Top 180 Celebrated Quotes

We have collected the best Celebrated Quotes by famous authors including Kirk Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Bhumi Pednekar, Nigel Hamilton, John C. Reilly and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Whether it's Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole or Common there
Whether it’s Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole or Common there are a lot of artists, especially rappers, who come from a background with a faith-based substance, and it’s time for that substance to be celebrated and appreciated.

Kirk Franklin
The consolidation of the music business has made it difficult to encourage styles like the blues, all of which deserve to be celebrated as part of our most treasured national resources.

Bonnie Raitt
My parents always told me that we won’t get you married until you are independent. Women have always been celebrated in my house.

Bhumi Pednekar
Traditionally Presidents Day was Washington’s birthday. It was celebrated as a public holiday on February 22 each year, in peace or in war.

Nigel Hamilton
There are a lot of actors in the world, there’s a small number that actually get to work as actors, and there is a tiny group of actors that are celebrated in the way that I have been. I feel incredibly lucky.

John C. Reilly
I think that the equator could act as a great equalizer for all life on Earth, celebrated as the great energy belt of the planet. If all our energy grids were synchronized, the light side of the planet could provide energy for the dark side, according to the movement of the sun.

Antony Gormley
The election of Senator Barack Obama brought jubilation across Africa, where millions celebrated him as ‘one of their own.’

George Ayittey
For many on the Right, America is to be routinely celebrated because it stands for free enterprise and global power; for many on the Left, America merits perpetual suspicion and censure for the self-same reasons.

Linda Colley
My parents treated my height as a wonderful thing to be celebrated, but also normal.

Gwendoline Christie
One thing Britons have always been celebrated for, and that is being able to stick it out in a tight place.

Robert Baden-Powell
The people standing up most strongly for our democracies should be celebrated, not prosecuted – be it those countless human rights defenders who defend all our rights or the brave whistle-blowers who expose tax dodging.

Winnie Byanyima
Pirates almost never sailed with women. Just four or five are known to have worked as pirates during the Golden Age. Two of them – Mary Read and Anne Bonny – became famous, dressing as men and fighting alongside one of the most celebrated of all pirate captains, ‘Calico’ Jack Rackham.

Robert Kurson
I have celebrated major successes with Germany on the pitch, but not only that, I have experienced so much off the pitch too, visiting countries and cities all over the world.

Lukas Podolski
Kabir has special place for police in his heart. Whenever he sees a policeman, he wants to meet them. That’s why we celebrated his birthday with a police-themed party.

Amrapali Gupta
I watched a lot of old movies. Clint Eastwood movies, a lot of John Wayne films, a lot of movies that celebrated the region of where I lived.

Taylor Sheridan
Paralympic sport and other disability sport can and should be celebrated in its own right.

Stella Young
Poets have always celebrated grief as one of the deepest human emotions.

Edward Hirsch
Music is a really powerful way for me to catalyze all kinds of things. It’s always been the cure. Through music, I’ve healed all the wounds I’ve had and celebrated all the good things in life. Through music, I turn things, good or bad, into energy.

Spanish Explorers celebrated Christmas in 1539 in the area we now know as the State of Florida.

James Lankford
The fact that healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine mean that we are living longer is actually something to be celebrated.

Nicola Sturgeon
The Fiction Writer’s Co-op has 51 members, from celebrated NYT bestsellers to promising newcomers, and a waiting list.

M. J. Rose
This world of ‘Star Wars’ is just so accepting and beautiful that the idea a droid and a human are trying to waddle their way into a relationship is something that’s celebrated.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Growth and maturation isn’t celebrated or isn’t talked about in society now. Is it possible that I was a bad teammate in 2012? Sure. Is it also possible that I’m a good teammate in 2019? Sure.

Trevor Bauer
With the 5-to-4 decision upholding Trump’s Muslim ban, arbitrary discrimination is now formal U.S. policy, celebrated by a president who campaigned on a ‘total ban’ of Muslims entering the United States.

