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I call it 'the Etch A Sketch life.' Every few years, yo
I call it ‘the Etch A Sketch life.’ Every few years, you should shake that thing up.

John Tesh
I would say that ‘Shake It Up’ was a chance for me to do two things I really love: acting and dancing.

When you see Obama and Trump shake hands and seem to show respect to one another – that is what we need.

Brad Paisley
While there are so many great things in my life, you get older, and you have responsibilities. And things happen, like my dad dying – things that are tough to shake off. And there are things I’m still trying to figure out.

Paul Rudd
Sometimes I’ve felt that the industry has typecast me as a certain kind of character. But then I think all it really takes is one role, the right role, to shake that up and change that perception.

David Schwimmer
When I get real excited, my muscles go into spasm, so they just shake.

Zach Anner
When you do make a coaching change, it obviously does shake up everybody, it makes you wonder where you stand in the lineup.

Carey Price
No one looks at your hands to see how much they shake when you are interviewed to be a surgeon. The physical skills required are no greater than for writing cursive script. If an operation requires so much skill only a few surgeons can do it, you modify the operation to make it simpler.

Atul Gawande
The late, great Janis Joplin could drink ten men under the table, then sing loud enough to shake the teeth out of their head.

Shawn Amos
I think for anybody reading the book they’re going to get an idea in their heads of all those characters, and I think that once that gets fixed, it’s quite hard to shake.

Hugh Dancy
Everybody’s fast and strong, but to go out there and throw pass-rush moves or be able to do something different on the run to get them off balance. Anybody can run into somebody, but if you can shake them a little bit at the line, that’s what’s helped me out as a player.

Malik Jackson
I was definitely one of those girls where my father would sit me at the dinner table and say, ‘What’s two plus two?’ And I’d be like, ‘Five!’ He would shake his head. Math and science intimidated me.

Reshma Saujani
With clever and mature people, it becomes clear: you shake hands, and look together towards the same goal.

Leonardo Bonucci
Lately, I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve been living a dream for the last 10 years or so; I can’t account for most of my 20s, and I have to continually remind myself that certain people are dead now and many of my friends have children.

Chris Ware
I have a Gibson Thinline that I designed the body shape of, which I used a lot on the ‘Fanatic’ album that I’m going to shake out.

Nancy Wilson
I think it’s very hard to shake what people first think of you straightaway.

Alastair Cook
I’m always surprised when an actor goes so deeply into the truth that they shake you to your core.

Forest Whitaker
Of course I think we’re most thankful for ‘Shake It,’ because it’s given us a lot of opportunities, helped us pay some bills and brought us pretty far in life. And it’s fun to perform live.

Trace Cyrus
I snack on fruit and nuts. In the middle of my long workouts, I’ll have a protein shake.

Lindsey Vonn
Dancing and running shake up the chemistry of happiness.

Mason Cooley
I’m a comic, and I’m supposed to outrage and make people laugh, Part of makin’ people laugh is to shake up their thinkin’. That’s what I came here to do.

Roseanne Barr
It’s so inspiring to be able to look a child in the eyes and just shake their hands and see the disbelief that this is actually happening.

Kofi Kingston
I shake all the time. It’s exhausting and causes chronic pain in my joints and muscles. It is also the only life I have ever known. I use yoga, dance, nutrition, and breathing to help manage my symptoms.

Maysoon Zayid
I used to fear public speaking. My voice would shake, I used to forget to breathe. Now it’s pretty easy for me.

Spencer Stone
I will say we now, in the polling in Wisconsin, much different than many other races, the public didn’t perceive that we were getting a fair shake from the media.

Scott McCallum
After a workout, you definitely have to have a protein shake. I drink my six-pound whey protein all the time, too. I throw some fruit in there – strawberries, blueberries – with some peanut butter and banana, and it gives you all the recovery you need from a hard day of lifting and running.

Rob Gronkowski
In our culture, we get very much into shorthanding people. And I got shorthanded as That Guy: Jennifer Lopez, movies bombed, therefore he must be a sort of thoughtless dilettante, solipsistic consumer blahblahblah. It’s hard to shake those sort of narratives.

Ben Affleck
I always do my show and say hello. And a lot of people are standing around waiting to shake my hand and say thanks for, A, letting me talk to you, and letting me feel a part of what you do.

Hank Williams III
I was doing a civil rights musical here in Los Angeles, and we sang at one of the rallies where Dr. Martin Luther King spoke, and I remember the thrill I felt when we were introduced to him. To have him shake your hand was an absolutely unforgettable experience.

George Takei
I discovered I’m a lot more patient than I thought I’d be. It takes a lot to shake me.

Jeremiah Brent
I want women to be liberated and still be able to have a nice ass and shake it.

Shirley MacLaine
South Vietnam had to be built from scratch and, from the very beginning, depended far too much on the Western superpowers. As in the case of a person on public welfare, this dependency, which became greater with each day, was quite difficult to shake.

Nguyen Cao Ky
I’m not proud of the lyrics to ‘Shake It Up.’

Ric Ocasek
Under Chief Justice John Roberts, the court has decided a string of 5-4 decisions in which the Republican-appointed majority votes as a block in favor of corporations, overlooking workers and families looking for a fair shake.

