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I worked with Jim James on my film 'I'm Not There' - he
I worked with Jim James on my film ‘I’m Not There’ – he sang ‘Goin’ to Acapulco’ with Calexico backing him up. We just hit it off, and it’s such a beautiful moment in that film.

Todd Haynes
When I think about our HBCUs, I think of icons like my mentor Jim Clyburn, a South Carolina State graduate, who fought against discrimination and segregation, and continues to champion for civil rights and equality.

Jaime Harrison
In a world where most billionaires are all about talking about taking care of and helping people, Jim Irsay walks it.

Pat McAfee
I have talked to Debbie Hammond quite a bit, Jim Hammond’s wife, his widow. I’ve seen their kids. And last time we played Dallas, a lot of them came over. It’s hard for them to come see the show. It’s still hard.

Reba McEntire
My brother Jim and I spent many wonderful summers working on dairy farms in Wisconsin owned by Mom’s cousins, and as members of our local Boy Scout troop.

Peter Agre
I don’t think I have the pulling power of Jim Carrey.

Dev Patel
Tragedy is a great storytelling form. It worked extremely well for Shakespeare. It worked extremely well for Jim Cameron with ‘Titanic.’

Carlton Cuse
I wanted to remind myself and others of the old Jim Crow, so that we can remind ourselves that we’re still living in the new Jim Crow. I feel it’s important to dress in the fashion of the times.

I personally pledge myself to openly counsel, aid, and abet youth, both black and white, to quarantine any Jim Crow conscription system.

A. Philip Randolph
The hardest achievement in acting – in my opinion, anyway – is nailing a role that absolutely nobody else could have played. Pacino owned Michael Corleone… but DeNiro could have owned it as well. Who else, though, but Val Kilmer could have nailed Jim Morrison? Does anyone besides Will Ferrell pull off Ron Burgundy?

Bill Simmons
The character of Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart added so much. He was solid in the ring too, really good. His role in the Hart Foundation – he was great. He was a really good, solid power guy that could move in there, too.

Sean Waltman
Many thought that the abolition of slavery, the end of Jim Crow, and the legislative progress of the Civil Rights Era, among other watershed moments, would have fundamentally done away with the racist structures that have long oppressed black people. However, we know that has been far from the case.

Opal Tometi
I replaced Jim Garner in ‘Maverick.’ I replaced George Sanders in ‘The Saint.’ I’ve replaced everybody.

Roger Moore
I love Jim Tressel. I think he’s a fabulous guy. He’s overall been a strong example for all coaches.

Bob Stoops
My son, Tony Vincent, is a stuntman. He doubles for Jim Caviezel on ‘Person of Interest.’ He works really hard.

Frank Vincent
If Jim Nantz is tweeting at me, ‘Go back to baseball, you suck at golf,’ then I’ve got problems. If it’s somebody else who’s just a voice out there, well, that just comes with the job.

Joe Buck
In 1984, Jim Koch used his family’s lager recipe to start Boston Beer Company, which has since become the largest ‘craft’ brewer in the country. He brews Samuel Adams, a rich lager named after the American revolutionary that comes with the tagline, ‘Take pride in your beer.’

Elizabeth Flock
I was looking at people like Jim Morrison and David Bowie and Mick Jagger and I thought, Ah! I want to look like them.

Tommy Hilfiger
Jim Crow was king… and I heard a game in which Jackie Robinson was playing, and I felt pride in being alive.

Lou Brock
My top three were Jim Brown, Wilt Chamberlain and Bo Jackson.

Dick Schaap
Alf Wight was remarkable, and I keep in touch regularly with his children Rosie and Jim, I love them dearly and I owe them.

Christopher Timothy
It all started in a local park in El Paso called Madeleine Park. At a ditch, a very small ditch, that everybody used to go skateboarding in. It was me and Jim Ward and an acoustic guitar. He and I constructed the very first phases of At The Drive In.

Cedric Bixler-Zavala
As long as there’s young people, they can look to Jim to help them cut the umbilical chord.

John Densmore
Three of the brightest baseball pitchers of their times staged comebacks without much success – David Cone, Jim Bouton and Jim Palmer – but there was room to admire their quixotic gesture.

