Top 17 Unnerving Quotes

We have collected the best Unnerving Quotes by famous authors including Ashley Greene, Alexandra Petri, Jason Priestley, Mouni Roy, Rod Lurie and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

As an actor you want people to know you and there are t
As an actor you want people to know you and there are times you want your pictures taken, but it’s unnerving to walk out of a venue with friends and there are 20 people flashing lights in your face. Do you know how bright those lights are?

Ashley Greene
I would say ‘competence’ actually might be slightly more important than passion. I understand that it is important to feel strongly about things, but give me a competent dentist over a passionate dentist any day, if only because something about the phrase ‘passionate dentist’ is deeply unnerving.

Alexandra Petri
Well, any time you’re faced with fame on that level, it’s – it can be somewhat unnerving because you’re never taught how to manage it and how to deal with it. So you’re sort of left out there on your own, trying to navigate those waters for yourself.

Jason Priestley
As an actor, my job is to perform to the best of my ability. Success or the ratings of a show are not in my hands. But yes, people’s expectations can be unnerving.

Mouni Roy
Some nights I lie awake at night thinking, ‘What’s going to stop someone from smashing a chair through my window and coming in the house at two in the morning?’ It is very unnerving. It’s a realistic scare, which is the worst kind of scare that you could have.

Rod Lurie
This house I grew up in was built in the 1800s, and the back yard was like a cemetery. Naturally, I grew up in an environment where ghosts and supernatural things were very unnerving to me, because my brothers and I dealt with it on a daily basis.

Adam Wingard
Honestly, I wish I could be a part of all the remakes of my father’s films. But on second thought, I wouldn’t want to be a part of any. The thought of being compared to him is unnerving. I’d rather do my films than live in the fear of living up to his standards.

Abhishek Bachchan
The stones tear like flesh, rather than breaking. Although what happens is violent, it is a violence that is in stone. A tear is more unnerving than a break.

Andy Goldsworthy
The first time you listen to someone else’s interpretation of what you’ve created, it’s a little unnerving. They’ll change lyrics or something almost every time. That’s them being an artist, and you appreciate it more over time.

Chris Stapleton
Every time I was driving on the L.A. freeway in a small car, it was very unnerving for me. One time I rented an SUV, and it just changed my whole perspective of driving, and I was converted to SUVs from that day on.

Lauren Lee Smith
Meeting forensic patients for the first time could occasionally be an unnerving experience. They often came across as mild and gentle people, but the details of the crimes were harrowing in the extreme.

Louis Theroux
All comedy is funny because it tells us truths that we recognise through laughter, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be unnerving. Think of ‘Fawlty Towers’; it can be very, very dark, but by God, it’s funny. The two things are not in opposition.

David Farr
If the guy out in the woods with the Michigan Militia is a real estate negotiator, instead of some crackpot, and has a normal life, that’s unnerving. You don’t want to think it’s as normal as the guy next door, hedging his lawn. It’s easier to demonize or separate them off from ‘us.’

Michael Moore
It’s sometimes unnerving to think of that, and I wish it were possible for all children in the world to have the good fortune I’ve had in having a giving and loving family.

James MacArthur
In retrospect, the most unnerving aspect of being openly gay was that it turned out to be as disappointingly normal as being straight.

Lance Loud
In college, I discovered the Joyce Carol Oates short story ‘Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?’ which is definitely one of the most incredibly unnerving, frightening short stories ever written.

Gillian Flynn
What’s more unnerving than magnetism, ghosts, and unpurified water? Gadgetmongers who purport to protect us from metaphysical monsters that go bump in the New Age night.

Chris Hardwick