Bob Casey, Jr.
Despair and frustration will not shake our belief that the resistance is the only way of liberation.

Emile Lahoud
Looking back now on our workload, I just shake my head at our pace. ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ was my first series, so I didn’t know anything about that when I started. I just assumed it was normal to make 26 episodes a year on a seven-day shooting schedule.

Ronald D. Moore
Sometimes I forget to shake hands with the other manager. I apologise. I’m learning, but I have a very good relationship with my players and also the crowd.

Ralph Hasenhuttl
Whatever it is Christ said doesn’t get a fair shake. There’s not much written, it was done 150 years later, and it was used to create an empire. So can we get rid of all that and just see what the guy said?

Rickie Lee Jones
I still see life entirely through its Darwinian prism. I keep trying to shake off the aftereffects of writing ‘The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead’, and I find I can’t.

David Shields
Left to their own devices, the Tories will squash the life out of what Brexit really represents in terms of the chance to shake up political life and overturn a complacent status quo. We cannot let that happen.

Claire Fox
If someone labels you, it is very hard to shake it off.

Craig Bellamy
When you shake mercury it keeps trembling until it reaches a point when it stops. When you get me started on Partition, that is how I am. It goes back and keeps shaking me up, on and on.

I’m honest. I’ve always been a fan favorite. Everyone wants to shake my hand. People give me high-five. I start to meet my friends like that.

Boban Marjanovic
I’ve spent my career trying to help people without connections understand what’s going on so that they have a chance of getting a fair shake from the connected and the powerful.

Allan Sloan
I started running outside when I was at ‘Biggest Loser.’ Then I got runner’s knee, and thought I was never going to be able to shake it. When I overcame that and ran the L.A. Marathon, it was such an amazing thing, and now running is such a part of my routine.

Alison Sweeney
In order to encourage the cattle farmers to raise a herd of all-natural cattle, which is a several-year process, they have to know that it’s not just Shake Shack that wants to buy it. They have to have other buyers who are willing to pay more for all natural.

Danny Meyer
My first music video was Falguni Pathak’s ‘Meri Chunar’ when I was 15. Then came ‘Shake It Daddy,’ which brought me a lot of recognition.

Ayesha Takia
Coronavirus is constantly attacking society’s vulnerable classes and spaces. We must shake off the fantasy that we can go back to the past we were accustomed to.

Park Won-soon
I trust that McDonald’s can find a way to sell all-natural chicken without raising their prices; we did that at Shake Shack. It is more expensive, and we took a slight margin hit, but we did it. And if we can do it, I know that much bigger companies can.

Danny Meyer
I get spotted quite a bit walking about the streets in Belfast and it’s okay, I don’t mind it, they come up and shake your hand.

Carl Frampton
For breakfast, I’ll have some oatmeal, avocado toast, and a shake.

JaVale McGee
There’s been no real reason to move to LA. The stuff I’ve done for America has been done in Europe anyway. We made a decision early on that we’d find our base and not shake the children’s world as much as mine.

Mads Mikkelsen
Sometimes your medicine bottle has on it, ‘Shake well before using.’ That is what God has to do with some of His people. He has to shake them well before they are ever usable.

Vance Havner
Anything to shake you out of the normal habits is good.

Samuel Ervin Beam
We’re a blue-collar band. That’s how we like to think of ourselves. We come from humble beginnings and still have this attitude of really loving to meet people, shake their hands, and talk with them.

Rickey Medlocke
Liverpool fans were great to me, I still live near the city and they always come up and shake my hand.

Paul Ince
The trick to scrambled eggs is to remove half the milk from the container and shake what’s left as hard as you can, like a cocktail shaker, before you whisk it into the eggs.

Sloane Crosley
The last time I celebrated a special occasion, I hashed together a paella with some chicken, some frozen veg, long-grain rice, chilli and a shake of turmeric for colour – and it didn’t disappoint.

Jack Monroe
I am afraid of heights and water, but I haven’t been able to shake off my fear of cockroaches.

Shamita Shetty
I was this kid, and I was scared to death of all these pros around me… My head would shake, and my hands would shake, and I discovered if I kept my head down and looked up, my head would not shake, so I started to do that when I could, when it was appropriate in a scene.

Lauren Bacall
I’ve not been an admirer of contemporary music since punk rock went off the boil in 1977, but once a year I’ll listen to ‘Spiral Scratch’ by the Buzzcocks, or ‘Hippy Hippy Shake’ by the Swinging Blue Jeans. Otherwise, I can put up with Chopin or shakuhachi flute in the background.

Billy Childish
Empirical debunking cannot reach the deepest fear of the reactionary mind, which is that the state – that devouring leviathan – will soon swallow up all traces of human volition and dignity. The conclusion is based on conservative moral convictions that reason can’t shake.

Rick Perlstein
My demons are not that easy to shake.

Jessie Reyez
Cuba came to be the last country to get rid of Spanish colonialism and the first to shake off the heinous imperialist tutelage.

Fidel Castro
You need a balance at all times. If the verse is a bit messy, you need it to be less messy right after. It needs to vary. ‘Shake It Off’ is a good example, where the math behind the drama is pretty clear.