Ben Rhodes
I couldn’t possibly have any regrets, because I’ve been very lucky, I’ve been celebrated, and I’ve survived. I couldn’t have one single regret. That would be absurd.

Don McCullin
While red carpets always existed, the importance given to fashionable appearances wasn’t that much in the mainstream music space. And now, even though everyone walks the red carpet, singers are expected to just walk down without waiting to be clicked or celebrated.

Neha Bhasin
Life experience is not something to be denied, but to be celebrated.

Madeleine M. Kunin
Newspaper people, once celebrated as founts of ribald humor and uncouth fun, have of late lost all their gaiety, and small wonder.

Russell Baker
I like festivals of all kinds: in 1969, I made a film about the first Pan-African festival in Algiers, which celebrated the countries that had been liberated 10 years earlier. There was a tremendous feeling of kinship.

William Klein
I had seen a lot of music movies that celebrated music or that showed the kind of joys from playing music, which is a big part of it of course, and not something that I would want to deny.

Damien Chazelle
Til the day I didn’t play under-19 World Cup, nobody ever celebrated my birthday. And the moment I played for Indian team, my family got excited and ordered and cut a cake for me in front of 40-50 family members.

Virender Sehwag
I think, with every kind of creature and every kind of human, there is no better. We’re all just mutations, and I think that each mutation should be celebrated.

Our work is not done until everyone is safe and celebrated not just in San Francisco, but also across the country.

London Breed
I haven’t celebrated coming in No. 2 too many times.

Mark Messier
There is much about the shared terrain of being a black person in the United States that is not seen on small or silver screens or in museums or best-selling books, and much of what gets ignored in the mainstream thrives, and is celebrated, on Twitter.

Jenna Wortham
Among the achievements celebrated in Trump’s first 100 days are the 59 cruise missiles launched at the Syrian airfield from which the gas attack on civilians allegedly came, and the dropping of the 22,000-pound MOAB bomb in Afghanistan. But what did these bombings accomplish?

Pat Buchanan
The city of Oakland, since I got here, has been like my second family. They’ve taken me in and had my back through the hard times and they’ve celebrated with me through the good times. And so, I love Oakland.

Derek Carr
It’s celebrated in British culture to be eccentric.

Paloma Faith
I actually have great respect for the professionals on both sides, journalism designers in the fashion industry, and I wanted to make a movie that celebrated what they did as much as poke fun at the challenges of their lives.

David Frankel
My birthdays were always celebrated with much pomp.

Sherlyn Chopra
There’s one more thing I want to say. It’s a touchy subject. Black beauty. Black sensuality. We live in a culture where the beauty of black people isn’t always as celebrated as other types. I’d like to help change that if I can!

Jody Watley
In conversation marketing, you’re providing a service, a continuing dialogue whose course through the Web is unknown. The more value it adds to the ecosystem, the more it will be shared, amplified and celebrated.

John Battelle
Porto is my team since I was a young boy. I was in the stands for all the matches. I was too young to go to the Champions League final in 2004, but I celebrated afterwards. I watch all their games when I can. At some point in my career, I want to go back.

Ruben Neves
Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government asked me to serve as a fellow at its Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy. After my varied and celebrated career in television, movies, publishing, and the lucrative world of corporate speaking, being a fellow at Harvard seemed, frankly, like a step down.

Al Franken
The discipline of gratitude is the explicit effort to acknowledge that all I am and have is given to me as a gift of love, a gift to be celebrated with joy.

Henri Nouwen
My name is Natasha Trethewey, and I was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, in 1966, exactly 100 years to the day that Mississippi celebrated the first Confederate Memorial Day, April 26, 1866.

Natasha Trethewey
I’m always interested in getting to know people, and that means vilified people as much as those celebrated. You find out that heroes aren’t always so heroic, and villains have some bit of humanity in them.

