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Considered subjectively, philosophy always begins in th
Considered subjectively, philosophy always begins in the middle, like an epic poem.

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
I just think that sports movies have such a built-in visceral, rooting interest, an epic win or lose redemptive quality. When they get it right, it can make for a really rousing movie experience.

Shawn Levy
‘The Desolation of Smaug’ stands alone as an action/adventure epic movie. It’s visually stunning, and the 3D is incredible. Plus, it’s directed by Peter Jackson, and he’s extraordinary.

Luke Evans
An epic is not made by piecing together a set of heroic lays, adjusting their discrepancies and making them into a continuous narrative.

Lascelles Abercrombie
I’m very into superhero culture and stuff like that, so I always think on very epic terms.

Rio has been absolutely epic. I did leave my heart out there, and I wanted to do everybody proud.

Michelle Carter
Steve Jobs is the most epic entrepreneur of all time. He served as a guiding light for any emerging businessperson who wanted to learn how things should get done. He’ll be looked at as one of the best business leaders of all time, and certainly one of the best tech entrepreneurs.

Aaron Levie
I had hoped that going to Hiroshima would reveal something small, gritty, and precise to countervail the epic quality of historical accounts.

Lydia Millet
I love all things Queen – their songs are epic storytelling.

Nina Arianda
It seems like on every record we have this big, epic thing like ‘Rosetta,’ ‘Wings For Marie’ or ‘Lateralus.’

Danny Carey
After ‘The Way Back,’ which was so epic and so rich, it was like, ‘What will I do now?’

Jim Sturgess
I didn’t really inhabit myself until I was in my 30s. And motherhood is an epic event. You can’t help but be altered by it – and it is important to be.

Anne-Marie Duff
I wrote a 20-page document, before I was ever hired, on exactly how the visuals of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ would be approached, how we’d look at creating a new type of space epic. That’s exactly what the movie is today – absolutely everybody has adhered to that original document.

James Gunn
I don’t ever do those kind of epic, huge, green-screen movies.

Michael Douglas
‘Temeraire’ is a terrific meld of two genres that I particularly love – fantasy and historical epic.

Peter Jackson
If you want to do ‘Sword & Sandals’ movies, people think that means it equals ‘epic.’

Kevin Macdonald
People have told me to change it over the years, but my dad is always saying, ‘Never change your name!’ My middle name is O’Hara, so it’s a pretty epic name. Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski.

Emily Ratajkowski
The drama is complete poetry. The ode and the epic contain it only in germ; it contains both of them in a state of high development, and epitomizes both.

Victor Hugo
It is possible to take the story of Noah figuratively, although virtually every Near East ancient civilization has its own version of the flood story (including the amoral epic of Gilgamesh).

Ben Shapiro
Running a marathon is appealing to runners for many reasons. It’s epic! A real test for your mind and body and a challenge that truly fills you with complete elation when you cross the finish line. But it is in no way a trivial undertaking.

A. J. Odudu
I love historical movies. I want to make a violent medieval epic.

Eli Roth
Cinemascope has become synonymous with ‘epic,’ and absolutely if you’re shooting armies and certain kinds of vast landscapes, you do want that panoramic canvas to work on. But if you look at art history there’s not a whole lot of epic paintings that are in that aspect ratio.

Robert Eggers
I often make movies that involve depression or deep holes of sadness, although there are also these other great things in ‘New Moon,’ like this epic set-piece at the end of the film in Italy.

Chris Weitz
When I took off on nearly vertical waves that no one else would touch, people assumed I had no fear. When they watched me suffer epic wipeouts then come up smiling, it was decided I had a screw loose.

Garrett McNamara
Memory is a code to who we are, a collection of not just dates and facts but also of epic emotional struggles, epiphanies, transformations.

David Grann
I realize that Facebook today is a global success with more than 600 million users worldwide. But I also understand, maybe a bit sadly, that it is not for me. Perhaps it is because I am a bit too old? Or perhaps it is because I am more interested in exploring the epic text, which I have lived with for all my life.