Max Martin
My history has been to grow the roots as deeply as you can before going on to the next thing. That’s why it took 10 years to go from Union Square Cafe to Gramercy Tavern, and another 10 years to go from Blue Smoke’s first location to its second, and five to go from Shake Shack 1 to Shake Shack 2.

Danny Meyer
Hold on to your dream. Don’t let the people shake you from your dream.

Avery Brooks
I did grow up in a household where the narrative was about public service and how are you going to effect change and help people. I’m so glad I grew up around that narrative, but I never had the calling to go out and shake hands and try to get elected.

Lauren Bush
I love making smoothies post-workout. My favorite – depending on the day – is either a chocolate whey protein shake with banana and peanut butter, or one with vanilla and berries.

Parker Young
My first tic was to shake my head violently. I was in karate class, and I was shaking violently. All of a sudden, I just started to notice that the teacher was looking at me, and all the kids were wondering what I was doing. I suddenly felt really strange.

Dash Mihok
I shall now proceed to my own experience, which hath truly convinced me, the Lord is awakened as one out of sleep; and the voice of the Lord will shake terribly the earth.

Joanna Southcott
So long as TARP money is wrapped up in GM, the company will never shake its ‘Government Motors’ image. That label, as competitors and GM employees are keenly aware, is code for one thing: ‘GM is a failure.’

Edward Whitacre, Jr.
I remember when I used to go to coaches’ meetings and stuff like that and I would never say anything – I would just sit in a corner and sometimes coaches wouldn’t even shake my hand.

Maria Taylor
To shake your rump is to be environmentally aware.

David Byrne
The best advice that I can offer is that being proactive and a careful planner is key. Think about the major things that could shake up your financial life, and I’ll bet there are some great ways to protect yourself.

Alexa Von Tobel
You wash your hands when you shake a bunch of hands. You have to wash your energy when you’re around people. It’s hard for me to say self-care is washing, although I think it is. So I made music for self-care. That’s what it’s for.

India Arie
I know intellectually that if I shake somebody’s hand that I’m not going to get sick and die.

Howie Mandel
I think everybody, at some point, rather feels that they have to shake themselves up somehow.

Lesley Sharp
I wanted to play around with the format, really tear it to pieces and shake it up. For example, if Mitch saves someone from drowning, and that person then goes out and releases a virus that kills a million people. Imagine the moral implications of that.

David Hasselhoff
I want to shake people up so bad, that when they leave a nightclub where I’ve performed, I just want them to be to pieces.

Nina Simone
Growing up in New England, being schooled and classically trained, it needed to shake, it needed to evolve.

Emeril Lagasse
I train in the mornings, and I’ll eat two breakfasts. I’ll have waffles with flax seed and almond butter and one egg scrambled. Then I’ll work out and have a second breakfast – another egg or a protein shake. Within a half-hour to 40 minutes after a workout, that’s when you want to load up on protein.

Justin Timberlake
You gotta do interviews every day, and they don’t end well for some people, but I’ve never had one end where I don’t shake hands at the end of the deal, including with the predators.

Chris Hansen
At that age, feeling unpopular is difficult to handle. It’s a hard feeling to shake off. Feeling comfortable in my own skin has never been easy for me.

Rachel Stevens
I have a few go-to moves like jazz hands, shake the booty, stupid eyes. It was once a mating ritual, but now it’s all about looking silly and making the kids smile.

John Cho
Making money is certainly the one addiction I cannot shake.

Felix Dennis
As it relates to society in general, I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’

Dan T. Cathy
As a kid I decided that a Canadian accent doesn’t sound tough. I thought guys should sound like Marlon Brando. So now I have a phony accent that I can’t shake, so it’s not phony anymore.

Ryan Gosling
On a normal day, I crawl out of bed before 8 A.M., have a protein shake, chuck my gym kit on, and go for a class or personal-training session. When I’m back, I’ll have poached eggs with salmon or spinach for breakfast before my stylists arrive to do my hair – which takes ages. I then go wherever I am needed.

Ella Eyre
Today is life-the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto.

Dale Carnegie
I shake hands very gladly politically. I don’t think you could be a politician if you didn’t shake hands.

Donald Trump
I think in the world of Internet trolls, people can shake your confidence really easily, with just one comment. As long as you can stand behind your work, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!

Vidya Vox
I dread handshakes. I’ve got some problems with my hands, and everywhere I go, people want to impress me with their grip. To make it worse, now women are coming up with that firm shake. So I’ll say, ‘Gimme five!’ If a boy wants a handshake, I’ll just give him a hug.

George Foreman
My mom was a freethinking artist – she was wild and would do anything to get a laugh from me. She’d go in reverse through a drive-through so I could order from the window: ‘Hi, can I get a milk shake?’

Tig Notaro
But still I can never shake the feeling that buses are somehow beneath me. Which is why I have a rule regarding their use: I never, ever run for one. And nor should you.

Giles Coren
Even at church, people would not shake my hand.

