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In 1983, I played in a new tournament called the Profes
In 1983, I played in a new tournament called the Professional Snooker League. I won eight of my 11 matches, beating Alex Higgins, Jimmy White and Dennis Taylor, among others.

John Virgo
I prefer my men slightly overweight. Having said that, my ultimate dream man is Jimmy Nail and he’s skinny.

Karren Brady
I was a big, big fan of Jimmy Burton. Anything with him on, I used to perk up and listen to it over and over and over again.

Dave Davies
Jimmy Kimmel has proven to be a preeminent voice in comedy, with 15 seasons of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ under his belt and successfully tackling the herculean task of hosting both the Emmys and the Oscars in the same season.

Channing Dungey
I grew up singing Ray Charles and Jimmy Reed.

Aaron Neville
In 1976, Jimmy Carter – peanut farmer; carried his own suitcase, imagine that – somewhat tapped America’s durable but shallow reservoir of populism. By 1980, ordinariness in high office had lost its allure.

George Will
I have friends at home who love ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon. They live in the U.K., and they’ve never seen an episode, but they love it.

James Corden
Anyway, I tried liking Jimmy Corrigan but I couldn’t.

Ted Rall
If you look at movies with Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart and all the rest of it, none of them looks like a boy. They always looked like mature men. The audience didn’t want to go and see kids.

Tom Conti
Anyone who wants to run has to be a Jimmy Swaggart, minus the default.

Chevy Chase
My mom would have liked it that I patterned myself more after Jimmy Reed.

Jimmy Smith
I would say to my colleague that the misery index, inflation and unemployment, when added together is the lowest it has been in the last series of Presidents, even going back to Jimmy Carter. So I think the Bush administration is doing a good job.

Cliff Stearns
Pat Buchanan’s challenge to George H.W. Bush in 1992 helped elect Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Mercedes Schlapp
I want to be ‘Jimmy Chamberlin, the drummer, the musician who’s done many things,’ not just ‘that guy from the Smashing Pumpkins.’

Jimmy Chamberlin
Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama, each were told repeatedly, ‘You can’t win.’ They all won.

Kellyanne Conway
Led Zeppelin would never have reformed if he or Jimmy Page were bald.

Paul Weller
I couldn’t be prouder to say that I work for the Cleveland Browns, and all I know is this: Jimmy and Dee Haslam, I have immense respect for these people.

John Dorsey
One way to think of the tax system is as a massive Swiss cheese. Each hole is an exemption created by a chancellor in pursuit of good headlines – a hole waiting to be filled by the clever accountants who work for Starbucks or Jimmy Carr.

Daniel Hannan
I don’t like to be me. I’m not so comfortable being me on screen because then I’d be a presenter. I’m not Jimmy Fallon.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
I would love Jimmy Stewart to play my life story.

Chad Michael Murray
I want to meet Jimmy Fallon. I want to meet Kristin Chenoweth, and I want to meet Ryan Gosling.

Darci Lynne Farmer
The interesting thing is I don’t get nervous for big things. I don’t know why this happens, but I will get like, puke-nervous when I’m going to do a presentation at school or go fill up my gas, but if I’m about to go on Jimmy Fallon, I am stress-free.

Tate McRae
Jimmy Carter began his planning in the early summer of 1976, Ronald Reagan a year prior. The Clinton Administration, elected in 1992, lingered in naming its team, and as a result, took almost a year to staff its ranks.

Richard V. Allen
I love Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

Mike Birbiglia
Lana Turner was adorable and funny. Jimmy Stewart was such a nice person. I quickly realized that if you’re not a nice person, you’re not going to last in this business. I mean, once your box office starts to drop off, like Veronica Lake, they’ll get rid of you fast.

Robert Osborne
Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records, always throws this amazing post-Grammy party. It’s a small gathering, so if you’re invited, it’s really cool.

Ashley Roberts
John Quincy Adams ranks with Jimmy Carter on the roster of ex-presidential redemption. Instead of completing a biography of his father, he let himself be elected to the House, where he spent nine terms in Whiggish opposition to the Democrats, supporting a national bank and a protective tariff and internal improvements.

Thomas Mallon
I pray that Jimmy Graham passes as a wide receiver. Because at the end of the day, if he passes as a wide receiver, that’s better for the rest of the tight ends. He will have opened up a door, a pathway for the rest of the group.

Vernon Davis
Young Jimmy Dean fell off the world as suddenly as he had come.

Mercedes McCambridge
I have more than 100 pairs of Jimmy Choos and I feel very guilty about it.

