Top 25 Humanist Quotes

We have collected the best Humanist Quotes by famous authors including Lydia Lunch, John Hillcoat, Marjane Satrapi, Michael Tippett, Emmanuel Macron and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I am a humanist not a feminist. There's a big differenc
I am a humanist not a feminist. There’s a big difference.

Lydia Lunch
I consider myself a humanist. Even if I do very dark worlds, I try to make those characters real humans as opposed to just cartoons.

John Hillcoat
I don’t consider myself as a feminist but more a humanist.

Marjane Satrapi
I remain a humanist. We are a very curious race.

Michael Tippett
We have a great history; we have a great humanist face to put forward to the world.

Emmanuel Macron
I am honorary President of the American Humanist Society, having succeeded the late, great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov in that utterly functionless capacity. We Humanists behave as well as we can, without any rewards or punishments in an Afterlife.

Kurt Vonnegut
For me, the French new wave is Truffaut and Rohmer. Godard I sometimes have trouble with because he’s very much of a director’s director. I feel Truffaut is such a humanist, and I always go in that direction.

Greta Gerwig
I am a humanist. I am for nice, easy balance.

Meryl Streep
Maybe I just look at things as a humanist: I like looking at people in a realistic way more than looking at them in a positive way.

As both a scientist and a humanist myself, I have struggled to understand different claims to knowledge, and I have eventually come to a formulation of the kind of religious belief that would, in my view, be compatible with science.

Alan Lightman
I’m not an active feminist: I’m an active humanist.

Hugh Hefner
I find humanism to be the most rational and positive philosophy for life. And it’s not a new thing at all – the history of humanist thought is deep and inspiring.

Alice Roberts
I consider myself spiritual and I’m married to a man who is both an atheist and a humanist, and my kids have been raised with the traditions of different religions, but they do not go to church or temple. My feeling is that everyone should be able to believe what they want or need to believe.

Jodi Picoult
Call it a case of observer bias on my part, but Humanist Paganism seems to be an emerging option for those who want to be part of the Pagan community, but who want to be a little more intellectual about their practices, and they really don’t care about the ‘woo’ anymore.

Brendan Myers
I’m a humanist.

Lou Reed
I’m an atheist and a humanist, so I have no desire to evangelize anyone.

Rae Carson
I consider myself a political revolutionary humanist.

Bobby Seale
Albert Camus, a great humanist and existentialist voice, pointed out that to commit to a just cause with no hope of success is absurd. But then, he also noted that not committing to a just cause is equally absurd. But only one choice offers the possibility for dignity. And dignity matters. Dignity matters.

David Simon
Central to being a humanist, which I am, is the core understanding that doubt and criticism are essential attributes in the quest for knowledge.

Clive Lewis
Wonder Woman is most definitely a feminist, or a humanist, in no uncertain terms. Her prime goal in life is to teach peaceful coexistence and equality.

George Perez
I see that not everyone in the West has understood that the Soviet Union has disappeared from the political map of the world and that a new country has emerged with new humanist and ideological principles at the foundation of its existence.

Vladimir Putin
Jewish intellectuals contributed a great deal to insure that Europe became a continent of humanism, and it is with these humanist ideals that Europe must now intervene in the Middle East conflict.

Daniel Barenboim
With the development of industrial capitalism, a new and unanticipated system of injustice, it is libertarian socialism that has preserved and extended the radical humanist message of the Enlightenment and the classical liberal ideals that were perverted into an ideology to sustain the emerging social order.

Noam Chomsky
Banning paper and plastic and making shoppers carry their groceries home in their mouths like dogs is just the thing to make a little tin humanist in the Obama West Wing think he’s admiral of the Uzbek Navy.

P. J. O’Rourke
Humanist thinkers such as Rousseau convinced us that our own feelings and desires were the ultimate source of meaning and that our free will was, therefore, the highest authority of all.

Yuval Noah Harari