Top 19 Siberia Quotes

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I have a number of places on my wish list, including An
I have a number of places on my wish list, including Antarctica, the Norwegian fjords, and the Amazon. I have a passion for wilderness, and Siberia is on my list – however, that may be a bridge too far.

Robert Powell
It turns out that there are swaths of habitat in the north of Siberia and Yukon that actually could house a mammoth. Remember, this was a highly plastic animal that lived over tremendous climate variation.

Hendrik Poinar
The rain forest has Sting. Now Siberia has Jack Dee. Someone had to draw the short straw. In this case it was the rain forest.

Jack Dee
I was friends with Russians who said I should see Russia. I went there in ’93 and it was so exciting, and I went to Siberia and had a great time.

Ian Frazier
Siberia is a state of mind.

Ian Frazier
It is a remarkable fact that smallpox, a scourge for thousands of years, has now vanished from the earth, except for two tiny vials, one locked in a highly secure facility at the Centers for Disease Control, in Atlanta, and another stored in a similarly secure vault in Siberia.

Michael Specter
I am the lead on NBC’s ‘Siberia,’ and I loved that experience.

Joyce Giraud
Long Way Round’ was the first time Ewan and I had done anything like that. We went through Mongolia and Siberia and places like that, so it was very tough.

Charley Boorman
In 1908, there was a persuasive demonstration of the power of high-speed, low-mass asteroids in rural Siberia. The Tunguska impactor iced millions of pine trees and about a zillion mosquitoes – and was no larger than an office building.

Seth Shostak
I have always been more comfortable with daredevil acts than with the everyday nuances of life. Let me jump out of a plane, speak in front of a roomful of strangers, even trek across Siberia.

Sarah Kay
The neighborhood I grew up in had this fence that surrounds the watershed. And if you go on the other side of that fence, there’s nothing until the North Pole and down to Siberia. It’s the absolute cutoff point between man and nature.

Douglas Coupland
I was born behind the Iron Curtain, and I remember heated discussions about large-scale terra-forming projects, such as reversing the direction of the river Ob or putting up large reflectors into space to heat up Siberia.

Jaan Tallinn
My father did not have a lot of security in his life. He did odd jobs. He had a real struggle to make money. He lost a lot of time in his 20s, after the war, because he was sent to a forced-labour camp in Siberia.

Hirokazu Kore-eda
I’ve been lucky enough to stand on both poles, but the place that seemed the remotest to me was Butugychag, a former gulag in Siberia. It is completely cut off from the rest of the world.

Michael Palin
If we brought the mammoth back to Siberia, maybe that would be good for the ecosystems that are changing because of climate change.

Hendrik Poinar
We get to travel to Siberia, Japan, China, Australia, South America and even the little cities all around America. It’s probably my favorite thing about being in a band.

Max Cavalera
Many climate scientists say their biggest fear is that warming could melt the Arctic permafrost – which stretches for thousands of miles across Alaska, Canada, and Siberia.

Michael Specter
I like snow, but I don’t want to live in Siberia.

Victoria Coren Mitchell
The trees in Siberia are miles apart, that is why the dogs are so fast.

Bob Hope