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Great art is an instant arrested in eternity.
Great art is an instant arrested in eternity.

James Huneker
I’m proud we have built a billion-dollar business from scratch here in the US. It has been done very much in a slow, building way. It wasn’t an instant type of thing. America is a huge market where persistence is very important, and I am a builder by nature.

Anthony Pratt
Each instant of life is a step toward death.

Pierre Corneille
It’s very difficult to switch back and forth between running rehearsals and then stepping in to dance in rehearsals as a dancer. Just to switch hats in an instant can be a little bit jarring, mostly physically, on the body.

Justin Peck
A bright and sunny sky is an instant mood-lifter.

Mimi Chakraborty
Unlike writing a book, which can take several years, baking is instant gratification.

Jenna Blum
I’m addicted to picking my nose. In a world of red tape and bureaucracy, where it takes forever to buy a house or get a cell-phone plan going, it’s so instant to just stick your finger up there and go for something your own body produces.

Ali Wong
We got instant gratification when we would slip in one of our own songs and people would cheer. We started getting a lot of gratification from writing.

Gord Downie
In a media instant, Sarah Palin went from an unknown moose hunter to a mass phenomenon on the precipice of becoming the vice president of the United States.

Andrew Breitbart
To me, the magic of photography, per se, is that you can capture an instant of a second that couldn’t exist before and couldn’t exist after. It’s almost like a cowboy that draws his gun. You draw a second before or after, you miss and you’re dead – not them. To me, photography’s always like that.

Mario Testino
It’s a weird thing, my shows. I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel because I go about the casting process so slowly that it does feel like an instant family.

Ryan Murphy
Patriotism is an instant reaction that fades away when the war starts.

Mick Jagger
I went to college and I never allowed myself to think for an instant that I would have this chance to do this.

Mary Chapin Carpenter
One of the places the full stop is really being revised in a really fundamental way is on the Internet. You look at the Internet or any instant messaging exchange – anything that is a fast dialogue taking place. People simply do not put full stops in unless they want to make a point.

David Crystal
I remember telling people I booked this job; they were like, ‘What is it called?’ I was like, ‘Peaky Blinders,’ and they were like, ‘What?’ It sounds ridiculous, but I like it because there’s an instant intrigue about the name.

Annabelle Wallis
We are more and more into technology. Everything is texting, and everything is instant. Flowers are completely impractical as a method of communication when you could just send a text.

Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Instant attraction is natural, flirting can also happen. But building a relationship takes time. We can’t control our emotions. If you feel for someone, it will definitely show on your face. But I definitely can’t fake a love story on national television for the footage.

Nikki Tamboli
Selling scent is a key job for celebrities. At any one time, there’ll be hundreds of them at it, going on the world’s talk shows, doing photo-shoots, providing employment for thousands. Celebrities are instant brands.

Peter York
Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant.

Joan Didion
The budgets are much higher now, it costs more to make a movie and the kids that go to see them are into instant gratification. They want things bigger and bigger. I don’t make those kind of movies. I make movies about relationships.

Jerry Weintraub
Polaroids were the instant thing to get a photo back when I started it. You had to wait two days to get your film back if you had a real camera, and I was more of an instant-gratification guy.

Mike McCready
In its entirety, probably, it follows us at every instant; all that we have felt, thought and willed from our earliest infancy is there, leaning over the present which is about to join it, pressing against the portals of consciousness that would fain leave it outside.

Henri Bergson
Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.

Tony Robbins
He came by a leap to the goal of purpose, not by the toilsome steps of reason. On the instant his headlong spirit declared his purpose: this was the one being for him in all the world: at this altar he would light a lamp of devotion, and keep it burning forever.

Gilbert Parker
E-mail is a whole new way of being friends with people: intimate but not, chatty but not, communicative but not; in short, friends but not. What a breakthrough. How did we ever live without it? I have more to say on this subject, but I have to answer an instant message from someone I almost know.

Nora Ephron
In the year 3000, everything will be instant.

Dane Cook
The sole forms of social interaction I was aware of as a kid involved a jungle gym and a sticker book. It was only in high school that ICQ – a prehistoric form of instant messaging – was first incorporated into my cultural vocabulary.

Dan Levy
I need instant gratification.

