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To me, the best part of coming up in that, kind of the
To me, the best part of coming up in that, kind of the last era before it went that way with the FCWs or NXTs, kind of the farm system, is that, you know, wrestling Jimmy Valiant in front of 10 people in Cleveland. We didn’t touch. I think we did two things, but we were out there for 20 minutes.

By 2012, Dan Gilbert was well over his LeBron James-abandonment hissy fit. He opened Cleveland’s first casino, with 1,900 slot machines and eighty-nine table games.

Jeanne Marie Laskas
UFC 203, Stipe Miocic is defending his belt in Cleveland, Ohio, that’s where I spent a lot of my amateur career and boxing, it’s an hour and 20 minutes from my hometown. I would like to dance with someone there in the Quicken Loans Arena.

Cody Garbrandt
The whole narrative of the ‘Return to the Land’ was completely PR spin. Fans ate it up because it painted LeBron as the hero coming back to save Cleveland from obscurity.

Joy Taylor
I look for things that are left of center, something you’ve only seen your whole life, but never heard. Hit it! With a stick! I have a guitar made out of a 2×4 that I bought in Cleveland.

Tom Waits
Cleveland and football have always held a special place in my heart.

Paul DePodesta
I am in Cleveland, I do wear No. 2, and I do wear Kyrie’s. That’s gonna be linked together. I just got to take it.

Collin Sexton
They always say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, but I say that about Cleveland.

Machine Gun Kelly
I was a LeBron fan, wanted him to stay in Cleveland for the hometown team, but he made a decision for his family. You’ve got to respect that.

Mitchell Trubisky
I loved the three years I had in Cleveland, especially that playoff run with Timmy Couch and Kelly Holcomb. And obviously those great years in Pittsburgh.

Bruce Arians
Coming from the inner city of Cleveland and growing up you never expected a street to be named after you or anything. It’s a special honor.

Charles Oakley
My priorities are to continue to fight for manufacturing in my state and for jobs and health care and deal with lead issues in my beloved city of Cleveland, where I live, and every other city in the industrial Midwest.

Sherrod Brown
There was something about the Cleveland Play House that was the holiest place – you know, with the ghost light on the stage and the brick. It was just the most beautiful theater in the world.

Kathryn Hahn
I’m a Cleveland guy, man. I love this city.

Stipe Miocic
When I got cut from Cleveland, they weren’t one of the best teams in the NBA at the time, so I had some doubts. I didn’t think I was going to get back into the league. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen for me.

Danny Green
People move from Cleveland, then move back. It’s something inside you. You can’t explain it, but there’s something inside – it’s just home.

Shawn Porter
Playing in front of the greatest fans in the NFL is easily the greatest honor that I’ve had in my 11-year career. I hope I was able to make you guys proud in the way that I was always proud when I told people boldly that ‘I am a Cleveland Brown.’

Joe Thomas
I grew up wanting only to be an illustrator. I studied art at Laurel School in Cleveland and at Smith College.

Natalie Babbitt
Why retire from something if you’re loving it so much and enjoying it so much, and you’re blessed with another group of people to work with like the gang on ‘Hot in Cleveland?’ Why would I think of retiring? What would I do with myself?

Betty White
I’ve got good vibes up here in the Akron area, Cleveland area.

Jason Day
In 1884, for the first time since the Civil War, voters had elected a Democrat to the White House. Grover Cleveland promised to use the government to protect ordinary Americans, and to stop congressmen from catering to wealthy industrialists.

Heather Cox Richardson
The game that I remember the most was playing against Cleveland in 1970. We were down 20-13 and I came in and we got a touchdown and then we got a field goal in the last three seconds.

George Blanda
I won so many years in Seattle and then to go to Cleveland… I had a pretty nice year the first year I got there and then the last two years, we just weren’t able to make it to the playoffs.

Shawn Kemp
My father was never around. It was almost as if he didn’t exist. I would tell my friends he was in Cleveland, on business. Sometimes, every six months or so, he would come by for dinner.

Danny Aiello
If I’m fortunate enough to become a Cleveland Brown, you can expect everything from me.

Josh Allen
We have a community where almost 50 percent of the people in the city of Cleveland alone have some type of record. I represent one of the poorest districts in America – out of 435, I’m 422.

Marcia Fudge
I just wish things would’ve gone differently in Cleveland. I hope they have success in the future. I hope coach Holmgren can get things turned around for them.