Henning Mankell
If I thought there was any hope of turning ‘World War Z’ into a movie, I wouldn’t have written it as a giant, epic, global story, because that requires a giant, epic, global budget.

Max Brooks
My experience with Epic is handing off more and more power to the point where I can just sit back and look at our strategy or technology. I provide guidance without being responsible for any particular part of the company.

Tim Sweeney
The real story of Netflix is complicated: an epic tale full of struggle, disappointment, drama, humor, and achievement.

Marc Randolph
Certainly, I’m excited by epic subjects. It doesn’t particularly frighten me.

Kenneth Branagh
And for the city’s birthday, we will host events in every neighborhood of the city, inviting all of our residents to share in the celebration of Boston’s great epic – the story of neighbors who support one another where it matters most.

Thomas Menino
In 2017 I started writing ‘Mahabharat An Epic Tale’ and it took me two years to write it and prepare the production with Rahul Bhuchar of Felicity theatre, and we launched it on the 17th of Nov 2018 and it was a super success.

Puneet Issar
In the electronic game world, I know I have a reputation for doing the cyberpunk thing, and for doing the serious epic fantasy thing, but if you go back to when I was a kid, I’ve been a Disney fan all my life.

Warren Spector
Everything that’s going on within the peloton – there’s about ten different races going on. There is also a survival element to it – I love the fact that it’s so epic. You crash on a bike, the first thing you do is try and get back up on it. No whinging!

David Millar
Let’s think about where things stood in December 2015. By that time, Republicans had already had such epic and long-standing struggles with young people that I’d written a whole book about it. Additionally, Republicans had already had a bruising start to their primary season.

Kristen Soltis Anderson
You no longer have much in the way of knowing what to do in a big, epic novel about the future, because nobody knows what the hell is going to happen.

Jerry Pournelle
‘American Idol’ became a juggernaut of epic proportions, but to me it was always like home.

Nigel Lythgoe
What works about fairy tales is that they endure, and the great thing about fairy tales is that you can explore big, epic things that you can’t really explore in other situations.

Gary Ross
I bought a brand-new Mercedes 190E and got a body kit put on in a garage in Swindon. That was a car I absolutely loved, it looked epic with the low skirts and everything.

Chris Kamara
Nagesh Kukunoor is my rakhi brother and a very good friend. He gave me ‘Dor’ which was an epic movie in my life. I owe it to him for such a good break.

Ayesha Takia
With several different kinds of poetry to choose from, a man would decide that he would like best to be an epic poet, and he would set out, in conscious determination, on an epic poem.

Lascelles Abercrombie
‘Scary Movie’ has lost its way as a franchise. It has turned into ‘Disaster Film’ and ‘Epic Movie’ and ‘Date Movie’ and that isn’t what I wanted. I wanted to do a movie that was just grounded in a reality that went to crazy places.

Marlon Wayans
No one talks about the epic failures that we all have.

Jack Conte
My darlings, if I can’t write dark, epic music, I can’t live!

Amy Lee
We’ll turn down crappy games that are submitted to the Epic Store.

Tim Sweeney
It’s kind of epic to see four women really be physically and mentally strong, in themselves and in their lives. That’s what ‘Widows’ is.

Cynthia Erivo
I don’t know what has happened to movies, but lately every movie is at least 20 minutes too long. It used to be that if you were three hours long it was because it was epic – a movie about Gandhi; something with very important subject matters.

Ethan Hawke
It is a labor of love, but there is a lot of labor, especially when you’re trying to build a big, epic world with lots of details and a kind of physics of magic that makes some sense and actually has some rules to it.

Aaron Ehasz
‘Lincoln’ is a powerful film. It’s one of those epic films that talk about this very specific issue in history of the United States.