Dustin Lance Black
My father was a rags-to-riches businessman who came over in the Sixties with no money. On my mother’s side, I am the grandson of a High Court judge and celebrated intelligence officer, so it’s quite an unusual combination.

Chuka Umunna
Time and time again, as a boy, I was humiliated. I celebrated my first day in long pants by going to a dance where I fell sprawling on the floor, and was so ashamed that I jumped up, ran away and left my girl to get home the best way she could.

Vash Young
There is so much to be celebrated about mental illness. I do believe that there is something to be said about the truly artistic, the truly brilliant, those of us who have been ‘touched by fire’ that should be celebrated, not stigmatized.

Mauro Ranallo
In my home, guns were not something to be earned or celebrated. Water guns and Nerf guns were not allowed outside. B.B. guns were not even a part of the conversation.

Clint Smith
Leading Christian theologians such as Augustine and Aquinas were not what today might be called ‘strict constructionists.’ Rather, they celebrated reason as the means to gain greater insight into divine intentions.

Rodney Stark
A horseman’s head is in Athens, and his body is in London: Poseidon’s torso is separated between Greece and the U.K. This means that they cannot be celebrated and appreciated as a whole in the country they came from.

Amal Clooney
When I celebrated my bar mitzvah, there was no cake. Today, there is no such thing as a bar mitzvah in the United States without a special cake. It can be even more complicated and expensive than a wedding cake, because bar-mitzvah cakes are often based on a particular theme.

Ron Ben-Israel
When I was coming up, we didn’t have the movement of Black Girl Magic or Black Girls Rock, but my parents made it their business to make sure I saw positive images of myself and celebrated images of black women.

Naturi Naughton
The last time I celebrated a special occasion, I hashed together a paella with some chicken, some frozen veg, long-grain rice, chilli and a shake of turmeric for colour – and it didn’t disappoint.

Jack Monroe
Rap and spoken word have reawakened the country to poetry in itself. Texting and Twitter encourage creative uses of casual language, in ways I have celebrated widely. But we’ve fallen behind on savoring the formal layer of our language.

John McWhorter
To most of us, adulthood means being able to earn a living, possess a home, get married and rear children, and this implies having autonomy or control over one’s life. In the 19th century, becoming an adult was celebrated as a liberation from paternal authority. Today we regard it more as a time of regret and stagnation.

Jane Ridley
I knew that I wanted to create a restaurant like Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood that celebrated not just music or Hollywood, but who we were as people of color, as Caribbean, African, Cajun and Southern people.

Malik Yoba
The punk era, at its best, celebrated questioning the norm and the promotion of originality. Both concepts have always resonated with me.

Prabal Gurung
Throughout human history, people have developed strong loyalties to traditions, rituals, and symbols. In the most effective organizations, they are not only respected but celebrated. It is no coincidence that the most highly admired corporations are also among the most profitable.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
I think celebrity is taking a heavy shot because of reality TV and the rise of Mr. Trump. I think people are becoming a little more leery, assuming that being a celebrated individual means you have some gravitas.

Mike Farrell
Many people ask me why I chose to remake ‘Devdas.’ I wanted to make a film that celebrated grandeur and grace.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali
I’d watch shows like ‘The Kids in the Hall’ or ‘Twin Peaks,’ and I’d see weird people being celebrated and appreciated without compromising their weirdness. On ‘The Facts of Life,’ I’d see girls who were pudgy, beautiful, popular, tomboyish – many ways of being female – and I’d feel quietly reassured.

Emily V. Gordon
The God who existed before any religion counts on you to make the oneness of the human family known and celebrated.

Desmond Tutu
I celebrated my 18th birthday in Japan, which was quite memorable; I was quite fascinated by the different traditions and the culture; it was so completely different to Australian culture.

Miranda Kerr
Trans women, trans men, AFAB – which is assigned female at birth – and non-binary performers, but especially trans women of color, have been doing drag for literal centuries and deserve to be equally represented and celebrated alongside cis men.