Brady Quinn
The more disgruntled the white people are, the happier they are to see me, that has to be it. I do really well in Boston, I do really well in Cleveland, I do really well in Philly, Jersey, certain parts of Florida. Places where there are really really aggressive white people tend to love me.

Jim Norton
Every station I was at, I never said goodbye – when I was in Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Oakland, and L.A. I don’t know why.

Casey Kasem
I came from Canada when I was about 10 years old, and our family settled in Cleveland, Ohio.

Joe Shuster
I firmly believe I never had too much of an opportunity after I left Cleveland. I was behind Jamaal Charles at Kansas City. I didn’t get too much playing time. I felt when I got in I did well. And then I was in Tampa and never really got to touch the field because of Doug Martin. He’s pretty good.

Peyton Hillis
When I was 12, my friend and I tried to sneak onto a plane from my hometown of Cleveland to New York City! My dad encouraged us – he was a wild guy, big on jokes.

Molly Shannon
During Grover Cleveland’s second term, in the 1890s, the White House deceived the public by dismissing allegations that surgeons had removed a cancerous growth from the President’s mouth; a vulcanized-rubber prosthesis disguised the absence of much of Cleveland’s upper left jaw and part of his palate.

Robert Dallek
I love playing Rosie on ‘Devious Maids,’ and I think that if Rosie would have an NFL team to root for, she would also be a Cleveland Browns fan.

Dania Ramirez
I always thought Grover Cleveland was from Cleveland.

Eric Garcetti
I didn’t know I wanted to go into entertainment, but I knew I wanted to be on stage when I was about seven. I saw a play, like most kids do, at a children’s theater in Cleveland, and I just saw them up there, and I thought, ‘that’s where I want to be.’

Carol Kane
I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I was the only black girl in my grade. And I was just, like, really dorky. Like, I wasn’t cool.

Phoebe Robinson
Cleveland is always in my heart.

Rudy Ray Moore
If not for food stamps, Medicaid, and various job programs, I would never have gone on to be the first in my family to go to college, the first black woman to represent my ward on the Cleveland City Council, and, ultimately, a State Senator.

Nina Turner
I’m not going to be happy until Cleveland wins a Super Bowl.

Peyton Hillis
It’s nice to come into a town and be referred to as the manager of the Cleveland Indians instead of as the first black manager.

Frank Robinson
There is a lot to do in Cleveland. It’s just those December, January, February months that are tough. But there is a lot to do there.

Peyton Hillis
It’d be really great to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame mature. It’s a good facility there in Cleveland. I like the museum a lot.

Steve Miller
I was so successful in Cleveland, and we moved to Los Angeles, and there was nothing for me to do. All of a sudden, from being a success, I was a has-been at 13.

Joel Grey
I’m a Cleveland Indian by birth.

Anand Giridharadas
I grew up outside Cleveland, Ohio, and I went to college at Boston University. I majored in film. Then I came out to Los Angeles.

Lauren Shuler Donner
In 2011, I started a nonprofit organization, Venture for America, to help bring talented young entrepreneurs to create thousands of jobs in Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Birmingham, Baltimore and other cities around the country.

Andrew Yang
I sometimes feel it is to my disadvantage that I have not conducted the Cleveland Orchestra or the Boston or Chicago symphonies, but then I have had to sacrifice something in order to have enough time with my orchestras.

Zubin Mehta
I lived in Cleveland for a summer when I was 12, and I was a ball boy for the Browns, which few people know.

Casey Wasserman
I remember singing around the house to records that were playing. All kinds of music. And the great James Cleveland was often in our house, and I grew up with his sound as well.

Aretha Franklin
From the time I made my announcement that I was going to be an actor, I auditioned for community theater, did shows at Greenbrier, interned at the Cleveland Play House for a summer, took voice lessons, took ballet lessons. I did everything that Cleveland allowed me to do – everything that was available to me.

Reggie Lee
Cleveland is the place I grew up and lived much of my adult life, so it will always be a part of my soul.

Mark Edwards
Between Alan Freed in Cleveland and Bob Horn and Lee Stewart in Philadelphia and George ‘Hound Dog’ Lorenz in Buffalo, they began to find out that white kids liked black music. It was a very significant period of time before I got there.

Dick Clark
When I moved to Orlando, it was my first time moving from Cleveland. You never know what to expect. But to be able to go and work with Shawn Michaels and learn from him – it’s just mind-blowing.

Johnny Gargano
Since I was in Cleveland, I’ve gone through a lot of different things.

