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I'm just expanding my sound and making it bigger.
I’m just expanding my sound and making it bigger.

Mike Will Made It
There’s a lot to be said for expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Pete Buttigieg
Plunderous is the palate I gift to you, openly I hug the universe of our friendship expanding its outer limit.

Bradley Chicho
We must commit ourselves to an ‘all of the above’ energy approach, with a major focus on increasing domestic production and expanding alternatives fuels, while increasing efficiency and conservation standards.

Peter Roskam
My early work and publications centered around expanding on the analysis of life insurance in my dissertation and its relationship to investment banking.

Douglass North
My fan base is really expanding into an inter-generational thing – it’s what every artist probably hopes for.

Daryl Hall
We can be very sure that as we discover new aspects of the expanding and evolving universe, we will be startled and amazed once again.

Jim Peebles
The role of social media is critical because it helps to spread cognitive dissonance by connecting thought leaders and activists to ordinary citizens rapidly expanding the network of people who become willing to take action.

Simon Mainwaring
My dear, the duty that devolved wholly on you in my absence of guiding and expanding the minds of our dear children is a laborious one and a responsible one.

Ezra Cornell
You might expect gravity would slow it down, but it’s just expanding faster and faster.

Saul Perlmutter
Expanding Stand Your Ground sends a clear message to communities of color: We are not welcome or safe in Florida.

Lucy McBath
Science is a field which grows continuously with ever expanding frontiers.

John Bardeen
Indeed, while so much in education reform can divide activists into warring camps, expanding learning time unites reformers around a shared vision of bringing excellence and breadth to our nation’s most impoverished and struggling schools.

Chris Gabrieli
Urbanization is not about simply increasing the number of urban residents or expanding the area of cities. More importantly, it’s about a complete change from rural to urban style in terms of industry structure, employment, living environment and social security.

Li Keqiang
I’m like the universe; either expanding or contracting at any given moment. The most that I had put on was about 35, 36 pounds, and I’ve taken all of that off.

Sean Astin
In editing, it’s amazing how you choose the in and out points. What you cut on is everything for creating tension. It’s amazing how expanding a shot by five seconds can just ruin the tension.

Sean Durkin
Expanding Medicaid without fixing Medicaid is a terrible idea.

Bob McDonnell
Each time I turn on my own television screen and see reflections of myself in other courageous young LGBTQ-identifying actors and artists, I know that the dream is expanding. That would not be possible without LGBTQ Pride. Celebrate yourself, and the world will catch up.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
OSHA’s decision to regulate home workplaces reflects the agency’s expanding conception of its own mission.

Eugene Scalia
We defeated communism in part by showing the world that a commitment to democracy and expanding economic opportunity makes people’s lives better and nations more secure, meaning our commitments overseas also makes us stronger and safer here at home.

Mike Quigley
I was a student at Peking University for close to a decade, while a so-called ‘knowledge explosion’ was rapidly expanding. I was searching for not just knowledge, but also to mold a temperament, to cultivate a scholarly outlook.

Li Keqiang
I love directing actors. In the last few years, I have started expanding my directing into workshops for actors who truly want to grow and learn. My mom was a high school drama teacher, and teaching makes me very happy. My workshops are nurturing.

Del Shores
The universe began in an instant, is expanding, and exhibits design, order, and complexity. Every effect must have a Cause, and design must have a Designer.

Ray Comfort
More organizations than ever are conducting business online. An expanding digital footprint and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks have created a growing urgency to secure that data and the resources organizations are deploying.

Ken Xie
Obamacare is not about improved health care or cheaper insurance or better treatment or insuring the uninsured, and it never has been about that. It’s about statism. It’s about expanding the government. It’s about control over the population. It is about everything but health care.

Rush Limbaugh
I like looking at a future where we’re expanding our creativity and brightening our lives. I believe that eventually we’ll get to a point where we’ll be able to live indefinitely through our technology.

Steve Aoki
Creating a television property means we’ll be able to move fans from laptops to living rooms and engage completely new audiences while building backstories and expanding on Doc’s universe.

Dr. Disrespect
Every player has what they have but some outperform themselves. It’s about learning and expanding your abilities and becoming even better still.

Quique Setien
Expanding background checks will help create a uniform standard for all gun purchases and prevent criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from obtaining powerful weapons.

