Top 25 Hunted Quotes

We have collected the best Hunted Quotes by famous authors including Matthew Hayden, Tess Daly, Tucker Carlson, Jake Arrieta, Adrienne Mayor and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

When I came to the high-performance arena, I was kind o
When I came to the high-performance arena, I was kind of a one-off in a lot of ways. I was as much an iron man as much as I was a cricketer. Having surfed, fished, hunted, that was just a natural thing.

Matthew Hayden
‘The Naked Civil Servant’ by Quentin Crisp. I was so intrigued by the man, I hunted him down when I moved to New York. My first interview was with him. I filmed our conversation and it got me my first job in television.

Tess Daly
I’m not uncomfortable around guns – I’ve hunted for most of my life – but bringing them on stories is considered taboo.

Tucker Carlson
I want to shoot an elk with a bow. Mind you, I’ve never hunted in my life. But I feel like if I’m ever going to hunt, it’s going to be with a bow. I just feel like a bow requires more skill.

Jake Arrieta
Archaeologists have been digging up thousands of graves of people called Scythians by the Greeks. They turn out to be people whose women fought, hunted, rode horses, used bows and arrows, just like the men.

Adrienne Mayor
Be the hunter, not the hunted.

Jim Mattis
When we were younger, my brother and I would go out bow hunting. That got me into it. We hunted all kinds of wildlife – things with big horns normally. Deer, kudu, stuff like that.

Faf de Klerk
I have been hunted for twenty-one years. I have literally lived in the saddle. I have never known a day of perfect peace.

Frank James
I prefer to be hunted compared to the other way around… I don’t know how you say it.

Garbine Muguruza
I stuck out more in an English public school than I would have had I marched in a May Day parade with the Red Army in Moscow or sashayed the Yves St. Laurent catwalk with supermodels or hunted seals with the Inuit or – well, you get the idea.

Rabih Alameddine
Certainly the first true humans were unique by virtue of their large brains. It was because the human brain is so large when compared with that of a chimpanzee that paleontologists for years hunted for a half-ape, half-human skeleton that would provide a fossil link between the human and the ape.

Jane Goodall
If you have a MacBook Pro, there is no option to block people. Believe me: I hunted for this blocking option.

Hrithik Roshan
But one day, when I was still young, I was parted from my family and left my native country. I hunted and searched for music, and destiny turned me into the object of my hunt. The circumstances of life became my ‘antlers’ and prevented me from returning home.

Georg Solti
I had one of the most outdoorsy childhoods you could imagine. I basically lived in the woods until I was 13. My dad and I built a huge treehouse in our backyard in Chesterfield, about 30 feet in the air. And we’d vacation on an island in Michigan, where I hunted a deer that we ate.

Gabriel Basso
I have no private life at all. I am a hunted woman. I can’t take a step without being questioned and surrounded.

Brigitte Bardot
I grew up in a very modest home. We grew a lot of our food in our backyard. We fished; my brothers hunted.

Martha Stewart
I felt like a hunted animal, followed constantly, waiting to be killed.

Richard Jewell
I’ve become the hunted. I’m enjoying that. It’s better to be the hunted than the hunter.

Adam Peaty
Any fool can destroy trees. They cannot run away; and if they could, they would still be destroyed – chased and hunted down as long as fun or a dollar could be got out of their bark hides, branching horns, or magnificent bole backbones.

John Muir
Wild fish are under threat of extinction because they’re hunted to feed us. Yet land animals that we farm are under no threat of extinction. Shifting from hunting fish to farming fish – where the farmers have the incentive to keep their stocks healthy – could do a tremendous amount of good for wild fish.

Ramez Naam
There’s no one place a virus goes to die – but that doesn’t make its demise any less a public health victory. Throughout human history, viral diseases have had their way with us, and for just as long, we have hunted them down and done our best to wipe them out.

Jeffrey Kluger
We shot a bit of ‘Hunted’ in Tangier, and you are in a very, very different world. It’s very difficult to blend in over there.

Adam Rayner
I come from a family that hunted. I know how to hunt, but I don’t do it.

Stacey Abrams
I’m tired of being hunted all over. I can’t go anywhere without criticism.

Bela Karolyi
Living in China, I found out that the bright new world was not for me, not for defectors. My life in North Korea had been OK; suddenly, in China, I had to feed myself and earn money. Worst of all, North Korean defectors are hunted by the government.

Lee Hyeon-seo