Ryan White
Breakfast, for me, is usually some sort of omelette with some meat and veggies and potatoes and some good coffee. Then I’ll usually do that into a workout, and I’ll follow my workout with a shake, which is mostly protein and a little carb.

Seth Rollins
If you grow up poor, I’m not sure you ever shake that off.

Ant McPartlin
Flint’s got so many hardworking, good people who just want a fair shake and it starts with making sure their government is responsive and protecting them and making sure everyone’s got access to clean water.

Gretchen Whitmer
What is more mortifying than to feel that you have missed the plum for want of courage to shake the tree?

Logan Pearsall Smith
There aren’t that many things left that haven’t already been done, especially with music. I’m interested in ideas that can shake us all up.

Jack White
When you talk to a Latin American president, they make you feel so tiny right from the beginning, right from the moment when they shake your hands.

Jorge Ramos
I find myself very drawn to the experience of church. I love to be in a surrounding that’s so welcoming. People come shake your hand. That’s not always the case in most synagogues I’ve been in. I also find more of an emphasis on how to live and grow as a person. And I have to say, I’m very inspired by Jesus.

David Gregory
Going for the Rhodes, it really put a label on me that was hard to shake, and frankly I don’t think that I did shake it.

Myron Rolle
People are always backing up when I’m just going to shake their hands.

James Caan
I give myself a cheat day where I annihilate my diet. I’m an all-American girl, so I go for a burger and fries and a shake.

Ashley Wagner
Well, sometimes if I go out to dinner with my family, people will come up to me and put their hand across my plate for me to shake, sometimes when I have a bite of food in my mouth. I find this a bit disturbing.

Abdul Qadeer Khan
Getting to shake hands, pose for pictures, sign books, and interact with people who listen to our radio shows is a blast.

Mike Gallagher
Every minute you are thinking of evil, you might have been thinking of good instead. Refuse to pander to a morbid interest in your own misdeeds. Pick yourself up, be sorry, shake yourself, and go on again.

Evelyn Underhill
Hitchhiking was such a pure form of existence. You’d wake up in the morning, and you’d have no idea what your day was going to be. And that’s something I’ve never been able to shake. I loved that.

John Hawkes
Elvis was the only man from Northeast Mississippi who could shake his hips and still be loved by rednecks, cops, and hippies.

Jimmy Buffett
I always look at these superhero films, and I see people hurdling towards at a hundred miles per hour, and then they get up, shake their head, and charge back at a hundred miles per hour. Nobody seems to really get injured or hurt. I don’t find any threat in that. There is no tension in that whatsoever.

Martin Campbell
You’re just one of the guys who fills a suit, and that’s what’s drilled into you by the record company and the management – ‘You’re lucky to have it. Now shut your mouth.’ I get where that comes from, but it takes time to shake it off.

Ronan Keating
If there is something occurring that is so bad that it could be considered a crime against humanity, it has to be transmitted with anguish, with pain, and create an impact in people – upset them, shake them up, wake them out of their everyday routine.

James Nachtwey
Sometimes if you have a coach or team-mates for too long, you get caught in certain routines. I think it’s good to shake up things a little bit.

Abby Wambach
I say, ‘Be brave. Do it even if your ankles shake, because they will.’

Rose McGowan
I go eat a sandwich for lunch and have a milk shake and miss going to the gym for 10 days, and somebody snaps a picture of me on the beach, and all of a sudden, I’ve lost it. Why do I need to be perfect all the time?

Eric Dane
I love the interaction with different kinds of people. I like to shake things up, make a difference.

Alan Siegel
My dad, Bob Blum, used to dash across Grand Central’s main terminal catwalk several times daily as a young CBS correspondent, running copy from newsroom to studio and back – because CBS’ first broadcasts were from Grand Central Terminal. The pictures on people’s television sets used to shake when the trains came in!

Jenna Blum
The greatest and noblest pleasure which we have in this world is to discover new truths, and the next is to shake off old prejudices.

Frederick the Great
You do something, like, something like ‘Psych’ for long enough, it’s tough to shake up people’s preconceptions of who you are as a performer.

James Roday
The Almighty, if necessary, may have to shake the nations to humble them and cause them to listen to the servants of the living God. Whatever is needed will come to pass.

Gordon B. Hinckley
The theater I got to do informs every move I make as an actor and will for the rest of my life. I can’t shake it if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.

Jim Parsons
Part of my daily regime is my glucosamine and, of course, a multitude of multivitamins. Branched-chain amino acids, glutamine, of course protein. I have one protein shake a day, and that is immediately after my training.

Dwayne Johnson
I think that if you shake the tree, you ought to be around when the fruit falls to pick it up.

Mary Cassatt
Dale Jr. has never gotten a fair shake from the start because, guess what? He’s not his father. He was always supposed to have been someone else. The pressure he’s under is unreal.

Kevin Harvick
That Beatle euphoria has always been there, and it’s hard to be in a room with a Beatle and try to be totally natural. You never shake that off.

Alan Parsons
It’s cool to talk to the fans and get some one-on-one time and shake hands, sign autographs, take some pictures and have conversations with people.

Christian Cage
When you’re on-stage, you’re expected to perform in the bar business. You shake hands. You smile. You’re all positive energy: you add to your environment. When you walk in the door to the back of the house, that’s like a stage door. You’re off-stage now.