Gabrielle Giffords
Instead of legislating through the courts, Republicans in Congress should join with Democrats to make further progress reducing costs and expanding access to quality healthcare.

Ned Lamont
Expanding the EITC can get us close to a universal basic minimum income.

Ro Khanna
As ambassador, I am focused on expanding bilateral trade and investment between the United States and Spain.

James Costos
Pell grants are critical tools for lower- and middle-income students to access higher education, and by expanding access to year-round courses, we can help non-traditional students complete their education sooner, allowing them to start their careers and pay off their loans.

Elise Stefanik
It’s like, the more you zoom in and focus on the details, the closer to the invisible and immeasurable qualities – like consciousness and energies – you get. And expanding outwards, into the cosmos, you learn more about the invisible or perceptible things.

Adrianne Lenker
Expanding internationally is exciting and fun, but the hardest part is really about maintaining culture.

Stacy Brown-Philpot
I think every artist subconsciously wants to evolve themselves. Sometimes they get stuck in ruts because of pop culture, peer pressure, stuff like that. But what excites me most is exploring my own musical insights and expanding upon them.

Steve Vai
As a conservative power, the United States has a vital interest in upholding and expanding the reign of law in international relations.

J. William Fulbright
The U.S. efforts to impose its policies on others are expanding as a threat to all.

Hassan Rouhani
Negotiations over a shrinking pie are especially difficult because they require an allocation of losses. People tend to be much more easygoing when they bargain over an expanding pie.

Daniel Kahneman
Empathy is key in the design process, especially when you start expanding outside of your comfort zone to new languages, cultures, and age groups. If you try to assume what those people want, you’re likely to get it wrong.

Mike Krieger
Ancient societies had anthropomorphic gods: a huge pantheon expanding into centuries of dynastic drama; fathers and sons, martyred heroes, star-crossed lovers, the deaths of kings – stories that taught us of the danger of hubris and the primacy of humility.

Tom Hiddleston
Quite often, little germs of ideas have come from something that I’ve observed or someone’s told me. The process of it becoming fiction is expanding and extending it: stretching the rubber band of reality.

Laura Wade
Sometimes expanding your game isn’t better. Sometimes shrinking your game is a little bit better and really get to the things you do well.

Stan Van Gundy
Our entire team is focused on managing this company for value – fixing or eliminating those operations that lessen value and expanding or adding those that enhance value.

Phil Condit
Instead of attacking and dividing our people, I’ll be a governor who is fully committed to respecting the hard work of our families by fighting for good-paying jobs and expanding access to affordable health care.

Andy Beshear
Our expanding Canadian operations are concrete evidence of General Motors confidence in Canada.

Charles E. Wilson
This fact immediately suggested a singular event – that at some time in the distant past the universe began expanding from an extremely small size. To many people this inference was loaded with overtones of a supernatural event – the creation, the beginning of the universe.

Michael Behe
Information is expanding daily. How to get it out visually is important.

John Maeda
My friends in college, several of whom are still my closest companions, would tell you that I was almost obsessed with becoming – fixated on creating – the future that I envisioned for myself: one of expanding to know my fullest self, which I have in no way achieved.

Mahershala Ali
You can have great ideas, and you can have all the right policy goals. But unless you’re expanding who is included in the political process, you won’t connect the two.

Michelle Wu
In the latter half of the last century the impact of the expanding influence of Western culture and economic system brought about in China a severe conflict.

Chen-Ning Yang
The persecution of Christians isn’t isolated. Instead, it’s rampant and expanding around the world.

Katie Pavlich
Americans are making coffee a bigger part of their lives, expanding attitudes and behaviors that are driving new levels of consumption.

Robert Nelson
I could play it safe by recording songs that are familiar, but am I expanding myself as an artist by doing covers? It’s a catch-22. It’s called show business: The word ‘business’ is in it, and you’ve got to be a businessman. But then again, you have to be true to yourself as an artist.

Donny Osmond
In the 1970s, as historians became enchanted with microhistories, economists were expanding the reach of their discipline. Nations, states and cities began to plan for the future by consulting with economists whose prognostications were shaped by investment cycles rather than historical ones.

Annalee Newitz
I wanted to create things that you can always pull out of your closet and rely on. I wanted to create a timeless, classic collection of clothing that you can keep expanding on.

L’Wren Scott
We’re going to expand access to health care by expanding Medicaid in my state.

