Top 200 Blown Quotes

We have collected the best Blown Quotes by famous authors including Jeremy Camp, Jane Smiley, Jeff Nichols, Lecrae, Bill Ward and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I have to be so thankful. I have two kids, my beautiful
I have to be so thankful. I have two kids, my beautiful wife, I’m just blown away at God’s grace and God’s faithfulness.

Jeremy Camp
Most of my childhood revolved around wondering when we would be blown up by the Russians. I couldn’t stand the news, I knew that if the missile were launched, mortality would arrive in half an hour, so I spent a lot of my childhood feeling that I was 30 minutes from being dead.

Jane Smiley
You can watch any Hitchcock film and be blown away.

Jeff Nichols
I feel fortunate to have a huge family that is beyond race, creed, culture, and have a Father who shepherds us all. When I think about that, my mind is blown.

Gene Hoglan is one of my friends, and when I watch him play, I’m blown away; I can’t believe what his body can do.

Bill Ward
It is actually crazy because with our wrestling career, our coaches were always blown away by our timing, and they always remarked how our chemistry and timing is always perfect. Just being twins, we have that. We don’t have to talk; we don’t have to communicate. It just happens.

Brie Bella
I remember the first time my mind was blown by an actor was Tim Curry, because I loved ‘Clue’ when I was a kid, and then I was watching the movie ‘Legend,’ and the Devil suddenly smiles, and I was like, ‘It’s the same guy!’ It was a total Keyser Soeze moment.

Oscar Isaac
America thinks if you’re fat, you’re stupid. That’s great. I want them to keep thinking that. Let them keep on thinking that because the truth is, the expectations are blown away even more when you realize what I’m saying and doing.

Ralphie May
San Francisco has just blown us all away. I also understand Angels in America didn’t do well there.

Chita Rivera
As kids, there’s somehow the fear that these bullies can end your life if they want to. Everything is blown up, and occasionally that kind of awful thing does happen.

Jordan Peele
Pop music has been exhausted. The innocence has been exhausted. I think we’ve lost the ability to be blown away by music.

Brian Wilson
When I first was exposed to ‘Porgy and Bess’ many, many years ago, I was blown away by it – loved the music, overwhelmed by the production at the Met that I saw, and thought I want to play Bess someday. But I also knew they were stereotypes that were considered racist.

Audra McDonald
I stand before you as a writer without any ground of being out of which to write: really blown about from country to country, culture to culture till I feel – till I am – nothing. As it happens, I like it that way.

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
In all our quest of greatness, like wanton boys, whose pastime is their care, we follow after bubbles, blown in the air.

John Webster
I think a lot of things get blown out of proportion in the media.

James Arthur
What I like to see is people like Beyonce. Here is a woman who is bling-a-ding. Not only does she look like that and act like that – I’ve seen her perform, and I was blown away – but she is at the top of her profession.

Esther McVey
Anything I have blown a lot of money on? Well, I have three daughters and a wife – that’s four women, and I’m working on a sitcom, so you could say that I am just trying to stay alive!

Chevy Chase
Scotty Johnson is a guy who I’ve worked with on a lot of my tours and albums, and I’m always blown away by his musical knowledge and playing.

Paul Gilbert
I don’t accept what people say. I took something to be copied recently, to be enlarged and blown up, and they said it couldn’t be done, and I went somewhere five minutes away, and they did it.

Charles Grodin
If you are bitter, you are like a dry leaf that you can just squash, and you can get blown away by the wind. There is much more wisdom in forgiveness.

Vusi Mahlasela
We love U2, adore their music, just blown away by who they are as artists. They just seem like really good people.

AJ Michalka
Growing up, I was always blown away by ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Barbarella’ and ‘Logan’s Run.’ The retro sci-fi thing.

You can’t sit on the lid of progress. If you do, you will be blown to pieces.

Henry J. Kaiser
I remember when I saw ‘The Matrix’ when I was 13, I saw it in the theaters, and I was so blown away by it. It was one of the most memorable experiences I definitely ever had in the theater.

Emile Hirsch
Who can forget the awesome scene in ‘Independence Day’ when the White House gets blown up by aliens? Sure, it looks cheesy now, but back in 1994, it was incredible.