Barbra Streisand
It’s all very well making records, but the joy of performing is that you get to meet people who give you instant feedback.

Gilbert O’Sullivan
With kiting, you have to land a trick, and in that instant you know whether you won or lost – I knew I could become the best in the world if I trained. But with acting, there are different variations; there’s not a right or wrong way. It’s so hard because it’s so out of your hands. I have no idea what’s going to happen!

Maika Monroe
When I write about things, it’s a lot to do with sense memory. How things smell and taste can bring incredible memories flooding back and transport you in an instant to another time and place.

Sophie Dahl
In my mind, the home run is paramount because it means instant runs.

Earl Weaver
I will never be a fan of any kind of political correctness: I think it’s instant death to creativity.

Mads Mikkelsen
I think one of the great things about acting is the instant gratification: you just get up and start being a part of the story. The immediacy is something you get really addicted to.

Paul Giamatti
I said a long time ago that Foursquare can make cities better. You have these augmented realities like Foursquare and Twitter and Facebook that provide these virtual nodes and instant feedback from anywhere, adding annotation around a physical places.

Jack Dorsey
We are often too late with our brilliance. We are on time delay. The only instant gratification comes in the form of potato chips. The rest will find us by surprise somewhere down the road maybe as we sleep and dream of other things.

Richard Schiff
There is scarcely an instant that passes over our heads that may not have its freight of infamy. How ought we to watch over our thoughts, that we may not so much as imagine any enormity!

William Godwin
Business executives need to start by spelling out and communicating their values. Then they need to lead by example. This means getting rid of the bad apples and declining opportunities that bring instant wealth at the cost of selling one’s soul.

Vivek Wadhwa
Making people believe they can do great things, that’s an instant motivator.

Kofi Kingston
I love information. I want to stay current. I don’t want to be under-informed. But I’m busy. Sometimes, I need an instant overview of a situation that I can grasp in a second.

David McCandless
It became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality.

Zachary Quinto
Any song I have to work on longer than a day, I just leave it. It’s not gonna work. Everything that’s good is really instant.

Emeli Sande
I really love headlining. Opening up is fun – getting to play for all these people who might not know you – but it’s so much easier sometimes playing for people who know all your songs: you get that instant feedback.

Greg Kurstin
Down on the ground, we seem to do anything but make lengthy, robust monologues. We can communicate in an instant almost anywhere. Gone is the slow old letter – itself a monologue, a sort of considered performance of best self – and in its place is the e-mail, the text, the SMS, the tweet.

Samantha Harvey
I would do the occasional score. I thought it was the most thrilling thing. It was instant. You made the music and they played it right away to millions of people. I found it thrilling.

Elmer Bernstein
Humans are the only creatures with the ability to dive deep in the sea, fly high in the sky, send instant messages around the globe, reflect on the past, assess the present and imagine the future.

Sylvia Earle
As we get past our superficial material wants and instant gratification we connect to a deeper part of ourselves, as well as to others, and the universe.

Judith Wright
God the Father and God the Son cannot be everywhere present; indeed they cannot be even in two places at the same instant: but God the Holy Spirit is omnipresent – it extends through all space, with all other matter.

Orson Pratt
Once you have children it’s love without bounds. You would die for them in an instant, without question. How can you better that?

Carol Vorderman
Movies require a lot of patience. I like instant results. If I have done something that’s not funny at all, the audience will let me know in two seconds. With the movie, I will have to wait nine months to know if I was that bad.

Vir Das
When someone posts a Socialcam video, all of their followers get an instant notification.

Michael Seibel
I think my generation is obsessed with instant gratification. We want everything now, now, now.

Dakota Fanning
I think that being thrown into instant fame must be, at times, difficult.

Martina McBride
I’m sorry, it’s true. Having children really changes your view on these things. We’re born, we live for a brief instant, and we die. It’s been happening for a long time. Technology is not changing it much – if at all.

Steve Jobs
The public is usually slow to catch on to new things, and it’s important that musicians stick to their guns and not look for that instant gratification.

Greg Ginn
We think it’s reasonable to provide mandatory instant background checks for every sale at every gun show. No loopholes anywhere, for anyone.

Wayne LaPierre
The thing I love about YouTube is it’s almost like having an instant audience for improv.