Andrew Gillum
Before we even consider expanding Medicare, or another program based on its rates, we must reform our Medicare payment system so that it rewards value, not volume, and doesn’t disadvantage states like Minnesota that provide high-quality care in an efficient way.

Amy Klobuchar
Einstein wrestled with a problem back before we even knew the universe was expanding, and he was looking for a way to keep the universe from collapsing. And so he discovered, in his theory of gravity, something like this dark energy – he called it a cosmological constant – could play this role, pushing things away.

Adam Riess
A rapidly expanding Syrian refugee policy could create conditions for domestic tragedy.

Jeff Fortenberry
Investment is crucial. Because the truth is, you only get jobs and growth in the economy when people invest money, at their own risk, in setting up a business or expanding an existing business.

John Key
I found that the artist market was expanding in comics. Marvel was going from something like eight books a month to somewhere in the 20s. As a result of this expansion, Marvel, in particular, was hiring anyone who could hold a pencil. That’s how I got my first job there.

Jim Starlin
The whole thrust of modern art, as far as I understand it, is expanding the role of the artist as a kind of esthetician, someone who actually spends his time, is trained in a way to deal with qualities.

Robert Irwin
Expanding broadband is essential to our state’s infrastructure.

Mike Parson
Veterans who are homeless may not have a home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have diverse skills that could be put to use to meet the needs of an expanding job market.

Chris Gardner
Expanding health coverage is not a technical issue but a political one; it should be seen as a right and a means to development.

Tedros Adhanom
There is no question we need an energy policy overhaul in America. A key part of that overhaul must include moving forward aggressively with expanding nuclear energy as a renewable energy source. Storing nuclear waste is an important piece of that effort.

Erik Paulsen
We would look up at the night sky together, and although Stephen wasn’t actually very good at detecting constellations, he would tell me about the expanding universe and the possibility of it contracting again and describe a star collapsing in on itself to form a black hole in a way that was quite easy to understand.

Jane Hawking
We’re fighting to lift up Kentucky workers by creating more good-paying jobs, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, expanding access to health care, and making public education a top priority.

Andy Beshear
China’s ability to deliver nuclear warheads on American cities is expanding.

Lee H. Hamilton
I wanted to be clear that Republicans will continue to be a champion for expanding economic freedom to trade. It is at the heart of our free-enterprise system.

Kevin Brady
We are gods. Our tools make us gods. In symbiosis with our technology, our powers are expanding exponentially and so, too, our possibilities.

Jason Silva
Xerox’s innovative technology and service offerings – delivered through an expanding distribution system with a lean and flexible business model – continue to solidify our market leadership, driving consistently strong earnings performance.

Anne M. Mulcahy
Everything we do in the ‘Woken’ universe is so fantastical that wrestling fans, especially younger kids, who only know Matt Hardy from tag team matches or Team Xtreme or whatnot, they need to learn what I am before we can start expanding.

Matt Hardy
We are taking the steps to transform education in Mississippi with every dollar invested in the classroom and every initiative expanding educational opportunities for students.

Tate Reeves
Creativity is about taking what is the norm and expanding it and continuing to expand it and expand it and expand it and expand it.

Nicolas Winding Refn
Technologically, the Internet works thanks to loose but trusted connections among its many constituent parts, with easy entry and exit for new ISPs or new forms of expanding access.

Jonathan Zittrain
When it comes to expanding opportunity, businesses and young adults are not the sources of the problem – they are a substantial part of the solution.

Gerald Chertavian
The challenge – and much of the fun – of writing in an established future history lies in incorporating new knowledge while remaining true to what has gone before. Expanding and enriching, not contradicting.

Edward M. Lerner
For me, I try to see difficulties as a way of expanding and growing as a person inhabiting this planet.

Jane Badler
Expanding Massachusetts’ developing gaming industry to include wagering on professional sports is an opportunity for Massachusetts to invest in local aid while remaining competitive with many other states pursuing similar regulations.

Charlie Baker
My children have been all over the world, and I think it’s so good for them: expanding their horizons and imagination and seeing how other people live.

Keeley Hawes
When you hear politicians who won’t fix the broken system talk about expanding it, don’t buy it.

Wayne LaPierre
I have been a proponent of dramatically expanding the AmeriCorps program. By increasing the pay of participants to a living wage, it can act as a jobs program that, rather than trying to predict what will be technically viable jobs, will value social support and provide jobs that make communities stronger.

