Top 25 Banning Quotes

We have collected the best Banning Quotes by famous authors including Richard Dawkins, Nicholas Kristof, Jessi Klein, Chris Hughton, Adam Grant and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

It would be intolerant if I advocated the banning of re
It would be intolerant if I advocated the banning of religion, but of course I never have.

Richard Dawkins
Saudi Arabia inflames the Sunni-Shiite divide and sets a pernicious example of intolerance by banning churches.

Nicholas Kristof
I find it extremely ironic that Bush says that personal opinion should not be a tool in the interpretation of the Constitution, when he’s the one who’s lobbying for a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. If that doesn’t stem from personal opinion, I don’t know what does.

Jessi Klein
Credit to all the clubs, if there are incidents anywhere I think the clubs are very quickly on that and are banning supporters who are making racial comments. I think clubs are very much on top of what they see.

Chris Hughton
If we want girls to receive positive reinforcement for early acts of leadership, let’s discourage bossy behavior along with banning bossy labels. That means teaching girls to engage in behaviors that earn admiration before they assert their authority.

Adam Grant
A majority of Americans oppose partial-birth abortion, and Judge Hamilton’s decision flies in the face of Congress passing and President Bush signing legislation banning such horrible acts of violence.

Marc Racicot
Here’s a thought: what if we ban the word ‘healthy food’ from our culinary vocabulary? I’m not talking about banning foods that are considered healthy. I’m talking about changing the way we think about food overall.

Marcus Samuelsson
We’re not looking at banning all weapons.

Gary Ackerman
Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe.

Dianne Feinstein
They go on about banning size zero, but I think Hollywood stars are the worst perpetrators. Most models are naturally long and gangly, while a lot of these young girls in Hollywood have gone on extreme diets. Their concave chests and bony arms are terrifying. It’s scary to think that normal teenagers are tempted to copy them.

The sad fact is that actual artistic oppression – book banning in its many modern forms – is a matter of course in the entertainment industry, especially when the underlying product is declared politically incorrect or runs contrary to the interests of Hollywood’s political altar, the Democratic Party.

Andrew Breitbart
Banning cash transactions over R3 lakh will allow banks to diversify their banking activities into new areas and not mundane ones.

Arundhati Bhattacharya
The idea that somehow or other you can deal with all the problems in the world by banning a particular religious group from entering the U.S.A. is offensive and absurd.

Jeremy Corbyn
I didn’t know that President Bush would endorse a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Mary Cheney
We should transition away from carbon-based fuels, but that is not something that you can just flip a switch metaphorically, no pun intended, and start immediately like banning fracking. It’s a transition.

John Fetterman
Mr. Trump knows that banning travel to the United States from a half dozen Muslim-majority countries would do nothing to enhance our security – and everything to undermine it.

Antony Blinken
If I was president, of course I’d want an amendment banning boy bands, but it just wouldn’t be right, and I wouldn’t do it. Then again… I don’t want to paint myself into a corner on this one. Let me think about it.

Jessi Klein
For about 30 years, Halloween was taken over by pranksters. By the ’30s, pranks were causing cities millions of dollars of damage. They considered banning Halloween in many cities, but instead, parents got together and came up with party ideas for kids, and a lot of them involved dressing up and costuming.

Lisa Morton
Liberals cannot win in the battle of ideas, so they resort to banning or suppressing ideas they don’t like.

Jesse Lee Peterson
In addition to virtually banning methanol outright, the EPA has created regulations to prevent cars from being modified by small businesses to optimize their performance, including through the use of methanol.

Robert Zubrin
It is stupid on my part to think of banning the media.

Shah Rukh Khan
Worrying that banning flag desecration would inhibit free speech reveals a misunderstanding of the flag’s fundamental nature.

Adrian Cronauer
The flag is a symbol of our freedom, and burning it absolutely is one of the least patriotic things that a person could possibly do. I say ‘one of the least’ because I can think of a few things that would actually be less so – and, as a matter of fact, I think that banning flag-burning would absolutely be on that list.

Kat Timpf
As governor of New Mexico, I would have – I signed a bill banning late term abortion. I’ve always favored parental notification. I’ve always favored counseling. I’ve always favored the notion of no public funds used for abortion.

Gary Johnson
It should be obvious that banning begging or criminalising rough sleeping will do little to combat homelessness.

Dawn Foster