David Hewlett
Copywriting cuts the communication cord between word and feeling. By offering instant gratification, it atrophies more subtle emotions.

Clive Sinclair
We actually form the world at every instant, although we’re not cognitively aware of that but – and there are people would argue with that to some degree.

Robert Irwin
Bruce Wayne is Batman. He became Batman the instant his parents were murdered. Batman needs Bruce, however hollow that identity feels to him from time to time. Bruce keeps Batman human.

Kevin Conroy
When I retired I was done and it was instant relief. Instant.

Adam Goodes
I love to act. And between action and cuts, when you work for somebody great, it’s wonderful, and I still love it. The moment where you create, that instant is still magic to me. But, all the rest, I get bored with it – all the waiting, and the fact that you have to make appearances, that you have to share your life.

Vincent Cassel
To be able to communicate with people on the other side of the globe is interesting, in an instant.

John Cho
And, for an instant, she stared directly into those soft blue eyes and knew, with an instinctive mammalian certainty, that the exceedingly rich were no longer even remotely human.

William Gibson
Jackie Gleason said that comedy is the most exacting form of dramatic art, because it has an instant critic: laughter.

Chuck Jones
Books had instant replay long before televised sports.

Bernard Williams
Performing in front of an audience gives you an extra ten per cent energy and the chance to react to the instant feedback.

Bob Mortimer
Digital has obviously changed things a lot, but not all for the better as far as I’m concerned. Of course it’s much more convenient and you’re getting instant results, but to me it just lacks the finesse of a roll of film and it has a slightly superimposed feel.

Graeme Le Saux
That’s my favorite part of Twitter: it’s instant fan mail.

Charlie Weber
In an era of instant communication, a flaw or non-perfect product creates immediate bad buzz.

Antoine Arnault
The instant that movies became described as character driven was the instant when characters stopped mattering in movies. In other words, the birth of the notion of the character-driven movie coincided with the birth of movies in which characters were incidental to the very activities in which they engaged.

Steve Erickson
Barack Obama winning the election had an instant impact on everything – race relations, national self-esteem, tolerance. It also had an instant affect on ‘Frost/Nixon.’ At a stroke, instead of being a piece that reminded people of the agony they were in, it became an uplifting message about the agony they had escaped.

Peter Morgan
There are people I haven’t seen for a year and we will do a show or something and when we hang out it’ll be this instant endearment. I’m like, ‘Our lives, the cosmos, are intersecting, and this will bring us closer together again. I have no doubt.’

Julien Baker
There are three things that people pick up on the instant they walk into your home on Thanksgiving. They will be able to feel the human energy. They’ll smell the food. And they will see, instantly, the table.

Danny Meyer
No one wants to be patient. No one wants to wait for anything. They want it right now – that instant gratification.

P. J. Tucker
My post-child period resulted in one instant change: I write shorter books for kids.

Berkeley Breathed
Television is instant gratification. We do an episode and we instantly get a reaction for the same. Theatre on the other hand is very satisfying as an actor. It is purely a few thousand people who come to watch the theatre.

Tisca Chopra
Young kids are taking Viagra, ecstasy. They even want instant sex.

Tim Reid
It’s too easy to sum up a person’s character in one negative instant, and it doesn’t put anything good out into the world.

Hope Davis
These sites have torn down the geographical divide that once prevented long distance social relationships from forming, allowing instant communication and connections to take place and a virtual second life to take hold for its users.

Mike Fitzpatrick
If every human being disappeared off the face of the earth in an instant, the earth would still keep spinning and the planet would develop new life forms.

Graham Nash
I have been part of ‘Gehraiyaan’ and I must say it is great to be part of pocket-content for the only reason that the feedback is instant. Also, the audience is evolved and mature enough to embrace bold and progressive content.

Vatsal Sheth
If you’re contriving something, if you’re making something up, it’s not funny. You can tell. It’s instant. It has to come from someplace real.

Jane Lynch
More and more, I find that I love doing comedies; that instant gratification that you get on stage when they laugh at you feels really good.

Taylor Louderman
Longing and desire goes further than instant satisfaction. That’s human nature.

Anna Sui
It’s such a stupid thing to sign a band and then demand a hit right away to instantly recoup the money. The point is, you have to do it by building your own following, and that is not necessarily done by writing instant hits.