Laila Rouass
I remember talking to comedian Jimmy Pardo about his experience waiting to hear about his own pilot, and we both agreed on one thing: When you can’t control your showbiz fate, you can at least control the amount of ice cream you’re eating. And if you’re like us, it was a lot.

Pete Holmes
Too much comedy is filthy these days. There’s nothing they won’t say. I like Jimmy Carr, but I don’t like the language he uses. I don’t understand why he feels it necessary; I find it extremely offensive.

Bobby Davro
For those who don’t like Dave Letterman, there’s Jay Leno; and for those who like neither, there’s Craig Ferguson; and if you’re still feeling undertained, there’s George Lopez and Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel and – let’s see, did we leave out a Jimmy?

Tom Shales
Don’t worry, America. We survived Jimmy Carter, and we will survive Barack Obama. Only one questions remains… who is the next Ronald Reagan?

Kathleen Troia McFarland
When I was playing Jimmy White in those finals, I could tell when he was under pressure.

Stephen Hendry
I met Gerald Ford. I met Richard Nixon. I met Jimmy Carter. I met Dwight Eisenhower when he was a general. George Bush senior. I haven’t met Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, although I got a letter from him.

Pete Rose
You know, they just don’t make big movie stars the way they used to, maybe because the system has changed, the studio system, but it’s sad to see people like Jimmy Stewart go, all the giants of the past.

Tom Atkins
Lots of people think it was Jimmy Page who had the first fuzzbox. It wasn’t, No! it wasn’t me either.

Jim Sullivan
It’s so difficult to make the money we produce at Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy John Liautaud
Jimmy Iovine has been telling me since 2012 that I needed to start my own label with my own artists. This was when he first met me and ‘Bandz a Make Her Dance’ was first taking off.

Mike Will Made It
With acting, you have to become someone else. That’s the fun part of it for me – to step outside of yourself and become a character. I guess being Jimmy Cliff is a little bit of a character, too.

Jimmy Cliff
I remember seeing war hero Jimmy Doolittle fly a Gee Bee racer there. He was my childhood hero. Many years later, I was lucky enough to go hunting with him.

Wally Schirra
I didn’t become world champion to fight Jimmy Kelly.

Liam Smith
They were like little palaces: all rococo or art deco. You’d walk in off those hot streets into a nice, air-cooled theater, and you’d spend all day watching Cagney or Jimmy Stewart. It cost all of 17 cents.

Martin Landau
I think when you look at Jimmy Butler when he came in, he hardly played as a rookie. He played more each year and then would become a top-10 player in the league. It’s a testament to his work ethic and how he approached things.

Tom Thibodeau
Jimmy Carter laid out policies that we now look back at and say, ‘Gee, that actually made sense.’ But you also need to explain it and convey and communicate in a way that provides that tableau, that understanding.

Eliot Spitzer
My father was an ironworker who eventually co-founded a construction business. My mother, Jeanette, was a stay-at-home mom who had been an operating-room nurse until my older brother, Jimmy, was born.

Susan Lucci
When I got off ’24,’ pretty soon after that I did a movie that took place in the ’70s, this movie with Jimmy Caan and Gena Rowlands, and I needed to kind of have that ’70s pouffy housewife hair.

Leslie Hope
Dave Mackay was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Jimmy Greaves was the greatest goal scorer, and George Best was just the best. The greatest.

Harry Redknapp
Jimmy Akingbola, Ed MacLiam and Hugh Quarshie are all so fit!

Laila Rouass
In the last 100 years only Presidents George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford lost their bids for reelection. President Lyndon Johnson did not run for a second term.

Juan Williams
I sat in on some songwriting classes, and it was really bloody hard, a lot of music theory. I’d be sitting there, and they’d be talking all this music theory, and the teacher would say, ‘Let’s ask our guest Jimmy what he thinks,’ and I’d be sitting there thinking, ‘Please don’t ask me, please don’t ask me.’

Jimmy Barnes
I grew up watching Gregory Hines banging out rhythms like drum beats, and Jimmy Slyde dancing these melodies, you know, bop-bah-be-do-bap, not just tap-tap-tap. Everyone else was dancing in monotone, but I could hear the hoofers in stereo, and they influenced me to have this musical approach towards tap.

Savion Glover
I love Aerosmith. I love Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, anything from that era, Led Zeppelin. So my guitar style is very much like Slash or Jimmy Page. I love playing that kind of music. It’s where my heart’s at.

Billy Unger
I would say seeing the original Yardbirds with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page at the old Fillmore was a pretty powerful influence on me.

Ronnie Montrose
Jimmy Kimmel still comes across like a guy who crashed a party and got caught at it, yet adamantly refuses to leave.

