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We wanted Glossier to have an excellent customer experi
We wanted Glossier to have an excellent customer experience and reach as many of you as possible from day one, so we went with venture – the stuff fast-growth, tech-enabled companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple are made of.

Emily Weiss
I was studying at Stanford University with two quarters left to go before receiving an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. Then, I got the telephone call from my mother. I had no choice. I went home, and I jumped into the company feet first, right from day one. There was no time to grieve my father.

Azim Premji
At the end of the day, one of the biggest misconceptions of Ghost is that it’s just about the devil. It’s always been about mankind and living.

Tobias Forge
I was drawn to ‘Fear Street’ for so many reasons. From reading the script on day one, I could tell that this trilogy was going to be so groundbreaking in the way that it subverted stereotypes and characters.

Kiana Madeira
Of course we’ve been fighting against stereotypes from Day One at East West. That’s the reason we formed: to combat that, and to show we are capable of more than just fulfilling the stereotypes – waiter, laundryman, gardener, martial artist, villain.

I have said from day one I see myself as a center back. But, if I am asked to play in midfield or at right-back, I am happy to do so.

Phil Jones
I have looked up to Emraan Hashmi from day one.

Ali Fazal
I’ve had to learn fast. I’ve kind of come up the hard way in this sport and just a sense of my training partners and my coaches and that’s been something that I’ve been having to deal with since day one.

Travis Browne
We have to defend the migrant workers and give them our support and demand that they have the rights that workers here have from day one, but absolutely hate the system that forces people to leave their country, leave their homes, leave their families, to go somewhere else to be exploited.

Ken Loach
My mom is my biggest supporter. She’s been there since day one. She’s always going to have my back.

Julius Randle
Not to this extent but from day one I had an awful lot of confidence when I got started.

George Thorogood
I dress women the way I see them and the way I envision them from day one, thus my customer knows that what she is looking for she will get.

Rachel Roy
It’s easy to be patient because you have a guy in the room like Eli Manning who comes in every day, one of the first people in the building and one of the last ones to leave and he’s been in the league as long as he has. So that’s what it takes to continue to get better, and he sets the standard, and I need to reach it.

Davis Webb
Actually, I have been very supportive of a very robust stimulus package from day one. I think this economy has to have a major stimulus initiative because the only group with liquidity is the federal government.

Judd Gregg
I want more unpredictability. I want more realism. I think the fans would appreciate that, and that’s what I’ve brought since day one.

Matt Riddle
The temptation, when you go into Kickstarter, is that the first three days are wonderful, and you believe you’re a god. You go in your spreadsheet and think, ‘If every day’s like day one, we’re going to have suitcases of money arriving at the front door.’ Then, it dips into this slump.

Peter Molyneux
You can’t think of a franchise from day one. It starts with the audience accepting the idea.

Vijay Krishna Acharya
This virus is an enemy that the entire country underestimated from day one and we have paid the price dearly.

Andrew Cuomo
My mama’s been supportive since day one.

I have tremendous admiration for companies with the kind of pioneering spirit and innovation eBay has demonstrated from day one.

Bonnie Hammer
The way you build trust with your people is by being forthright and clear with them from day one. You may think people are fooled when you tell them what they want to hear. They are not fooled.

Dick Costolo
I think from day one, recovering, it is just try to be as positive as you can.

Ryan Mason
Secretary Clinton, right from day one, wants to do real investment in public works and infrastructure, building highways and bridges, building airports, to doing what we need to do that way which lifts the economy up, undoubtedly.

Sherrod Brown
We want to repeal the ObamaCare tax. We want to save middle class families from European health care. And that’s what we’re going to do as a party and that’s what Mitt Romney will do on day one.

Reince Priebus
I’ve been very, very lucky in my career, in my life – from day one. When aspiring directors say, ‘What’s your advice?’ first I say, ‘Be born the son of a famous director. It’s invaluable.’

Jason Reitman
Given the daunting challenges that we face, it’s important that president elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one.

Valerie Jarrett
From day one, The Shield was a vehicle. It wasn’t, ‘This is what we’re doing for the rest of our lives.’ It was, ‘This is the vehicle we’ll use to bust into WWE, to ride to the top of it, and then we fight each other.’ That was always the plan.

Dean Ambrose
From day one, my quest has been to ensure the world knows Alabama is open for business. By removing burdensome regulations on small businesses we are sending that signal loud and clear.