Al Jourgensen
Television has spread the habit of instant reaction and stimulated the hope of instant results.

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
When you go to our political system, I feel like it’s intentionally kept in the last century. In every other facet of life, we turn to social media for instant response time, complete transparency.

Mark Pincus
We’re not one of those groups who have one song on the radio and, boom, they’re an instant success. We worked hard from day one and didn’t get a lot of respect, possibly because of the way we were marketed.

Kevin Jonas
As with instant replay, NFL Films’ use of slow motion, camera angles and the narration of Facenda was not just a technical breakthrough but a conceptual breakthrough.

Tony Verna
News is virtual now. It is not 24-hour news cycles; it is instant news cycles. It is live. News is live all the time, around the clock.

Mark McKinnon
Being on TV sucks. It’s a lot of work. You memorize scripts and then you show up and they change everything. I’m a control freak. When I’m doing stand-up, I say what I want and then I get instant feedback.

Gabriel Iglesias
My siblings and I kept everything to ourselves, and rather than blowing up in an instant, my family broke apart slowly.

Alex Tizon
We live in a time where there’s a required instant gratification from audiences. That’s a fun challenge in terms of putting together this teaser, picking and choosing how much you’re actually giving away.

Josh Trank
There are songs which even if you listen to repeatedly, you don’t end up liking them, but there are some songs which have an instant connection with the listener. ‘Ruka Hoon’ is that song which instantly clicked with me.

Sanjeeda Sheikh
The instant feeling I had after I gave birth was you couldn’t get that baby in my hands fast enough.

Reed Morano
I started doing martial arts when I was about 7, and I got my second degree black belt when I was 19. So I have my second degree black belt, but I’ve never used it, and I had to stop when I got ‘Instant Star’ because I couldn’t train.

Laura Vandervoort
I’m all for typewriters, with instant carbon copies, and seeing films in cinemas.

Olivia De Havilland
Photography is like a moment, an instant. You need a half-second to get the photo. So it’s good to capture people when they are themselves.

Patrick Demarchelier
AOL Instant Messenger was a big thing back in the day, where girls would get on it and make fun of me. There was a certain girl, and she wanted to make me feel bad.

Brittany Snow
The moral is that a career can be gone in an instant. And all you have in this world are the people you love.

Ice Cube
It’s the continuation of everyone’s childhood to see these young children who grow up full of life, full of intelligence, full of a sense of wonder. And within an instant they’re gone from this world. It’s terrible.

Lucien Bouchard
I enjoy stand-up because it has the biggest reward: instant gratification. You can hear the people laughing.

Wanda Sykes
But I’m acutely aware that the possibility of fraud is even more prevalent in today’s world because of the Internet and cell phones and the opportunity for instant communication with strangers.

Armistead Maupin
Americans have perfected the art of reducing complicated truths into formulas and products. We’re desperate for instant, visible, measurable ways of knowing God, instead of trusting that it’s complicated and a mystery.

Mike Yaconelli
The style of ancient Egyptian art is transcendently clear, something 8-year-olds can recognize in an instant. Its consistency and codification is one of the most epic visual journeys in all art, one that lasts 30 dynasties spread over 3,000 years.

Jerry Saltz
It’s very clear from Biblical history and Jewish history that Jewish monotheism wasn’t developed in an instant, that it became gradually the accepted norm. But undoubtedly, Jewish ancestors were polytheists.

Robert Winston
It seems like a contradiction, but the shy person who is a performer actually does make sense, because in a way, when you’re young and shy, making people laugh is a good way to make friends. It’s an instant connection.

Paul Merton
I throw a leather biker jacket over everything. It adds an instant downtown cool vibe and stops a look becoming too girlie. Bonus points if you wear it like a cape!

Ashley Madekwe
When you meet somebody and you have an instant connection – why is that? Maybe you’ve met before? Maybe you’ve met in another life? Anything’s possible.

Jim Sturgess
By rule, the decision to reverse a call by use of instant replay is at the sole discretion of the crew chief.

Joe Torre
Stand-up keeps you on your toes because it’s instant. With TV and movies, you have to wait for the numbers to come in to see what happened at the box office. With stand-up, it’s right there, that night, in your face.