Tom Shales
If I’m going to do blues, it’s going to be a typical Jimmy Rushing record.

Jimmy Rushing
I would love to be in a Jimmy McGovern drama on TV, but there is no way he would ever ask me unless it would be to play a lawyer or something.

Toby Stephens
I used to come down from New Rochelle and go to Radio City. They’d have a floor show and a movie. I’m showing my age, but I saw ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ and ‘Broken Arrow’ with Jimmy Stewart. It was a great way for a kid to see a movie.

Vincent Pastore
There was a story that came out that Jimmy Garoppolo was one of the first guys to text Trey Lance. That’s just the type of guy Jimmy is. He’s not going to shy away from adversity, shy away from a draft pick.

George Kittle
I love collecting guitars, even though I can’t play well. My favourite guitarists are Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Paige, and John Mayer.

Kiefer Sutherland
Of any guitarist, Jimmy Page was my biggest influence. I wanted to look, think and play like him. Zeppelin had a heavy influence on Rush during our early days. Page’s loose style of playing showed an immense confidence, and there are no rules to his playing.

Alex Lifeson
For the first two weeks after he passed, we were done as a band. We were just done. And because of the fans and Jimmy’s parents and relatives and stuff like that, they just demanded that we continue on and spread the legacy that is, you know, the crazy James ‘The Rev’ Sullivan.

Synyster Gates
Jimmy Stewart was a very sincere, honest and straightforward man.

Robert Wagner
I didn’t know who Jimmy Choo was. I think Vanessa Williams was also a very big part of that, teaching me about the designers. I had no choice but to learn, and I’m glad I did.

Mark Indelicato
NASCAR is Freaky Fast, just like Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy John Liautaud
You can come up with all the gameplans that you want but the guys in the middle have to execute those plans. If Jimmy Anderson or Stuart Broad serves up a leg-stump half-volley, you can’t turn round and blame Andy Flower.

Glenn McGrath
My mom had early rap records, like Jimmy Spicer. In the middle of the records was a turntable and a receiver – I used to scratch records on it – and on top was a reel-to-reel. In front of that wall were more stacks of records. It was either Mom’s record or Pop’s record, and they had their names on each and every one.

The only one that got through was Jimmy Walker, because he plays the gas station attendant. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that we were kind of purists at the time, and we didn’t want any comedians.

David Zucker
Even Jimmy Carter can’t be wrong all the time.

P. J. O’Rourke
Jimmy Iovine signed me personally to a million-dollar contract, and I lost my identity for a long time. That system is so predicated on making a hit, or you’re out of here.

Fantastic Negrito
I still start to get panicky each morning before I go on television. I’ll say, ‘I’m in awful shape, something is wrong,’ and if I start to look like I’m going off the deep end, Jimmy Straka, the stage manager, will say, ‘You’re all right. Calm down.’ Then Bryant Gumbel will grab me by the leg or something.

Willard Scott
Babyface is one of the top songwriters in the world ever, and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have worked with everybody that I grew up listening to.

Algee Smith
I was also dating someone from UCLA and also I had another suitor, Jimmy Caan. So it was between my college boyfriend, Jimmy Caan and Hef. And Hef won. Within a few months, we were exclusive.

Barbi Benton
What makes a comedian has nothing to do with religion. Think of Red Skelton, Jimmy Durante, Jackie Gleason, who were all Catholics.

Buddy Hackett
I played with Sam Lay, Jimmy Reed, Big Walter Horton, Big Moose Walker, and all those guys.

Jimmy Smith
I used Jimmy to give me what I needed to keep going and to know that I was on the right path with it. I thought I saw Jimmy’s soul all the time we worked. He never covered his soul and I never covered mine. We saw into each other’s souls, very definitely.

Kim Novak
Jimmy Fallon is handsome. This is an indisputable fact.

Andy Kindler
I used to have the biggest crush on Jimmy Kimmel. I liked him when he was chubbier, though. I’ve never really been attracted to the ‘classically’ handsome guy. I’ve always liked men with a little meat on their bones.

Mikaela Hoover
Authentic rock and roll is a sound that I’ve always been drawn to with bands like Brand New and Jimmy Eat World.

Ryan Hurd
I did ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ a while ago, and Lady Gaga was in the dressing room next to mine. The outfit she wore walking down the hall was even more fabulous than what she wore onstage!

Darby Stanchfield
I don’t have anything against Jimmy Fallon. I love Jimmy Fallon. He’s my dude.

Tracy Morgan
I toured in Europe first, before I did any touring in the U.S. It was with Jimmy Nail and others.