Demian Bichir
We pay for content that we like, and we like the content we pay for. It’s a lot more satisfying to pay $7.50 for Steven Spielberg’s next epic than it is to watch my home movies for free. Even for me.

Nathan Myhrvold
The ‘Iliad’ covered only two months of the great ten-year war with Troy. At least six other epic poems preceded or continued the events in the ‘Iliad’, but they survive only as fragments.

Adrienne Mayor
The fact that The Bridge contains folk lore and other material suitable to the epic form need not therefore prove its failure as a long lyric poem, with interrelated sections.

Hart Crane
While many of my musicals deal with big themes and ideas, I don’t intentionally go looking to write shows like that. A story will interest me, and then somewhere along the way, I discover that hidden inside are these epic themes.

Stephen Schwartz
‘Avatar’ is the greatest, most comprehensive collection of movie cliches ever assembled, but it’s put together in a brand new way with a new technology, and tremendous imagination, making it a true epic and a kind of a milestone.

Joe Dante
Asking why rappers always talk about their stuff is like asking why Milton is forever listing the attributes of heavenly armies. Because boasting is a formal condition of the epic form. And those taught that they deserve nothing rightly enjoy it when they succeed in terms the culture understands.

Zadie Smith
London fashion is epic.

Lady Amelia Windsor
Winning the Absa Cape Epic already was a wonderful surprise. The World Cup was, for sure, my main goal, but winning all of them was nothing I had planned on.

Nino Schurter
Mini-series are my favorite medium to act in because it’s the right amount of pages you shoot a day, it’s the right amount of time that you’re with a character, and they really advertise it a lot so that people get excited for this epic event.

Neal McDonough
My earliest acting memory is making up a play for my mom and dad called The Lonesome Baby. I have no idea what The Lonesome Baby was about. I just remember the title. But I’m sure it was an epic.

Jane Horrocks
It’s a Hollywood screenwriting notion that change comes because of one epic, soul-crushing event… What’s more common is that the slow decay of the nonevents of your life build up until you can’t take it anymore.

Moshe Kasher
The thing about sports movies is, they can’t help but feel epic – putting music to images, etc.

Lindsey Shaw
I’m not from a conventional world, innit? So the fact that I’m getting a chance to express my world in society and TV is epic.

Big Narstie
Epic has prided itself on providing software directly to customers ever since I started mailing floppy disks in 1991.

Tim Sweeney
Before my teens, my contemporaries were reading Tolkien and were absorbed by his works, but try as I might, I could not be drawn in, perhaps as something in me resists the epic, medieval-feeling fantasy.

Michael Portillo
Gamers always believe that an epic win is possible and that it’s always worth trying, and trying now. Gamers don’t sit around.

Jane McGonigal
‘Rudhramadevi’ is a film which falls into a very new genre. It is a historic and biographic genre movie. It should be called a bio epic. I am curious to see how the audiences accept the film.

Allu Arjun
Sci-fi films are the epic films of the day because we can no longer put 10,000 extras in the scene – but we can draw thousands of aliens with computers.

William Shatner
I first drew the attention of my future husband when we were fourteen, on the freshman school bus for an epic field trip from Riverside, Calif. to Los Angeles, where we were taken to the L.A. Zoo as well as the Natural History Museum.

Susan Straight
‘Grey’s’ is just a machine. I wasn’t really prepared for the epic nature of how popular the show is.

Kevin McKidd
If you love epic space opera, you shouldn’t miss ‘Interstellar’.

Annalee Newitz
English writing tends to fall into two categories – the big, baggy epic novel or the fairly controlled, tidy novel. For a long time, I was a fan of the big, baggy novel, but there’s definitely an advantage to having a little bit more control.

Zadie Smith
The first epics were intended for recitation; the literary epic is meant to be read.

Lascelles Abercrombie
I’ve enjoyed collecting. I’ve enjoyed art ever since – I’ll tell you when – I went to Columbia. I went to the Met, and I saw Poussin’s ‘Rape of the Sabine Women’, and it’s this incredible, epic, great, great painting.