Danny Green
Growing up in Cleveland, the first time I went to a WWE event, Cleveland didn’t even have an arena. The Cavaliers were playing at the Richfield Coliseum. I would go out there.

Dolph Ziggler
I’m from Cleveland. I don’t have any famous parents. I don’t have any media training, I don’t have a history in the industry to where I would have any preconceived notions of how I’m supposed to be.

Machine Gun Kelly
There’s a lot of arrogance in the medical community. There are good, reliable websites you can go to for information – the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins.

Tom Brokaw
I never thought a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland or anywhere else was a good idea.

Todd Rundgren
I love competition and people who are elite at what they do, and I’m a huge Cleveland Cavaliers and Buffalo Bills fan.

Casey Cott
I used to collect autographs outside of the old Cleveland Stadium. I can still remember everyone who took the time and spent a few minutes to make your day. That sticks with you.

Fred Willard
Cleveland gets crapped on a lot.

Vanessa Bayer
I think NXT is kind of like the Cleveland, Ohio, of professional wrestling. We’re that underdog whose hungry, who’s always out to prove people wrong, and that’s kind of what our locker room represents.

Johnny Gargano
Cleveland, although I didn’t play a lot I really learned a ton in my year and a half of being there. I was really fortunate to be around some of the game’s best players.

Joe Harris
I couldn’t be prouder to say that I work for the Cleveland Browns, and all I know is this: Jimmy and Dee Haslam, I have immense respect for these people.

John Dorsey
Cleveland’s a great city. I love the city. The people here are awesome. They’re loyal and hard-working, and they’re loyal to our sports scene, and things are changing here.

Stipe Miocic
My mother raised me herself, along with my six younger siblings, in Cleveland, and life wasn’t easy even in the best of times. At age 42, she died, and it fell on me, then aged 22 and working minimum wage, to take care of all of us. At the time, I was newly married with a baby son. And I was deeply afraid for our future.

Nina Turner
I am a girl from Cleveland, Ohio, that never thought she would be in Hollywood!

Isabela Moner
Cleveland is my hometown, and the Indians have a narrow but rich history.

Fred Willard
I left L.A. and moved to Cleveland for four years in the early 2000s or whatever. I came back and thought that everything had changed. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t think I ever fit in here. And wait, who are all of these celebrities that are not actors? Where did all of the actors go?’

Monica Potter
So far, Vancouver is my favorite relocation city. It feels like home. Parts of it remind me of the east coast. It’s very clean. The food is great. And the people are lovely. Not that I didn’t love working in other glamorous locations like Downey, Detroit, Cleveland or Bulgaria… but, damn, it is fun to be Canadian.

Rachel Nichols
I know companies in Cleveland that could make the suits and the other things that Donald Trump has outsourced.

Sherrod Brown
People, when they sent me to Cleveland, what they expected was for Shawn to go to Cleveland and us to lose, you know what I’m saying? It’s not going to happen.

Shawn Kemp
In Cleveland there is legislation moving forward to ban people from wearing pants that fit too low. However, there is lots of opposition from the plumber’ union.

Conan O’Brien
You feel like you need to deal with a lot if you’re from Cleveland, so you learn to let things roll off your back, and you learn that humor is the best way to deal with it.

Vanessa Bayer
Cleveland, we’ve got a champion, baby!

Stipe Miocic
The Cleveland Cavaliers are forced to play in something called the ‘Quicken Loans Arena.’ This is a terrible name for a sports venue.

Adam Schlesinger
I was born in Cleveland, Ohio; raised primarily in Phoenix, Arizona; and, after running away from home in my teens to play music and bouncing around a bit, settled in Oxford, Mississippi, which I consider more my home than anywhere else in the world.

Jonathan Miles
My biggest interest of being the No. 1 pick, obviously the pressure that comes along with that, I would love to have that pressure on my shoulders because I’ve always thrived in those situations, and I feel like Cleveland would be a great spot to be.

Josh Allen
Our entire franchise has done everything in its power to put all of our players and its coaching staff in the best possible position to execute when it counts. And to deliver to the highly supportive fans of Cleveland a proud, intense, impassioned, all-out drive to achieve a championship.

Dan Gilbert
I like being out there. I’ve done Snowdon, walked a bit of the Cleveland Way, did some of the Coast to Coast.

Nigel Pearson
My Cleveland years were both scientifically and personally most rewarding. My wife Judy was able to rejoin me in our research and my research group grew rapidly.

