Top 19 Louisville Quotes

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I plan to coach at University of Louisville for as long
I plan to coach at University of Louisville for as long as I can maintain the passion I have for the game of basketball. I don’t want to coach anywhere else. I don’t believe in anything else as much as I believe in this university and this state. I want to coach as long as they will have me.

Rick Pitino
I spent two and a half years in Louisville, and I loved it.

Mickie James
I had been playing for a while, and I asked Louisville Slugger to send me a dozen flame treated bats. But when I got it, I realized they had sent me a box of ashes.

Bob Uecker
The only thing I do to my bat is put some tape around the handle to build it up a little bit because I broke my finger about six years ago and can’t really close it the way I want to. Other than that, the same bat, same Louisville Sluggers.

Tony Gwynn
One day I’m lugging walls back and forth in Louisville, and the next day I’m at Cannes giving interviews next to Ben Kingsley. I’m nowhere near cynical or jaded enough not to be incredibly thrilled by that.

Chris Eigeman
All the Southerners think we’re Yanks, and all the Yanks think we’re Southerners, and all the Midwesterners think we’re East. Everybody’s always wrong about Louisville. That’s kind of why I love it so much.

Jim James
Well, I got pretty good and went on the road with a group. We starved. At that time I didn’t realize that you’d work one gig in Kansas City, the next in Florida and the next gig will be in Louisville. You know, a thousand miles a night. That was really rough, man.

Wes Montgomery
I unloaded planes for UPS in Louisville, Kentucky. It only was bad because it was called ‘Earn to Learn,’ where you pay for your tuition for college, but you have to work graveyard shift – midnight to eight A.M. – and then go to school at nine or 10 A.M. I was a zombie after two semesters.

Boyd Holbrook
Only once in a thousand years or so do we get to hear a Mozart or see a Picasso or read a Shakespeare. Ali was one of them, and yet at his heart, he was still a kid from Louisville who ran with the gods and walked with the crippled and smiled at the foolishness of it all.

Billy Crystal
I don’t get into these petty things, Kentucky-Louisville. To me, it’s nonsense… There will be people at Kentucky that will have a nervous breakdown if they lose to us… They’ve got to put the fences up on bridges. There will be people consumed by Louisville.

Rick Pitino
Everybody always thinks you have to move out of the city and go where the music industry is, but it’s possible in Louisville, and it’s possible anywhere. You just have to believe.

Bryson Tiller
At a tiny station in New Albany, Indiana, which is right across from the river from Louisville, Kentucky, where I grew up. The Louisville stations were loath to hire beginners, so I had to go across the river.

Bob Edwards
Whenever you fly into Louisville, you see a sign that says, ‘It’s Possible Here.’ I remember my first time seeing it – I think I was coming home from the studio in L.A. – I was working on my debut album, and I just thought, ‘Wow, it is possible here.’

Bryson Tiller
I worked at a Books-a-Million in Louisville for several years.

Julie Kagawa
When I started out back in Louisville, there was Harry Collins. He was my first teacher. He saw that I was so obsessed with magic that he taught me the love of magic.

Lance Burton
I was the lead recruiter at Louisville. I think I signed four or five guys before I left.

Donovan Mitchell
I’m probably not supposed to say this, but the truth is, there were so many times when I thought about quitting basketball, even when I was at Louisville. My freshman year, I shot 18 for 72 from three.

Donovan Mitchell
I can’t wait to see someone else from Louisville make a hit song ‘cos that’d be dope. I can only imagine how J Cole would feel if somebody just came out of Fayetteville and started booming with some crazy records.

Bryson Tiller
My aunt played upright bass in the Louisville Orchestra, and I was always really impressed by her musical ability. I found it really fascinating as a kid that one could play music for a living.

Jim James