Daniel S. Loeb
I love being part of these giant, epic movies. I take great pride in being part of them.

Brian Tee
Steven Spielberg was my idol growing up. I knew that all of his movies have a very specific message and point of view, and the always are really epic.

Manish Dayal
These days young kids don’t have any place to form an epic adventure. It’s more often in front of the TV screen or a laptop. That’s very hard on them. They’re being taught daily unsocial skills. Facebook is an unsocial skill. It’s so sad.

John Lydon
As a story teller I have used characters, epic tales, poetry and rasa in my performances.

A home movie of a fictional home life, an epic assembled from vignettes, ‘Boyhood’ shimmers with unforced reality. It shows how an ordinary life can be reflected in an extraordinary movie.

Richard Corliss
Epic things happen in soccer.

Filipe Luis
I can’t even handle a spider in my bathtub. I’m scared of the dark, and I’ve got ultimate, epic bug phobia.

But the development of human society does not go straight forward; and the epic process will therefore be a recurring process, the series a recurring series – though not in exact repetition.

Lascelles Abercrombie
I’m fascinated by the period that goes from the Industrial Revolution to right after World War II. There’s something about that period that’s epic and tragic.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon
From its inception by Michael Bennett, ‘Dreamgirls’ has always been an epic story with an ensemble cast. I didn’t change that. The screen version remains, really, a group story.

Bill Condon
Why shouldn’t there be more epic, brilliant female characters onscreen?

Florence Pugh
I’m a tragedienne in some way. I think quite epically. I like epic landscapes and grand emotions.

Ruth Wilson
We live in a culture that does not encourage women to be epic heroes of their own Big Stories but the mothers and lovers and wives and mistresses and muses and personal assistants, the femme fatales and fantasies and manic pixie dream girls, in someone else’s Big Story, and this someone else is usually a dude.

Justine Musk
The calibre of TV’s changing. It’s becoming much more epic. To rival film, definitely.

Emilia Clarke
On the television planet, where men make up the tribe, the law of the caveman rules. So, for a woman coming from another world, without experience or cunning, to succeed gradually in gaining control over what is to be taped, what goes out over the air, what is said without censorship, is an epic feat.

Cristina Saralegui
I think American drama is at its best when it takes the domestic and makes it epic, like a Greek tragedy in the front room.

Anne-Marie Duff
When I was young, I associated playing tennis with being part of historic moments, being part of these epic battles and coming out victorious, having those trophy moments. That, for me, is what I saw and aspired to.

Johanna Konta
Why aren’t there these epic roles for women, for whatever age you are?

Florence Pugh
I always designed ‘Gravity Falls’ to be a finite series about one epic summer-a series with a beginning, middle, and end.

Alex Hirsch
In Zurich, in a cafe overlooking the Limmat, I ate butter-drenched white asparagus pulled from the ground that morning; it had the aftertaste of champagne. I’ve been able to appreciate epic meals in San Francisco, New Orleans, Berlin, Paris, Las Vegas.

J. R. Moehringer
At its best, Aboriginal art has been effective in translating an entire culture and the understanding of an entire continent. Indeed, the more we interpret Australia through Aboriginal eyes, through the experience of their long and epic story, the more we allow ourselves to understand the land we share.

Paul Keating
I would spend about eight months on a song, leaving it alone and going back to it later on. I just kept layering things on, building them up in to epic songs. I let the songs evolve – it’s really daunting.

Adam Granduciel
There are epic downsides to living a somewhat public life. The upshot of that is there’s nothing to hide. It’s a relief in a way. There’s nothing about me that can’t be said.

Natasha Lyonne
In the ‘Dreamblood’ books, I’m focusing more on what I like about epic fantasy: the layering and depth of tension; the chance to really delve into the minutia of an alternate society and its politics; a large cast of characters to love and hate.

