Top 25 Red Lipstick Quotes

We have collected the best Red Lipstick Quotes by famous authors including Chloe Sevigny, Aerin Lauder, Heather Morris, Emilia Wickstead, Liz Goldwyn and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

If I'm feeling down in the dumps, or like I need a pop
If I’m feeling down in the dumps, or like I need a pop of colour, I’ll put on MAC’s Lipstick in Lady Danger. I discovered red lipstick when I did the Oscar season: Chanel sent me one and I realised how classic and glamorous it can be.

Chloe Sevigny
Just because something is on trend doesn’t mean you have to embrace it. You can look at it and admire it, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear black nail polish or red lipstick.

Aerin Lauder
I love to wear red lipstick a lot, even in the daytime.

Heather Morris
Red lipstick aside, I firmly believe that less is more in terms of make-up.

Emilia Wickstead
Red lipstick is my armour – I feel it distracts from my hereditary dark circles and gives me an instant psychological lift, no matter what my mood is.

Liz Goldwyn
Whenever I need that extra confidence booster, whenever I want to feel that extra chic-edgy, I grab red lipstick.

Nikita Dragun
Red lipstick has always been a powerful thing to me.

Nikita Dragun
I put on lip balm first thing in the morning and always use it before I swipe on my red lipstick.

Heather Morris
I came out of the womb drawing on everything; I used to draw on my mother’s white furniture and her white walls with her red lipstick and my pencils. Little did she know that would later materialize into me doing what I do now – I’m a painter as well and a micromechanical engineer.

Aldis Hodge
A brown lip liner will affect a red lipstick differently than a red lip liner.

Jillian Hervey
Even as a child, I knew what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to wear red lipstick.

Patti Smith
I like smudgy black eyes and pale lips for evening. Red lipstick looks great on other girls, but it’s too much on me.

Saffron Aldridge
When I’m wearing red lipstick, I’ll never do anything with my eyes. And it’s so easy – you just put on red lipstick, and your whole face just seems done.

Leandra Medine
I’ve always loved the way movie stars in the Forties looked when they were off set. Shot poolside or at their home, they always wore a matte red lipstick with practically no foundation – it was how they wore makeup in real life.

Francois Nars
You definitely need to have red lipstick no matter what. You can have a great outfit, but it will always give you that extra little pop. I also love perfume. It doesn’t even matter what the perfume is. I like to smell sweet.

Jillian Hervey
Red lipstick has always been a classic. You have seen the red lip on people from Marilyn Monroe to Marilyn Manson. The right shade of red can turn a boring look into a bold, eye-catching statement.

Jeffree Star
I used to wear a lot of red lipstick, and when I got a pimple, I’d cover it up with eyeliner to turn it into a beauty mark.

Selma Blair
All I need is my Chanel dress, my Louboutins, and some red lipstick.

Blake Lively
I carry Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er eyeliner and Christian Dior red lipstick to amp up my look in a flash.

Stana Katic
I like styling girls that don’t normally dress in vintage clothes and don’t normally wear red lipstick; I like seeing those kind of girls restyled in a retro way.

Dita Von Teese
For me, true beauty has nothing to do with wrinkles and everything to do with the fact that my maternal grandmother raised five children just after the war and remained a fighter throughout her life. True beauty is the slick of red lipstick my paternal grandmother would put on before going to church on Sunday.

Monica Bellucci
I came out of the womb waving red lipstick.

Rose McGowan
I think everyone loves a slash of red lipstick.

Gwendoline Christie
If a man sees a woman with red lipstick, he admires her, but often he won’t feel like kissing her.

Monica Bellucci
I always wear red lipstick.

Kate Nash