Phoebe Robinson
I don’t think that anyone seriously fears that the world can be blown to pieces all together. But what one can fear and rightly so are regional things, like in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, the Korean Peninsula, borders in Africa, etc.

Hans Blix
‘The Odyssey’ is a great poem to refugee-dom… Odysseus is not entirely a refugee… he’s somebody who’s blown off course. The entire book is an exploration of that theme… I reread it every year… That’s not as surprising as it sounds, because it’s a rip-roaring book.

Lawrence Osborne
I know I’ll never be put in the position of making the adulterous mistake, but there are mistakes along the way that are as complicated, that get blown out of proportion because you’re not willing to admit that you’ve made them.

John Krasinski
There’s no doubt in my mind that ‘Slam’ is going to be huge. It’s a film about the power of language. People are going to see this and get blown away.

Saul Williams
Sometimes people won’t be able to relate to you if you look like you’re straight out of a full blown ‘Vogue’ magazine every time they see you.

Justine Skye
I do remember smiling quite a bit inside it though since I knew it wouldn’t be seen on film – so of course while the poor planet is being blown up I’m smiling and laughing like mad!

David Prowse
When Lars said, ‘We want you to be in Metallica,’ I was blown away.

Robert Trujillo
The thing with ‘Alphas’ is that, even though it’s sci-fi, I run into lots of people that have watched the show for various reasons. They’re like, ‘I had no expectation, and I’m totally blown away and fascinated.’

Azita Ghanizada
I’ll never forget when I heard Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs for the first time. I was just blown away, and it changed my whole approach to guitar.

John Petrucci
I had to make my history quick because there would be no future, merely a gossamer world blown about on the zeitgeist, till zeitgeist, the wind of the times, is blasted away by kamikaze, the wind of God.

Rene Ricard
There’s a reason God didn’t give me this success in my 20s, because I’d have blown it.

Bill Engvall
Alice Adams wrote a sweet note to me after my first novel came out when I was 26, and I was so blown away that I sent her a bunch of stamps by return mail. I have no idea what I was thinking. It was a star-struck impulse.

Anne Lamott
A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long.

e. e. cummings
Anyone who sets foot into the ‘Watchmen’ universe and isn’t just a little nervous should be given a few days of electroshock therapy. I’ve always considered ‘Watchmen’ to be one of the best graphic novels ever written, and when it came out back in 1986 I was as blown away as everyone else. Just masterful.

J. Michael Straczynski
By the time you get dressed, drive out there, play 18 holes and come home, you’ve blown seven hours. There are better things you can do with your time.

Richard M. Nixon
I’d say my mother made more of a difference to me than anyone else did. I know that’s a conventional and perhaps mundane answer, but my family was blown apart at the start of World War II.

Herb Kelleher
I was 14. I went to see a production of ‘Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris,’ and when they got to that final song, ‘If We Only Have Love,’ it was like the top of my head had blown off.

Alice Ripley
Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.

Albert Schweitzer
I’m a wrestler with nine toes. I’m a wrestler who has been through a lot of battles. I get to do a lot of motivational speaking, and people are blown away and say, ‘You never quit. You keep coming back.’

Rulon Gardner
A lot of people say, ‘Wow, a movie on your life, isn’t that exciting?’ Absolutely, I’m blown away that God allowed me to do this but it’s hard – watching the film and being a part of it.

Jeremy Camp
With ‘Location’ and all the other songs around it, my music turned into therapy for others. And that’s something I really love and am blown away by.

Sometimes you have to listen to a CD over and over before you really get it, but as soon as I heard the first note of R&B artist Chrisette Michele’s debut CD, I was blown away. Her voice is playful but pretty, light but strong – the woman’s got soul.

Gayle King
When you go into the theatre and the lights dim, you want to entertain people from beginning to end. You want them to be swept up in your story, on the edge of their seats, unable to wait to see what happens next, be blown away and afterwards just go, ‘Wow!’

John Lasseter
If you’re pitching to investors for the first time and expecting them to be so blown away by how thoroughly amazing your pitch is that they write a check on the spot – well, prepare to be disappointed.

