Top 25 Unravel Quotes

We have collected the best Unravel Quotes by famous authors including Jennifer McMahon, Malcolm Nance, John Madden, Howard Schultz, Lawrence M. Krauss and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

All my life, I had this idea that if I could unravel th
All my life, I had this idea that if I could unravel the mystery that was my mother, then I could help save her. But it didn’t really work. We were close, but she struggled with mental illness and alcoholism, and it was rough at times.

Jennifer McMahon
The 2003 war in Iraq may be considered the greatest error in American policy since the Civil War. Its ramifications are earth-shattering and will impact us and our safety for generations. It may completely unravel the entire Middle East forever.

Malcolm Nance
I’ve always said winning’s the great deodorant, and conversely, when you have a bad record, everything stinks, and everything starts to unravel, and everything falls apart.

John Madden
Starbucks is in my blood. It is such a part of me that letting it unravel simply was not an option.

Howard Schultz
Neutrinos alone, among all the known particles, have ethereal properties that are striking and romantic enough both to have inspired a poem by John Updike and to have sent teams of scientists deep underground for 50 years to build huge science-fiction-like contraptions to unravel their mysteries.

Lawrence M. Krauss
Food is so important – it sustains us, it provides a social focal point, and it is fun. I cannot unravel the difference between love in my family and the preparation of food because they are so closely woven.

Adriana Trigiani
I look forward to working with the NASA team to help enable new discoveries in our quest to understand our home planet and unravel the mysteries of the universe.

John M. Grunsfeld
I believe anything has to be possible. You have to be able to face any problem that comes along and unravel it into a solution.

Jon Oringer
When you try to unravel something you’ve written, you belittle it in a way. It was created as a mystery.

Don DeLillo
To me, Alan Turing was a mystery – it was sort of like something I needed to unravel. And he was also obsessed with puzzles. So I wanted to make the movie like a mystery, like a puzzle that you’re piecing together.

Morten Tyldum
Everybody is just at the start of this huge process of trying to unravel what’s going on with the 4,400, where they’ve been and why they’re back and what they’re trying to do with us in the present. And we’re trying to work out what messages they’re sending us.

Jacqueline McKenzie
I don’t fully understand my wife’s emotions – and I’m supposed to write an excellent female character and unravel the secret of women?

Evan Goldberg
Trump is a juggernaut that is difficult to unravel at this point, but I think Marco Rubio is the right one to do it. I think he can win Arkansas, and he can win in November.

Asa Hutchinson
I will never unravel the mystery of how a script gets into the hands of certain people.

Steven Knight
The more I try to unravel the mysteries of the world in which we live, the more I come to the conception of a single overruling power – God.

Henry B. Eyring
Neither scientific laboratories nor excavation expeditions can unravel the human need to believe in a greater truth, a truth strangely made all the more grand and mysterious by the absence of empirical evidence.

Barkha Dutt
To this day I have no idea what dissident professor or librarian placed feminist texts on the bookshelves at the university library in Jeddah, but I found them there. They filled me with terror. I understood they were pulling at a thread that would unravel everything.

Mona Eltahawy
Boris Johnson was elected on a strategy that went down well with members, but was inevitably going to collide with reality and unravel. And it’s happened more quickly than it might have done, for reasons for which he and his team are responsible.

David Gauke
Except for certain moments – when cells are dividing, for instance – chromosomes don’t form compact, countable bodies inside cells. Instead, they unravel and flop about, which makes counting chromosomes a bit like counting strands of ramen in a bowl.

Sam Kean
Lincoln prevailed: wearing his green shawl in the White House and gripped with melancholy, his feet constantly cold, he preserved a nation that had begun to unravel, often holding it together with nothing more than the flat of his hand and his unfaltering sense of human worth.

Jerome Charyn
Usually, when people watch magic, there are two levels: the people who walk away accepting that there are things they don’t know, and the other group, who wants to know, ‘How did it work? How did that happen?’ They want to unravel the puzzle.

Apollo Robbins
I am a fifth-generation American, but from a young age, I went to yeshiva. I spent 12 hours a day with rabbis, and I think in Yiddish. To this day, I have to go back and unravel my writing and polish it so everyone doesn’t sound like an old Jewish woman.

Nathan Englander
Ballet is sort of a mystery to me. And I don’t want to unravel that mystery.

Robert Caro
For a lot of people, 4chan is their tree house – they go there to hang out. You can actually see the culture shift with time zone. Seeing how threads unwind and unravel is just a thrill, and you can’t really share that magic.

Christopher Poole
When I left my Catholic school, I was around 10 or 11 years old, and it started to unravel for me there. Kids pick up on things if you’re interested and inquisitive. I was seeing things that were not in line with what I’d been taught about Jesus. It didn’t jive with me.

Mark Ruffalo