Top 22 Tolerable Quotes

We have collected the best Tolerable Quotes by famous authors including Rush Limbaugh, Charles de Gaulle, Sebastian Faulks, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, George Bernard Shaw and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

To somebody like Obama, substantive opposition is not t
To somebody like Obama, substantive opposition is not tolerable. The objective is to eliminate all opposition – be it a political party, be it media, or what have you.

Rush Limbaugh
It is not tolerable, it is not possible, that from so much death, so much sacrifice and ruin, so much heroism, a greater and better humanity shall not emerge.

Charles de Gaulle
There’s no such thing as identity: it’s something we have to believe in to make life more tolerable.

Sebastian Faulks
Evil is tolerable if purged of coarseness.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Life would be tolerable but for its amusements.

George Bernard Shaw
I can scarcely manage to scribble a tolerable English letter. I know that I am not a scholar, but meantime I am aware that no man living knows better than I do the habits of our birds.

John James Audubon
I wish you a tolerable Thursday. That’s all any of us can hope for.

April Winchell
I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.

Robert A. Heinlein
What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?

Henry David Thoreau
The development process is not that simple… When I started working at Fox in ’92, the company had decided that dramas were dead: they weren’t viable businesses and because newsmagazines were so efficient to produce and financially so much more tolerable than a drama. So that year, our company developed very few dramas.

Dana Walden
Capitalism is at least tolerable, which cannot be said of Socialism or Communism.

Benjamin Tucker
The only thing that makes battle psychologically tolerable is the brotherhood among soldiers. You need each other to get by.

Sebastian Junger
Software tends not to kill people, and so we accept incredibly fast innovation loops because the consequences are tolerable and the results are astonishing.

Dan Kaminsky
When you make a world tolerable for yourself, you make a world tolerable for others.

Anais Nin
The gods’ service is tolerable, man’s intolerable.

Why have we settled for a medical system that allows cancer to be recast as a chronic and tolerable disease rather than one we should try to prevent? Why do so many scientists at the nation’s drug companies and universities turn their backs on the possibility of prevention?

Margaret Cuomo
Marry first, and love will come after is a shocking assertion; since a thousand things may happen to make the state but barely tolerable, when it is entered into with mutual affection.

Samuel Richardson
Visibility has an effect on those who are privileged; it brings more privilege, and on those who are marginalized, it brings more marginalization, because it also brings a spotlight onto them where they’re at, in the hood or in certain places that are less tolerable.

Angelica Ross
Bailouts may have been more tolerable in the early 1990s when they were rare and their use for a failing bank was uncertain. That is no longer the case.

Jerome Powell
A captain of the Navy ought to be a man of strong and well connected sense, with a tolerable good education, a gentleman, as well as a seaman both in theory and practice.

John Paul Jones
The concept ‘a bit racist’ doesn’t exist. There are no tolerable quantities of racism. It’s unacceptable regardless of where it happens or the form that it takes.

Kevin-Prince Boateng
I’m very lucky with the people that recognise me – it’s at a very tolerable level. I don’t think I could handle the level of recognition which David Beckham has.

Sean Maguire