Kay Ivey
I’ve believed in myself since day one.

Collin Morikawa
I love online video. I’ve been obsessed with it since day one.

Hank Green
Just build your brand from day one, man. Your brand is your name, basically. A lot of people don’t know that they need to build their brand, your brand is what keeps you moving.

Meek Mill
I’ve been competitive since day one. Even in little things as a child, like having a twin and a direct competitor for who makes better cookies.

Gracie Gold
My public in Guadalajara and the people from Guadalajara, they’ve supported me since day one.

Canelo Alvarez
People have been counting me out since Day One.

Rajon Rondo
I’ve said from day one that I’ve got no problem with nudity. I’ve done it throughout my career.

Lena Headey
I have fans from every level of the fitness world, whether it’s the elite competitor or just someone living a healthy lifestyle, and it’s been my goal since day one to make sure that my brand has something to offer everyone.

Ronnie Coleman
I have encouraged my kids to eat well from day one. I add flavor – herbs and spices – to everything because I don’t want them getting used to starchy, bland food. I also want them to experiment – they don’t have to love everything, but they do have to try it.

Alison Sweeney
I’ve never had it easy in boxing, from day one, never. I’ve never asked for an easy run.

Luke Campbell
I’d actually like to make a country album one day. One of my idols is Neil Young, because he’s kept himself from being bored.

Art Alexakis
When you think about a new platform, what will define it as a long-term success are the ongoing range of games and experiences that come to the platform – not what’s available on Day One.

Reggie Fils-Aime
My ambition from day one in this sport has been to become a world superstar.

Amir Khan
One can remain eternally young if, each day, one grows rich by marvelous moments.

Romy Schneider
Cubans have no bar to being legalized once they are in America. All other Hispanics – with the exception of Puerto Ricans – have to go through a broken, dysfunctional process. One group is American from day one. And all the rest are trying to be.

Joe Garcia
My mom has been my support system from day one. Admiring the type of person she is gives me a sense of what to look for in my ideal cheerleader when the time comes.

For me, because I’ve been such a YouTube lover since day one, I want to continue doing YouTube but also branch out and do other things simultaneously.

Emma Chamberlain
I’m taking each day one day at a time, and building up my strength and endurance. It’s crazy because it takes no time at all to lose everything you have and then so much time to gain it back.

Michelle McCool
Frankly speaking, from day one, I’ve been offered solo leads, but I did not take up any of them. For me, it has to be the right script and the right director before I launch myself in Tollywood in a lead role.

Sonu Sood
From day one, the mission of my government based on transparency was to improve the lives of our citizens, to eradicate their difficulties owing to poor governance, and to make sure that the benefit of public services reach the lowest strata of the society.

Ram Nath Kovind
What we admit to is being a rock n’ roll band. From day one, I was a big Chuck Berry fan.

Angus Young
We need to teach the next generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind’s greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
I grew up in a household without a lot of problems and they have been very supportive from day one.

Mario Lopez
When I first thought about wrestling, I thought about it as this foreign thing that I would have so much trouble accessing, and then, day one of researching it, I was like, ‘Oh, I know what this is! This is theater. This is playing pretend.’ It was really easy to connect to.

Betty Gilpin
I wanted to go to Jupiter. That was my plan from day one, and David Lynch gave me the ticket.

Laura Dern
Travis Kalanick was and is the perfect person to lead Uber, a product I knew from day one was going to be big.

Chris Sacca
From Day One I always wanted to be a role model. For me, that’s who I am.

A. J. Green
You know how you hear people say that they had people in their lives who told them they couldn’t make it or they couldn’t do something? That’s not me. That’s not my story. My brothers have been there with me since day one. We’ve been through everything together – good and bad.

Cris Carter
I knew Randy right from day one when he started wrestling. I helped him put together that image of the Macho Man. He had a way about him. He grabbed your attention through his voice. That allowed him to present himself as a type of a character.

Harley Race
From day one, I’ve always tried to be an honest man. I ran for Congress to make a difference and not to just be another politician.

Vance McAllister
When you put a group of actors together who get along, and we have since day one, they don’t become like their roles. What tends to happen is their age disappears and they all deal with each other as friends.

Stephen Collins
I would rather have 1/4 of a cookie for four days than a big cookie on day one followed by three days with nothing – this has been documented by my colleagues.