George Vecsey
One of the best features of my career is that I have gotten to meet and work with some of the most stellar people in the business. From Tim Russert and Jim Lehrer to Bryant Gumbel, Andrea Mitchell and Judy Woodruff, I have learned from the leading lights.

Gwen Ifill
I went through a big Jim Morrison phase where I grew my hair and wore those black leather pants. I even tried to get the boots, the chains, and I was full into getting that Jim Morrison vibe… but I didn’t go overboard or try the mascara.

Varun Dhawan
I remember as a young man seeing these bigger-than-life, strong images of black manhood in the form of Jim Brown and Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly, Billy Dee Williams. All these guys were these alpha males who were smart, attractive. I said, ‘Wow, I want to be like that.’

Michael Jai White
Jim Newman, the business visionary who created the term ‘comfort zone,’ showed me how to expand my horizons. Thanks to Jim, after I attended one of his PACE Seminars in 1978; I moved out of my comfort zone at Bear Stearns and became a super successful oilman.

Dan Pena
One of my first heroes was Jim Robson, the hall-of-fame broadcaster with the Canucks and Hockey Night in Canada, and Jim Ross with the WWE and Howard Cosell was a big influence on me.

Mauro Ranallo
Jim and I are still receiving surgical attention, and will be the remainder of our lives.

Cole Younger
Legends like Jim Murray at the ‘Los Angeles Times’ and Shirley Povich at the ‘Washington Post’ were the most beloved guys at their papers. They’d write a cherished column for 30 years, and that was it. There was nothing else to do, no higher job to attain.

Stephen Rodrick
I love playing Jim. I love working with this cast and the opportunity to come back and work with them again was just way too appealing for me. Also, I think this is a great way to wrap up the franchise.

Jason Biggs
I’m down with Jim Jones.

Pimp C
In the glory days of Orioles, when I was a newbie baseball writer for the Post, the roster of talkers was as good as the everyday lineup. Singy – Ken Singleton – Flanny, and Cakes – the underwear spokesman Jim Palmer – were my go-to guys, occupying stalls along one wall of the shabby chic clubhouse.

Jane Leavy
Jim Crow had unintended benefits. It forced blacks to build and rely on their own economic, educational and social systems.

Jason Whitlock
In our state, I’m really proud of the fact that the ones who overturned Jim Crow in Kentucky were Republicans fighting against an entirely unified Democrat Party. So I am proud to be Republican. I can’t imagine being anything else.

Rand Paul
The perpetuation of slavery, the exile and extermination of American Indians, and the passage of Jim Crow laws weren’t carried out at the bidding of a few malefactors of great wealth.

P. J. O’Rourke
Alinsky’s 1971 book, ‘Rules for Radicals,’ is a favorite of the Obamas. Michele Obama quoted it at the Democratic Convention. One Alinsky tactic is to ‘Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.’ That’s what the White House did in targeting Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer.

Karl Rove
What I wanted to do in rock ‘n roll was merge poetry with sonic scapes, and the two people who had contributed so much to that were Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.

Patti Smith
On ‘Taxi,’ I had the great fortune of directing many wonderful episodes, none more classic than Reverend Jim’s driving test. It was maybe the funniest show I did.

James Burrows
Jim Morrison’s very good looking, but I don’t like this version of the song. The Feliciano version is better.

Maurice Gibb
Jim Miller is an important fight for me. It’s just like any other fight, but it’s important for me because Jim Miller was the first guy to defeat me.

Charles Oliveira
Jim Crockett could just advertise Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair, and we would do great numbers just off of the two names being hooked up for the evening. Fans knew we’d go out there and give them a hell of a match, win, lose or draw.

Ricky Steamboat
It took me a while to open up to the idea that you don’t have to be a wrestler to have ideas. Jim Ross isn’t a wrestler and you will learn a lot from Jim Ross.

Tommaso Ciampa
To be honest, I’ve made a game out of trying to live through my James Dean, Janis Joplin, Freddie Prinze, Jim Morrison period, those demons that we all have that we’re either successful or not at making work for us rather than destroy us.

Patrick Swayze
I’m also very impressed with the best people in experimental electronic world, like Peta and Eckart Aillers and Finez and Jim O’Rourke and Oren Umbarci and Francesco Lopez. Most of them use the computer as their main instrument.