Jon Taffer
The most effective way to shake an economy out of a terrible downturn when we’re at the zero lower bound is an aggressive change in policy that makes people wake up, say ‘this is a new day’ and change their expectations.

Christina Romer
Every time a Hollywood director shoots a film about Africa that features a Western protagonist, I shake my head – because Africans, real people though we may be, are used as props in the West’s fantasy of itself.

Uzodinma Iweala
We have a dance in bounce music called ‘exercising’ where you just open your legs and shake your butt a little bit from side to side.

Big Freedia
One thing is certain, You can’t shake hands with a fist.

David Allan Coe
I’m a total protein shake junkie nerd. I get creative every morning – you never know what you’re gonna get in my shake… fruit? Peanut butter? Ice-cream?

Christina Perri
A lot of people who have come up to me at restaurants – men – and have said, ‘I want to shake your hand, because I have daughters’.

Gretchen Carlson
Once you become tagged as anything, it becomes difficult to shake it, because the less imaginative people in the business want you to do what worked for the last guy. That’s always been something I’ve had to deal with.

John C. Reilly
It’s much easier to wear a Chairman Mao button and shake your fists in the air and all that, then to actually read the Communist manifesto and things like that and actually become involved in politics.

Lester Bangs
I do not shake hands from a sanitary standpoint.

Victoria Woodhull
There’s only so many things you can do with fights, so I’m always trying to shake it up and find something different, new, exciting and fun.

Dana White
I work from a deep sense of insecurity. I have the belief, and I can’t shake it, that there are endless reasons to turn the channel. There are hundreds of channels and entirely other things to do besides TV. And if you make a bad television show there’s no reason for the audience to come back the following week.

Chuck Lorre
When the subsidies are going out there to fund arts, I’d like to see jazz given a better shake of the dice. It attracts as many people as opera does, but not the subsidies.

Sebastian Coe
The myth of the liberal media empowers conservatives to control debate in the United States to the point where liberals cannot even hope for a fair shake anymore.

Eric Alterman
I’ve walked with very famous people down red carpets over to the crowd of thousands of people, and you’ll reach out to shake their hand and they’ve got a camera in their hand. And they don’t even get their hand out, because they’re recording the whole time.

George Clooney
I was at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and I was performing at a show there. Jimmy Carter was going to be coming through with his Secret Service detail. The manager pulled me aside, and they didn’t want me to shake Jimmy Carter’s hand because they were afraid it would make the news if I stole from him.

Apollo Robbins
If I hit a game-winning shot, right, and I run back down the court and shake my teammates hands, it’s because I expected to make it. Because I’ve practiced or I feel I’ve worked harder than everybody else. So why would I then go nuts, go crazy if I expected to do that? People don’t understand that part about me.

Spencer Dinwiddie
You know when you first meet someone and they shake your hand? Hugging is how I shake hands.

Honestly, I’d rather hug than shake hands. I don’t know where those hands have been!

Whitney Wolfe Herd
The new century has brought on its own terrible dangers, which although not reaching the apocalyptic potential of the Cold War, still have the capacity to shake our world.

Adam Schiff
Working with the brand has taught me to keep it classy but also shake things up. I love that about Chanel because I get to be pretty, but I also get to ride my skateboard in Chanel.

Ellie Bamber
I’m always in trouble with Twitter. I don’t know what it is. Trying to shake it.

J. R. Smith
The best feeling in the world is a hard workout, a shower, and a protein shake.

Mirko Cro Cop
O, my past years in Rangoon are spectres to haunt my soul; and they seem to laugh at me as they shake the chains they have riveted on me.

Adoniram Judson
Maybe even at six or seven, I knew that, sweet as they were on the surface, all fairy tales needed a feminist shake up.

Sarah Pinborough
Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.

Abraham Lincoln
Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve.

George W. Bush
Defeat may serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out.

Edwin Markham
I always start the day with a protein shake: protein powder mixed with water, peanut butter, and yoghurt to thicken it up.

Greg Rutherford
Even fairly serious moviegoers can’t shake this shadow of the corporate world.

Noah Baumbach
Every player needs to use their voice to shake up things.

Ada Hegerberg
I am a hardcore foodie, which means I love to eat. I was also born with cerebral palsy, which means I shake all the time – so cooking is not my thing, as I am banned from being around knives and fire. Those who cannot cook, watch, and I am obsessed with cooking shows.

Maysoon Zayid
When I hear Donald Trump say the American military is a disaster, I want to go through the screen and shake the guy. We ought to have a commander in chief who talks about our troops with respect and gratitude.

Tim Kaine
I need to put the right things in my body before and after I work out, so I end every workout with some sort of protein shake to help me get the most out of my training.

Sam Bradford
But, as always, Mr. Rooney would come over and shake your hand and congratulate you on a good game, no matter what the situation was.

Franco Harris
What I do normally is I do the cardio, then I’ll eat – protein shake, oatmeal, banana – then I’ll hit the gym, and I’ll be in the gym for two hours.