George Andrew Olah
The fan base for the Cleveland Browns is more passionate than Green Bay Packers fans.

John Dorsey
I moved from Cleveland to L.A. with a girlfriend, we broke up, and I lived out of my car for a year and a half, on the road with nothing on my mind but getting my act good enough to be on ‘The Tonight Show.’

Drew Carey
Yeah, I think there are a lot of things about Cleveland that I miss. Los Angeles is a funny place to live.

Monica Potter
I was born in Boston, but I moved to Cleveland when I was three.

Sandra Faber
I grew up in a small segregated steel town 6o miles outside of Cleveland, my parents grew up in the segregated south. As a family we struggled financially, and I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s where overt racism ruled the day.

Lori Lightfoot
I love Cleveland, and I love going back home. That’s where my family is. That’s where my roots are.

Kym Whitley
With anything that happens in Cleveland, I always get involved.

Machine Gun Kelly
I have had an amazingly fortunate life. I’m a child from Yorkshire, which is sort of like Cleveland without the pretty bits.

Jeremy Clarkson
You can’t have mental breakdowns defensively because teams like Golden State and Cleveland will make you pay dearly.

Dwane Casey
There were so many wonderful opportunities for me growing up in Cleveland. And whatever I’m doing in New York or Hollywood, I meet people from Cleveland.

Isabela Moner
Admittedly, there will be an awful lot for me to learn, but I want nothing more than to help bring consistent, championship caliber football back to Cleveland.

Paul DePodesta
It’s easy to dismiss Cheeseburger. You look at him as a guy who is 5’8, 125 pounds, very inexperienced. I know not to judge a book by it’s cover, and if a kid with those dimensions is willing to get in the ring with me and Kazarian, you know his heart is the size of Cleveland.

Christopher Daniels
The people of Cleveland hate soccer. But it’s my favourite thing and I follow the U.S. men’s national team around when they play whenever I can.

Drew Carey
A lot of kids spent more time out of school than in, but I always loved school and thought it was my way out of Cleveland, and out of poverty.

Tracy Chapman
The first time I met Harlan Ellison, we were both unpublished young punks in Cleveland, Ohio.

Roger Zelazny
My wife grew up in Cleveland.

Ro Khanna
When I first started painting, I had an interesting nightmare about Cleveland – I dreamed the houses there were encased in this free-floating cage structure. I guess Cleveland was a confining place for me, even though my parents weren’t too conservative.

April Gornik
I love Cleveland. I really do. I love the Browns, I love being a part of this organization, and it’s been kind of my career’s mission to help turn this team around into a consistent winner.

Joe Thomas
I tried out for ‘Jeopardy’ once, when they came to Cleveland, but I didn’t make it.

Drew Carey
In Cleveland, I was a young rookie. I was trying to be like the veterans when I wasn’t a veteran. That was definitely the wrong way to go about things.

Danny Green
People might say, ‘They’re this; they’re that,’ or I made a comment on cold weather, and they kind of pointed towards Cleveland with that. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll play wherever they put me.

Myles Garrett
When I was on ‘The Real World,’ I moved back to Cleveland, and I had a choice: My dad was like, ‘You should stay in Cleveland and be the big name out here.’ I was like, ‘But no, Dad, I wanna be a WWE superstar.’

The Miz
The passion, toughness and determination that you display on a daily basis is an inspiration for myself and for all of my teammates and all the people that wear ‘Cleveland’ across their chest.

Joe Thomas
On our way to the Super Bowl XV Championship, the Oakland Raiders played a frigid 1981 AFC playoff game in Cleveland, in which the temperatures plunged to -35 degrees. I remember looking up in the stands to see a dedicated Cleveland Brown fan celebrating topless.

Burgess Owens
I have enjoyed the years enormously in Cleveland and especially in Baltimore.

Art Modell
I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. And I’ll tell you a real quick thing: we didn’t have a pro hockey team when I was growing up, so I adopted the Red Wings as my hockey team just so I could, you know, be amused and enjoy playoff hockey every single year. I really get into it. Detroit is my team.

Dolph Ziggler
Though President Grover Cleveland declared Labor Day a national holiday in 1894, the occasion was first observed on Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City.

Brendan I. Koerner
When I was in Cleveland, Ohio, if you asked me what I’d be doing in 10 years, I’d probably say, ‘I’ll own my own Mr. Hero, living in Cleveland, married with three kids.’ Now I can say I’ve literally traveled the world with WWE.