John Frusciante
Jim Cameron used to call me ‘Special Ed.’

Edward Furlong
Jim played – he had a great stretch in the middle of the round there, and Chad made that long putt on 16. Almost got that match. We ended up losing, but we almost won it, too.

Hal Sutton
There’s not one major greatest influence on my career. It would be film and great artists and great imagineers – Jim Henson, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, people who understand the joy of the imagination.

Zac Posen
Jim Hightower, Ann Richards – there are quite a few intelligent regular Texans.

Fred Schneider
The characters I’ve played, especially Bret Maverick and Jim Rockford, almost never use a gun, and they always try to use their wits instead of their fists.

James Garner
I did a movie with Jamie Foxx that was kind of action, and, you know, Jim Hopper’s a little bit action; he does throw a good punch.

David Harbour
My siblings and I, we were raised on TV and films. Not a day went by that we weren’t watching one of three movies – ‘Caddyshack,’ ‘Animal House,’ ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ – on rotation. Our comedy, our personalities were set watching ‘Sesame Street’: these really sort of wacky, Jim Henson-y characters.

Teddy Sears
The extraordinary nature of individual black achievement in formerly white domain certainly does suggest that the old Jim Crow is dead, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of racial caste – if history is any guide, it may have just taken a different form.

Michelle Alexander
Jim Carrey, a comic genius, has a harder time overcoming the public’s desire for him to be funny simply because he’s so good at it.

Ben Stiller
Man, I’m the No. 1 living and breathing rock star. I am Axl Rose; I am Jim Morrison; I am Jimi Hendrix.

Kanye West
I struggled and I did theater for 10 years, for 15 years, I tried to get little parts here and there in TV shows. So, for me, the opportunity to work with Jim Carrey was amazing, it was phenomenal, it was eye-opening.

James Tupper
Jim Crow laws stripped blacks of basic rights. Despite landmark civil rights laws, many public schools were still segregated, blacks still faced barriers to voting, and violence by white racists continued. Such open racism is mostly gone in America, but covert racism is alive and well.

Bob Beckel
My father joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did.

Condoleezza Rice
It’s funny, in some of the interviews I’ve seen that were done for the film, some people say things like, ‘Oh, I was never a very big Jim Woodring fan. I’ve never thought his work was that great.’

Jim Woodring
Since I left the wrestling business and got in the Jim Cornette business, my blood pressure is down considerably.

Jim Cornette
As described in ‘The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness,’ the cyclical rebirth of caste in America is a recurring racial nightmare.

Michelle Alexander
My report card always said, ‘Jim finishes first and then disrupts the other students’.

Jim Carrey
When I grew up, one of comedy idols was Rowan Atkinson, who of course is Mr. Bean and uses physical comedy. Same with Jim Carrey. Both of those guys. And Peter Sellers. Most of my comedy idols are physical comics.

Rhys Darby
Jim Murray’s greatest writings were golf writings.

Jim Nantz
We wanted to do a sequel with Jim and Jeff. They said that the word was that Jim didn’t want to do any sequels. We approached him and he said he would do it, but not until next year. New Line said it was too long to wait.

Bobby Farrelly
I was the second guy to submit Jim Miller, so I’m up there in catching guys that have been deemed uncatchable.

Michael Chiesa
I grew up watching stuff with Jim Carey, Robin Williams and Sandra Bullock in them. I’ve always been attracted to the actors who are a little more off beat.

Amanda Crew
The injustices endured by black Americans at the hands of their own government have no parallel in our history, not only during the period of slavery but also in the Jim Crow era that followed.

Jim Webb
I didn’t see Kirby Puckett as a Hall of Famer. I didn’t see Gary Carter as a Hall of Famer. I didn’t see Don Sutton as a Hall of Famer. I didn’t see Phil Niekro as a Hall of Famer. As much as I like Jim Rice, I’m not so sure he’s a Hall of Famer.

Reggie Jackson
Jim Udinski has been coaching in the league for the past fourteen years, and his Division II team, the Lenape Valley Indians from suburban Philadelphia, has already made history – twice.