Deana Carter
Jimmy Fallon is one of the funniest son of a guns I’ve ever seen.

Christian Kane
When I was young, my parents made me listen to old music and watch Jimmy Durante. I fell in love with the whole mystique of acting and entertainment.

James Wolk
We need a new Hank Williams, a new Jimmy Webb. We need new writers, a new Tom Petty. We need people that write what they feel and what they see – things that are relevant.

Marty Stuart
The funniest guy I’ve ever worked with – it’s just one of those things, again, where we look at each other and just laugh – is Jimmy Byrnes from ‘Wiseguy.’ Jimmy – we can’t be in the same room together. He knows he can make me laugh just by looking at me.

Jonathan Banks
My favourite actors are all dead or dying. I just love Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn – I was named after her – and Cary Grant. I just love old black and white movies and the stars in them. It must have been a great time to be in Hollywood.

Katharine Isabelle
All the really good guitar players – Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, or even Bert Jansch or John Martin – I love all those people. But I didn’t start out thinking that I would be a guitar player. In the beginning, I played the guitar so I could sing. I mainly concentrated on my voice.

James Vincent McMorrow
White House cultures inevitably reflect the president’s character. Jimmy Carter is a thoroughly honest, good person. So was his White House.

Bill Drayton
My favorite actor who played villains – who could play anything, really – was Jimmy Cagney.

Malcolm McDowell
When I was younger, all my friends were older – John Ford, Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. I loved talking to those people.

Peter Bogdanovich
I totally hate when somebody takes a classic and desecrates it. I like Jimmy Page and P. Diddy, but what they did to ‘Kashmir’ was a debacle.

Chuck D
With me, traveling for work is arriving at the airport, checking into the hotel, leaving the hotel the next morning at 4 or 5 to do something like ‘The Jimmy and Jackie Captain Crazy Morning Zoo,’ doing a bunch of those in a row, then going back to the hotel, and then finally going to the club.

Gilbert Gottfried
Every time Jimmy Scott sings, it’s the same but slightly different. I don’t know how he does that or where he gets that from. I think it’s instinct. Nothing he does is by chance; he’s in complete control of what he’s doing. He’s just beautiful and unique.

Sufjan Stevens
When you look at the team that Jimmy Rutherford has put together and the players that he has, this is just a great story of excellent in professional sports.

Gary Bettman
I watch Jimmy Fallon all the time. I think he’s hilarious.

Shannon Purser
My trainer Jimmy Tibbs and my promoter Frank Warren told me that I had to be patient and get the jab going.

Billy Joe Saunders
The best thing going for us is Al Gore. I cannot conceive how the American people could elect him. On the other hand, I couldn’t conceive how they could elect a Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton – especially Clinton in ’96.

Lyn Nofziger
We made ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’ about the war of independence and the civil war, which were the pivotal moments of Irish history, really. ‘Jimmy’s Hall’ would seem to be a smaller story 10 years later.

Ken Loach
I was doing the work I was capable of doing with my own native talent, but when I looked at actors like Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, Kim Stanley, and Geraldine Page, I knew that they knew something that I didn’t know. I wanted to find out what that was.

Ellen Burstyn
We saw what happened in Jimmy Carter’s administration. President Carter was a good man with the best of intentions. But he came to Washington without a good working relationship with Democratic members of Congress, which played a big part in his administration’s problems.

Jim Hunt
I had written for Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman in the past. Jimmy had a different voice, and different priorities. He couldn’t be the bad guy in the joke; he couldn’t upset people, really.

Anthony Jeselnik
It’s not our job to choose the best Sunday school teacher, like Jimmy Carter was. It’s our job to choose who would defend and protect our nation, who would be the best president.

Jerry Falwell, Jr.
When I came back to California in the early ’60s I was hanging out with Jimmy Bowen, Phil Spector, and I wanted to be a record producer and work with other artists.

Johnny Rivers
The only book by a modern president that bears serious comparison with Obama’s ‘Dreams From My Father’ is Jimmy Carter’s short campaign autobiography, ‘Why Not the Best?,’ published in 1975.

Jonathan Raban
Ivan Lendl was the best player I ever played. He was the first guy to bring the game to more of a power level and you could know that if he played really well you could get blown off court and that wouldn’t happen against John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors or even Bjorn Borg or Guillermo Vilas.

Mats Wilander
When did Jimmy Stewart not play Jimmy Stewart? When did John Wayne not play John Wayne? But that’s what we like about them. When you talk about acting, you really have to respond to somebody’s personality.

John Mellencamp
For Jimmy and me, Iowa holds a special place in our hearts. During his presidential campaign I spent over 100 days in Iowa. I visited 105 communities and knocked on more doors and met more Iowans than anyone thought possible.

