-that, for instance, among Hungarian generals there is such a considerable percentage of men of German origin, who of course had, in most cases, to alter their names if they wanted to get anywhere.

Heinrich Himmler
Smartphones can relay patients’ data to hospital computers in a continuous stream. Doctors can alter treatment regimens remotely, instead of making patients come in for a visit.

Charles C. Mann
I had been warned not to get on a motorcycle, sort of. I think there is a clause in most general basic contracts to keep yourself in one piece and not alter your looks without telling them first.

Charisma Carpenter
So a lot of me is still a little kid, and I think that kind of helps alter my sense of reality – it makes me able to just become Belle every single night.

Christy Romano
Surely it is a magical thing for a handful of words, artfully arranged, to stop time. To conjure a place, a person, a situation, in all its specificity and dimensions. To affect us and alter us, as profoundly as real people and things do.

Jhumpa Lahiri
Change is not overcoming inertia as much as it is redirecting, guiding, tweaking what already is and what has already happened. We must believe that we can make choices and that those choices can alter the future.

Max McKeown
A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.

Mahatma Gandhi
As technology and science advances, I think the ability to alter yourself should be embraced.

Laura Jane Grace
Just really, really believe in what you’re trying to do. Don’t let people alter that. Let people advise you and lead you down paths to make smart business decisions. But trust your instinct and trust that overwhelming drive that made you put all your dreams and everything on the line.

Luke Bryan
Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

Oscar Wilde
In America they like my spicy TV alter ego, probably because there were a lot of Italians and Hispanics in the country, but the real L.A. life is a hard-working one.

Bruno Tonioli
Love does not alter the beloved, it alters itself.

Soren Kierkegaard
Chess and me, it’s hard to take them apart. It’s like my alter ego.

Bobby Fischer
But I’m not going to let my knee alter anything I do in the ring. My move set is part of what makes me unique and there’s no way I’m going to throw that away out of fear.

Tyson Kidd