Jeanne Marie Laskas
Right from the outset, the prevailing mindset in British comics fandom was a radical and progressive one. We were all proto-hippies, and we all thought that comics would be greatly improved if everything was a bit psychedelic like Jim Steranko.

Alan Moore
I feel like Jim Carrey is probably the closest thing to a true physical comedian that we have working today.

Josh Gad
I like connecting new synapses. Like Jim Morrison did.

John Densmore
It’s good Xerox is known for its copying machines, and it’s good Jim Carrey is known for comedy.

Steve Guttenberg
I am Jim Gray, and I am the guy who is going to beat Rand Paul.

Jim Gray
I remember I was up for the role of Jim in ‘Huck Finn,’ and because I went to Harvard and Yale, they didn’t think I would be able to play a slave. I said, ‘Oh, please.’ I had to go in there and prove to them that I wasn’t too intelligent to play a slave.

Courtney B. Vance
Many of the old forms of discrimination that we supposedly left behind during the Jim Crow era are suddenly legal again, once you’ve been branded a felon.

Michelle Alexander
I like pure pro-wrestling, when it’s serious in its orientation and presentation – like it’s a legit sport with Jim Ross calling the action.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Jim, as just a spoken poet, was not that good. He needed the music behind him. He felt a security and a sense of abandon when the music existed around him.

Ray Manzarek
Let us look at Jim Crow for the criminal he is and what he has done to one life multiplied millions of times over these United States and the world. He walks us on a tightrope from birth.

Rosa Parks
I think the greatest all-around athlete ever was Jim Brown. He played lacrosse, basketball and ran track at Syracuse. He played professional football for the Browns.

Will McDonough
I’m in Ring of Honor about four years. I was cast as The Sicilian Psychopath there and right from the start one thing that felt weird where I got signed after a tryout because Jim Cornette saw me and ‘Delirious’ Hunter Johnston and they really liked my promo. The match was fine, but they really liked my promo.

Tommaso Ciampa
When Jim Irsay called me five years ago, he told me, ‘I want you to be our coach and help us win the Super Bowl.’ He told me, ‘We are going win it the right way. We are going to win it with great guys; win it with class and dignity. We are going to win it in a way that will make Indianapolis proud.’

Tony Dungy
My parents are my major supporters. I look up to Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson and Jim Carrey. They have all opened my mind and helped me with my craft.

Adam Hicks
I know I express myself best singing love songs, and Jim Steinman gave me my rock style, which I have always wanted. I can express myself best putting a lot of emotion into singing rock songs.

Bonnie Tyler
There are comedians that I like. I think a lot of it, you just figure out on your own. It’s definitely one of those things that you get good at by doing it a lot. But I like Jim Gaffigan. Patton Oswalt. Janeane Garofalo.

Michael Showalter
I think Jim got screwed. I think Jim Bakker would have been a great preacher. Jim Bakker was very good at what he did.

Jessica Hahn
In a perfect world, you make a seamless transition from one great era to the next, but that rarely happens. I’ve studied these things: how do you go from the Aikman-Irvin-Smith Cowboys to the next era? I’m all for continuity. I wish we could have done it that way with Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell, Peyton.

Jim Irsay
Sitting around with Jim Carrey, coming up with bits, is, like, beyond a dream come true.

Ari Graynor
I do not know what kind of relationship Jim Carroll and The Ramones had, though I imagine they all knew each other, as they ran in the same scene.

Kevin Morby
I actually went to law school with Jim Comey. We were in the same class, and he was respected by our classmates just like he was respected by the agents that he supervised.

Amy Klobuchar
I got signed to Ring Of Honor because Jim Cornette happened to be paying attention to something I was doing.

Adam Cole
The strength of my mother is something I didn’t pay attention to for so long. Here she was, this single mom, who was part of the Great Migration, who was part of a Jim Crow south, who said, ‘I’m getting my kids out of here. I’m creating opportunities for these young people by any means necessary.’

Jacqueline Woodson
I remember thinking: ‘Why is Jim’s face so big?’ on the cover of our first album, ‘The Doors.’ Probably because it wouldn’t have sold a lot of copies if it were my face!

John Densmore
Jim Bakker is an extremely talented preacher, if he would just get it together.

Jessica Hahn
We need a governor strong enough to take us to our full potential. Jim Hood won’t, but I will.