N. K. Jemisin
The awesome thing about ‘Fortnite’ is it’s brought a huge volume of digital commerce to Epic.

Tim Sweeney
I’m a big John Steinbeck fan. Cormac McCarthy. I’ve always loved the stories of regular people. Mark Twain, too. When you look back at some of the epic writers of our country’s history, very rarely do you find upper-class royalty. We seem to delve into the struggle of life and the labor of life much more frequently.

Lucas Neff
There’s a song called ‘Slip To The Void,’ which is fairly long and has more of an epic approach. And I guess for lack of a better term some people might throw the progressive tag on it. I don’t know if it necessarily falls into that – a few people have brought that up who have heard it.

Myles Kennedy
Yes, as an oppressed people, American Indians have this epic burden, but first and foremost, they’re human: sometimes a mess, sometimes funny or sad, at times very wise, and other times not wise at all – a lot like me.

Alexandra Fuller
The sun rays are more powerful at high altitudes and the snow bounces the rays right back up at you. Shiseido sun care products are epic for protecting me and not irritating my skin.

Hannah Teter
I’m no longer religious, but the Bible fascinates me. Hardly anyone reads it anymore, but it’s got everything: it’s a book of poetry, it’s a book of principle, it’s a book of stories, and of myths and of epic tales, a book of histories and a book of fictions, of riddles, fables, parables and allegories.

Tara Westover
NYFW is not just about the designers and the runway. It is a massive production from the celebrities in attendance, the assistants backstage prepping the models before they walk to the epic after-parties!

Jeffree Star
I’m truly humbled to work with epic minds like Nitesh Tiwari and Kabir Khan.

Tahir Raj Bhasin
I don’t really think much about how I would have fared in the Second World War. It’s a topic that has to be treated with respect and subtlety, and you can’t just go in all guns blazing and make an epic action film.

Fionn Whitehead
An epic is the canvas Brian DePalma paints on.

Dawn Steel
‘Forever Evil’ is my love letter to DC super villains. It’s my chance to take all of the villains I’ve worked with and all the ones I’ve never worked with and put them into one gigantic, epic story that will bring together the bads of the DC Universe.

Geoff Johns
French horn can be very epic, and at the same time, very dark and moving.

Alexandre Desplat
Winning the Absa Cape Epic was the base for the perfect season. It really spiced up the soup.

Nino Schurter
I wrote a graphic novel called ‘Soul Stealer’ with big, beautiful, epic artwork by Chris Shy. It grew into a trilogy.

Michael Easton
Being in a Chinese coal mine for 30 years is like an epic novel. It’s tragic.

Evan Osnos
I think the ‘Boxers’ book was easier for me to envision as a comic, because they were on this epic journey. These teenagers basically gathered into this army and marched to the capital city where they had a showdown with the Europeans and Japanese. On the ‘Saints’ side, it was a lot trickier.

Gene Luen Yang
Epic’s Support-A-Creator program was launched as a one-time event, but it’s now permanent and is available to all creators and all developers on the Epic Games store.

Tim Sweeney
‘The Miracle Workers’ was the first time I’ve been on a big American TV set, so that felt very epic.

Lolly Adefope
I love really epic films. I really like ‘The Princess Bride,’ ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I really like ‘Star Wars.’ I love ‘Harry Potter.’ I’m obsessed with ‘Harry Potter.’

Leah Pipes
I’m partial to epic poetry, which might be surprising given that I don’t write poetry at all. The combination of rollicking storytelling with musical language seems to me the highest achievement.

Jennifer Egan
The Hendricks/Lawler fights, those were just epic. Both were non-stop. I couldn’t stop watching, and it was hard to look away. I watch those as a fan, and to see two guys fighting like that for 25 minutes is crazy.

Stipe Miocic
My secret dream is to write an epic poem. That’s probably the most pretentious thing I’ve said.

Laurie Anderson
There is grand romance in The Lord of the Rings. It’s an important part of epic literature.

