Top 30 Bernard Quotes

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Bernard is a great player, a player for the Brazilian n
Bernard is a great player, a player for the Brazilian national team, and I also followed his progress with Atletico Mineiro.

It was actually my partner, Bernard Edwards, who helped me develop my sort of funky jazz style.

Nile Rodgers
Bernard Hopkins? He fights scary dirty. I mean, he did what he had to do in his career.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
And of course, now that Bernard and I have found each other forever, we’re determined to create our own little world in order to survive the one we’re in.

Shelley Duvall
We depend on the critics to give us a glimpse of what happened. Bernard Shaw championed Ibsen, who got the most terrible notices for his plays. Kenneth Tynan championed young writers, and as a result, the theatre has changed radically.

Diana Rigg
I have a St. Bernard named B.

Heather O’Rourke
My personal feeling is that Bernard Hopkins has never been an industry boy.

Bernard Hopkins
To me, New Order split up when Bernard and I stopped writing together. We started Joy Division together; we started New Order together.

Peter Hook
Who knows how long I have got left. I could be like Bernard Hopkins.

Kell Brook
If you read Bernard Hopkins’ name in the dictionary, the definition would be ‘discipline.’

Bernard Hopkins
Bernard King said something great about me? Wow, he’s one of the best. I’m definitely honored and very thankful.

RJ Barrett
My name is Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, but people know me as Bernie Mac. My mama, God rest her soul – she used to call me Beanie. Used to say, ‘Don’t you worry about Beanie. Beanie gonna be just fine. Beanie gonna surprise everyone.’

Bernie Mac
After the war, my father, Bernard, left the Army Air Forces to fly for Trans World Airlines. But after I was born, he retired from commercial flying to be with my mother, Anne, and me. I was born in Kansas City, Mo., but we left when I was 6 months old.

Dianne Wiest
Bernard Herrmann was a genius, a great, great composer.

Michel Hazanavicius
Bernard Herrmann used to write all his scores by himself. So did Bach, Beethoven and Stravinsky. I don’t understand why this happens in the movie industry.

Ennio Morricone
The first film I made was when I was 13 and it was called ‘The Dogs That Ate Detroit.’ It starred my Saint Bernard Barney, and it was a killer thriller with oodles of special effects that were cutting edge for the time.

Les Claypool
Fighters like Bernard Hopkins can go on because their style is not based on reflexes and timing.

Tony Bellew
They had to debate whether Joe Frazier should be in the Boxing Hall of Fame or not. I’m making sure that it would be a felony to sit down and debate whether or not Bernard Hopkins deserves to be in the hall of fame.

Bernard Hopkins
I loved Bernard Cornwell’s books.

Alexander Dreymon
It’s almost uncanny to receive a prize named in honor of Bernard Malamud. I must have been in my early teens when ‘The Magic Barrel’ was published and I first read it.

Deborah Eisenberg
Bernard and I intend doing a lot with our lives and that includes actively helping other people. But how can we tell you our plans when we haven’t finished making them yet?

Shelley Duvall
There is a long dishonourable tradition of western intellectuals who have been duped by Moscow. The list includes Bernard Shaw, the Webbs, H. G. Wells, and Andre Gide.

Luke Harding
‘What if?’ history is a tricky game, but there is no doubt that the senior planners of D-Day – including Eisenhower and the British general Bernard Montgomery – believed that the Double Cross operation had played a pivotal role in the victory.

Ben Macintyre
On planes I always cry. Something about altitude, the lack of oxygen and the bad movies. I cried over a St. Bernard movie once on a plane. That was really embarrassing.

Michael Stipe
You may be able to read Bernard Shaw’s plays, you may be able to quote Shakespeare or Voltaire or some new philosopher; but if you in yourself are not intelligent, if you are not creative, what is the point of this education?

Jiddu Krishnamurti
I was obsessed with ‘The Twilight Zone’ as a kid, and one of those things I didn’t realize until I was in college was that I had been listening to Bernard Herrmann all my life.

Michael Giacchino
If a farmer calls me to a sick animal, he couldn’t care less if I were George Bernard Shaw.

James Herriot
With Hitchcock I had little relationship. I was called to replace Bernard Herrmann, his favorite composer, in Torn Curtain, after the bitter fight between them.

Maurice Jarre
Bernard Tyson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, sees technology as an augmentation to current healing tools – but not a replacement for human kindness, an integral part of healthcare.

Adam Lashinsky
P.G. Wodehouse was a huge influence on me when I was younger, as were Edgar Rice Burroughs and George Bernard Shaw.

Michael Moorcock