Chris Morocco
A lot of people making a lot of money, billion, billions of dollars accumulating. Why are they coming for, finally, for philanthropy? Why the need for accumulating money, then doing philanthropy? What if one decided to start philanthropy from the day one?

Arunachalam Muruganantham
I would like to thank all my tennis fans who were there from Day One when I was No. 1, through my stabbing, and my comeback.

Monica Seles
Since day one my thing has always been to play the music.

Zakk Wylde
One of the phenomenons of American political life is that it all stops one day. One day, you’ve got 200 reporters and cameras, and everybody is hanging on you. And three days later, you’re alone. And it’s quite a transition.

Walter F. Mondale
From day one when you’re singing, you’re dreaming about making that first album and making your break into whatever music you want to break into.

Brett Eldredge
I remember being a kid and saying, ‘One day, I’m going to have a ranch. One day, one day, one day.’ And now, I’m fighting in the UFC. I’m here making the money, and that one day is here. I can finally go get those things that I want.

Donald Cerrone
From day one, I knew that I want to spend the rest of my life with Shalini.

My day one fans – my fans from my mix tape days – know my life now. They know where I’ve been. You don’t want to have a disconnection with those fans. You have to give them all of you because they feel like they’ve known you.

I knew I was going to be successful from day one. From day one. That’s why it throws me whenever someone says it was such a fluke that I was successful.

Rosie Perez
‘Argo’ was a great script from day one. I don’t think we knew that it was going to be such a success.

Tate Donovan
I will say about my fans, from day one they’ve been listening and are still listening to my projects on repeat.

Gabriella Wilson
I’ve said from day one, when Donald Trump gets in there, he’s going to make an equal number of Republicans unhappy as Democrats unhappy.

Rick Santelli
I have the experience and ability to step in on day one in Washington and start working on the challenging problems facing our country.

Darlene Senger
Nepotism is an overrated debate. It exists everywhere and I have been telling this from the day one.

Anubhav Sinha
I’ve known Hillary Clinton for a long time. She’s trustworthy. She’s ready from Day One to assume the office of presidency in the United States. She’s qualified and she’s ready as compared to, I think, Donald Trump, who has shown his recklessness, and dangerous statements that he’s made.

Ben Cardin
With its emphasis on star power, the Obama campaign from Day One emphasized the candidate’s perfectly cut presidential presence.

Andrew Breitbart
The most important fact is that gays have been here since day one. To say otherwise is a gross denial and stupidity. We played an enormous part in the history of America.

Larry Kramer
I think I have always been a hard worker in school and in sports and everything. Growing up, my parents encouraged me to do that from day one.

I define success a little differently. My dream from day one was to act and stand on my own two feet. I’m literally living my dream after struggling really hard to get here and that in itself is success to me.

Amyra Dastur
I feel the whole issue has been a witchhunt from day one as part of a broader Republican political agenda.

Kojo Annan
Like most new writers, I could only hope that one day one publisher might agree to publish one of my books; I couldn’t imagine several publishers all wanting to buy the first book I’d written.

Emma Healey
Even before Snapchat, you go back into my career from Day One or interview people that knew me for 25 years, they’re going to tell you I’ve been DJ Khaled my whole life.

DJ Khaled
I have a song that’s called ‘Rap Dreams, Hoop Dreams’. Besides education, everybody’s got hoop dreams from day one in rap. Rap, sports, music have so much of an impact on the world.

Lil B
Day one through three of the radio tour, I actually went by Camaron Ochs. I went to my first set of radio remotes, and everybody was just like ‘What’s your last name?’ It’s not easy to pronounce. The first two minutes I got with people, that’s what they wanted to talk about, and sometimes those two minutes is all you get.

In New York, they kind of rode with me from day one: they understand who I am.

Sean Young is such a sweetheart and just absolutely lovely. From day one, she was just very easy to be around. She’s definitely a ‘mom’ and very much a girl’s girl. She likes talking about makeup and the business and just being a woman.

Lauren Ashley Carter
I am not concerned about getting reelected. I can make the unpopular but necessary decision. Your focus from day one is on your legacy rather than political considerations.

Benigno Aquino III
I love being a grandmother. That feeling you have for your own child – you don’t ever think it will be replicated, and I did wonder if I would have to ‘pretend’ with my grandchildren. But my heart was taken on day one.

Joanna Lumley
From day one, my administration has been keenly focused on growing Alabama’s economy and bringing good jobs to our state.