David Cohen
If I can sell out clubs and theaters and play dirtbags in movies, and get blown up in a car or get the crap beat out of me in a movie, that’s good for me; I’m good.

Bill Burr
Every time I’ve done a fund raiser, I’ve been blown away by the amount of money and the generosity that our fans have.

Amanda Tapping
I sounded like Bob Dylan for about five minutes, and it was blown out of all proportion.

People should be shrouded in mystery. Especially actors. No, hang on, maybe actors should be blown up.

Michael Gambon
I think the Covid-19 crisis has been blown out of proportion and has created an unnecessary fear psychosis.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
The New World Order run by the United Nations ain’t gonna happen. Because they’ve shown their hand, and at least some corner of Congress and the American people are awake to it: they’ve blown it all.

Michael Moriarty
I’ve been in Iraq, and it never occurred to me to go, ‘Hey, this war is bogus,’ to some guy who’s 24 hours a day trying not to get shot at or blown up.

Henry Rollins
Someone did a graphic of me in my jersey, and Jordan, they dubbed him guarding me, and Kanye’s face was on both of us. That’s my favorite meme of all time – or so far to-date. I’m gonna have to get that blown up on my wall or something.

Stephen Curry
I won’t watch that Amir fight from now until I fight Alvarez. I’m not a blown up 147 or a Miguel Cotto. I’m a big 154 lb., and I’m coming of age and coming to win.

Liam Smith
I’ve had a surprising number of near-death experiences: I was nearly blown up by a landmine in Sudan; I was stranded on the Zambezi river at night; I was bucked off a rodeo horse in Arizona and had to be airlifted to hospital; and, worst of all, I once ate a Pot Noodle.

Sandi Toksvig
I think the government, if you measure it in terms of the dollars out the door, about 83 percent of the government stays open in a government shutdown. Social Security checks go out; military still exists. The FBI still chases bad guys. I think the consequences have been blown out of proportion.

Mick Mulvaney
I don’t see on television the kind of blood and guts and body parts blown apart that maybe you’re referring to, but it certainly is in that BATMAN feature and I found it very offensive.

Burt Ward
From the age of ten I was a full blown fuzz ball to the point that my so-called friends called me ‘Hairy McLary From Donaldson’s Dairy.’

Stacey Solomon
Periodically, my mind is blown and I’m swamped in feelings I can’t deny.

Elizabeth Fraser
Seeing all of these beautiful brown faces and having that patience for them to live in whatever it was that they were living in; I was just so blown away by the artistry that I recognized in ‘Moonlight’ – the colors, the music.

KiKi Layne
Comedy chose me. I always had this urge to be silly that I couldn’t control. I remember my father having me read ‘The Three Little Pigs’ to him, and I would improv all around the story, like when one pig’s house got blown over, he put on his gym shoes and took off.

Craig Robinson
What impresses me is the young actors with terrific talent arriving on the scene. They’d have blown us all away in the old days. Guys like Brad Pitt.

Robert Wagner
I saw a DJ from Germany called Sven Vath. I saw him in the club, he played for six hours and I was just totally intrigued, because everything he played I’d never heard before and everything he did I’d never seen before. I was so blown away by what he did.

Ask an eight-year-old kid or see his face when he sees a car being blown up. They come to me, ask me what I am doing next. They loved ‘Singham’ because there were so many cars, and that’s why there was no blood, because I knew they will come to watch my film.

Rohit Shetty
Sometimes arguments get publicized so much that it gets blown all the hell out of proportion.

Dickey Betts
There are these moments in the military where you’re present at these enormous intersections of history and humanity. I came out of the end of that, and I just wanted to write. If you do it well, you know it will last. It can’t get blown away like everything else.

Elliot Ackerman
I had – after I sang the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ so badly, after my tragic singing accident, after that, you know, all my stuff kind of, like, really got even more full blown and, you know, I got stage fright and, you know, I couldn’t do stand-up anymore and let alone sing and all the other things.

Roseanne Barr
Reality TV has blown away the need for a roster of familiar faces in films. Plus, films became franchise and didn’t need stars. But the real difference between stars and celebrities is that stars have training and talent, and celebrities just have exposure.