One of the problems of organizing in the North, in the rich countries, is that people tend to think – even the activists – that instant gratification is required. You constantly hear: ‘Look I went to a demonstration, and we didn’t stop the war so what’s the use of doing it again?’

Noam Chomsky
I love WWE, and I love that platform. There is no other platform in the world that gives me that instant gratification. There is just no other platform.

Dwayne Johnson
I can’t read in a car, because I’ll get sick. It’s almost instant.

A man of strong opinions is one thing. But a man whose strong opinions depend entirely on how he is feeling in that instant is a disastrous thing in a city of 10 million people just trying to muddle through.

Giles Coren
When we have been badly injured and clearly wronged, we make an instant caricature of the person who did it to us. We define him totally by the one wrong he did.

Lewis B. Smedes
Email, instant messaging, and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized.

Marilyn vos Savant
It is a dangerous thing to have instant access to your emotions.

Dennis Potter
Democracy is not an instant coffee.

Mohamed ElBaradei
Fashion is instant – after six months, it disappears, and you have to start again. That’s the nature of it.

John Rocha
People have reflected on the quality of time ever since they’ve been writing. I suppose I have thought about and written about the question of living in the present – but it only lasts for an instant, and then everything becomes the past. The future, you know nothing about, except for some anticipations you have.

James Salter
While it is great to work in films, I am super duper excited to be a part of the Da-Bangg Tour yet again as we get instant reactions from the crowd and the amount of love and energy that they give you is great to experience.

Daisy Shah
So thoroughly and sincerely are we compelled to live, reverencing our life, and denying the possibility of change. This is the only way, we say; but there are as many ways as there can be drawn radii from one centre. All change is a miracle to contemplate; but it is a miracle which is taking place every instant.

Henry David Thoreau
There is little you can do to stop a tornado, a hurricane, or a cancer diagnosis from changing your life in an instant.

Ted Lieu
I think that’s the thing I love about making content online – you get instant response.

Franchesca Ramsey
I don’t want to admit it, but I do enjoy the feedback from the audience. It’s instant feedback. It’s like, you could do a movie, shoot it for a year, wait six months, it comes out and you gotta do three weeks of marketing. Three weeks of that, and everyone goes, ‘It sucks.’

Jimmy Fallon
Generally, people don’t change their minds about fundamentally deeply held beliefs; it doesn’t happen in an instant – it’s a process.

Megan Phelps-Roper
Grief is the agony of an instant; the indulgence of grief the blunder of a life.

Benjamin Disraeli
Television is very instant. Theatre is much more free, but you are very much on your own up there on stage and in control of your own performance.

Tamzin Outhwaite
I’d like to be able to travel anywhere in an instant.

Jason Behr
Ideas came with explosive immediacy, like an instant birth. Human thought is like a monstrous pendulum; it keeps swinging from one extreme to the other.

Eugene Field
A soulmate is someone whom, when you meet, without thinking – without letting your neocortex play into the decision – you feel an instant familiarity, a sense of connection, a longing.

Karen Salmansohn
I am very happy to be able to cross borders to go to China, to Mexico, to America, everywhere, and there is an instant understanding of what I do. This is incredibly beautiful because you’ve suddenly communicated with everyone without speaking the same language. The language of music is able to go anywhere.

Ludovico Einaudi
We had very few things. I had a couple pairs of jeans, a couple shirts. And same with my mom and sister. I think my sister had, like, two toys. We were living off of instant noodles.

Brie Larson
I did have AOL Instant Messenger when I was in middle school.

Jonathan Groff
Football is like hunting. One second can change it all, but it’s not just any second, it’s a flash. The prey is there and suddenly then it’s not. In an instant it’s over – you won’t have the chance again. You need to know which one precise second to train for, and to understand that moment.

Diego Simeone
I had this fantasy. I would be at the Paramount Theater in New York and Louis Prima’s drummer falls sick. The theater manager asks, ‘Is there a drummer in the house?’ I run up on stage and bang instant fame!

Bob Crane
We perceive through our senses a person, a situation or an event, and in an instant, we project our mental models – our fears, background and experiences – onto that perception. This often results in cognitive errors, which means we judge and respond incorrectly.

Elizabeth Thornton
Fashion is instant. It makes you feel something the second you see it on a body… whether you love it or hate it, or it offends you, or it makes you laugh or cry.