Sasha Velour
After America won the Cold War, some believed we had come to the ‘end of history,’ and budget-cutters celebrated the so-called ‘peace dividend.’ As a result, we ignored the toxic mixture of militant Islam and terror that ultimately led to 9/11.

Frank Gaffney
I remember people were horrified when I celebrated my 50th! ‘Don’t announce your age,’ I was advised! How stupid is that.

Shabana Azmi
I was raised in Harlem. I never found a book that took place in Harlem. I never had a church like mine in a book. I never had people like the people I knew. People who could not find their lives in books and celebrated felt bad about themselves. I needed to write to include the lives of these young people.

Walter Dean Myers
Every thing in life that’s first should be a celebration or celebrated with a lot of oomph.

Kriti Sanon
A celebrated and hugely popular actress in her native Iran, Ahangarani first landed on the radar of the Iranian authorities for her open support of opposition figure Mir-Hossein Mousavi, which led to her arrest in July 2009 in the aftermath of a disputed presidential election in Iran.

Nazanin Boniadi
I extend my greetings and good wishes to all our citizens on the joyous occasion of Deepawali. The festival of lights, celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm all over the country, signifies the victory of good over evil and is an appropriate occasion for us to resolve to follow the high ideals in life.

Mohammad Hamid Ansari
A. R. Rahman is truly India’s Mozart. His music is celebrated worldwide.

Kailash Kher
Samurai culture did exist really, for hundreds of years and the notion of people trying to create some sort of a moral code, the idea that there existed certain behaviors that could be celebrated and that could be operative in a life.

Edward Zwick
I am from Ghana, and although Ghana is celebrated as a relatively peaceful country in a historically war-torn region, the issues of development and recovery are still apparent.

Philomena Kwao
I was at art school that had quite a celebrated film course as well. I tried for that film course when I was 18, but they said I was too young. I tried this audio and visual design course instead. Two years later, I reapplied for that higher course, but they said I was still too young and to try in five years.

Edgar Wright
I think it is time people realized that people with Down syndrome can be sexy and beautiful and should be celebrated.

Madeline Stuart
Fashion faux pas should be celebrated. I enjoy them because it means we’re not all clones.

Linda Evangelista
Justin Broadrick’s career isn’t widely celebrated, but it’s still shockingly uncompromising. From his place at the beginning of grindcore with Napalm Death to his role in Godflesh’s expansion of industrial metal, the U.K. musician specializes in artistic hairpin turns.

Anthony Fantano
Of all forms of diversity that should be celebrated on university campuses, none is more important than supporting, nurturing, and promoting intellectual diversity.

Gad Saad
When I was in elementary school, I watched ‘Cinema Paradiso’ 22 times and memorized the dialogue. In the movie, everyone had a place, even the bum who thought he owned the piazza. Eccentricities were celebrated, and no one was isolated.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs
Alabama’s Black Belt region played a central role in both the history of our great state and our country. We cannot lose sight of the Black Belt’s significant impact in the civil rights movement and the fact that this area is home to some of our state’s most celebrated cultural figures.

Tommy Tuberville
I love educating myself on different cultures’ dishes and foods that are important and celebrated within that culture. I also think food brings people together. It’s unifying!

Lana Condor
If you look at the history of our country over the last 100 years, there have been periods where science and research have been celebrated. They were really kind of held up as heroes in society, which encouraged a generation of people to go into these fields.

Mark Zuckerberg
Technically, ‘Kukla, Fran and Ollie’ was a kids’ show, but adults watched almost religiously – and we’re talking adult adults, celebrated adults – including James Thurber, Orson Welles, John Steinbeck, Adlai E. Stevenson and lyricist Stephen Sondheim.

Tom Shales
A man who graduated high in his class at Yale Law School and made partnership in a top law firm would be celebrated. A man who invested wisely would be admired, but a woman who accomplishes this is treated with suspicion.