Christopher Fowler
‘A People’s History of the United States’ was actually a very big book for me. I read it in high school, and I felt like my mind was really blown by it. I think the truth is I read it because it’s referenced in ‘Good Will Hunting.’

Greta Gerwig
Giant oak trees… have deep root systems that can extend two-and-one-half times their height. Such trees rarely are blown down regardless of how violent the storms may be.

Joseph B. Wirthlin
I always question whether people are going to know who I am, and I’m always blown away by the love and reaction I receive.

Johnny Gargano
Distributers don’t need massive amounts of square feet to stock digital products. Retailers don’t need brick-and-mortar stores to sell them. The entire supply chain for these select items has been permanently dematerialized. The marketplace has been blown to bits.

Jay Samit
This is show business, and there’s room for the shows and the personalities. But I think there’s also room for music, for people to play music, and there seems to be an audience developing that’s willing to go listen to music again, rather than just be blown away by drum machines and choreography.

Butch Trucks
As luck would have it, my voice is best when it’s kind of blown out.

Eric Carmen
A new breeze is blowing, and a world refreshed by freedom seems reborn; for in man’s heart, if not in fact, the day of the dictator is over. The totalitarian era is passing, its old ideas blown away like leaves from an ancient, lifeless tree.

George H. W. Bush
Usually in films, when Muslims pray, it’s either before or after they’ve blown something up.

Khaled Hosseini
You go to a musical; you are deafened by them, with everything blown up. I remember musicals when they didn’t use microphones.

Richard Bonynge
Only a couple of people have like blown their horn and rolled down their window and stuff like that. But no one’s been really stopping me when I’m running.

Tyler Herro
Whenever I see a stock market explode, six to 12 months later you are in a full blown recovery.

Stanley Druckenmiller
In my early 30s, for a few months, I altered my body chemistry and hormones so that I was closer to a man in his early 20s. I was blown away by how dramatically my thoughts changed.

Mary Lou Jepsen
I read the ‘Kapoor & Sons’ script in a half hour, forty five minutes. Not because I skimming through it… I read it like a book. By the end, I was blown away. I picked up the phone and said, ‘This script is gold.’

Fawad Khan
It blows me away that my parents, they really weren’t much into theater, but they recognized that in me. When I think about the things they did to support that, I’m blown away.

Casey Nicholaw
We were introduced to a lot of dance music that we were blown over by. Kidnap Kid we love, WOZ, and Rudimental.

Grace Chatto
Everyone should have their mind blown once a day.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
There’s so much emphasis on Daniel Day-Lewis and his process, which is appropriately his own. But I was just blown away by his generosity as an actor. He’s so giving as an actor that he just naturally commands the focus on set.

Adam Driver
When I was a kid, I saw ‘Heavy Metal’ the movie, and my mind was blown. I loved the idea that you could have all these different stories in different styles that are linked together.

Dan Fogler
I like to have my imagination get blown, like ‘Aliens.’

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein
This whole head of the home thing has been blown way out of proportion. Some guys just take it way too far. Some parents take it way too far. Yet children need guidance. They need a parent to help and guide them. They also need a friend. They need a confidant.

Donny Osmond
Well, unfortunately, I have always regretted the fact that I have a temper, but I also have, you know, have great love and respect for all of the people that have worked for me. I think like everything else, this is one of those things that has been blown out of proportion.

Norman Schwarzkopf
When I went to the ‘Rush’ audition, I was blown away by the script. I thought it was fantastic.

Daniel Bruhl
Watched Star Wars in 77 and that’s when I got into watching films. I was just blown away by it.

Debra Wilson
Celebs most likely pay someone to do their makeup for events, shows, red carpets, etc. My mind is blown sometimes when I see some of the horrendous contour or the uneven foundation.

Jeffree Star
I don’t consider roles like in ‘Die Hard’ what I do. This is like a hobby. It’s fun. I had a good time. And I love being in a movie that people actually go see. But it’s about things getting blown up. It’s not about great character development.