Charli XCX
Even if you throw your hair up in a quick topknot or ponytail, you can add instant polish by wearing a headband or bejeweled barrette.

Kat Graham
I feel a bigger sense of fulfillment when writing a novel, and short stories are more about instant gratification.

Jami Attenberg
At Second City and improvising at iO, you’re creating a character in an instant. All of a sudden, you’re creating this history and this past for your character, and you’re discovering it while you’re doing it, and that’s part of the fun of it.

Sam Richardson
Humanity needs dreams to be able to survive the miseries of daily existence, even if only for an instant.

Oscar Niemeyer
It was extremely hard going from being a parent of one to a parent of three, because now all these instant decisions have to be made about how you balance out the time and attention between them.

Patricia Richardson
The thing about Champions League football is it can turn on an instant. You can have a very good, solid team over the course of the season, but the Champions League is more like the World Cup, where your fate can be decided in a second and you need a bit of luck too.

Javier Zanetti
I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.

Edward Snowden
The longer I’m alive, the more I realize how little I know. Pretending that you know everything about every topic, and being very vocal about it? That’s an instant turnoff.

Jennifer Morrison
That said, the question remains: how to strike the balance between free speech and mutual respect in this mixed-up world, both blessed and cursed with instant communication? We should not fight fire with fire, threats with threats.

Timothy Garton Ash
Why are young adults so self-centered and always seeking instant gratification? Because older adults, often in positions of power, paint them that way.

Raymond Arroyo
There exists only the present instant… a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence.

Meister Eckhart
Proponents of nationwide injunctions argue that they are necessary to ensure that the law is uniform throughout the country. But the federal judiciary wasn’t made to produce instant legal uniformity.

William Barr
You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway to life.

Daisaku Ikeda
My world view is that it can all go to hell in an instant, and you have to be ready for it. That’s pretty much the central theme running through my work. It’s about people’s awareness of how uncertain life can be and their trying to guard against that.

David Morrell
Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare. The whole essence of learning lines is to forget them so you can make them sound like you thought of them that instant.

Glenda Jackson
It is a little bit surreal to know that you are in your own little spaceship, and a few inches from you is instant death.

Scott Kelly
If you have a recital to do, you have to memorize the songs. I never use music when I do recitals. It produces an instant barrier, both for yourself and the audience.

Bryn Terfel
As a medium, electronic screens possess infinite capacities and instant interconnections, turning words into a new kind of active agent in the world.

Tom Chatfield
There are so many cameras. There is so much instant media attention, not just for celebrities, but for normal people that get thrust in the reality world.

Lorenzo Lamas
The true picture of the past flits by. The past can be seized only as an image which flashes up at the instant when it can be recognized and is never seen again.

Walter Benjamin
Music is instant gratification in its purest form.

Greg Iles
From the first instant I met her, I wanted to be Nora Ephron. I just really wanted to please her.

Natasha Lyonne
At It’s a 10 Haircare, our products are for all hair types and create instant miracle results, exceeding industry norms and consumer expectations.

Carolyn Aronson
The creative act lasts but a brief moment, a lightning instant of give-and-take, just long enough for you to level the camera and to trap the fleeting prey in your little box.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
I like buying iTunes. It’s instant.

Caitlin Rose
Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience – in an instant, you become strong. You have to be a little bit wiser; it’s the most important job in the world.

Katie Holmes
I know that my mind is so A.D.D., and I want instant gratification – and photography can provide me with that – but at some point, I want to make an independent feature.

Ryan McGinley
Private property began the instant somebody had a mind of his own.

e. e. cummings
The thing that stand-up does for you is that it toughens you up a bit as far as the business goes. It’s hard. If a joke doesn’t get a laugh, that’s instant rejection. And that’s mostly what this business is most of the time: a lot of rejection.

Melissa Rauch
You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics looks so petty.

Edgar Mitchell
I’m working on bringing the instant film camera back as part of the future.

Lady Gaga
Given the choice between instant gratification and the lasting satisfaction of earning the esteem of someone you respect and admire, all but the most small-minded would choose the latter.

Mark Goulston
I bought some instant water one time but I didn’t know what to add to it.

Steven Wright
I think it’s important to accentuate your features, and a lip liner does that. There’s an instant change that makes you feel beautiful right away.