Mark Cuban
As I see it, if the production of a factory is expanding, and workers are satisfied, it’s OK for there to be a disparity. The best paid should be about three times more than the worst paid.

Lu Guanqiu
Amazon continues to demonstrate confidence in Virginia by expanding and reinvesting in our Commonwealth.

Ralph Northam
At EMILY’s List, we’re in the business of expanding the political power of women.

Ellen Malcolm
What has always made the Clintons great politicians and better people is their unyielding commitment to expanding the middle class for everyone.

James Carville
Observations indicate that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. It will expand forever, getting emptier and darker.

Stephen Hawking
Tunisian liberals say that the U.S. Embassy in Tunis is unengaged with their efforts to make sure the Tunisian model remains one of expanding freedom.

Elliott Abrams
Gender equality cannot be achieved by cutting programs that allow girls to get the same chance to compete, learn, and play. The United States has had a solid history of commitment to its female athletes and expanding opportunity for women, and it is imperative that we continue on this path.

Linda Sanchez
Expanding background checks for all sales and transfers of firearms is simple, popular, and commonsense.

Alex Padilla
Whether it was expanding healthcare, stimulating the local economy and job growth, innovating in the schools, or protecting our precious environmental resources, Deval focused every day on moving Massachusetts forward.

Michael Capuano
From another point of view, a new situation now seems to be arising in which Japan’s prosperity is going to be incorporated into the expanding potential power of both production and consumption in Asia at large.

Kenzaburo Oe
Policies that aim to promote the livelihood security of the people – promoting employment, improving the nutritional status of children and women, expanding educational opportunities, and providing affordable healthcare – would be the first charge on the budget of a developmental state.

Sanjaya Baru
If you’re interested in expanding your network, you can’t go wrong with Twitter. You don’t need to be a celebrity to have fun and grow your network with Twitter.

Raymond Arroyo
When Mitt Romney talked about Putin expanding his sphere of influence, Obama mocked and said, ‘The Cold War has been over 20 years, nothing to be worried about’… We keep making that mistake with Putin.

Ted Cruz
A national government using New Deal programs and the massive defense spending beginning with World War II and continuing through the Cold War was Johnson’s vehicle for expanding the Southern economy and making it, as he hoped, one of the more prosperous regions of the country.

Robert Dallek
Fundamentally, I believe that the U.S. can improve its international standing and its national security by expanding trade and strengthening its relationships with moderate Muslim countries.

Richard Neal
APA is another evolution in my career; they have unique vision and share my goals for the future. I look forward to expanding our horizons together.

Paul Oakenfold
We want to make the best television possible. We should be drawing on the entire available pool of storytellers and directors, and we should be expanding that pool and trying to hire the very, very, very best people. That’s our job.

John Landgraf
Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance.

Will Durant
My best decision was to choose to go to Wall Street over law. I learned a lot and focused on the expanding software industry at a time when the independent software industry was just beginning.

Safra A. Catz
I love the idea of expanding the universe of games to some extent. At one point, they were kind of limited to boys, fanboys and whatever. I like the idea of liberation for games.

James Patterson
I’m well aware of the health dangers of an expanding waistline and belly fat: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, even cancer.

Denise Austin
While expanding market access for American industry, financial markets and farmers is critical, I believe it needs to be done responsibly, accounting for the treatment and protection of workers and the environment.

Mark Udall
Let’s just get a deal done then let’s worry about expanding it.

John Key
Nothing for the Left, nothing the government does is ever about its superficial reason; it’s only and always about expanding government power and control over you.

Monica Crowley
Expanding access to robotics programs for students has been a significant focus of my administration.

Chris Sununu
I did a sitcom, and I really enjoyed looking for different ways to be funny – lifting that off of the page and just really expanding on it in a way that with procedural and drama, you can’t do as much.

Yannick Bisson
Life is definitely always about expanding. That’s how we grow.

Jessica Simpson
The Mediterranean Sea with its various branches, penetrating far into the great Continent, forms the largest gulf of the ocean, and, alternately narrowed by islands or projections of the land and expanding to considerable breadth, at once separates and connects the three divisions of the Old World.