Bonnie Bedelia
And books that were published in much larger numbers than Selfish, Little are hard to find. And publishers who wanted to publish my last few works have them stuck in limbo while new distribution ideas and legal issues and fears are blown away.

Peter Sotos
I’d love to claim that what I have done in my life is of my doing, but it’s not of my doing at all. I’ve blown around in the wind like a mad thing, influenced by this and that – like a piece of paper: like the boy in that scene in ‘American Beauty’ watching a piece of paper blowing hither and thither.

John Hurt
What I have appreciated about the ‘Call of Duty’ games is the scale of production. It’s not an indie game. It’s not trying to be an indie game. But I’ve genuinely been pretty consistently blown away by, wow, what an effort has gone into this.

Trent Reznor
I remember the first time I saw ‘Gupt,’ I was blown away.

Nushrat Bharucha
A lot of new genres were being born at the time I started going out to clubs in South London, and I was part of an exciting movement that has now blown up around the world.

Jamie xx
I went to see ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ and J.J. Abrams, who’s a friend of mine, made this film, and I went to see it at the premiere. Believe it or not, I was really blown away by the comic timing of it.

James Gray
I used to go to those dance circles when I was a kid. When break dancing was first popular in the ’80s. I would be in Boston, or I’d head up to New York, and I would stand in those circles, and I would just be blown away.

Matt Besser
One of the most prevalent and undermentioned genres of music is what is known as noise. You can find it all over the world happening in basements, small venues and even some festivals. Often blown off or belittled by critics, the form for the most part goes unheard and unnoticed.

Henry Rollins
When I saw ‘Louie’ and ‘Girls’, I was blown out of the water. They were fearless portrayals of real life. Everyone has a different experience.

Pamela Adlon
I was just blown away by everything my dad was doing, every play. It was amazing to be able to go as a young person to the theater and see these visuals and how creative it could be. More than anything it was realizing you could do that as a life path.

Jorma Taccone
I’ve had sideburns since I was 16, but back then, a gust of wind would have blown them off.

Guy Martin
I was blown away by being able to color. Then I started to draw… bringing a blank white canvas to life was fascinating.

James De La Vega
Acting with Denzel is like playing tennis with someone that’s better than you. You either play better tennis or get blown off the court.

Dean Cain
I was blown away by Steve Perry’s voice – you know, his amazing ability to change from a lambing voice to rock.

Arnel Pineda
Any time you put people in a room with Bill McDonough, they leave there blown away, their mouths agape. I had a similar feeling when I first met Al Gore.

Laurie David
I was very surprised when I watched ‘Star Wars,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s me. I’ve been blown up.’ Then, I came back again. I really didn’t know what was happening!

Denis Lawson
Of course a lot of the journalists hated Nixon, but they were always blown away by how smart he was.

Roger Stone
I feel like everything with me gets blown out of proportion. I think it’s because I’m so quiet about things that people just run with anything they hear.

LaMarcus Aldridge
I think in this movie, every time I see his work, I’m blown away by it because he, to me, he really embodied the character so powerfully and so real, so truthfully to me.

Kyra Sedgwick
The problem with independent films is that they can be hit or miss. I’ve seen scripts that have blown me away. But there have to be all the right ingredients in place to make them work: the director, cast, publicity, distribution.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
We suddenly saw how people reacted in the event of massive social upheaval, and the way that the little problems in your life don’t go away. You don’t stop being frightened of spiders just because the world’s blown up.

Simon Pegg
The whites have resolved to destroy our liberty and have therefore brought a force commensurate to their intentions. The Cape, after a proper resistance, has fallen into their hands, but the enemy found only a town and plain in ashes; the forts were blown up, and all was burnt.

Toussaint Louverture
But I was just really blown away that you could just buy a snow leopard. For me, it was like buying a panda bear or a Komodo dragon.

Eric Goode
When I read the pilot of ‘The Sopranos,’ I wasn’t terribly blown away by it.

Michael Imperioli
I don’t think that – you know, I’m sure that there’s guys that are doing it, because I’m sure in every sport there’s players who want to get the edge. But I think that it’s been blown overly – way more than guys are using it in our game.

Rafael Palmeiro
I don’t care what other people think as long as I am happy. The day I die or retire, I have blown all my chances because I don’t have the chance any more to change my image as an F1 driver.