Kevin J. Anderson
‘The Originals’ is going to be an epic showdown of supernatural forces, and that was very evident in the pilot. I just wanted to be a part of that.

Leah Pipes
‘Warcraft’ by its very nature is epic in scale.

Duncan Jones
The Obamacare roll-out was an epic failure.

Jesse Lee Peterson
My A&R at Epic got fired the first week I got signed.

Travis Scott
I’ve always employed a melodic style with my leads, placing strong emphasis on infusing romantic sensibilities into what I’m trying to say. Those big, epic melodies come from influences like Pink Floyd, Journey, Marillion… bands that have these guitar parts that are just soaring!

John Petrucci
For readers of color, and especially black readers, black girls, I just want them to feel seen. And not just seen – I want them to feel epic and know that they are epic.

Tomi Adeyemi
Michael Jackson loved epic symbols. In his shows and his videos, he always destroyed or salvaged worlds; he was the hero of parables about street violence, sexual combat, war and natural disaster. It was always apocalypse or apotheosis now.

Margo Jefferson
Historically, epics are set in Africa or Asia or the Wild West, but if you make an epic today it’s hard to disassociate from the contemporary realities of those places.

Baz Luhrmann
I want to return to the epic idea of the grand, big Western, in the sense that ‘The Searchers’ was.

Ridley Scott
History is nothing if not an epic tale of missed opportunities.

Graydon Carter
I want to have an epic life. I want to tell my life with big adjectives. I want to forget all the grays in between, and remember the highlights and the dark moments.

Isabel Allende
I love hanging out with kids and my husband – I love traveling with them. We can go on the most epic journeys in like five days.

Cynthia Rowley
Actually, I always dreamed about getting a gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle in Olympic swimming. I always thought that would be the epic award in sports to get.

Chris Klein
Epic Games and Microsoft have been close partners for more than 25 years.

Tim Sweeney
We don’t tend to write about disease in fiction – not just teen novels but all American novels – because it doesn’t fit in with our idea of the heroic romantic epic. There is room only for sacrifice, heroism, war, politics and family struggle.

John Green
Getting Richard Norris his new face wasn’t easy. For starters, doctors needed a donor who wasn’t just a favorable blood match but also had the proper skeletal features and skin color – they calculated only a 14 percent chance they’d find one. Then there was the epic surgery that took a team of 150 people.

Jeanne Marie Laskas
For me, there’s nothing better than getting immersed in a sprawling, epic, multi-generational family saga, and ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the most sprawling, epic, and multi-generational of them all.

Jandy Nelson
You, Me and The Apocalypse’ is epic!

Karla Crome
The song ‘Leroy and Lanisha’ on my album ‘The Epic’ is really my homage to ‘Linus and Lucy.’

Kamasi Washington
I describe my own music as epic love pop.

Saara Aalto
If you look at ‘The X-Files’ generally, we did 202 episodes. About 80% of them are not ‘mythology’ episodes, which tend to be the epic episodes. They deal with the big conspiracies, the search for Mulder’s sister. They deal with what I would call the ‘saga’ of ‘The X-Files.’

Chris Carter
The style of ancient Egyptian art is transcendently clear, something 8-year-olds can recognize in an instant. Its consistency and codification is one of the most epic visual journeys in all art, one that lasts 30 dynasties spread over 3,000 years.

Jerry Saltz
At the time of ‘The Epic,’ as a core band, we were all spending so much time apart making music for other people that by the time we got together – even though we grew up together and there’s a special connection we have – it was like a rare privilege to come together.

Kamasi Washington
‘Mayabazar’ was the film I immensely loved as a kid. Only when I became a filmmaker about 20 years later did I realise its technical marvel and what a great epic it was. I and my visual effects supervisor, while making ‘Yamadonga,’ took two days to understand the magnification shot of Ghatothkatcha’s persona.