Theodor Mommsen
The health-care law, irrespective of how people feel about the aims of it – and obviously I don’t agree with Obamacare – but the worry that some businesses have about how the law will impact their bottom line has made people more apprehensive about expanding and growing their business in the 21st century.

Marco Rubio
Physicists explain creation by telling us that the universe began with the Big Bang, an intense energy singularity that continued expanding. But who created the singularity?

Ashwin Sanghi
We are growing both in the U.S. and in India, and all our business plans are made accordingly. So we are expanding both in U.S. and in India.

John L. Flannery
Shutterstock’s ability to cultivate a healthy and expanding marketplace for both customers and contributors remains a key competitive advantage and a crucial component of our sustained growth.

Jon Oringer
Books are our umbilical cord to life. They connect us deeply, and with more meaning, to the world. They aren’t about escaping from ourselves but expanding ourselves and finding within us the tools we need to survive.

Matt Haig
I just love expanding my horizons and growing as an artist. The only way you get to do that is by doing something that scares you or takes you out of your comfort zone.

Vanessa Hudgens
I believe that art has been a vehicle for me that’s been about enlightenment and expanding my own parameters, to give me courage to exercise the freedom that I have in life.

Jeff Koons
Americans were happy to buy vast quantities of relatively inexpensive Chinese manufactured goods, demand for which provided jobs for the tens of millions of Chinese who moved from poor agricultural areas to new or rapidly expanding cities.

Richard N. Haass
The Internet works thanks to loose but trusted connections among its many constituent parts, with easy entry and exit for new Internet service providers or new forms of expanding access.

Jonathan Zittrain
With every project you do, you bring out a part of yourself, and it seems to be quite a good way of expanding a person.

Kate Beckinsale
Traveloka is the clear online travel leader in Indonesia and is expanding aggressively throughout Southeast Asia.

Dara Khosrowshahi
I love wood. I love its permanence, its way of changing hue over the years, its way of expanding and contracting, of moving or aging and growing better and more beautiful with time.

David Linley
They say the universe is expanding. That should help with the traffic.

Steven Wright
Throughout our history we have been tireless advocates for expanding access to high-quality, affordable medicine. This is especially true in the area of HIV/AIDS.

Heather Bresch
Civilization depends on our expanding ability to produce food efficiently, which has markedly accelerated thanks to science and technology.

Nina Fedoroff
During the 1960s, rising real wages for low-income and high-income workers, due in part to rapid economic growth and the spread of unionization, worked in tandem with expanding government support systems to improve Americans’ well-being.

Stephanie Coontz
‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ was, as ‘Ant-Man’ was, just fun, in terms of expanding this universe. We always say, how can we keep audiences surprise at what an MCU film can be?

Kevin Feige
Everybody understands about expanding Medicaid. It’s really simple.

Corrine Brown
Freebird Michael Hayes was my first broadcast partner who was a pure, 100% antagonist. Hayes and I joined forces during Cowboy Bill Watts’ attempt at expanding the Mid-South brand by renaming Mid-South Wrestling the Universal Wrestling Federation.

Jim Ross
With the world as it now presents itself, there is something perverse, and probably dysfunctional, about a person who stays in the same house for 40 years. What about the expanding family syndrome, the school-lottery migration, the property portfolio neurosis? Have you no imagination?

Iain Sinclair
Space is as infinite as we can imagine, and expanding this perspective is what adjusts humankind focus on conquering our true enemies, the formidable foes: ignorance and limitation.

Vanna Bonta
In general, there will likely be an expanding market around mobility management services that could offer incremental job growth.

Cathy Engelbert
Nike is at its best when we focus on the future. Sport is in a constant state of progression. Athletes are expanding their potential every day – and so must we.

Mark Parker
My personal opinion is that an actor shouldn’t bother himself about expanding his market. He or she should just do good films.

We must see what in the Israeli identity – in the Israeli – we can give to other people rather than speaking so often of taking, expanding territory.

A. B. Yehoshua
As we grew to love South Australia, we felt that we were in an expanding society, still feeling the bond to the motherland, but eager to develop a perfect society, in the land of our adoption.

Catherine Helen Spence
Dating apps are brilliant for expanding your actual social network, which leads you to meet other people.

Joanna Coles
Over the past two years, the House has passed more than 50 measures focused on stimulating the economy and expanding opportunities for American workers. The tax relief provisions in this package have been an important part of our pro-growth agenda.

