Top 25 Classical Guitar Quotes

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I had piano lessons when I was five or six years old, s
I had piano lessons when I was five or six years old, so my mom got me this little keyboard in my room. And then it progressed from that to classical guitar and drums and oboe.

I used a baritone guitar with a very unusual tuning that became the body of the composition, while the classical guitar is on top of it with the main rhythm part.

Lee Ritenour
It’s hilarious, because my guitar has what’s known as a tremolo bar or a whammy bar. And the whammy bar is probably the most alien thing on my guitar that could possibly relate to a classical guitar.

Steve Vai
It takes a lifetime and a half to master the classical guitar.

Julian Bream
I play piano and trumpet. I studied classical guitar.

Mike Figgis
I studied classical guitar in school, and that type of stuff has led to writing for Kronos.

Bryce Dessner
I play piano and guitar. Acoustic guitar. I tried studying classical guitar when I was 16 but it got really hard. I could never play a lead to save my life.

Kip Winger
My dad was my first influence. He played classical guitar and my uncle Ron played the blues.

Jason Becker
I had learned classical guitar when I was a kid, and I embraced it, and apparently I got good at it.

Andy Rourke
It wasn’t all spent on practicing, I did do other things! but the classical guitar means a lot to me so I spend many hours building good chops and getting a good program together.

Jim Sullivan
My background in music is classical – I did graduate school in music. At that time, I was studying composition, but I was studying classical guitar very seriously.

Bryce Dessner
My parents signed me up for classical guitar lessons, which made for two years of the most depressing Wednesday evenings.

Andrew Garfield
I’m thinking about learning a few new things – like taking classical guitar lessons – and I’d like to bring what I learn into hard rock.

Mick Mars
There was a period when I’d just come out of college where I’d been playing classical guitar and I suddenly realised that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Andy Summers
The more I got into playing guitar, the more I enjoyed music, and the broader my listening became. The instrument itself became important to me, and I started messing around with classical guitar and took classical lessons.

Alex Lifeson
I don’t play classical guitar. But I do in my mind. I’ve got it on a stand.

Michael Gambon
It was my 16th birthday – my mom and dad gave me my Goya classical guitar that day. I sat down, wrote this song, and I just knew that that was the only thing I could ever really do – write songs and sing them to people.

Stevie Nicks
If you learn classical guitar, you play Bach, and then John Dowland. He’s the greatest. He’s interesting for many, many reasons.

Bryce Dessner
I have some good books of Bach keyboard music transcribed for guitar, and there’s always a nylon-string guitar hanging on the wall in my house and a bunch of classical guitar books to grab. I kind of do that just for fun.

Rivers Cuomo
I taught myself until I was about 16. And then I studied classical guitar with some teachers.

Jose Feliciano
I listened to classical guitar and Spanish guitar, as well as jazz guitar players, rock and roll and blues. All of it. I did the same thing with my voice.

Boz Scaggs
The lute I use has 10 courses and 19 strings, which is quite a lot of strings and a quite different fingerboard width from a classical guitar. I use a combination of flesh and nail when plucking the strings.

Julian Bream
I learned classical guitar as a kid at about 7 or 8 years old. When I was about 14, I started dabbling in songwriting. That’s when I got into the folky singer-songwriter style.

I love classical music, but I hated classical guitar. But I like flamenco, because there was something else there going on. It wasn’t just the notes being thrown at you. And there were certain kinds of jazz that I really liked and other kinds that just went right over my head.

Joe Satriani
The classical guitar has a dynamic to it unlike a regular acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. You know, there’s times when you should play and there’s times when you gotta hold back. It’s an extremely dynamic instrument.

Steve Vai