Sebastian Vettel
I know actors with promising careers who get blown out of the business, never to return.

Everett McGill
What people can survive and what they don’t survive is shocking to me. Someone can go to Iraq and be blown to bits and survive. Someone can trip and fall on the street and they die – that’s that.

Laura Linney
When I was 14, I heard Otis Redding in a club local to me, and I was blown away. It leaped out at me and went straight to my heart. I set my sights on singing like that.

Paul Rodgers
To this day, I still haven’t touched one dime of my signing bonus or NFL contract money. I live off my marketing money and haven’t blown it on any big-money expensive cars, expensive jewelry, or tattoos and still wear my favorite pair of jeans from high school.

Rob Gronkowski
When I’m on stage, that’s me. It’s blown up, but that’s me.

Denis Leary
The performance centre is unbelievable, I’ve had a chance to go there on a couple of occasions in Orlando as it’s only about two hours from my house, and I was completely blown away.

Kofi Kingston
I was absolutely blown away when I first talked to Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan at how ambitious they wanted ‘Westworld’ to be in looking at the drives that are leading human beings over the cliff of existence.

Thandie Newton
Oh, man, the first concert I ever went to was Boston and Sammy Hagar, and it was absolutely incredible. I was just blown away by both bands, and, once again, it was my first concert, so that made it super, super special.

Vinnie Paul
I made 22 million in 14 years… with taxes, and travel and everything else, it gets blown out the window… which is why I still need to work.

Boomer Esiason
I don’t want to wreck my voice. I love to concentrate on playing the bass and keeping it very rock-solid. If I were singing, I would have blown out my voice.

Tina Weymouth
We’ve all had classes with a professor so bland and monotone that their lectures sound like Mitt Romney reading ‘Paradise Lost’ from a blown speaker.

Sean Evans
When I heard ‘Rockabye,’ I was just blown away. It had been a long time since I had heard a song that had a message like that in it – about being a single parent and caring for your child.

For me, the obvious examples of tag teams I was a big fan of, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. I would watch them and be blown away by how incredible they were.

Drew McIntyre
But I can’t really say there is too much modern music that I’m blown away by at this moment.

Duncan Sheik
It’s really important to me to still spend time in the ends – I’m there all the time. I do my videos there, I still talk about it. It’s important for me to be an inspiration to the youth of the area and not just leave now I’ve blown up.

I was blown away by the control and the range that I was hearing. I’m listening to Pavarotti and thinking, What the hell have I been doing with my voice all these years?

Michael Bolton
Do not fear what has blown up. If you must, fear the unexploded.

Suheir Hammad
I was blown away all the time by just how amazing people are in Canada, because even if they hated me, they still would try to help me.

Will Sasso
Everything I do is blown out of proportion. It really hurts my feelings.

Paris Hilton
There was a period where I was a little scared that I’d blown my chance.

Carlene Carter
At AFI, you make three cycle films your first year, and then you make a thesis film your second year, and I watched Darren Aronofsky’s cycle films and was blown away – there was a young Lucy Liu, who was just part of that generation. And I just wanted to be part of that tradition.

Zal Batmanglij
It is funny how it is almost more painful to fall over and scrape your knee than to be blown up. Your body goes into incredible protection mode.

Giles Duley
Glamour has been an integral part of showbiz from a longtime and the whole debate about exposing and vulgarity is blown out of proportions.

I just remember watching ‘Brass Eye’ and being so utterly blown away by the scope of it and how much it managed to cram into an episode.

Edgar Wright
If who you were was entirely based upon the position you were in or the headlines you got in the newspaper, or you had essentially subcontracted out your self-worth to the judgments of others, then you’re going to be like tumbleweed. You’re going to be blown.

Stanley A. McChrystal
When I first wanted to play guitar it was because I had seen Brian Setzer. He’s so good! I mean I was just blown away.

Kim Shattuck
I was blown away by the standing ovation. I’ve had tributes before, sure, but I don’t retain that feeling, and I wasn’t prepared for it on Tuesday. But maybe you shouldn’t retain these things or you’d be on a permanent high.