Tate Reeves
The plunder of black communities is not a bump along the road, but it is, in fact, the road itself that you can’t have in America without enslavement, without Jim Crow, terrorism, everything that came after that.

Ta-Nehisi Coates
Rest in peace, Harold Lederman. When I was younger, my brother and I used to imitate his famous ‘OK, Jim!’ line while watching the big ‘HBO Boxing’ events. What an amazing character he was, and while I never met him, he seemed to be a lovely man.

Ariel Helwani
I would like to do comedy. I can be a bit of a Jim Carrey. I was always the class clown.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
My brother Billy was the joke teller. My brother Jim had a really sharp, cutting wit. And the teller of long stories, that was my brother Ed. As a child, I just absorbed everything they said, and I was always in competition for the laughs.

Stephen Colbert
I was trained in storytelling by Jim Shooter, Stan Lee, and Larry Hama. Doesn’t make me a genius, and there really isn’t anything fancy about the stage direction in my scripts.

Christopher Priest
Our co-founder and company president, Jim Levy, came from a record industry background and understood the marketing and promotion of artists as well as products. So the video game business went from absolutely zero designer credit to something approaching rock star promotion.

David Crane
Jim Rollins is the king of the weird science action genre.

Jonathan Maberry
I’ve always been a big fan of Jim Neidhart.

Sean Waltman
Never did I think I would live to see the day Jim Crow was resurrected, making repeat appearances in the South. And he has packed his bags, and he has moved North. Something is wrong.

Nina Turner
I used to really like Method Man and Redman for some reason. And Fabolous. A lot of New York rappers, too. Cam’ron. Jim Jones. Hurricane Chris.

Ski Mask the Slump God
We’re all very sensitive that Jim has the shortest history with the band. He wants to be somewhat of a free agent. I’m just going to let time dictate how Jim’s future evolves.

Thurston Moore
He told me that Francis Crick and Jim Watson had solved the structure of DNA, so we decided to go across to Cambridge to see it. This was in April of 1953.

Sydney Brenner
The quality of our lives is diminished every time we lose a great artist. It’s a different world without Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Curtis Mayfield, Brian Jones and the rest.

Steven Van Zandt
I love Jerry Lewis. I loved Jim Carrey when I was younger, and Mike Myers and Phil Hartman, all the ‘Saturday Night Live’ people in the late ’80s.

Simon Helberg
It’s grossly unfair to judge Walter Payton solely on the yards he gains. He is a complete football player, better than Jim Brown, better than O.J. Simpson.

Jim Finks
Ariel Pink would be a regular on the Mike Douglas Show. Both a master songwriter and a charismatic figure, he’d wander the set like a cherubic, more likable Jim Morrison. His songs would be all over KFRC – the way Boz Scaggs ruled for one summer with ‘Silk Degrees.’

Greg Gutfeld
‘One Day’ is definitely heartbreaking in a few ways, but one of the main ways is that my character and Jim Sturgess’s character are just people from two different worlds who love each other in so many ways and can’t quite seem to get it together.

Anne Hathaway
There’s a long tradition – certainly with country, but in all kinds of genres of music – to have humorous lyrics. Certainly with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and, if you look at country, Roger Miller and Jim Stafford.

Rick Moranis
It was the biggest suppression of voting rights in our country’s history since Jim Crow. And the thread of race runs from the beginning to the end of my book.

Sidney Blumenthal
One thing Jim McGreevey wants the world to know: Leading a double life as a gay man trying to appear straight was easy for him to pull off. He was ‘good’ at it. Not only that – it helped him become a better politician.

Jeanne Marie Laskas
I’m a sucker for movies about uncommon friendships: ‘Midnight Cowboy,’ ‘Harold and Maude,’ ‘Scarecrow,’ ‘The Last Detail,’ ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien,’ ‘Jules and Jim,’ ‘Rushmore,’ ‘Stand by Me.’

Ryan Fleck
I’ve talked a lot with Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem. Being on Team PokerStars with them has helped me out quite a bit. I’ve traveled around Europe playing with them. I’ve also talked with Robert Williamson here and there and Jim Worth. So I’ve had some good people to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

Chris Moneymaker
Well, it was kind of accidental that Jim started playing with us, although it wasn’t sudden… we hadn’t really looked around to think who could be a fifth member.