Jinder Mahal
Don’t just sit around and wait for it to happen. ‘Get Your Roll On.’ If you’re going to buy some rims, graduate from college, or whatever, get your roll on and make something shake.

Mannie Fresh
Before I step on a starting block, I will clap three times and shake out my arms twice. I don’t feel ready to race unless I do that.

Jessica Long
Let anti-slavery charity boxes stand uppermost among those for missionary, tract and educational purposes. On this subject, Christians have been asleep; let them shake off their slumbers and arm for the holy contest.

William Lloyd Garrison
I used to shake my head when I heard about mothers who were shocked – shocked! – when their kids came out. I didn’t understand how they had missed seeing something so essential when looking at their children. But too many parents see only what they want to see, and that’s true whether our kids are gay or straight.

Suzanne Brockmann
I had written a tune called ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll,’ but the white stations refused to play it – they thought it was low-class black music. We thought what we needed was a new name. But a white disc jockey named Alan Freed laid on it, and he thought up the name ‘rock n’ roll.’

Jesse Stone
I’m fascinated by diamonds. When I put diamonds on, my hands start to shake.

Debra Messing
Fans come up to me to talk, shake hands, hug and click photos; I usually oblige because I can see how much they admire me.

Gautam Rode
In pursuing reform, we have to navigate uncharted waters. We may also have to confront protracted problems because we will have to shake up vested interests.

Li Keqiang
I wanted to be positive. I have good sportsmanship. You leave everything on a good note, you just smile and shake hands.

Vernon Davis
People ask if I’m concerned about getting pigeonholed. No one asks, ‘Ellen, you’ve done seven straight roles in a row. Shouldn’t you shake it up, do something queer?’ There’s still that double standard.

Elliot Page
First I shake the whole Apple tree, that the ripest might fall. Then I climb the tree and shake each limb, and then each branch and then each twig, and then I look under each leaf.

Martin Luther
Stop a minute, right where you are. Relax your shoulders, shake your head and spine like a dog shaking off cold water. Tell that imperious voice in your head to be still.

Barbara Kingsolver
When it’s a really dark emotional scene, you have to make the effort to shake it off, at the end of the day, before you go home to your kids and try to be a normal human being. You definitely want to make that effort to shake it off.

Matt Bomer
I’m just asking for a fair shake. You see a lot of these guys, a lot of these other champions making what they’re making. I’m not trying to take anything away from them, but I feel like I’m one of the more exciting fighters under contract in the UFC.

Max Holloway
I admit I can’t shake the idea that there is virtue in suffering, that there is a sort of psychic economy, whereby if you embrace success, happiness and comfort, these things have to be paid for.

Hugh Laurie
Suffering is traumatic and awful and we get angry and we shake our fists at the heavens and we vent and rage and weep. But in the process we discover a new tomorrow, one we never would have imagined otherwise.

Rob Bell
The sense of crisis is everything for Trump – even if it’s largely invented. His depiction of darkness justifies his candidacy, the need to violently shake the system. His ability to conjure fear is what distinguished him from all those career pols he has vanquished. And it suits his ego.

Franklin Foer
I do a little thing about the way people shake the sweetener packet. You know, like they’re all excited. I want to get all the granules down to one end. I love all these rituals.

Jerry Seinfeld
The myth of Good Guys and Bad Guys is one of the most pervasive we own, and morally grey anti-heroes are simply one of modern fiction’s attempts to shake off that mythology and replace it with something a bit more honest.

Richard K. Morgan
I was kind of known as a ballad singer. People would send ballads. Some of them would go over my shoulder and float off the top of my head, and I just didn’t feel anything. Then I would hear a song that would absolutely shake me.

Rita Coolidge
You know how many times I have to witness the transition from, ‘Oh, get away from that thug,’ to, ‘Oh, wait a minute, that’s the guy from ‘Weeds’! Hey, can I shake your hand?’

Romany Malco
‘Shake It Up’ definitely teaches kids about the importance of reaching for your dreams and setting high goals. It also teaches great lessons about friendship and family.

I was fortunate enough to have a situation in my life where everything did shake out and hit rock bottom, and I did see who was standing there and really saw who had my back for real.

Brantley Gilbert
I am formless and everywhere. I am in everything. I am in everything and beyond. I fill all space. All that you see, taken together, is Myself. I do not shake or move.

Sai Baba
I guess I’m part of the art house, but we really have to shake up our ideas, because we’re kind of self-parodying ourselves. We go places commercial cinema doesn’t go, but sometimes it’s to our own detriment.

Peter Mullan
Radio people can’t entirely shake off radio habits when they start doing podcasts. They sometimes bring with them things we don’t need, like producers and explanatory voiceovers.

David Hepworth
I was never a dancer before ‘Shake It Up’.

Bella Thorne
Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes,’ he said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted. ‘Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.

Barack Obama
I went nearly 30 years without being able to really seriously entertain marriage or a family. In fact, the word ‘marriage’ would actually give me a shake when it was brought up.

Nancy Grace
President Trump has a unique way of doing things different to his predecessors, but what I would say is that don’t underestimate his ability to take very intractable situations and shake the deck of cards and try and find a solution.