Roger Wicker
You can’t grow unless your banking system is expanding and you are extending credit.

Stephen A. Schwarzman
Women are not only deciding the outcome of elections, they serve as important role models for their daughters and other young women – they hold a key to expanding the way in which women value and experience politics.

Cheryl Mills
I’m really proud of all the stuff we’ve built with Green Lantern – from Larfleeze to the different corps. The universe has expanded and will live well past my run. It was more than just telling another story, but really giving back to the character by expanding and adding to their mythology.

Geoff Johns
The move into adult comedy wasn’t so much moving away from ‘The Wonder Years’ as expanding myself as a director.

Fred Savage
All different forms of human expression, art, science, are going to become expanded, by expanding our intelligence.

Ray Kurzweil
I read ‘The High Frontier’ in high school. I read it multiple times, and I was already primed. As soon as I read it, it made sense to me. It seemed very clear that planetary surfaces were not the right place for an expanding civilization inside our solar system.

Jeff Bezos
The future of TOMS is really creating a whole new business model of this one-for-one giving and expanding the TOMS model from shoes into other products as well.

Blake Mycoskie
One of the qualities of liberty is that, as long as it is being striven after, it goes on expanding. Therefore, the man who stands in the midst of the struggle and says, ‘I have it,’ merely shows by doing so that he has just lost it.

Henrik Ibsen
Our rural communities are the heart of Maine, and we must invest in them – building our energy infrastructure, expanding access to broadband, and most importantly, making sure every single person has access to the health care they need.

Sara Gideon
Shows like ‘Empire,’ ‘Black-ish,’ ‘Scandal,’ and ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ are expanding viewers’ perspectives on what people of color can be like. They’re showing more range. They’re showing more diversity within diversity.

Baron Vaughn
I’m committed to facilitating the creation of good jobs across Alabama and expanding opportunities for the state’s hard-working citizens.

Kay Ivey
Outside the walls, among others, is the Soviet Empire. It is malevolent, destructive and expanding. It has swallowed up over half a dozen countries since World War II.

Barbara Amiel
I would say television is a focus, and expanding our channel platform is a focus. As for buying libraries, when catalogs are going down in value, the answer is that it’s all about price!

Jon Feltheimer
Last time I checked, the digital universe was expanding at the rate of five trillion bits per second in storage and two trillion transistors per second on the processing side.

George Dyson
I think everyone is just expanding, with the centers shooting 3s. I think that just opens the floor up a lot more. A lot more shots are going up, a lot more freedom of movement. It makes it more of an exciting game.

Kyle Lowry
I started doing non-surf stuff like commercials, short films, and music videos and just started expanding my filmmaking that way. I started doing that more for a career: you know, it was paying the bills, and it was challenging. I was stimulated by it.

Taylor Steele
For almost a century, the Universe has been known to be expanding as a consequence of the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago. However, the discovery that this expansion is accelerating is astounding. If the expansion will continue to speed up, the Universe will end in ice.

Saul Perlmutter
In the long term, expanding and modernizing I-27 through the Texas Panhandle will promote growth by connecting rural areas to the federal Interstate Highway system, strengthen avenues for trade which is particularly advantageous for TX-13’s agriculture industry, increase safety, and save billions in travel costs.

Ronny Jackson
It is time for us to make a real commitment to our rural communities by expanding broadband, by supporting our farmers, by building affordable housing and taking on rural poverty. That’s how we leave no one behind.

Amy Klobuchar
Five years ago, we came to the realization that the camera can be used for more than capturing memories. We showed it can be used for talking. The dream for us is expanding the camera and what it can do for your life. It has capabilities beyond making memories.

Evan Spiegel
I don’t think anybody should be expanding Medicaid. I think it’s a mistake to create new and more expensive entitlement programs when we can’t afford the ones we’ve got today. We’ve got to stop this culture of government dependence.

Bobby Jindal
I’ve always believed in expanding the definition of what a Marvel Studios movie could be.

Kevin Feige
Adecco and Penna have a long history of working together, and Penna represents an excellent strategic fit for Adecco in U.K. HR services, expanding the breadth and depth of services Adecco is able to offer to its clients. The acquisition of Penna also offers meaningful synergy potential for Adecco in the U.K.

Alain Dehaze
Historians spend their days engaged in the literally endless task of reshaping and expanding our view of the past, while statues are fixed and inflexible.