Rosalynn Carter
Everyone abroad knows me because of the songs ‘Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja’ and ‘I Am A Disco Dancer,’ both from ‘Disco Dancer.’

Bappi Lahiri
I don’t claim to be knowledgeable about theology. Most of my knowledge comes out of my experience and the lessons in the Bible. Every Sunday I’m home I teach 45 minutes and we boiled them down to one page for the new book, ‘Through the Year with Jimmy Carter.’

Jimmy Carter
I never listen to Led Zeppelin. But, I mean, I don’t think Robert Plant or Jimmy Page listen to Led Zeppelin, either. We all probably obsessed over the same old blues records growing up.

Dan Auerbach
Of all the ’60s – there was Elvis, there was the Beatles, there was the British invasion, Jimmy Hendrix, and Woodstock – the No. 1 record was ‘The Twist.’

Chubby Checker
‘I Was There Too’ talks to people who played non-starring roles in big movies. That means the likes of comedian Jimmy Pardo, who didn’t make it to the finished ‘Dreamgirls.’ Still, he recalls that when an actor is put on hold for a movie, he gets paid for two weeks just for sitting at home waiting to be called.

David Hepworth
Since most of ‘Mean Girls’ consists of the outsider Cady observing the tribal rites of her new setting and laying it all out in narration, this movie is just like home for the meticulous and ruthless deadpan that Ms. Fey has perfected for the satirical ‘S.N.L.’ newscast in which she and Jimmy Fallon are the anchors.

Elvis Mitchell
I always looked up there, because I remember a time when the only things on the walls in Fenway were the Jimmy Fund sign and the retired numbers. Never in a million years did you think you’d ever be up there with those guys.

Carlton Fisk
I like film books at the bottom of the barrel and art books at the top. ‘The Ghastly One,’ by Jimmy McDonough, is a hilarious biography of one of the most hideous directors who ever picked up a movie camera – Andy Milligan.

John Waters
Jimmy Baldwin was the creator of contemporary American speech even before Americans could dig that. He created it so we could speak to each other at unimaginable intensities of feeling, so we could make sense to each other at yet higher and higher tempos.

Amiri Baraka
Jimmy Carter is the most intelligent. Jimmy Carter is a good man.

Sirio Maccioni
Stylistically speaking, Barack Obama could hardly be further from Jimmy Carter if he really had been born in Kenya.

Eric Alterman
In Plains, I saw Jimmy Carter as he really is – a nice, decent man… in terms of compassionate contribution to society, he certainly has proven to be our best past president.

Helen Thomas
The early versions of ‘Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf’ were great. It’s sort of interesting: as it progressed, it became worse and worse, but the early versions were really fantastic with Jimmy Demaret and Gene Sarazen. They were classics.

Donald Trump
Barack Obama and Jimmy Hoffa are like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Lady Gaga and hype, the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast and hairspray: inseparable. The president can no more disown the Teamsters Union’s leader than he can disown his own id.

Michelle Malkin
Jimmy John’s is what it is. We strive for a consistent experience that is consistently good.

Jimmy John Liautaud
I look up to Jimmy Fallon. He hosts talk shows as a fan himself, and that’s how I do it. When the celebrities come in, I’m excited that they’re there. It’s not just like a formal, ‘Hey, how are ya?’ It’s like, ‘Dude, what the hell! So happy to see you!’ That’s what Jimmy Fallon does every time.

Vinny Guadagnino
What Chris Webber and the Fab Five – Jalen, Juwan, Ray, Jimmy and those guys – they created a culture, and Michigan was a beneficiary of that. Chris Webber was a big part of it.

Charles Woodson
God has blessed me with something. One day, I do see myself being like Jimmy Iovine. I’m trying to build an empire.

Mike Will Made It
Whereas Jimmy Carter had aggressively pursued anti-merger activity – the imbecilic case against AT&T was prosecuted under President Carter – Mr. Reagan understood the virtue of allowing companies to exploit the synergies of mergers to gain efficiency and lower costs.

Stephen Moore
Bruno Mars is pretty fashionable. Gary Clarck Junior, who was also in our ad with Jimmy Page, is a super super stylish guy.

John Varvatos
The old movie stars like Bogart, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, they weren’t this gorgeous, striking six-foot man who’s rippled with muscles.

Jack Huston
Everybody always asks about Jimmy Fallon. I’m sorry to say that he’s very nice and there’s not much bad to say about him. I don’t know if he sucks at videogames or not. I don’t think he plays them, but he could have this whole secret life I don’t know about.