Barbra Streisand
I’m comfortable in my skin, and for my look to be celebrated is great.

Andreja Pejic
Our religion is itself profoundly sad – a religion of universal anguish, and one which, because of its very catholicity, grants full liberty to the individual and asks no better than to be celebrated in each man’s own language – so long as he knows anguish and is a painter.

Charles Baudelaire
In the primitive church, it was customary for the Holy Eucharist to be celebrated on the anniversary of the death of a martyr – if possible, on his tomb.

Sabine Baring-Gould
Growing up, I loved the imagery I saw from America as it celebrated being the land of the free and home of the brave.

Edward Enninful
The Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame will provide a center where the lives and the artistry of the greatest jazz musicians will be celebrated, and where people will come to learn about jazz, something to which my brother devoted his life’s work.

Ahmet Ertegun
When I started thinking about it, I was like, ‘OK, if throughout time I get labeled as a conscious artist, I’ll be very much celebrated, in a way, and honored.’

When I was four, we went to Oahu. It was the first time we celebrated Passover away from home.

Jesse Kellerman
I look in the mirror expecting to be 34 and see someone who is 58. What’s that all about? I haven’t even thought about turning 60 yet, but so many of my friends have celebrated it by now that it’s lost its terror. And I don’t mind being 58; it’s just such a surprise when one doesn’t feel it at all.

Deborah Moggach
I like to accentuate the feminine form, so I’m a big fan of corsets. A woman’s body is beautiful and should be shown off and celebrated. I love a simple and elegant dress that highlights my waist.

Haley Bennett
The Masters is the one tournament with a timeless quality, where legends are celebrated.

Jim Nantz
I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land.

Jon Stewart
‘Leave It to Beaver,’ which ran from 1957 until 1963, was one of the strangest, sweetest, most distinctive domestic sitcoms of television’s celebrated Golden Age.

Tom Shales
I have never once celebrated a Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday. For me, it’s another opportunity to tell my kids or whoever how much I love them. I hang pink crepe paper and make heart-shaped pancakes!

America has become amnesiac, a country in which forms of historical, political, and moral forgetting are not only willfully practiced but celebrated.

Henry Giroux
Not every religion has to have St. Augustine’s attitude to sex. Why even in our culture marriages are celebrated in a church, everyone present knows what is going to happen that night, but that doesn’t prevent it being a religious ceremony.

Ludwig Wittgenstein
When I was a kid, monsters made me feel that I could fit somewhere, even if it was… an imaginary place where the grotesque and the abnormal were celebrated and accepted.

Guillermo del Toro
I don’t think it’s good to focus on being celebrated but to celebrate yourself.

Winnie Harlow
I grew up in a chawl where the ganpati festival is celebrated in a big way.

‘Out of many, one’ is the national motto, and what the Founders imagined it meant is that out of the great and celebrated differences between us comes one nation and one larger purpose.

Mike Gallagher
Austria used to see itself as the first victim of National Socialism. That is certainly true for all those who fought in the resistance, whom we cannot thank enough, and who will always be shining examples. But… the ones who stood in such great numbers and celebrated in March 1938 in Heroes’ Square were no victims.

Sebastian Kurz
Magic has been around forever, and it’s also been in trouble forever. I’m not suggesting that there was ever a time when the practice of magic was celebrated by those in power. Actually, such practices were routinely demonized by monarchs and organized religions precisely because magic is inherently democratic.

David Liss
I have always told my family that I don’t want my birthday to be celebrated and that they shouldn’t get me anything, even though if they didn’t I’d probably write a standup routine about it.

Romesh Ranganathan
For someone, success is to be the highest paid actress. For some, it might be the number of awards, and for some, it is the number of films. Honestly, I feel privileged when a celebrated filmmaker offers me a role so that I can be a part of his vision. That is success for me.

Aditi Rao Hydari
The British have a unique relationship with horses. They are etched into our landscape in chalk, they have been written about, painted, sung about, celebrated and gambled upon for centuries.