David Olusoga
The United States cannot achieve significant economic growth without expanding exports.

Charles Boustany
But clearly an economy that’s growing and expanding like this one – and it certainly is doing that with high GDP output, employment numbers strong, capacity utilization strong – that’s an environment in which the Fed needs to continually be alert to early signs of inflation.

John W. Snow
Presenting the American songbook as a living, breathing entity that’s expanding all the time is very important.

Chris Thile
President Reagan, expanding on President Lincoln’s phrase, referred to America as ‘the last, best hope of man on Earth.’ But this last, best hope is beginning to fade.

Edwin Meese
Astronomers have been bewildered by the theory of an expanding universe, but there is no less expansion in the moral infinite of the universe of man. As far as the frontiers of science are pushed back, over the extended arc of these frontiers one will hear the poet’s hounds on the chase.

Saint-John Perse
Expanding access to decent work opportunities is the most effective way to increase labor-market participation, lift people out of poverty, reduce inequality, and drive economic growth. It should be at the center of policymaking. The alternative is a dog-eat-dog world in which too many will feel left out.

Guy Ryder
The Internet and digital technologies can and will boost economic, social, and political development, including by vastly expanding the capacity of individuals to enjoy their right to freedom of speech and expression, which is key to empowering human rights.

Alexander De Croo
My ambition comes from my passion: finding what I love and then expanding on that.

Miranda Kerr
Our approach to doing right by Kentucky’s veterans starts by focusing on expanding job opportunities, especially in agritech and infrastructure development – two areas where Kentucky can thrive.

Andy Beshear
We’re supposed to be an entrepreneurial company; we’re meant to be expanding and looking for opportunities – but the minute you do it, you get your head bashed in.

Gerry Harvey
Infrastructure is more than laying new roads and expanding transit: it’s running the fiber and deploying new technologies for reliable, affordable Internet in every part of the state.

John Hickenlooper
I never start a song at the beginning; I always start in the middle, working with the original concept. That might be a loop or a vocal hook. A weird noise or a string sample. Once that’s at the heart of the song, I work concertina-fashion, expanding the song forwards to the end and backwards to the beginning.

The original project began because we know the universe is expanding. Everybody had assumed that gravity would slow down the expansion of the universe and everything would come to a halt and collapse. The big surprise was it was actually speeding up.

Saul Perlmutter
In my own case, I’m an artist, and I’m really interested in expanding the vocabulary of human action, and basically empowering people through interactivity. I want people to discover themselves as actors, as creative actors, by having interactive experiences.

Golan Levin
I strongly support the construction of the Keystone Pipeline and favor expanding offshore drilling to make our nation less dependent on foreign oil.

Thom Tillis
We’re expanding the brand. Bojana and I are indeed awaiting our second child. We’re very excited.

Michael Weatherly
Supramolecular chemistry, the designed chemistry of the intermolecular bond, is rapidly expanding at the frontiers of molecular science with physical and biological phenomena.

Jean-Marie Lehn
Well, we are expanding in all of our segments of the market.

David Milne
The bottom line is, what are we doing to Obamacare? We eviscerate the law in our bill, and then we do things like expanding health savings accounts, which give families real flexibility. We reform Medicaid.

Steve Scalise
If you have time-release pills, you could have time-release expanding cheesecakes.

Homaro Cantu
I am committed to leveling the playing field and expanding opportunity to all.

Jared Polis
Twitter is growing up, expanding into other countries, and recognizing that the Internet is contrary to what people hoped; the government does reach into the Internet.

Rebecca MacKinnon
I’m with expanding in my culture, from the Dominican Republic all the way to Cape Verde. Please believe that.

Ray J
I take inspirations from newspaper strip cartoonists who look for ways of expanding their characters’ worlds once they have established the initial concept of their strips.

Paul Dini
We’re paying a lot of attention to the iPad. But we’re expanding that to a tablet focus.

Parker Harris
The Chinese government has been clear in its goal and purpose for creating and expanding Confucius Institutes throughout the country, namely to distort academic discourse on China, threaten and silence defenders of human rights, and create a climate intolerant of dissent or open discussion.

Seth Moulton
Without a clear picture of where the military’s covert forces are operating and what they are doing, Americans may not even recognize the consequences of and blowback from our expanding secret wars as they wash over the world.

Nick Turse