Rachel Dratch
When we called each other and got the call that Jimmy had died, literally, it all ended right there. Everything we’ve ever known as human beings, everything we’ve ever known as a band, changes at that moment, and you can’t think clearly.

Zacky Vengeance
Fortunately, as we all know, it’s impossible for anybody but Jimmy Smith to really sound like Jimmy Smith.

Benmont Tench
My favorite sports movies, I like ‘Remember the Titans’ and ‘Hoosiers’ Jimmy Chitwood, from the corner.

Shaun Alexander
The film’s star, Eminem, doesn’t appear to have a great deal of range, but he can play himself. Even though the protagonist is named Jimmy Smith, the thoughtful ‘8 Mile’ is a raw version of the rapper’s own story.

Elvis Mitchell
When you see the American chat shows, they’ve got so many ideas about what they could with the guests. I did stand-up on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ and they had loads of sketches and ideas, we don’t tend to do that here.

Russell Howard
More and more, Democrats are starting to worry they that they have a more um, colorful version of Jimmy Carter on their hands. Obama acts cool as a proverbial cucumber but that awful ’70s show seems frightfully close to a rerun.

Eric Alterman
My old dance teacher, Jimmy Wilde, a former European ballroom dancing champion, was so sophisticated.

Anton du Beke
If Jimmy McGovern knocks and you are offered a part, you don’t say, ‘can I ease myself into it?’

John Bishop
What attracted me to Jimmy Bulger were the various facets of his personality and his humanity because I felt that the only way I could approach playing a character like him was to find his human side first and then map that out to see where it took the turn. He was a very complicated man.

Johnny Depp
I was lucky enough to get to see guys like Bugs Henderson, Jimmy Wallace, all those great Texas blues players.

Dimebag Darrell
In college, my friend Melanie and I used to have weekly Jimmy Stewart viewings, and ‘Harvey’ seemed to make its way into the rotation an inordinate amount of times.

Rich Sommer
Movies were invented for Jimmy Cagney, and he was invented for the movies. A perfect match.

Clint Eastwood
If all I did was pretend I was Wilderness Jimmy, I would go stale. You know, I fish maybe 100 days of the year and bird-hunt, but if I didn’t go to Paris once or twice a year, I’d be crazy.

Jim Harrison
Filibusters have proliferated because under current rules just one or two determined senators can stop the Senate from functioning. Today, the mere threat of a filibuster is enough to stop a vote; senators are rarely asked to pull all-nighters like Jimmy Stewart in ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’

Evan Bayh
President Jimmy Carter was a citizen soldier. Ironically, he was considered weak because he didn’t kill anybody and he didn’t get anyone killed.

Andrew Young
The Democrats never fight about who is more like Jimmy Carter.

Marco Rubio
I have a beautiful pair of Giuseppe Zanotti black pumps that make me feel like a model every time I put them on. I have a pair of Jimmy Choo flats I would marry, if I could.

Lauren Oliver
When I first started touring, we had a crappy van, and we would all share rooms. So for many years as a grown adult woman, I would share a bed with a bandmate, whether it would be Jimmy Tamborello from the Postal Service or Pierre De Reeder from Rilo Kiley, just a pillow barrier between us sleeping on the same bed.

Jenny Lewis
It doesn’t matter if someone is your fourth cousin once removed, he is Cousin Jimmy and called that always.

Tinsley Mortimer
My role is different than Freddie Blassie, the Grand Wizard, and Lou Albano’s, and Bobby Heenan’s, Jimmy Hart’s and J.J. Dillon’s as well. I legitimately consider myself Brock Lesnar’s advocate. That’s my primary purpose to serve to the WWE Universe.

Paul Heyman
Jimmy Graham over in New Orleans started a whole new type of position almost to where he was trying to get paid like a wide receiver. He was split out more than 50 percent of the time.

Travis Kelce
I probably should have had a little more tolerance with Jimmy Johnson. Seriously.

Jerry Jones
Jimmy Carter as President is like Truman Capote marrying Dolly Parton. The job is just too big for him.

Rich Little
Jimmy Anderson deserves everything he gets, and even though he is an Englishman I will be delighted for him when he goes past my record and becomes the most prolific fast bowler in Test history.

Glenn McGrath
Jimmy Baldwin was not only a writer, an international literary figure: he was a man, spirit, voice – old and black and terrible as that first ancestor.

Amiri Baraka
I think Jimmy Carr is very funny and probably the most industrious comedian I know and I really respect him for that.

Frank Skinner
Im a product of my influences, and those are the 60s. All analog. I loved the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Stones – and then later on, of course, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix.