Heart Evangelista
Humor can alter any situation and help us cope at the very instant we are laughing.

Allen Klein
I think if I had come out of drama school and been an instant Hollywood superstar, I would be taking long, leisurely holidays.

Richard C. Armitage
When I graduated from college, I got a 9-to-5 traditional job doing social media for a company, and I’d spend all day long fighting with the system of getting things approved and the fact that social media has such a quick turnaround. Things had to be very reactive and instant.

Tyler Oakley
I think comedy, so much of it comes out of the strange sort of golden instant ’cause you don’t know why it’s funny, but you captured it.

Alice Lowe
When you’re in a seat getting your hair done, there’s this instant trust.

Henry Golding
Akbar and Birbal stories have an instant connect with people of all ages.

Kiku Sharda
In a repressed society, artists fulfil a sense of harking back to instant gratification, or immediate expression, by doing things that function on the edge of society, or outside of what is conventionally accepted.

Bat for Lashes
While the concert is instant communication with the audience, composing is a creative process where a song comes up out of nowhere and then transmits happiness to many, translates into money, fame, or whatever.

Shankar Mahadevan
E-books are great for instant gratification – you see a review somewhere of a book that interests you, and you can start reading it five minutes later.

Anne Lamott
Television is a great medium for actors to connect with the audience. Especially on the fiction front, we can gauge and get instant feedback, which helps improve our skill sets over time.

I’m trying to look at many, many things in modern life that I believe are going faster, and I’m trying to look at why they’re going faster and what effect they have on us. We all know about FedEx and instant pudding, but it doesn’t mean we’ve looked at all the consequences of our desire for speed.

James Gleick
We want people on the Internet to go to Imgur for their viral image fix. And what’s so awesome about images vs. videos is that instant gratification.

Alan Schaaf
Ultimate authority in a global system remains with sovereigns. Governments will not have it any other way: politicians face instant rejection from their electorate if they allow transnational authorities to dictate terms.

Michael Ignatieff
What makes us a bit nervous is, in this instant age, to release something that might take more than one listen. Where everything is instantly judged on YouTube or something! It’s a bit like releasing a horse and cart on a racetrack.

Chris Martin
Instant replay ought to be thrown out. Period. It’s a game of imperfections. Why is that so bad for the game? Really, I think they are trying to make the game perfect. I’ll tell you what: It will never, ever be perfect.

Doug Harvey
When the human mind exists in the light of reason and no more than reason, we may say with absolute certainty that Man and all that made him will be in that instant gone.

Loren Eiseley
The universe began in an instant, is expanding, and exhibits design, order, and complexity. Every effect must have a Cause, and design must have a Designer.

Ray Comfort
Instant dashi is also the key ingredient to these savory dinner oats, which I developed specifically to showcase this powerful powder. Someone a long time ago decided that oatmeal belonged in the breakfast category, but I think that chewy, hearty, steel-cut oats need more airtime in our lives.

Sohla El-Waylly
Anything edgy won’t see instant success. That’s why one will have to learn to wait. You’re going to see a lot of failures.

Naveen Tewari
I understand there is a lot of pressure on managers to get instant results, but English players know the league, and for them to be given the opportunity and the time as well, there is plenty of talent out there.

Ryan Mason
I’m good friends with The Rock, and I talk to him all the time. And he says that, even though his movie career has taken off, he misses the instant gratification of wrestling, and the live crowds, and I could see being that way myself.

Trish Stratus
In the old days, variety turns like me learned how to cope with failure – we all had nights when we ‘died’ on stage – but today’s youngsters simply don’t have that experience. For them, it really is instant make or break time – hence, all the tears and, hence, all the potential emotional damage.

Bruce Forsyth
What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language.

Miuccia Prada
I feel like I can play with any team. Whatever team that is, I feel like I can make an instant impact.

Patrick Beverley
Twitter is short-form, real-time, and text-based. It’s built for instant alerts and rapid consumption. It is an ideal system for delivering sips of information from an abundant stream.

Om Malik
We used to have prawn tempura: that was my mother’s favourite dish. But she had to go out to work instead of my father, so she couldn’t find the time to cook nice meals. So we ate more modern food: a lot of frozen and instant food. But I never complained about it to my mother.