Kay Ivey
From day one I knew Pro Elite didn’t know what they were doing.

Frank Shamrock
You grow up in America and you’re told from day one, ‘This is the land of opportunity.’ That everybody has an equal chance to make it in this country. And then you look at places like Harlem, and you say, ‘That is absolutely a lie.’

Geoffrey Canada
When I was a kid, I’d practise Chopin on piano – and I love Chopin! He’s my dawg! Then I’d go out on the stoop and blast the radio. I’m from New York, the concrete jungle. Hip-hop influenced me from day one.

Alicia Keys
We got the strong hustle, the strong grind embedded in us since Day One.

Paul Wall
Mom, I guess for us, has been number one from day one.

Jason McCourty
I’ve been competitive from day one. It’s in my nature. Whether people recognize that or not, I don’t know how they can’t. I’m not gonna go out there and try to hurt somebody or win by all means. But if it’s up in the air, I’m gonna try harder than you to get it done.

Tim Duncan
The moment the angel enters a life it enters an environment. We are ecological from day one.

James Hillman
A lot of people probably don’t realize how difficult it is to stick to that lawyer speak when you’re not a lawyer. I see everyone on ‘The Good Wife’ – everyone, people who have been there since day one – struggling with that language because it is just not how people talk.

Carrie Preston
For me, from day one, I don’t think I realized that I was considered undersized, but I knew I was good. I had certain tools in my toolbox that other guys didn’t have, like agility, quickness and explosiveness.

Austin Aries
I think, with Hank Paulson, the concept of a bailout was anathema to him from day one. He was a Republican; he’s a free marketeer. He believes in capitalism, and part of capitalism is believing in failure. And so the idea of bailing out an institution, I think, went against every part of him.

Andrew Ross Sorkin
I think I’m a guy who is going to come in and work hard from Day One.

Ezekiel Elliott
Music lives in cycles. One day, one type of music is on top and the next year another genre is on top. Either the fans love you or they jump from one artist to another.

Hank Williams Jr.
You must prepare to quit, and they should start doing that from day one because the average life of a pro-football player is only three and a half years. It’s not five. It’s not seven. It’s not 10.

Gale Sayers
The way NXT has been from day one when I was asked to do it, ‘Don’t put me on camera. I do not need to be on camera unless it’s absolutely necessary. This isn’t about me, it’s about the talent,’ and everyone that works in NXT, that’s what we think.

William Regal
I do like the iPhone. I’ve been a Blackberry person from, like, literally day one of Blackberry, so it’s been a real switch, but it’s a great device.

Julius Genachowski
From day one, musical theater was my bread and butter.

Ben Platt
I am grateful to have my life back and for the friends and family who never gave up on me, for a God who was there when I was ready to find him. I am grateful for so much, that every day, one day at a time, is Thanksgiving.

Andrew Zimmern
We’re not one of those groups who have one song on the radio and, boom, they’re an instant success. We worked hard from day one and didn’t get a lot of respect, possibly because of the way we were marketed.

Kevin Jonas
If somebody had told me as a kid that I would win 30 stages of the Tour de France I probably wouldn’t have imagined it. I probably imagined I could do it – I don’t lack confidence – but at the end of the day one Tour de France stage win can make a rider’s career.

Mark Cavendish
Two men that did treat me well from day one were Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon. Thanks to them being old pros and having the class of a pair of WWE Hall of Famers and true gentlemen, I was given a chance to prove myself to them as a human being.

Jim Ross
I believe that the day one stops being spiritual, one ends up being religious. I live by the adage that the only certainty in life is death. We should, therefore, learn to live for the day and be content.

Ashwin Sanghi
Demonetisation was always on the government’s radar and was part of the plan from day one when Narendra Modi took over as prime minister, as he was concerned about the black money.

Ajay Piramal
When I started my airline business, I didn’t know everything, right? If I start up a newspaper tomorrow, I might get ripped off by journalists. You’d be naive to think you know everything from day one.

Tony Fernandes
My message hasn’t changed from day one.

Paul Nehlen
I try to focus on my fans, who I know have been there since day one.

Kane Brown
Did people care about how a singer sounded live back in the day? I don’t really feel like they did. Not everything was being filmed. Today, one huge mess-up, and millions are seeing it. There’s a lot more on the line nowadays. We’re so cautious and scared of messing up. It adds a lot of stress to a career.

