Top 17 Average Guy Quotes

We have collected the best Average Guy Quotes by famous authors including Roger Ailes, Greg Graffin, Rush Limbaugh, Edward Whitacre, Jr., David R. Brower and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Growing up in Ohio and just being kind of an average gu
Growing up in Ohio and just being kind of an average guy from flyover country – my dad was a factory guy – I try to put things on a screen that reflect reality. I don’t mind if people want to argue with that, or think that’s crazy.

Roger Ailes
Unfortunately, the average guy on the street believes that studying evolution leads to atheism.

Greg Graffin
Unions are the result of profit seekers. Unions are the way the average guy gets even with evil corporateers. The unions are godsends. The unions have a special status, because they represent the rising up of the average man against the evil corporateers and profiteers.

Rush Limbaugh
I’m a pretty average guy and want to keep a low profile. I don’t want the world necessarily to know about me.

Edward Whitacre, Jr.
I believe that the average guy in the street will give up a great deal, if he really understands the cost of not giving it up. In fact, we may find that, while we’re drastically cutting our energy consumption, we’re actually raising our standard of living.

David R. Brower
I think the average guy thinks they’re pro-woman, just because they think they’re a nice guy and someone has told them that they’re awesome. But the truth is far from it.

Junot Diaz
I don’t want to be just an average guy. I want to do whatever possible to win a lot of games. I’m a competitor.

Felix Hernandez
He was the average guy. Maurice, I think, reflected every man.

Barry Gibb
I’m an average guy, skinny, not so tall, I put my sunglasses on, and I blend in.

Goran Dragic
I think I’m a little more mature than the average guy.

Amar’e Stoudemire
That’s something the head scarf, in a symbolic way, is meant to do in Arabic culture: it defines your relationship to your husband and the men of your family differently than your relationship to the average guy on the street you’ve never met.

G. Willow Wilson
I would like to play an average guy. I would have loved to play opposite John Candy in a movie. That was my dream for a long time, and sadly, now I can never realize that. But I’d like to do comedy.

Warwick Davis
People… need a time to laugh. It’s up to us to bonk ourselves on the head and slip on a banana peel so the average guy can say, ‘I may be bad, honey, but I’m not as much of an idiot as that guy on the screen.’

Chris Farley
I’m a movie maker, but I have the same feelings as the average guy out there.

Clint Eastwood
I don’t care if the average guy on the street really knows what I’m like, as long as he knows I’m not really a mean, vicious guy. My friends and family know what I’m really like. That’s what’s important.

Don Rickles
I was a DC fan; The Flash was always my favorite character. He was sort of the most average guy amongst all of these icons, even though he had super speed, you know?

Greg Berlanti
When something really bad is going on in a culture, the average guy doesn’t see it. He can’t. He’s average and is surrounded by and immersed in the cant and discourse of the status quo.

George Saunders