Clare Balding
Christmas means a great deal to me. I was reared in a family that celebrated Christmas to some extent, but I married into a family that celebrated Christmas in a big way. And my wife always made a big thing of Christmas for the children. We have five children, and we had a terrific time at Christmas.

Billy Graham
Everybody I grew up with has incredible self-confidence and self-assurance. We were all loud, outspoken, wild kids and were celebrated for it.

Gaby Hoffmann
I photograph artists, and some of them are very well known, but if you ask the average man on the street, ‘Do you like Anselm Kiefer?’ He would stare at you with a blank stare, because these are not celebrities. They are celebrated in a specific circle.

Anton Corbijn
Generally speaking, we as black people have been celebrated more for when we are subservient when we are not being leaders or kings or in the center of our own narrative driving it forward.

David Oyelowo
For the last 3 years, we have celebrated National Nurses Week. Beginning on May 6, we will once again have the opportunity to truly commend the nursing community for their contributions to our national health delivery system.

Nathan Deal
Tony Scott, Walter Hill, Michael Mann – I’m a big action fan, full stop. And even though Michael Mann is the more celebrated film-maker than Tony Scott, I love them both in different ways.

Edgar Wright
New York is celebrated as a leader in our nation’s quest for progress because ours is a city built by the labor of a thousand different shades and accents.

Letitia James
So many a time, I would find myself stuck in my studio while, in another country, my exhibitions were opening and I was being celebrated.

Wangechi Mutu
Death marks our careers as actors – it’s often what flings us back into unemployment, the unknown, the insecurity that is the true constant in our profession… and it must be celebrated.

Lela Loren
I think what should be celebrated about our campaign is we have over 3 million people who have contributed to our campaign – teachers, firefighters, nurses, retirees. They’re making up the backbone of this field organization in the country.

David Plouffe
I’m not confident around compliments or being celebrated, and I’m not comfortable with the thought of envy, which some people thrive on.

Rachel Weisz
I never thought in a million years I’d be involved in a project that celebrated the fullness of my identity of being queer and Asian.

Nico Santos
In earlier cultures with pagan belief systems, light and dark were celebrated equally, people were around death a lot. In contemporary Western culture, we don’t have that, and horror is a place you can be immersed in it.

Robert Eggers
In Britain, the major public holiday used to be Guy Fawkes Day… that was celebrated on November 5th with things like bonfires and fireworks… I think that made Halloween seem preferable. The idea of having pumpkins and costumes and parties seemed much more appealing than burning down your neighborhood.

Lisa Morton
I do believe that men and women are different, and that should be celebrated, but at the same time, I think there’s a lot of things girls can do, and do equally, as well. Whether it’s fighting for equal pay or just to be treated with respect, it’s something I think is really important.

Alesha Dixon
A lot of times in comedy, and also in podcasting and television, there are different kinds of voices that can be celebrated. So you can have ‘Insecure’ exist, you can have a ‘2 Dope Queens’ exist, you can have ‘The Mindy Project’ exist – very distinct, funny voices from women and from people of color.

Phoebe Robinson
The most celebrated system of jurisprudence known to the world begins, as it ends, with a Code.

Henry James Sumner Maine
Guide’ is not just my most iconic film. It is also Dev’s most celebrated work. But I almost didn’t do ‘Guide.’

Waheeda Rehman
The need for a detailed, comprehensive examination of the Saturn system became clear during the early 1980s, after the two Voyager spacecraft made flybys of the planet. These celebrated events were the opening acts in the story of humanity’s exploration of Saturn.

Carolyn Porco
Until there are no more hate crimes, no more vicious bullying and ugly slurs, whenever a person comes out – whether that person is a celebrity or a ‘nobody’ – it should be celebrated like the triumph of courage it is.

Donna Brazile
Junior high is so much worse than high school because at least in high school different is more accepted, celebrated actually: all the girls with blue hair and gothic Hello Kitty backpacks.