Shawn Mendes
When Sharan called me for ‘Rambo,’ we were acquainted, but had not worked together. Right from day one, though, there was an easygoing camaraderie between us, which was only amplified by his implicit trust in me and my ability to deliver for his film.

Arjun Janya
From day one, we always admired male R&B groups. They would go onstage with no shirt on and baggy jeans, and girls would scream.

Rozonda Thomas
I have carried the burden of my dad’s image since day one. They never see me as just another guy trying to make his career in the film industry. I am always ‘Megastar’ Chiranjeevi’s son first, and Ram Charan only later.

Ram Charan
With any success, a lot of voices come out, and you start hearing a lot more opinions on the matter. We’ve provoked very strong reactions in both directions since day one.

Zacky Vengeance
I had no confusion about making a superhero film. From the very day one, I knew I will make a movie of this genre which will have an Indian superhero. I never wanted to copy my superhero from any of the Hollywood ones.

Remo D’Souza
Nobody has trusted the Iranian government from day one, but the idea of just refusing to have any kind of talks is dangerous in the extreme. Every administration says at least that we’re trying to have talks between Israel and Palestine and solve the Middle East peace problem.

Douglas Brinkley
I’d rather invest in an entrepreneur who has failed before than one who assumes success from day one.

Kevin O’Leary
When I came to Mumbai, I didn’t know a soul. The only person I knew was an assistant director, which, everyone agrees, is the lowest form of life on the set. So, it was not a great contact to have. So, I knew from day one that I wasn’t going to be launched opposite a superstar.

Swara Bhaskar
Commit yourself to quality from day one… it’s better to do nothing at all than to do something badly.

Mark McCormack
From day one our next generation system will run all our exsisting software – so that gives us a head start.

Trip Hawkins
I want to be dominant from day one.

Myles Garrett
I remember in the movies we used to do two pages a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Fred MacMurray
My philosophy from day one is that I can sleep better at night if I can improve an individual’s knowledge about food and wine, and do it on a daily basis.

Emeril Lagasse
Whether it was turning around failing companies, rescuing the Olympics, or improving the business climate in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney has proven that he is ready to be president on Day One.

Tim Griffin
We need somebody ready to be commander-in-chief on day one, who understands there are no moderates in Iran; they’ve been killed a long time ago.

Lindsey Graham
I took the position from day one that it was the right decree, that the modifications I made to the decree were proper, that the correct outcome had been obtained, and that in due time all of that would become apparent. And it has become apparent.

Harold H. Greene
My key message is be innovative, be ambitious; think global and big on day one.

Emmanuel Macron
As a competitive gymnast, my life has always been filled with challenges that would ultimately define my future. From day one, I was taught to be prepared at all costs.

Dominique Moceanu
My parents- they’ve been my biggest influences and supporters since day one. They teach me every day that happiness comes from within and not from something outside of your heart.

Shawn Johnson
If you’ve got an idea, start today. There’s no better time than now to get going. That doesn’t mean quit your job and jump into your idea 100% from day one, but there’s always small progress that can be made to start the movement.

Kevin Systrom
I got to direct a human interest sports drama – to this day, one of my proudest achievements in my career and a source of undying pride.

Bill Paxton
I’ve been a Nike athlete since day one.

Marshawn Lynch
From day one in summer league, I had a chip on my shoulder.

Jordan Clarkson
SiriusXM has had my back ever since day one when I was making remixes in my dorm room at university, and it means a lot that they’re supporting my music as I prepare to release my debut album, ‘Cloud Nine.’

From day one, I have always been open about my sexual orientation.

Tammy Baldwin
I’m sure those rumors are spread, but it’s just ah – we’re really good friend. We’ve been since day one in Hollywood. In class, we’ve been together in school. We’ve gotten really close, but I don’t know about the more than friends stuff.

Scotty McCreery
The fans in Canada have been there since day one. They’re the originals. When people say that’s your roots, that’s literally my roots. I’ve just cut this tree off and replanted it somewhere else and it started growing. But the roots are there.

Russell Peters
If I play one day, one day not play, I’m good.

Boban Marjanovic
Curtis Axel isn’t Joe Hennig. That’s who he should’ve been from day one, there are guys that have a legacy in this business. All that they would’ve had to do to help him from day one was let him be Joe Hennig.

Arn Anderson
On Day One, a start-up is a faith-based initiative built on guesses.