S. S. Rajamouli
The epic poet has behind him a tradition of matter and a tradition of style; and that is what every other poet has behind him too; only, for the epic poet, tradition is rather narrower, rather more strictly compelling.

Lascelles Abercrombie
The first record we made, we recorded and mixed in a day. The second record was recorded and mixed in a week. The third was recorded and mixed in a month, and ‘New Wave’ was mixed and recorded in six months. It was an epic project.

Laura Jane Grace
You have to be doing things that matter – responsibility, but also responsibility with epic and beautiful and noble tasks.

Michelle Bachelet
It’s about the characters, it’s about the film, it’s about the process of making stunning visuals and a huge, epic movie. It doesn’t matter if my head was covered in a black plastic bag and I was bouncing around in a space hopper: That’s the villain of Chris Nolan’s ‘Batman!’

Tom Hardy
At Epic, we succeed when developers succeed.

Tim Sweeney
The Affordable Care Act is a public-policy flop of epic proportions.

Stephen Moore
In April of 1976, Epic Records was flying out to sign us when I tripped over a light case after a gig and broke my arm. We called the next morning and said, ‘Don’t go to the airport – Bun E. broke his arm.’ They thought Mercury or someone was trying to sign us, so they offered us, like, $25,000 more on top of the deal.

Bun E. Carlos
We took Beowulf, the epic poem in Old English, and put it right together with John Gardner’s contemporary retelling. If you bring it into today, we really feel that it has something very fresh to say now.

Julie Taymor
Being on Epic, it wasn’t like we got signed to a multi-million-dollar deal.

Matt Skiba
Tolkien was influenced by South Africa when he was writing ‘Lord of the Rings.’ It’s really epic scenery.

Paul W. S. Anderson
I was not trying to write some sort of serious meditation on war and peace. ‘The Grace of Kings’ is meant to be a fun book. It’s meant to be an epic fantasy.

Ken Liu
I love period pieces. It’s where my skill sets lie, with the horseback riding, the sword fighting and the accents. I love that world, and I love working on those big, epic shows. That’s what I hope to find myself in, in the future.

Kris Holden-Ried
Koons’s work has always stood apart for its one-at-a-time perfection, epic theatricality, a corrupted, almost sick drive for purification, and an obsession with traditional artistic values.

Jerry Saltz
Second, this epic tale allows the audience to actually listen to the Native Americans and receive their wisdom. Spielberg conveys the respect for Native Americans that is normally lacking in Western films.

Beau Bridges
The scripts that I’ve been getting are of epic proportion. People want me to lead the big armies.

John Boyega
The art of storytelling is reaching its end because the epic side of truth, wisdom, is dying out.

Walter Benjamin
I believe that the Kane/Undertaker story, if you look at epic storytelling like Greek mythology, that is what it is. It is the best piece of epic storytelling that the WWE has ever done.

Whenever there is somebody at Epic who is capable of doing something better than me, I let them at it.

Tim Sweeney
The epic implications of being human end in more than this: We start our lives as if they were momentous stories, with a beginning, a middle and an appropriate end, only to find that they are mostly middles.

Anatole Broyard
On open platforms like PC, Mac, and Android, Epic’s goal is to bring its games directly to customers.

Tim Sweeney
If you do approach a comics publisher, make sure it’s one that publishes the kind of book you want to make. Don’t take your literary fiction to Marvel or DC; don’t pitch your Spider-Man epic to Image.

Antony Johnston
The title ‘Spirited Away’ could refer to what Disney has done on a corporate level to the revered Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki’s epic and marvelous new anime fantasy.

Elvis Mitchell
As a child I had a wild imagination; from the age of seven I’d sit and write epic stories.

Arlo Parks
Tolkien was quite a religious man, and so is George R.R. Martin. They kind of have this epic quality about them when they write the material.

Sean Bean
It’s important for cinema to keep on evolving: for people, and not only teenagers, to be able to go to a movie that has huge epic scope but has an intellectual and real story to tell.