Kim Gordon
Boys from my generation all love Jim Carrey! But you know, just being in his house with him and pitching jokes that he would act out, literally felt like the dreams that I had, so it was amazing.

John Francis Daley
Jim MacLaine was the hero of Ray Connolly’s 1973 movie ‘That’ll Be the Day’, about a young man turning his back on a university education at the turn of the ’60s in order to try his hand in a rock n’ roll band.

David Hepworth
I would like to work with Jean Reno, and I think it would be amazing to work with Jim Carrey. I would quite like to work with Robert De Niro and probably Christopher Walken.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster
If he wants to blow his head off, let him. I don’t give a damn about Jim Bakker.

Jessica Hahn
While it is entirely untrue that Canadians lack a sense of humour, the funniest ones tend to head south: Dan Aykroyd, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox.

Simon Hoggart
Did Robert De Niro actually look like Al Capone in ‘The Untouchables?’ Or did Van Kilmer look like Jim Morrison in ‘The Doors?’ No. It’s the core, the essence of the personality that matters.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali
I knew what kind of actor I was going to be, and I looked for inspiration to people like Alec Guinness, Cyril Cusack, Timothy Spall and Jim Broadbent. I looked at them and thought, ‘They play human beings as they really are.’

Eddie Marsan
One of the points in which I was especially interested was the Jim Crow regulations, that is, the system of separation of the races in street cars and railroad trains.

Ray Stannard Baker
People like Bill Burr and Jim Gaffigan and Zach Galifianakis and Sarah Silverman – they were all amazing and helpful to me.

Pete Holmes
Jim had a spirit that was incapable of compromise.

John Densmore
I was about 10 when I first began to sing. My mother had been away for three weeks, and I learned ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.’ When she came back, I sang it in front of her, my auntie Linda, my father, my uncle Jim, and my grandmother.

Roisin Murphy
I sent some scenes from ‘Life on Mars’… and then I didn’t hear anything for about 48 hours, and I was sure that I wouldn’t get this. Then I got a phone call saying, ‘They want you to take the role of Jim Shannon on ‘Terra Nova,’ and would I be interested!

Jason O’Mara
I make notes about things I see in films that really affect me, like the ending of ‘Jules and Jim.’ I think about how I can utilize things in my work. And I have a team of people who keep me down to earth.

John Singleton
Often, when Jim Carrey plays it straight, all of the vitality is drained from his face; he looks like a root-canal patient trying out a pleasant expression for his oral surgeon.

Elvis Mitchell
If you work with Jim Carrey, you’re working with the best.

Peter Farrelly
I love Jim and Pam at ‘The Office.’

David Walton
The biologists have essentially been pushed aside. Al Gore’s just an opportunist. The person who is really responsible for this overestimate of global warming is Jim Hansen. He consistently exaggerates all the dangers.

Freeman Dyson
Throughout my life, there are four people I’ve met who were truly original people. The other three were Groucho Marx, Jim Morrison, and Pablo Picasso.

Alice Cooper
If I had to feel one thing towards Jim Hellwig, I guess it would be pity a little bit.

Ted DiBiase Sr.
My friend Jim Parrack is in ‘Child of God,’ and we grew up together. Back then, we would watch old movies and go reenact them at a Blockbuster or a supermarket. We’d end up getting in trouble because you can’t reenact movies. People think you’re crazy.

Scott Haze
I didn’t understand Warrior. When you come into my business, but you join the family, and that’s something that Jim never did. It didn’t seem to me that he was grateful for the things that people did for him.

Ted DiBiase Sr.
I know Jim Cornette says the reason that I’m successful now is because I changed my attitude, and I must be listening to what people tell me now, and I used to not listen to him. But the thing is, I used to not listen to him or question his methods because I didn’t agree with him, and I didn’t share his vision.

Kevin Owens
I’ve had two owners – Jim Dolan and Les Alexander in Houston. Both were terrific. They wanted to win badly and gave you the resources to win.

Jeff Van Gundy
One of the great things personally coming to Hawai’i is my friendship of Jim Nicholson.