Mike Campbell
I could remember thinking when I met him, ‘Wow, that’s Andy Sanders from Houston. He’s really good.’ And he tells me he said, ‘Wow, that’s Jimmy Walker. He hits it really far.’

Jimmy Walker
A lot of my friends, they think I grew up to rock and roll, but I didn’t. I grew up to Hank Williams, Jimmy Reid, Howlin’ Wolf, listening to a race record, blues.

Dion DiMucci
People might say, ‘Jimmy Cliff, you’ve done a lot, achieved a lot. What more can you want?’

Jimmy Cliff
Jimmy’s Hall’ is set in Ireland in the ’30s and everything that went under the camera we had to generate.

Ken Loach
I’ve been blessed to have a lot of mentors in my life that just have been good people and hard workers. Jae Crowder is one of them; Jimmy Butler is one of them.

Jaylen Brown
My brother was an avid Stoke City fan and a good footballer. We shared a room, growing up, and the walls were covered with 1970s Stoke players, like Peter Shilton, Gordon Banks, and Jimmy Greenhoff.

Morten Harket
Even when I used to play Jimmy White in Scotland, he would have the majority of the support. That’s the only time it would irk me, coming back to Scotland and people still wanting me to lose.

Stephen Hendry
I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in Beverly or my friends, but I listened to a lot of alternative rock music. I loved Incubus, Weezer and Jimmy Eat World. It almost felt segregated because I loved all of those acts over here, but then I also loved R&B and soul music I grew up with.

Jamila Woods
Jimmy Fallon’s strengths are that he’s fun, and he’s good at impressions, and he’s musically inclined. And my strength is that I’m a joke writer, but I also have no filter, and I think that that’s not a talent per se, but it’s just a thing about myself that I have found that people like about what I do.

Nikki Glaser
The last episode of Dallas was in ‘1991.’ Unfortunately, it was a terrible episode to end the show on: it was a sort of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with Larry as the Jimmy Stewart character. In that episode, I was an ineffectual-schlep kind of brother, who got divorced three or four times and was a Las Vegas reject.

Patrick Duffy
Electing Barack Obama president was a glorious Jackie Robinson moment for the United States of America. Obama didn’t just win; he became the first Democrat since Jimmy Carter to win a popular-vote majority.

Timothy Noah
Jimmy Iovine, he pretty much started off as an engineer and a producer, and then he started up a label. Then he built his label to have big artists like Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. Then he started up a headphone company and made it a billion dollar business. He’s a genius to me.

Mike Will Made It
I’ve worked with Bette Davis, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda. Here’s the thing they all have in common: They all, even in their 70s, worked a little harder than everyone else.

Ron Howard
We had a party with the rest of the skaters in our trailer and then the next day we were off to see Jimmy Carter. And then we had the World Championships the next weekend, so not a lot of chance to catch up.

Eric Heiden
If I hadn’t been so outspoken, Jimmy Carter wouldn’t have wanted me.

Andrew Young
I got to see all these incredible blues players, like Jimmy Reed.

Johnny Rivers
Jimmy Butler embodies those qualities just like the Heat players of our great past have done before. Alonzo Mourning, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem. He just embodies these qualities of professionalism, of work, of accountability, of being reliable. And he leads.

Erik Spoelstra
Without being disrespectful to Jimmy Kelly, I’d rather fight Shane Mosley than Jimmy Kelly.

Liam Smith
The post-presidency, as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have proved, is a win-win. Money, Nobels, the ability to leverage your global celebrity for any cause or hobbyhorse you wish, plus freedom to grab the mike whenever the urge takes you without any terminal repercussions.

Tina Brown
When it comes to jobs, President Obama makes the Jimmy Carter years look like good old days. If we fired Jimmy Carter then, why would we rehire Barack Obama now?

Paul Ryan
I got Jimmy Hall from Wet Willie and he also plays now with Hank Williams Jr.

Gregg Allman
I’m not capable of wielding the guitar like Jimmy Page, one of my all-time favorite guitarists. My skill set is more based on the grinding, sort of human heartbeat – almost playing the guitar more like a drum.

Grace Potter
Nothing that Robert Plant does will ever equal Led Zeppelin, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop being creative. Jimmy Page has so many incredibly cool projects, but it’s not Led Zeppelin; there will only ever be one Led Zeppelin.

Nikki Sixx
Learning Jimmy Carr riffs off by heart is not the way to anyone’s heart, unless you’re Jimmy Carr. And remember, the two most attractive things in a man is a sense of danger and being able to make a girl feel really safe.