Nikki Reed
Friendship is one of our most treasured relationships, but it isn’t codified and celebrated; it’s never going to give you a party.

Hanya Yanagihara
Black girls are punished, many times violently so, for questioning and challenging authority, which is something that is often celebrated and encouraged as a sign of intelligence and critical thinking in white boys.

Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
It’s not about the failure, it’s about learning from the failures. Failure itself cannot be celebrated.

Satya Nadella
People have the right to live as equal citizens under the law. They do not have the right to demand that their identities be coddled and celebrated lest they might otherwise get offended.

Gad Saad
Trump followed Fox’s lead. He parroted what he heard on TV. He lied and lied, but rather than suffer the consequences, his lies were excused and supported and even celebrated by his media enablers.

Brian Stelter
Platinum for me signifies everlasting love, which needs to be celebrated in the most special way.

Ram Kapoor
Cerner is a company that just celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1999.

Neal Patterson
I lost my biological father at nine, but up until then, we celebrated Christmas and Easter too.

Dia Mirza
We have a lot of historical and religious baggage in our culture. It’s ancient; we are clannish as a species. We like things to fit into boxes, and it’s unfortunate because humans are unique and should be celebrated and embraced as such.

Sherri Saum
New Order never celebrated anything to do with Joy Division.

Peter Hook
I’m proud to live in a country where our differences are celebrated – and if we continue to embrace them, then there will be no limit to our creative success.

Penny Mordaunt
The same way that I know that I’ll never do a movie as good or as celebrated as ‘Forrest Gump,’ I know that I’ll never do a movie as bad as ‘Bonfire of the Vanities.’

Tom Hanks
Unconventionality is no longer a taboo. It is being applauded and celebrated by both the classes and the masses.

Sherlyn Chopra
What I did to celebrate was I went home to my 535-square-foot apartment by myself and ate supper by myself. That was how I celebrated getting a record deal.

Josh Turner
The first story I ever sold was to ‘Argosy’ magazine, which no longer exists. That issue also contained work by several other more celebrated writers, like Ray Bradbury – so I felt I had at least one toe on the ladder.

Wilbur Smith
Grass-roots work is not flashy, and rarely celebrated on the national media level, but that is where change begins.

Ilyasah Shabazz
The biggest thing is, when I was coming up, the thing that made you wonderful was your uniqueness. People celebrated that.

Dianne Reeves
I always celebrated my birthdays with my parents. There is no question of not being with them on that day.

Padmapriya Janakiraman
It was no easy feat becoming Dominick Dunne. Think about it. He was the most celebrated chronicler of downtrodden socialites. He feasted on their famine with little sympathy or admiration for their formerly exalted positions. Yet somehow they invited him back.

Dan Abrams
The club scene was really like a… they really weren’t sure if I was a girl or a transsexual. When they found out, it was celebrated instead of ‘Ssshh! Don’t tell anyone!’ That felt really liberating.

Amanda Lepore
In real life, and for women everywhere, no matter what their job is, your 30s and your 40s and beyond should be celebrated.

Winona Ryder
Sports culture has long had a major impact on American culture. The values taught and celebrated in sports are conservative.

Jason Whitlock
Britain is an amazing multicultural place to live in, and that should be celebrated and represented.

Alesha Dixon
I left the Army in 2000 and went into industry before I started appearing on TV in 2003. My best job there was on a series called ‘Crafty Tricks Of War’ for the BBC. I loved that because it celebrated how clever and inventive people are and the ingenuity that goes into solving problems.

Dick Strawbridge
In the game of love, the losers are more celebrated than the winners.

Mason Cooley
Private equity investors are an integral part of the economy and should be celebrated for making our country wealthier.

Joe Lonsdale
There is reason to think the most celebrated philosophers would have been bunglers at business; but the reason is because they despised it.

