Top 25 Quotes about Keith Richards

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I'm definitely a lot more reserved without the mask on.
I’m definitely a lot more reserved without the mask on. And with the mask on, all those inhibitions kinda go out the window. I can act like Keith Richards, I guess!

Jim Root
If I told my 14-year-old self that I’d be hanging out with Keith Richards talking about records, my head would’ve exploded.

Morgan Neville
Spare me the carefully thought out accessorising that is supposed to look casually thrown on, while in actuality, hours have been spent on the picking and choosing of said jewellery, scarves, etc. Unless you are Keith Richards and can absolutely pull it off, less is more.

Emma Ishta
I’d worked on music docs for years. It felt like writing a novel. By the time I got to Keith Richards, it felt like making a sketch.

Morgan Neville
I always thought I looked kind of like Keith Richards, and sometimes I think I look like Michael Jackson in his mug shot. But as I think Keith Richards is pretty great-looking, I’m embracing that part of me.

Natalie Massenet
I’m not a big crime reader, but I’m reading Michael Connelly’s ‘The Reversal.’ I’m going back to his novels. I’m also reading Keith Richards’ ‘Life.’ I’m always fascinated by the transition from the innocent late ’60s and early ’70s and the youth culture becoming an industry.

Jo Nesbo
One night all the James Brown band was playing on stage and I look in the back and I could see Mick Jagger and Keith Richards trying to get in the club and they couldn’t get in cause it was to crowded.

Tommy Chong
I never wanted to be Keith Richards or Jimmy Page.

Rick Nielsen
Even when I was a kid, I always sort of identified myself with Keith Richards and Slash more than the singers of the bands.

Tobias Forge
In 1965, when great young white artists in the English-speaking world were successfully re-channeling hillbilly and black music – you know Bob Dylan, Ray Davies, Pete Townsend, Keith Richards – they didn’t get any money at first. They were all broke.

Iggy Pop
The Stones also still have a huge following. Mick Jagger leaps around like a crazy dude. And Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts are playing great too.

Paul McCartney
Some musicians I know are incredible fathers. Like Keith Richards. A fantastic dad.

Jack Bruce
People wanted me to become this cliched Keith Richards, Iggy Pop character. I wasn’t expected to marry a beautiful wife and have kids.

Richard Ashcroft
It’s nice to get any awards, whether it’s lifetime achievement or the Keith Richards award for being alive one more year.

Randy Bachman
If you look at Keith Richards’ hands, from the Rolling Stones, they’re these gnarled, arthritic – it looks like people beat his hands with clubs. It’s amazing there’s so much character in his hands.

Tim Miller
I pull a lot of the stuff that I play off the rhythm tracks – and Keith Richards has been one of the main contributors to my inspirational playing.

Bobby Keys
Everything I know, I stole directly from Ace Frehley, Angus Young, and Keith Richards. That’s how you learn.

Mike McCready
I’m more old school: I want to be like Keith Richards on stage. It’s not interesting to see straight-from-runway clothes slapped on an artist. It’s more interesting when you see people who have their own style.

Lykke Li
I want to play Keith Richards.

Kaya Scodelario
I love those Keith Richards solo records, but it’s not the Rolling Stones.

Nikki Sixx
Captain Jack Sparrow is like a cross between Keith Richards and Pepe Le Pew.

Johnny Depp
I wanted to emulate music from America – young punks playing rock n’ roll is what it was. I read part of Keith Richards’ autobiography, and it was totally parallel with me, learning from American records.

Jimmy Page
You have to age gracefully. And that’s what I love about Keith Richards. That’s what I love about the Rolling Stones. They are aging gracefully. They are falling apart at the seams right before our eyes, and they are doing it gracefully. And that’s the most beautiful thing that we can do.

Nikki Sixx
John Lennon, who was a good friend of mine, he had one of the best senses of humor of any human being. And Keith Richards, fantastic sense of humor. They were smart, sharp. They had their own thoughts on matters.

Bobby Keys
We’ve never been, really, singers or performers. We are a little bit but we are not like Mick Jagger or Keith Richards or anyone like that.

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