Dan Fouts
Jim Brooks is a very powerful director and it was a lot of intense work.

Tea Leoni
Is Donald Trump a fascist? It’s an interesting question that has generated insightful commentary over the past few months, with the best answers situating Trumpian illiberalism within America’s long history of racial oppression, slavery, Jim Crow apartheid, and the ongoing backlash to the loss of white privilege.

Greg Grandin
Growing up, I was all about Jim Varney’s character, Ernest P. Worrell, specifically ‘Ernest Goes to Camp.’ I was also obsessed with ‘3 Ninjas,’ ‘Cop and a Half’ and ‘Rookie of the Year.’

Paul Walter Hauser
When Jim Leyland calls – and I have so much respect for Jim Leyland – when he asked me to play, you don’t say no.

Max Scherzer
Jim Cramer is a very smart man. I watch his show. I just do not follow his advice.

Robert Kiyosaki
I used to imagine what it would be like to do what Jim Brown was doing. I used to imagine what it would be like to be like a Tony Dorsett. I used to imagine what it would be like to be like a Walter Payton. I was imagining Emmitt Smith doing exactly what they were doing.

Emmitt Smith
I don’t know, examination I guess. And then they put the jump suit back on me again. I went through the compound – I remember somebody shouting, Jim don’t let them break you.

Jim Bakker
Jim Crow segregation was bipartisan. The refusal of women suffrage was bipartisan. The denial of the basic dignity of members of the LGBTQ community has long been bipartisan. The Three-Fifths Compromise was the creation of a punitive national unity at the expense of black people’s basic humanity.

Raphael Warnock
I grew up hearing my parents’ stories about how they had to fight for their right to vote in the Jim Crow South.

Stacey Abrams
Jim Bakker spells his name with two k’s because three would be too obvious.

Bill Maher
Jim Cameron is proof that if you are good, you’ll get promoted.

Roger Corman
The way I paint is similar to rock in that you don’t stand around and say, ‘Gee, what are they talking about?’ Rock is simple, blunt, colorful. Same with my paintings. You don’t stand back and wonder what it is. That’s Jim Morrison, that’s a panda, that’s a scene on the West Coast. It’s not abstract.

Grace Slick
I bought a tape recorder and some stuff and went to Europe for three months when I was 18. The puppeteering was only there as a hobby. I wanted to be a journalist. When I was 19, and after I had spent about a year in college, Jim Henson asked me to come out and try puppeteering for awhile.

Frank Oz
I loved working with Jim Cornette.

Adam Cole
After graduating high school, Betty attended the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, the alma mater of both her parents. My mother relocated to New York because she refused to accept the oppressive racism of the Jim Crow south.

Ilyasah Shabazz
Jim Bakker. He’s lost everything, he’s ruined. And the worst thing of all he still has to wake up to her!

Sam Kinison
Guys like Howard Stern, Bill O’Reilly, Jim Rome, Bill Maher, those are the guys I love and respect as broadcasters.

Eddie Trunk
Mike Leigh taught me about making choices – as an actor, you choose between being honest and clever, and with Mike, it’s always about being honest. I learned how to behave on a film set from Jim Broadbent. He was a great example of someone with a fantastic career who kept his feet on the ground.

Eddie Marsan
I know that when I’ve passed the Jim Nabors set at our studio, I call out ‘Hi Gomer,’ and I can’t honestly think of his real name.

Bob Crane
The folks celebrating Jim Bunning are seeing him as an anti-government, anti-spending activist. But to embrace Jim Bunning is to embrace a strange record, if you really are a libertarian, if you really are a deficit hawk, if you really care about spending and responsibility.

Rachel Maddow
I did host the Jim Rome show with Jerry Ferrara for three hours when he was on vacation. Three hours is a long time. Think about how long that is. It was tricky, but it was a great experience.

Kevin Connolly
When Trump says, ‘Make America great again,’ he is referencing an era when people were singled out and harmed because of their race and religious beliefs, and when violent enforcement of Jim Crow masqueraded as the will of the people.

DeRay Mckesson
If anybody is interested in listening to good modern music, I would recommend Jim Fassett, ‘Symphony of the Birds.’ It’s really beautiful… with real birds.

