Top 17 Sufi Quotes

We have collected the best Sufi Quotes by famous authors including Mohsin Hamid, Neha Kakkar, Shikhar Dhawan, Jackie Shroff, Rajneesh and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

In Sufi terms, there are two very interesting notions o
In Sufi terms, there are two very interesting notions of transcendence. One is to gaze out at the universe and to comprehend that what you see out there reflects what you are. The other one is to look inside yourself and recognise that the universe is present there.

Mohsin Hamid
If you call yourself a singer, then you must have the ability to sing anything, whether it’s pop, classical, rock, sufi, or folk.

Neha Kakkar
I started listening to Sufi music when I was 21.

Shikhar Dhawan
There are many similarities between Sai Baba and me. He believed there is only one God, and so do I. He loved Sufi music; so do I.

Jackie Shroff
My house was a guest house of many Jaina saints, Hindu monks, Sufi mystics, because my grandfather was interested in all of these people.

If people in Russia do not take the path of traditional, pure Sufi Islam, Russia will lose out. All the other denominations, like Wahhabism, are new inventions for our country – we have never had it, and we will never accept it.

Ramzan Kadyrov
When I was a boy in Desuq, Egypt, a city on the Rosetta branch of the Nile, about 50 miles east of Alexandria, my family lived steps away from the local landmark, a mosque named for a 13th-century Sufi sheik.

Ahmed Zewail
One thing is certain if something is gaining popularity that means there is a market and audience for it. New things will comes but pure Sufi music will stay as it has for centuries.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Music, for me, is vital. Punjabi, Bollywood, Sufi, RnB… I listen to it all. When I’m not listening to music, you will find me chatting with friends. Off the field, I just let my instincts take over. I certainly don’t think about batting, or which bowlers I’m going to face.

Virat Kohli
There are two languages that I love: Farsi and Panjabi. Because the depth of Sufi thought in these two languages cannot be found in any other language.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
I am not a Sufi, but I follow the Sufi.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
The Marathi film ‘Natrang’ has amazing songs. I also like and have sufi and folk music.

Amruta Khanvilkar
When I talk of primordial innocence, I hear it in Sufi music with the nay flute. I see it in Coptic icons, in most traditional art, particularly art of the American Indian. I find the texts extraordinarily beautiful and very childlike and very simple. I’ve been particularly interested in American Indian texts.

John Tavener
Sufi poetry is, in a sense, self-help poetry about how to live a decent life, how to deal with your mortality.

Mohsin Hamid
Before I begin to write, I listen to music that inspires me. I listen to folk Punjabi music, sufi music.

Rupi Kaur
Sufi music talks about connecting people. It talks about connecting hearts and connecting man with God. Everything that talks about connection is Sufi.

Javed Ali
I am a Sufi guy, so fame is maya for me, a worldly illusion.

Pankaj Tripathi