George Savile
My ultimate dream is for the Irvine Ranch to be known and celebrated as much for the outstanding communities we’ve planned and built as it is for what is not developed. The beneficiary being the 50,000 acres of undeveloped land that is now permanently preserved and conserved as Open Space and parklands.

Donald Bren
Of the thousands of people, celebrated and unknown, who have sat before my camera, I am often asked who was the most difficult subject, or the easiest, or which picture is my favorite. This last question is like asking a mother which child she likes the most.

Philippe Halsman
Being a black woman in America and the world and in corporate situations is something to be celebrated.

Bozoma Saint John
What’s interesting is, say, the O.J. trial and when the verdict came out, and there were people who celebrated, and there were people who thought that he’s guilty, and it’s a crime. Those reactions tend to be filtered through our own experiences.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Now we’re in an environment where women are increasingly having a huge impact and adding a lot of value to our industry. And women are celebrated if they raise their hand and say, ‘Hey, you’re missing my value. You’re not recognizing what I’m doing.’

Diane Greene
The entire trendy foodie world – food writing, food television, celebrated restaurants – is all about food for the rich. But the most important food issue is how to feed the poor or the hardworking middle class.

Mark Kurlansky
Fame usually comes to those who are thinking about something else – very rarely to those who say to themselves, ‘Go to, now, let us be a celebrated individual!’.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Designer Marc Jacobs ended his sixteen-year tenure at Louis Vuitton with a spring 2014 collection that celebrated fashion in its purest and least complicated form – as majestic, superficial beauty.

Robin Givhan
I’ve certainly had a number of failures along the way, depending on my own instincts and creativity, some fairly celebrated, at least during their time.

Bob Iger
I think what should happen is companies should calculate how much money they’re getting from people who are celebrating Christmas and provide exactly that much amount of Merry Christmas, because that is exactly how I would want any type of religious holiday to be celebrated.

Sam Seder
I think publishing’s strength is also its weakness. It’s got such a rich and celebrated history as an industry. For the most part, publishing people are incredibly creative, business is done based on the strength of relationships, and the product being peddled is books.

Jennifer Gilmore
The Fourth of July should be celebrated with big hearts.

Camila Alves
Before Wenger came, Arsenal celebrated 1-0 and were based on defensive solidity. With Arsene, joy came from attacking, with players of good standing. And the perfect combination was the Invincibles. But over time, only technical quality and offensive freedom were taken care of, losing the defensive structure.

Unai Emery
Birth mothers choose life, and a family, for their child. But this choice is rarely celebrated. Women routinely face family, friends and even health-care providers who think that adoption equals abandonment, according to researchers and conversations with birth mothers.

Nina Easton
I celebrated success in the art world, which was quite sudden, and I suddenly had $1,000 a month, when formerly I had nothing, basically. So what we did with this money: we had a baby, we bought a car, and we celebrated by going to Rome, because it would be warmer and better looking.

Peter Saul
Trans women should be accepted and celebrated, whether they look a little bit more on the masculine side of the spectrum or they’re the femme of all fems.

Trace Lysette
We celebrated Christmas. Not religiously, but we did the tree and the lights. Hannukah always seemed not quite as thrilling – Sorry to my Jewish brothers and sisters! But when you’re a kid, Santa and all that, you know, that really trumps the menorah. So we did Christmas.

Matthew Broderick
I grew up in Morocco. I was born a Muslim, and, every year, I celebrated Christmas in a big white house in the country, halfway between Meknes and Fez.

Leila Slimani
I have made a career of flop films. And yet, 90 percent of my films are celebrated.

Manoj Bajpayee
Some books claim I have already clocked up a century of Grands Prix, but let me put the record straight. Australia will be my 100th start, and I aim to mark the milestone with a cracking performance. It could even be celebrated with a victory.

Damon Hill
‘Jelly,’ more than any black musical before it, celebrated the majesty, the purity, the joy of so many artists who are unable to fully embody these same qualities in their own lives.

George C. Wolfe