Baltasar Kormakur
Evolution isn’t just a take-it-or-leave-it story about where we came from. It’s an epic at the centre of life itself. It tells us we are part of nature in every respect.

Kenneth R. Miller
If you need to do a movie where you have an army of 10,000 soldiers, that’s a very difficult thing to shoot for real. It’s very expensive, but as computer graphics techniques make that cheaper, it’ll be more possible to make pictures on an epic scale, which we haven’t really seen since the ’50s and ’60s.

John Knoll
To realise belatedly that there are Swahili epic poems which rival their European equivalents for sweep and power has been exciting.

Giles Foden
Epic science fiction game, that’s always been on my mind. Post-apocalyptic, ‘Fallout,’ was our first choice. Sci-fi was our second at the time, when we got the ‘Fallout’ license. We were going to do our own post-apocalyptic universe if we didn’t get ‘Fallout.’

Todd Howard
I turned to the novel, an artistic form which had in former days been neglected and had thus acquired a bad reputation, but which during the nineteenth century had developed and elevated itself to the ranks occupied by drama and the ancient epic.

Henrik Pontoppidan
In war, people find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, and in those circumstances, they act in extraordinary ways. In war, you see people at their very best and their very worst, acting in ways you could never imagine. War is human drama at its most epic and most intense.

Dexter Filkins
‘No Country for Old Men’ was epic.

Eric Fellner
If epic poetry is a definite species, the sagas do not fall within it.

Lascelles Abercrombie
Turning a zombie pandemic into a generic disaster movie robs the zombies of their dirty, nasty edginess and robs the disaster of its epic scope.

Annalee Newitz
In the heady days that followed the success of ‘Mahabharat,’ I was young, vain and didn’t care much about the story. But in the next two decades, I read a lot on the epic.

Puneet Issar
In Iowa, we’re fortunate to have a public-private initiative called the EPIC Corporate Challenge. EPIC stands for ‘Economic Potential for Iowa Companies and Communities.’

Kim Reynolds
There was a bidding war between Epic Records and Jive – now RCA – which was bittersweet. Just having labels bid over me was really cool, but I ended up going with Jive because it felt better over there, and they have my favorite artists like Usher, Chris Brown, and Justin Timberlake.

Jacob Latimore
I wouldn’t know how to write a weak female character. I read so much epic fantasy growing up, where you have these sword-wielding, in-your-face warrior maidens.

Richelle Mead
At the same time, it’s a family story and more of an epic. I needed the third-person. I tried to give a sense that Cal, in writing his story, is perhaps inventing his past as much as recalling it.

Jeffrey Eugenides
Everyone who signed us to Epic, all of the people we trusted there, were let go.

Matt Skiba
It’s a cliche to say this now, but to me, ‘The Sopranos’ is like Dickens. It’s able to take this very focused look at something but make it epic and profound.

Stephen Merchant
With the first ‘Hatchet,’ I had an epic battle with the ratings board. They kept giving the movie an NC-17. There is absolutely no way that movie should have gotten an NC-17. All the gore in it is so ridiculous and over-the-top that you can’t take it seriously.

Adam Green
When I fought Kampmann, something happened in that fight and to me, it’s still the most epic moment in my career. I was losing and something happened and I flipped a switch.

Diego Sanchez
My greatest joy is seeing parents and kids playing Disney ‘Epic Mickey’ together, handing the controllers back and forth, helping each other out.

Warren Spector
To make three films out of one shortish book, they have to turn it into an epic, just as ‘Lord of the Rings’ is an epic. But ‘The Hobbit’ isn’t an epic: its tone is intimate and personal, and although it’s full of adventures and excitement, they’re on a different scale to those of the bigger book.

John Lanchester
The epic poet collaborates with the spirit of his time in the composition of his work. That is, if he is successful; the time may refuse to work with him, but he may not refuse to work with his time.

Lascelles Abercrombie