Steve Blank
In order to have a meaningful impact, companies should value diversity and inclusion from Day One.

Christine Tsai
God is teaching me to really just take small increments towards Him every single day. One thing about Jesus. He’s always walking towards us because he wants to guide us. But all we have to do, we have to be willing to be vulnerable and take steps towards Him.

Jameis Winston
Music has been my everything since day one. It’s been my shoulder to cry on, my rock and my best friend.

Christina Perri
‘Badalte Rishton ki Daastan’ has enough masala to keep the audiences hooked from day one. It is a proper family drama.

Sanjeeda Sheikh
The best solution would be for the federal government to say, ‘Yes, we do provide coverage and it’s from day one.’

Andrew P. Harris
Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day one should meditate on being carried away by surging waves, falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease.

Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Since day one, since the first time I touched the pen, I wanted to be the best at what I do.

Kendrick Lamar
Not knowing my birthday had never seemed strange. I knew I’d been born near the end of September, and each year I picked a day, one that didn’t fall on a Sunday because it’s no fun spending your birthday in church.

Tara Westover
I enjoyed English football from day one when I was with Southampton.

Toby Alderweireld
Every video I’ve made has an inspirational message behind it. Since day one, I thought, ‘Okay, I want my audience to be, like, Disney members.’ So if that’s the case, I have to keep everything rated G.

Michelle Phan
It’s difficult when you’re not getting any help from the wicket on day one.

Ravindra Jadeja
From day one, I got addicted to being on stage and getting the applause and laughter.

Zac Efron
I’ve been trying to be champion since day one.

Beneil Dariush
From day one, I was against Karisma marrying Sunjay.

Randhir Kapoor
I’m proud to say that, leading by example, I’ve tried from day one to help recalibrate views of women in the world of football.

Karren Brady
I grew up with ‘Friends’ from day one and, like, ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Frazier,’ those sorts of shows, but for sure, ‘Friends’ was it for our family. Like, we would watch every Thursday night at eight o’clock; I couldn’t wait.

Kaley Cuoco
Growing up with four older brothers, we were into everything! They started snowboarding when I was just a tiny button, and I loved watching them shredding in the backyard. After seeing them compete in a few contests, it was all over. I idolized the sport from day one.

Hannah Teter
I knew from day one, the truth would prevail, but I was so scared I didn’t know what to do.

Susan Smith
I wrote my first play when I was nine, it was about Robin Hood, from Maid Marian’s point of view. I was a feminist from day one.

Carol Drinkwater
My associate director, Lisa Leguillou, is remarkable: flying around, visiting all the companies. She is truly the unsung hero of ‘Wicked’. She has been by my side from day one, and she is invaluable. I frankly don’t know how she does it.

Joe Mantello
When one sings, one does not speak about the problems of the every day. One speaks about the things which inspire us, which helped us.

Yannick Noah
As the son of a racing car designer and mechanical engineer, I was exposed to motorsports from day one.

Charlie Kimball
The fans here in D.C. since Day One they support the team, support me. It’s something special.

Alexander Ovechkin
I did feel from day one that I was a born performer.

Kathie Lee Gifford
As a member of the House Armed Services Committee and the Congressional Joint Strike Fighter Caucus, I have been a staunch supporter of the production of the F-35 since day one and understand the importance of its production for my fellow Texans and our nation’s security.

Marc Veasey
I’ve known since day one of working on ‘Spring Awakening’ – back in 1999 – that it was special.

Lea Michele
At the end of the day, one of the most politically active voters in the country, seniors, will know who stood with them and who didn’t.

Judy Chu
Once in a while, I write in Malay and work on something fun that’s more for the local Malaysian market, and when that happens, it’s always something really special; it speaks volumes that I’m doing it for my fans who have been there for me since day one.

I want to thank my momma for pulling up. I want to thank my boys who was with me since day one; thank you for pulling up on me.

There are no friends in boxing, I’ve said that from day one.

Daniel Dubois
I define leadership as: Emotionally, you own your business. You own it with passion. And you either have or you don’t have an economic investment. But when you have all three of those, you are the boss from Day One, and you care every single day more than anyone.

Mickey Drexler
Instant, soluble coffee has long been the unspeakable wasteland of the coffee business. Conventional wisdom would be that no premium brand should go near it. But Howard Schultz’s vision from day one has been to bring quality coffee to the mass market.

John Quelch