Top 25 Baffled Quotes

We have collected the best Baffled Quotes by famous authors including Janine di Giovanni, Paul Dano, Julia Sawalha, Maya Rudolph, James Gleick and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

The pope is an intelligent man and realizes that time m
The pope is an intelligent man and realizes that time marches on. He says the Church has a long way to go in developing a real strategy that integrates women – but clearly he is baffled as to how to do it.

Janine di Giovanni
I am baffled by good writing.

Paul Dano
I am always baffled by age, but to be honest with you, I feel like I am about 34. I feel better now and I am certainly healthier than I was in my early 30s. I am more rounded, too.

Julia Sawalha
I’ve met people who are baffled by children, as though they were never children themselves.

Maya Rudolph
I take the view that we all have permission to be a little baffled by quantum information science and algorithmic information theory.

James Gleick
This is one of those cases in which the imagination is baffled by the facts.

Adam Smith
I was not big on playing house. I preferred make-believe that revolved around adventure, featuring pirates and knights. I was also domineering, impatient, relentlessly verbal, and, as an only child, often baffled by the mores of other kids.

Ariel Levy
When public men indulge themselves in abuse, when they deny others a fair trial, when they resort to innuendo and insinuation, to libel, scandal, and suspicion, then our democratic society is outraged, and democracy is baffled.

J. William Fulbright
It’s always baffled me why BET looks the way it does. This is Black Entertainment Television. Why are we up there, then, looking like idiots? It’s because black people are marketing black people like that.

I think in general, people are baffled by love and what it does to them and how far they’ll go to have love and be loved.

Phillipa Soo
But what if I fail of my purpose here? It is but to keep the nerves at strain, to dry one’s eyes and laugh at a fall, and baffled, get up and begin again.

Robert Browning
I’m baffled when young actors aren’t familiar with current film, television and theater, or aren’t interested in older films or plays and the history of the craft in general. If you don’t know what’s out there, and what came before, then how can you picture yourself working, and how can anyone else?

Lauren Graham
I don’t have clear-cut positions. I get baffled by things. I have viewpoints. Sometimes they change.

Annie Lennox
I think my mother was baffled by me. We were polar opposites. She was shy and retiring. I was over-fond of the limelight. Many times in my life, I was conscious of embarrassing her with my carrying on.

Laurie Graham
I’ve always been baffled by critics of the CIA, who are horrified that it does illegal things. That is the purpose of an intelligence service: to perform illegal acts.

Charles McCarry
I’ve never thought of myself in terms of an identity. I’m always baffled when I encounter someone who gives the impression about being confident about a particular defined identity.

Hisham Matar
We are prepared for insults, but compliments leave us baffled.

Mason Cooley
I am baffled by the way sophisticated theologians who know Adam and Eve never existed still keep talking about it.

Richard Dawkins
I’m just baffled in the 21st century we as human beings are still dropping bombs on each other as a means to resolve issues.

Katharine Gun
As a woman thrust on to the political stage and baffled by the anger and depth of negative feeling I have been targeted with, Mary Beard’s ‘Women & Power: A Manifesto’ brought me a sense of solidarity, power and determination.

Gina Miller
I’m baffled all the time. We don’t know what’s driving 96% of the universe. Everybody you know and love and heard of and think about and see in the night sky through a telescope: four percent of the universe.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
I am baffled by men. When they want me, I don’t want them; when I want them, they don’t want me.

Elizabeth Wurtzel
Every anarchist is a baffled dictator.

Benito Mussolini
What Enron was doing, what caused investors to embrace it in a rapture of baffled awe, was hiding debt.

P. J. O’Rourke
I sometimes think that I might be slightly autistic. There might be a syndrome that hasn’t been named. I don’t seem to see the world in the same way that most people I know see it. They don’t seem to be baffled by it.

John Banville