Gael Garcia Bernal
I don’t think there’s any danger of me playing Indian music. However, I did a song of George Harrison’s ‘Beware of Darkness’ that was kind of like that. That was an illusion. I was playing that on a thumbtack piano, and Jim Gordon was playing tablas. He’s an amazing player. That was as close to India as I ever got.

Leon Russell
The Doors were successful. It was Jim Morrison as the centre and the figure and the spokesman, the figurehead, but we were all into the same thing. That’s why we were a band.

Ray Manzarek
The first time I saw Pearl Jam, I thought Eddie Vedder had seen too many Jim Morrison videos, and I didn’t like the music very much. But by the third album, I really liked them after all.

Robert Hilburn
My favorite actors are Jim Carrey and Chris Farley, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams. Robin Williams is the best – to be able to do all that comedy but also be heartbreaking.

Evan Peters
Young people and Indian people need to know that we existed in the 20th Century. We need to know who our heroes are and to know what we have done and accomplished in this century other than what Olympic athletes Jim Thorpe and Billy Mills have done.

Russell Means
I once sat next to Jim from Wild Kingdom on a flight from Atlanta. I find mentioning that opens a lot of doors.

Todd Barry
Man, that Jim Lauderdale always looks good – he’s got more western suits than anybody.

Jason Isbell
My literary career kicked off in 1956 when, as a resident of Swansea, South Wales, I published my first novel, ‘Lucky Jim.’

Martin Amis
I grew up on the crime stuff. Spillane, Chandler, Jim Thompson, and noir movies like Fuller, Orson Welles, Fritz Lang. When I first showed up in New York to write comics back in the late 1970s, I came with a bunch of crime stories but everybody just wanted men in tights.

Frank Miller
I think people think Jim Carrey’s just wild and crazy. He really is very disciplined. It is true of Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams as well.

Christine Baranski
The South was very segregated. I mean, all through my childhood, long after Jim Crow was supposed to not be in existence, it was still a very segregated South.

Jacqueline Woodson
You know if we were to look back and how we were in 1955 living in Jim Crow, living in segregation, living in segregated schools, it’s hard to believe that it was America, but it really was.

Anna Deavere Smith
Filmmakers have to commit to making 3-D films properly like Jim Cameron did and not do cheap conversions at the tail end of the process.

Peter Jackson
Jim Ross has such compassion for the fans. That’s because this is natural for him, it’s a love, just like the love Gordon Solie had for the business.

Terry Funk
We have defeated Jim Crow, but now we have to deal with his son, James Crow Jr., esquire.

Al Sharpton
Jim wanted to be known as a poet, first and foremost.

Ray Manzarek
I don’t know if Jim was a major part of that or not. He is one of a small group of real storytellers. He has enormous imagination and ability to write. I’m glad he’s coming back. It’s going to be good for the show.

Matthew Ashford
I was a big fan of Jim Hall as well. I liked his comping style, his accompanying. And that he played, generally, four note chords, the top four strings of the guitar.

Gary Burton
My brother Jim and I shared a womb without a view for nine months.

Gregory Benford
Jim Cameron is a feisty man and a perfectionist, but also absolutely brilliant.

Kate Winslet
Time begins the healing process of wounds cut deeply by oppression. We soothe ourselves with the salve of attempted indifference, accepting the false pattern set up by the horrible restriction of Jim Crow laws.

Rosa Parks
Yeah, I’ve done Jim Breuer’s radio show a couple times, and I heard from Larry the Cable Guy when I got ‘Mike & Molly,’ wishing me congratulations. I’m always the last one to the party, man. But that’s okay. I got there.

Billy Gardell
Super Bowl V was the Colts against the Cowboys and Jim O’Brien kicked a 32 yard field goal to beat the Cowboys. I was traumatized by it. Everyone at school knew I was the only Cowboy fan in the area. I didn’t want to go to school and I begged and pleaded with my parents. Those are indelible memories when you are a kid.

Jim Nantz
When I first went to Georgia Championship Wrestling, the promoter at the time Jim Barnett brought in Robert Fuller, who later became Colonel Rob Parker in WCW, as the booker. Everybody has their own style and way of doing things, and I was just not impressed with Robert Fuller. As a booker. As a talent he was fine.

Ted DiBiase Sr.