Hirokazu Kore-eda
‘Can’t Get Closer’ I originally recorded in about half an hour, just on my bed with a microphone. I actually re-recorded the song with a cleaner vocal take, but I decided to leave the demo version on there, just because I felt that instant where it was created is what captured the most emotion.

One look at an email can rob you of 15 minutes of focus. One call on your cell phone, one tweet, one instant message can destroy your schedule, forcing you to move meetings, or blow off really important things, like love, and friendship.

Jacqueline Leo
A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.

Brigitte Bardot
It was important to me to become day-to-day fluent and functional in another language, and about 10 years ago, I went to Rome for the first time and felt an instant gut connection and wanted to get to know the city.

Jhumpa Lahiri
One of the most depressing aspects of the whole Brexit debate has been the rush to instant judgment about the motives of MPs and others and the readiness to accuse others of treachery or betrayal.

Nicky Morgan
There are plenty of genre-crossover books, films, and games out there, but to do the job well, you have to do more than just smoosh a couple of ‘in’ concepts together, and hey presto, instant millions.

Jay Kristoff
The children of politicians learn the allure and tricks of politics along with their alphabet. They inherit a network of useful contacts, and – if they’re lucky – a name that confers instant voter recognition.

Linda Colley
Facing my own death brought an instant sense of clarity and purpose.

Tom Shadyac
I was definitely very intimidated, but the instant Meryl Streep said ‘Hi’ to me, it all went away.

Lilla Crawford
That’s the nature of this business. Something that took ten years to make can crumble in an instant. It could be snatched away from you at any moment.

There are no instant solutions.

James Callaghan
Now most of ‘Alice’ isn’t really a political social commentary, but I think a big message is here is that the culture we’re involved in is fascinated with very quick fixes and instant gratification.

Caterina Scorsone
Bali is one of those places you can just keep going back to, and everything is there: the infrastructure, the culture, the art, the beautiful villas. My wife Liv and I go there quite often because we know that when we do arrive, it’s like an instant holiday.

Henry Golding
The most charming thing about theatre is that you get an instant reaction from the audience.

Supriya Pathak
A person sets out to write a poem for a variety of reasons: to win the heart of his beloved; to express his attitude toward the reality surrounding him, be it a landscape or a state; to capture his state of mind at a given instant; to leave – as he thinks at that moment – a trace on the earth.

Joseph Brodsky
I have long been of the mindset that aviators are like leather jackets – when they’re perfect, they give you ‘instant cool.’ They’re the Alexa Chung of sunglasses.

Emily Weiss
I love my Kindle, but there are many books that I need to physically own. I think having the choice makes all the difference. Instant gratification – buying a book digitally and owning it sixty seconds later – really is a revolutionary act.

Chuck Hogan
People want stardom or fame or whatever – instant gratification as opposed to learning one’s craft, which, when I was starting out, was the most important thing: that you are as fully equipped for your job or your art as possible.

Joshua Sasse
When he says he loves me, it only means he loves me at that particular instant. Like his promises, which he never keeps. Why does he torment me like this, when he could finish it off at once?

Eva Braun
It boggles my mind that the same people who cry ‘foul’ about rationing an instant later argue to reduce health care benefits for the needy, to defund crucial programs of care and prevention, and to shift thousands of dollars of annual costs to people – elders, the poor, the disabled – who are least able to bear them.

Donald Berwick
I have a visual mind, so when I read a book, I get an instant picture in my head and it’s very clear.

Richard C. Armitage
I have learned from Twitter that you get that instant feedback about what people think about what you did.

David Nail
If I don’t write down a thought – or an image or a line of poetry – the instant it comes to mind, it vanishes, which explains why I have pens and notebooks in my pants and coat pockets, the car, the bicycle basket, on one or two desks in every room including bathrooms and the kitchen.

Floyd Skloot
Being Australian, I sometimes feel I’ll never walk into a dressing room and get that instant credibility because of where I’m from. But that’s fine. Even in Australia, where I’ve had success, I never assumed that people would follow me because of who I am.

Angelos Postecoglou
Every time a meteor comes close to the earth, we all think about the end of the world – but our internal soundtrack doesn’t turn off. We’re also thinking about pizza or passing a slow tractor or making a turn, and for a magical instant, our lives seem to be in conversation with the stars.

Elif Batuman