The Miz
I am forever a Cleveland Brown.

Jim Brown
I love Cleveland; I’ll always want to fight there. But there’s a lot going on in New York. I’d like to go somewhere I’m not known as well.

Stipe Miocic
Cleveland fans are awesome.

LeBron James
I definitely want to come back to Cleveland. The coaches, the team, everything about the situation, it’s perfect for me.

J. R. Smith
We made ‘Pieces’ in Cleveland with zero connections to the film business. Absolutely zero.

Joe Russo
On our first date, all Anne wanted to talk about was Bob Feller, the new pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.

Woody Hayes
It’s amazing to come here. I’m so happy that UFC is finally here. We’ve been starving for it in Cleveland.

Stipe Miocic
Despite everything I’ve been through, despite being a kid with a spotty background, the Cleveland Browns stuck their neck out and risked taking me and put their faith and belief in me, and I won’t let them down.

Josh Gordon
I’m convinced that the Great Lakes region will be at the center of an internally-focused North American economy when the hallucination of oil-powered globalism dissolves. Places like Buffalo, Cleveland, and Detroit will have a new life, but not at the scale of the twentieth century.

James Howard Kunstler
Nine Inch Nails was born out of Cleveland, Ohio, with me and a friend in a studio working on demos at night. Got a record deal with a small, little label, went on tour in a van, and a couple years later found that somehow we touched a nerve, and that first record resonated with a bunch of people.

Trent Reznor
There is much boasting among the young men about their teams as their horse and carts in Cleveland. Most of the Yorkshire men take as much delight in their ox draught as they used to do in their Horse Draught.

Nathaniel Smith
When you mention the Cleveland Browns to me, it brings back vast memories.

John Dorsey
I like Cleveland. I like the Cavaliers. Nothing wrong with Cleveland. I have lots of friends there.

Vanilla Ice
I see myself in a Cleveland Browns uniform and a return for Josh Gordon. Hopefully this time, the biggest and the best I’ve ever been. Really looking forward to giving the people what they deserve, not letting anyone down, myself included. And exceeding their expectations.

Josh Gordon
This just in: Beverly Hills 90210, Cleveland Browns 3.

Colin Mochrie
No, I don’t think my presence will cause an increase in black attendance at Cleveland.

Frank Robinson
Cleveland is my hometown.

Nina Turner
Kyrie is a good guy. Spent a lot of time with him over the years because we were the same class in high school and ACC when he was at Duke. Then I was with him my rookie year in Cleveland.

Joe Harris
It was very important for me to touch on things that haven’t changed, like schools. I’m in Cleveland, Ohio. My lady’s from Ohio, and the schools are being torn down, and they turned them into high-rise condos.

Anthony Hamilton
We want to make the Cleveland Cavaliers a perennial champion and contender. We want people to be part of the franchise for long periods of time if they fit our culture, no matter who they are, whether it’s LeBron or anybody that contributes.

Dan Gilbert
In the Cleveland area, I have been instrumental in helping to save or create thousands of jobs. People know me there as a person who gets involved.

Dennis Kucinich
Devo and The Cramps didn’t get big until they went to New York City. Chrissie Hynde didn’t get big until she moved to London. When I was growing up, there wasn’t even a place to play – just one little bar. If we wanted to have a gig, then we had to drive 45 minutes up to Cleveland.

Dan Auerbach
I had left the James Gang, left Cleveland, and gone to Colorado because Bill Szymczyk was there, and so were a whole bunch of other people I knew.

Joe Walsh
Cleveland people are crazy; that’s why I live here.

Stipe Miocic
Honestly, I think, as an artist, it’s everything that’s in your life that informs what you do. So, obviously, growing up in Cleveland has played a big role in how I see the world.

Tracy Chapman
Chrissie Hynde’s from Ohio, and so am I. If there’s a Cleveland sound, that’s what it is.

Alice Ripley
I am always going to be the same guy. The fireman that lives in Cleveland.

Stipe Miocic
In my singles run, I would have to say my ladder match with Dolph Ziggler in Cleveland for the Intercontinental Title was probably a career highlight for me. If throwing that pretty boy through a ladder isn’t fun, I don’t know what is.

Luke Harper
I felt like Cleveland deserved a winner. They have the most loyal fans in the world. I just thought it was a goal of mine. Every time that job came open I tried to get it.

Bruce Arians
I am a different kind of celebrity; I don’t have the big, giant house, the fancy cars, and all the designer stuff. I am just a girl from Cleveland.

