Top 22 Sock Quotes

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Telephone operators recognize my voice before I give my
Telephone operators recognize my voice before I give my name, and say, ‘Sock it to Kilpatrick.’

Shana Alexander
I met the guys through a friend of a friend, and their former drummer had quit. I wasn’t too familiar with the Chili Peppers before that, so I joined at the end of 88′ and we finished recording Mother’s Milk at the end of 89′, next thing I know I’m in Spin with a sock.

Chad Smith
I had no trainers to play, so I went barefoot. Everyone else had trainers. I also remember running 9 km. to training one day with ripped trainers. The sock kept coming out of the shoe, so I’d have to stop and tuck it in.

I used to sock hop to ‘Crocodile Rock’ and stare at those platform boots on the album cover.

Patrick Cox
I used to joke that, since breastfeeding, my boobs looked like an old athletic sock with some loose change at the bottom, so when I felt a lump the size of a marble, I knew something was terribly wrong.

Jessica St. Clair
I haven’t tucked a sock in my pants for three years.

Hilary Swank
I feel like dress socks differentiate you in a different way – especially men in suits who just have the traditional business suit. The dress sock is the way to change it up in your mind and I like wearing my pants up higher so you see them.

Rob Kardashian
Men greet each other with a sock on the arm, women with a hug, and the hug wears better in the long run.

Edward Hoagland
Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while, then take up the sock again.

Dorothy Day
I saw these new kinds of stores: the Body Shop, the Sock Shop, and I thought to myself, ‘I can do that.’

Sandro Veronesi
I get asked a lot about the Rock N’ Sock Connection.

Mick Foley
All I can tell them is pick a good one and sock it. I get back to the dugout and they ask me what it was I hit and I tell them I don’t know except it looked good.

Babe Ruth
We used to do sock puppet shows for my auntie back in the day. Me and my friends would do accents of Englishmen, and we would sip tea and act like we were rich in front of the family, and they thought it was just hilarious, the level of perception that we had about things that we’d never experienced.

Lakeith Stanfield
Could the garment and appliance industries be in cahoots together, creating an artificial sock demand to keep us buying?

Tom Bodett
Never put a sock in a toaster.

Eddie Izzard
I am a fan of a bright sock. They’re bold.

Matt Smith
To be straight, if I play and don’t bowl 90 miles an hour it’s going to be news. If I don’t bowl 90 miles per hour for long enough it’s going to be news. If I don’t put my left sock on first, it’s going to be news. I understand that is the scrutiny of playing at this level and being in that spotlight.

Jofra Archer
I did basic embroidery and can probably mend a sock.

Grayson Perry
No one wants to see a boring tube sock.

Rob Kardashian
I grew up doing all that stuff because I was obsessed with the ’50s. I had sock hops for birthday parties. So I’ve always done The Twist and stuff. It was pretty natural and, with my parents doing it all the time, I’d just copy them. Not very pretty.

Brittany Snow
One weird thing about me: I come home from practice or a game or whatever, and somehow my left sock always seems to get off my foot, and I end up walking around with one sock on.

Michael Beasley
If I could take you back in time to the fifties and walk you around to some of the places where I grew up, you’d be trying to get back in your time machine. It wasn’t all sock hops – matter of fact, I never saw a sock hop.

Joe R. Lansdale