Burt Bacharach
It’s been a crazy whirlwind, but I’m so blown away by God’s hand on my life.

Jeremy Camp
I remember I rapped for a friend, and my friend really encouraged me and was blown away, like ‘Whoa, that was dope!’ Ever since then, I kept going.

Chanel West Coast
If the movie is good then great, but if it’s not then God, I feel so bad for that person with their face fifty feet tall, all blown up. Some people would be happy with that, that as long as their face was out there they’re stoked about it. I’m not like that.

Kristen Stewart
I’ve done a lot of movies, but none of them that have blown up the way that ‘Divergent’ did.

Johnny Simmons
I went to my first dinosaur hall with my father and twin brother. We went to the American Museum of Natural History, and I was blown away by the dinosaurs.

David H. Koch
As barbaric is we are, it’s a miracle we haven’t blown ourselves off the face of the earth so far.

Abel Ferrara
My mum would play Stevie Wonder around the house, and I remember just loving the songs and feeling so blown away by how much was going on.

Jack Garratt
I’m the classic example of alienation: I grew up in a middle-class household without art or books. I was going to be a chemical engineer until I went to the theatre for the first time at 16 and was blown away by it.

Richard Eyre
It is the press that has taken these charges and accusations and blown them up without any kind of skepticism whatsoever – blown them into realities and treated them as if they were true.

Dixie Lee Ray
Generally, I like to write in the morning before all the dust of dreams has blown away. Beforehand, I read two papers, cook my breakfast and then settle down in front of the word processor, usually by 8 A.M. I’ll write, and then check e-mail or voicemail when things stall.

Scott Turow
I’m still blown away by how desolate Iceland can be, how deserted it is. It’s very often like living on the moon.

Olafur Darri Olafsson
I don’t think people have ever really been in touch with science. They’re drawn to it, but they don’t know why they’re drawn to it. For example, you may be blown away by the structure of something, like a soccer ball or a geodesic dome, with its hexagonal shapes.

I’m in a business that invites narcissism, self-involvement, and egos being blown out of proportion.

Michael Keaton
Picking just one game above all is nearly impossible for me, but if I had to, it would be ‘Metal Gear Solid.’ I remember being completely blown away with the story, the mechanics and the overall presentation on my first playthrough.

Cory Barlog
To step on a bomb, have your legs blown off and survive, is lucky. Everybody has a good-luck story. Mine was the fact that the senior medic was on patrol that day. Those who don’t have a good-luck story are the ones who don’t make it.

Giles Duley
The first time I re-discovered the joy of watching an action movie was when I saw ‘Die Hard.’ It was a completely simple plot – a guy goes to meet his wife, and the building gets taken over by terrorists – but I was completely blown away. Great characters, and it moved along really fast.

Farhan Akhtar
I never really saw my dad as entertained as when he was just completely blown away by somebody on the television screen or at the movies. I think that’s the real reason that I went into acting.

Kim Basinger
My mum took me to see ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when I was about three and I was blown away.

Zawe Ashton
I start a book and I want to make it perfect, want it to turn every color, want it to be the world. Ten pages in, I’ve already blown it, limited it, made it less, marred it. That’s very discouraging. I hate the book at that point.

Joan Didion
No bubble is so iridescent or floats longer than that blown by the successful teacher.

William Osler
Man is always marveling at what he has blown apart, never at what the universe has put together, and this is his limitation.

Loren Eiseley
I’ve never blown my own trumpet over my ability but it took an awful lot to stop me getting on the pitch.

Jamie Carragher
I had just come off a win in Invicta, then a couple of days later, Dana called to welcome me to UFC and tell me this was how they were introducing a whole new weight class. My mind was blown.

Tecia Torres
I’m the prime example of it; think about it, you know. My whole career has blown up by genuine people power.

Big Narstie
I have always wanted to work with Steven R. Monroe, and when I read his script, I was blown away! I think ‘Complacent’ hits a nerve that people try so desperately to avoid, which is what I love about Steven’s work.

Kerri Green
The dark side of social media is that, within seconds, anything can be blown out of proportion and taken out of context. And it’s very difficult not to get swept up in it all.