A. A. Gill
I love Jimi Hendrix obviously, and Jimmy Page and Prince. And also Elvis Presley is a really great guitar player. I don’t think he ever took lessons; he was piecing it together himself. But he has great rhythm. And rhythm, to me, you can use it to your advantage if you’re not all over the fretboard.

Brittany Howard
When you ask people about guys they didn’t like because they were aggressive, there’s me, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors; not too many names would come up.

Pete Rose
I’m just very impressed with the way Jimmy Anderson goes about his business.

Glenn McGrath
Some of Jimmy Stewart’s performance in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ is some of the most disturbing performance he ever did, when he falls apart and when he breaks down.

David O. Russell
I see friends who are in different genres of music, and they say they’re so burnt playing the same stuff every night. That’s why you see a country act wanting to go out and play an old classic rock song. But what cracks me up is that they all want to be Jimmy Buffett. I can’t figure that out.

Kid Rock
I never wanted to be Keith Richards or Jimmy Page.

Rick Nielsen
Jimmy Stewart lived for movies, fought for his country, and died for love. Now isn’t that a wonderful life?

Richard Corliss
A nice pair of Jimmy Choos never hurt anyone.

Kristin Chenoweth
If you could have imagined that someone is happy that Obama is president, it has to be Jimmy Carter because he is no longer the worst president in our history.

Oliver North
In 1940 I came across a record by Jimmy Yancey. I can’t say how important that record is. From then on, all I wanted to do was play the blues.

Alexis Korner
I don’t have anything against Jimmy Fallon. I love him; he’s a kick.

Michele Bachmann
Jimmy Butler is a winner.

Tyler Herro
Probably the smartest president we’ve had in terms of I.Q. in the last 50 years was Jimmy Carter, and I think he is the worst president of the last 50 years.

Charles Murray
I am not predicting here that Obama will fail like Jimmy Carter. What I am predicting is the Republican Party is not extinct and will after a period of time become a strong opposition party.

Ed Rollins
Reagan won because he ran against Jimmy Carter. If he ran unopposed he would have lost.

Mort Sahl
But Jimmy sees life as an opportunity and happiness as a choice. He’s cheery in the morning. He wakes up happy. He gets the joke of life.

Nancy Juvonen
If we want the best pitcher, let’s get Bobby Feller. If want the best football player, let’s get Jimmy Brown; the best basketball player, let’s get Bill Russell. If we want the guy who can do the best job for the United States – let’s get Donald Trump.

Bobby Knight
My father was so good-natured and had such a happy disposition. I’ve always confused him with Jimmy Stewart. So, think Jimmy Stewart. That’s my dad.

Jane Pauley
It makes it fun. When an actor plays a character, you want what that character wants. Otherwise it doesn’t look authentic. So I really want to defeat Jimmy – I mean Jimmy as the character.

Alan Alda
Jimmy Boggs was born in a little town called Marion Junction, Alabama, where there were as many pigs, or more pigs, than even the people. But you know what? People in the South had an understanding that you could make a way out of no way, and that’s how they survived.

Grace Lee Boggs
When I arrived in Champ Cars, which at the time used to be called Indy Cars and then got renamed CART and then renamed Champ Cars, I was racing against Jimmy Vasser, my team-mate, but more than him, I was racing against Michael Andretti, Emerson Fittapaldi, Al Unser Jr. – guys that had big names.

Alex Zanardi
Jimmy Carter used to walk off the airplane carrying his own luggage. Do you remember that? I don’t want my president carrying – I want the freaking Marines to be carrying his luggage, and they want to carry his luggage.

Donald Trump
Once I got over my initial butterflies, being in the same room and doing a scene with Jimmy Caan was great. I never backed down for one second against him. I loved it. I love those moments. Working with people like that is the greatest joy you can get as an actor.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
I do all the classics, like Dylan, Kristofferson, Jimmy Reed, Mexican mariachi songs, some jazz songs from the ’30s. Cole Porter’s ‘Begin the Beguine,’ that’s one of my favorites.

Harry Dean Stanton
Though there are many differences between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter, they are strikingly similar in their poor economic records and even more so in their shared pessimism and bearishness on America.

David Limbaugh
I didn’t work for Jimmy Carter all those years to go to cocktail parties. I was there as a political adviser, a short-order cook, to work on topical matters.

Hamilton Jordan
I think I land somewhere between Scorsese and Capra in what I’m drawn to emotionally; I’m drawn to very intense emotion. Capra freaked people out when they saw Jimmy Stewart lose it in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’

David O. Russell
Led Zeppelin sounded like nobody else. That spoke to the individuality of the band and the direction Jimmy Page wanted to pursue.

Jason Bonham