Kym Whitley
To the fans of Cleveland: I want to say thank you, number one. You all understand that it’s deeper than just a game.

Channing Frye
Above all, the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as the entire franchise, deserve and need our players and coaches to dig deep within themselves.

Dan Gilbert
It would have been harder for me to get rookie of the year in Cleveland than it would’ve been in Minnesota.

Andrew Wiggins
If I ever saw myself saying I’m excited going to Cleveland, I’d punch myself in the face because I’m lying.

Ichiro Suzuki
I have let down many in Cleveland – my Browns teammates, our hard-working coaching staff, the team’s ownership, and the loyal fan base that wants nothing more than to win. Playing there is different than in many other cities. We feel the fans pain.

Josh Gordon
We grew up near a cinematheque in Cleveland, so we were very influenced by international cinema, the French New Wave, Italian neo-realists.

Joe Russo
I met Robert Crumb in 1962; he lived in Cleveland for a while. I took a look at his stuff. Crumb was doing stuff beyond what other writers and artists were doing. It was a step beyond Mad.

Harvey Pekar
You look at my career, everywhere I went – Miami, Green Bay, Cleveland, Philly – they were always bringing in draft picks and former first-rounders and guys with free-agent deals to take my job.

Doug Pederson
Cleveland fans are great. They really do support their team, and they back them up no matter what.

Peyton Hillis
I don’t spend the whole off-season in Venezuela. I spend a couple of weeks in Cleveland, go to Florida, take my son to Disney World. But I still have my home, and my whole family lives in Venezuela.

Asdrubal Cabrera
When I travel back to neighborhoods like the inner city of Greater Cleveland where I’m from, young black kids tell me that they see my career as another path for them out of their troubled surroundings.

Rich Paul
I want to finish my career in Cleveland. They gave me the opportunity to play in the big leagues.

Asdrubal Cabrera
Cleveland has a very bad reputation, but there’s a lot of stuff that’s left over from when there were very wealthy people – the Art Museum and a world class symphony that’s still world class.

Harvey Pekar
Over the years it has been my privilege to lead performances with Saint Louis, the National Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra and so many other wonderful organizations.

Leonard Slatkin
I don’t think any other holiday embraces the food of the Midwest quite like Thanksgiving. There’s roasted meat and mashed potatoes. But being here is also about heritage. Cleveland is really a giant melting pot – not only is my family a melting pot, but so is the city.

Michael Symon
My first job at Gleason’s Bar in Cleveland was $800 a week, when I was making $92 a week with overtime at the automobile plant.

Chuck Berry
On June 3, 2015, in keeping with a long tradition, I visited my home club in the Pepper Pike suburb of Cleveland, known simply as The Country Club. It’s an old William Flynn design and perhaps the most underrated course in America. It’s elegant, challenging and filled with old-world charm.

Jim Nantz
My feelings for Cleveland are a little bit different because there’s always the memory of me having surgery here. Cleveland is a special place to me now because it’s a place that helped save my life.

Jeff Green
Cleveland, Ohio, is the real deal.

Machine Gun Kelly
Miz and I grew up a couple of minutes apart in the Cleveland area and both had dreams of being WWE Superstars and being the best.

Dolph Ziggler
Goodbye not because I’m retiring, but because I’m merely changing jobs. From being your left tackle to being the No. 1 fan of the Cleveland Browns.

Joe Thomas
In Cleveland, music was always a big part of my life. That’s really where I cut my teeth.

Mark Foster
I’ve said this about many people, but when you were recruiting against John Beilein you knew it was a fair fight, a real fight and he was going to do it the right way. I have a lot of respect for John. He’s a heck of a coach and he will do a great job in Cleveland.

Brad Stevens
The Buckeye Build will have a lasting impact on Cleveland, and it is an honor to be a part of it.

Rob Portman
‘Cleveland’ went viral, but it didn’t necessarily pop. I didn’t have that support. I didn’t have a deal when I made ‘Cleveland’ or anything like that.

Machine Gun Kelly
I’ve never been a bandwagon Clevelander. I’ve been talking about Cleveland and holding up Cleveland since before we were champions.

Machine Gun Kelly
I love being a Cleveland Brown.

Peyton Hillis
Habitat for Humanity is making Cleveland better every day.

Rob Portman
I want an explosion the size of Cleveland.

Joel Silver
Cleveland, as a whole, is a great sports town. People love the Browns here.

Baker Mayfield