Nicola Formichetti
It doesn’t pay to say too much when you are mad enough to choke. For the word that stings the deepest is the word that is never spoke, Let the other fellow wrangle till the storm has blown away, then he’ll do a heap of thinking about the things you didn’t say.

Jules Renard
I’m afraid of a gas leak, although I installed detectors. I’m afraid of a blown fuse that could cause a fire, and that’s why I don’t turn on electrical appliances at night.

Sayed Kashua
As a child our dreams got scattered all about and all our future prospects got scattered to so many places, and we spend our lives trying to find the little pieces that make up our lives and make up the dreams that we had as a child that got blown away in the windstorm.

Terrence Howard
The way glass can be molded or blown or cut into any kind of shape made me think about how we as people – our characters or souls – can be shaped or changed by outside influences.

Lisa Kleypas
I can be so blown away by story lines.

Michelle Dockery
The first time I learned about Aerie, I was blown away by how beautiful and confident the models appeared in their ads – and more so that they were un-retouched.

Iskra Lawrence
I… had my mind blown by all the opportunities that were in California in the ’60s and ’70s. In Detroit, everything was Freud… Out here, everything was Jung.

Leonard Shlain
I’ve never blown an ugly bubble. Never. They’re all beautiful. They’re like jewels, transient jewels.

Tom Noddy
There is so much misinformation out there. If you give people even a little bit, it gets blown out of proportion then you have to go put out fires. So it’s much easier to say, ‘No comment.’

Oren Peli
I’ve always been blown away by how unique Brian Limond’s mind is.

Iain Stirling
If you make a wrong move with explosives, it could be deadly. If you’re there when they blow up the beach, you get blown up, too. So you need to get your job done correctly… then pull the fuse with enough lag time for you to clear the area completely and get picked up by the small boats.

Jack Ramsay
I am attached to the west coast of Scotland – it’s gorgeous to look at and challenging. You have to contend with the possibility of being blown away or rained on. And in the summer months you can be eaten alive by midges.

Clive Anderson
I’ve always been more interested in organisms that can move on their own than in stationary plants. But when I canoe or hike along the edge of lakes or oceans and see trees that seem to be growing out of rock faces, I am blown away. How do they do it?

David Suzuki
When I look at Stephanie McMahon’s entire career, I’m always blown away at how she just moves your soul. Literally, my heart is moved by her. Either I hate her or love her – or love to hate her.

It was when ’21’ came out. I was in Los Angeles and my face was everywhere: on buses, on posters, on the side of buildings. I didn’t feel that blown away by it. I was still hungry to prove myself. I realised that quite quickly, that I had to find something that challenged me from an acting point of view.

Jim Sturgess
The stories I most love are about the benefits of being blown off course.

Tilda Swinton
The inaccuracy issue. Going back to college having a 56-percent completion percentage. Obviously, it’s not great. But I think that it’s a little blown out of proportion.

Josh Allen
My first course came and I put down my book, and I just happened to put up my hand to scratch my head and discovered that my toupee had been blown by the wind and was folded over backwards on the top of my head!

Derek Jacobi
When I read that Khal Drogo role, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I had to have that role.

Jason Momoa
At some point, I stumbled across an article about OCD. As I read, I was blown away by how identical the writer’s description was to what I was experiencing. It was overwhelmingly comforting to finally realize that I wasn’t alone and that nothing was wrong with me. It was a treatable disorder.

Shannon Purser
Sacrifice is going to war for your country. Sacrifice is a brave young man being blown up by a landmine in Afghanistan.

Sebastian Coe
For the critic, the word ‘best’ is like a grenade without a pin: Toss it around too freely, and you’re likely to get your hand blown off.

Terry Teachout
I was on ‘Junior Star Search’ when I was 10 years old, in the acting category. The adult version of ‘Star Search’ didn’t have an acting category, but for the kids, they had an acting category. It was the strangest thing. It was full blown 1980s, with big hair, mullets, and the whole deal.

Giovanni Ribisi
I remember seeing ‘Gremlins’ and having my mind blown and seeing ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ at 13, and it was this hugely aspirational experience.

Edgar Wright