Jeremy Hunt
My memories of Vatican II center on white parishioners turning away from me when I went to shake their hands at Mass during the sign of peace.

Anthea Butler
There were two auditions for ‘The Social Network,’ one with Aaron Sorkin and one with David Fincher. I was a nervous wreck. I was like, ‘Okay, how do I hold the paper without my hands making it shake?’

Armie Hammer
It would be impossible to estimate how much time and energy we invest in trying to fix, change and deny our emotions – especially the ones that shake us at our very core, like hurt, jealousy, loneliness, shame, rage and grief.

Debbie Ford
Business colleagues who have not seen each other for a long time but who have a good relationship can always shake hands warmly and grab each other’s right upper arm or shoulder with their free left hand. Men and women executives should not kiss each other in public.

Letitia Baldrige
In typical sailing races a long time ago, you’d come in and go out, and the first thing you’d do is probably have a cold beer. The first thing we do now is have a protein shake and our recovery drink.

James Spithill
I’d become sort of involved in things that were happening to people. No matter what color they be, whether they be Indians, or Negroes, the poor white person or anyone who was I thought more or less getting a bad shake.

Gordon Parks
I think, at heart, unless you discover faith in something else, something other, it’s very hard to shake the thing that you’re adrift alone.

Robert Smith
We’re very proud of our business relationship, it’s been very special for 20 years. Who can say that? It makes me shake my head sometimes driving to the rink, because I’m still excited to see Tessa at the arena for warmup.

Scott Moir
My turn on ‘Letterman’ turned out to be a blast. The audience were delightful, and they lapped up my silly Kiwi humour. Even the big man himself came over to shake my hand after my set.

Rhys Darby
I used to go home at night and just shake, because I had no idea that’s what acting was gonna be.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.

Indira Gandhi
Theatre was an art form that I didn’t really respect, and because I wanted to shake it up and do different things on stage, I was able to combine all the things I’d learnt through writing on my own.

Martin McDonagh
I like stirring the pot – I think it’s part of my duty, to shake people up a bit – make them look at things in a different way.

Nina Bawden
I’ve never been able to shake the idea of family, which is to say I’ve never been able to shake my family. Being membered – being one limb of an immense grosser body – that’s always been a fact to me.

Joshua Cohen
Anything you strike, anything you shake or rattle, or just anything that can be picked up, and you can create a sound.

Evelyn Glennie
Once, Mr. Bachchan had come to inaugurate a restaurant and I barged in to shake hands with him.

Mohit Raina
When I write, I can shake off all my cares.

Anne Frank
Leaving the E.U. is only the first phase of the Brexiter agenda to shake us free of the laws, rules and rights that many see as a constraint on the implementation of their frighteningly rightwing vision of Darwinian capitalism.

Gina Miller
If you look at why many Kentuckians voted for President Trump, for example, they voted for an outsider. They voted for somebody who was gonna shake up the system. He promised to drain the swamp. And, you know, my message is you can’t do that until you get rid of Senator McConnell.

Amy McGrath
I love flamenco. It’s very difficult music to sing. But I think of any genre as a snow globe – you don’t admire it for its stillness. You have to shake it up and see how it explodes.

I’m sure there were concussions galore back when we played, but the doctors would just say, ‘Shake it off,’ or something like that… or ‘Come on, you got to be tough… get back in there.’ I see so many guys who played pro football in their 50s now who are so debilitated from having played it.

Marv Levy
Black people lived right by the railroad tracks, and the train would shake their houses at night. I would hear it as a boy, and I thought: I’m gonna make a song that sounds like that.

Little Richard
I work with the options I have in front of me and my reasons for choosing a job can vary enormously depending on the circumstances. Sometimes I take a job because it’s a group of people I’m dying to work with, and sometimes it can be a desire to shake things up a bit and not to take myself too seriously.

Colin Firth
I would go to sleep with headphones on. My mom and pop – they would have music loud enough to shake the walls.

Dr. Dre
Although I wasn’t invited to shake hands with Hitler, I wasn’t invited to the White House to shake hands with the President either.

Jesse Owens
I still remember the way children used to tease me. Fat people are really lonely people. In school, girls would be my friends, but guys would generally keep away. A lot of insecurity stems from there. But if you have a strong base, nothing can shake you.

Raveena Tandon
I can’t ever seem to shake the feeling that when things are really good it essentially means that things are going to go really bad. When I feel calm and settled, there is always an underlying feeling of impending doom… I don’t think that it’s healthy.

Florence Welch
I think I probably have a fairly signature style – I tend to have a certain aesthetic – although I try to shake that up, honestly.

Kari Skogland
When I said yes to doing ‘Queen’s Gambit,’ I was feeling burned out on directing and movie-wise wasn’t sure what my next big project was going to be. So I said yes to doing this very different type of project that required a different skill set from me, sort of just to shake things up, if anything.

Marielle Heller
I’m kind of like a perfectionist when it comes to just having a complete game. So it’s always kind of difficult for me to shake off a drop or something like that.

Amari Cooper
In Germany, it is normal, when games end, you shake hands with your players.

Niko Kovac
I just have to trust that the story is going to shake out in such a way that’s going to be palatable to readers.

Lynn Coady
I tend to wake up around 7, and I start the day with a protein shake.

Eddie Hall
Many companies today are reducing hours of full-time people to get under the minimum so they don’t have to pay health care costs. I just shake my head because that’s not going to build long-term value and trust with your people.

Howard Schultz
One night I was driving and so infatuated with dipping French fries into my milk shake that I drove right through a stop sign. The cop who pulled me over had no mercy.

Arielle Kebbel
I want to keep making history, keep entertaining, and keep making guys shake in their boots.

Anthony Johnson
I just like to shake things up, and your hair is one way to do it.

Katherine Heigl
‘2 Dope Queens,’ it was just a way for us to showcase female comedians, showcase comedians of color, showcase LGBT comedians, and shake up the landscape and be like, ‘Hey, there is more than just what is out there.’

Phoebe Robinson
When I see someone in a military uniform I make it a point to approach them, shake their hand and say five words… ‘thank you for your service.’ ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ is a high energy, fun, action show, but at its heart it is all about those five words.

Mark Burnett
I feel like I’m not on Earth just to shake it and shake it endlessly, you know?

When you are submitted and committed to the Lord, you will look forward to Jesus coming back, and not even an earthquake or Hurricane Irene will be able to shake you from the love of Christ.

Monica Johnson
Shake any institution of higher learning, and a dozen boycotters will fall out of it.

Howard Jacobson
You never really shake depression and that’s a tough road you have to deal with.

Rick Springfield
I have a slight contrarian impulse I can’t seem to shake.

John F. Kennedy Jr.
Anyone who said he wasn’t afraid during the civil rights movement was either a liar or without imagination. I was scared all the time. My hands didn’t shake but inside I was shaking.

James L. Farmer, Jr.
‘Billboard’ needs to tell the truth, shake things up.

My brother is a screenwriter. He likes to say, ‘I like to take on a genre when it’s dying, because then people are ready for you to shake it up a little bit.’

Mark Waters
I think most people who were involved with television will tell you, if given a season or given a 13-episode order and getting those episodes on the air, and if viewers don’t come, I think most people will tell you they’d walk away. They feel they were given a fair shake, and if viewers didn’t come, they didn’t come.

Tom Cavanagh
To be in the UFC and have the name but not the earnings, good for you, you get a hand clasp and a shake and a don’t let the door hit you on the way out sort of thing.

Aljamain Sterling
No one expects the doormat to stand upright, shake itself off, and amble down the street to seek its own happiness.

Lynn Coady
It takes someone like Ram Gopal Varma to change the norms, bend the rules, shake convention, and come up with something like ‘Road.’

Vivek Oberoi
I’m too much of a broad; I make men shake in their boots because I have a male dominance in my make-up that makes them feel emasculated.

Michelle Visage
Those who ultimately shake up an industry are often outsiders who don’t know any better.

Joe Lonsdale
If you shake your fist, the other guy will shake his too. But if you extend your hand to shake their hand, then they will extend theirs also, and you’ve made a friend.

Ricardo Montalban
Republicans keen to shake Donald Trump loose from the party underestimate his popularity at their peril.

Miranda Devine
A human being’s first responsibility is to shake hands with himself.

Henry Winkler
I’m very competitive. When I was, like, four, I would see a Shake ‘N Bake commercial and see a little girl on that and think, ‘I can do that. I might be better.’

Sarah Hyland
I tell the person I won’t take a picture or sign the autograph, but I will shake their hand. That kind of personal touch is all they’re really seeking.

Chevy Chase
Last good pratfall I did, I broke bones in both hands. I still feel it when people shake my hand.

Chevy Chase
I am falling apart. My hand is falling apart. I can’t shake hands. I had arthritis, and I had an operation for it.

Cilla Black
Trump divides his time between working some kind of ‘King Ralph’ angle, and claiming that he’s going to make the U.S. great again by using his business experience. We can only assume that means repeatedly declaring it bankrupt, then changing its name so he can just shake off all the debt.

Frankie Boyle
You have these big $200 and $300 million movies with special effects, and I’ve always thought, ‘Gee, why don’t we make 30 movies instead of one $300 million movie?’ Let’s shake it up a bit; wouldn’t that be a better bet? Evidently not.

Jeff Bridges
Being an African-American, minority, or poor, you get in a tough situation and you don’t get a fair shake.

Mike Conley Jr.
Always good to shake it up and do something different.

Jessie Buckley
I want to shake things up, I want people to talk about it. It’s really important that our brand flips the industry upside.

Huda Kattan
My point is simply this: I believe I have a calling. Do you know what that calling is? To stand up in a new and hard core, radical way for the Lord. In the process, if I insult a couple of people, if I offend a couple of people, and if I got to shake it up a little bit, as long as it is led by the Holy Spirit, amen.

Stephen Baldwin
I’m always painted as a party girl, which was true for my 20s. It’s taken a long time to shake off that gobby, in-your-face image. I’m actually quite chilled out.

Sara Cox
I can’t say it was challenging for me to shake the image of Frasier. I’ve been fortunate to have had a very interesting career since the series ended. I think the turning point for me was the show, ‘Boss.’

Kelsey Grammer