Top 30 Bronze Quotes

We have collected the best Bronze Quotes by famous authors including Marti Noxon, Deontay Wilder, Reed Hastings, Tracey Emin, Joe Bastianich and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

We did have 'The Bronze', a very active website on 'Buf
We did have ‘The Bronze’, a very active website on ‘Buffy’ where we got a lot of feedback and post-game discussion. But now it’s important to be engaged in the discussion while the show is airing and right after.

Marti Noxon
Once I knock Szpilka out, I want all the Polish fans to come on the ‘Bronze Bomber’ train as I bring the heavyweight division back to the top.

Deontay Wilder
Stone Age. Bronze Age. Iron Age. We define entire epics of humanity by the technology they use.

Reed Hastings
I’ve been making bronze sculptures for a long time. My sculptures are wholly unsuccessful and uncommercial. No one is even the remotest bit interested in them. So it’s almost like my hobby.

Tracey Emin
The best pastas are cut with bronze dies that give them a rough texture and allow the sauce to cling.

Joe Bastianich
The bronze powder business, however, no longer required my personal attention, and was well managed by those I had chosen as the guardians of a secret, which was long and honourably kept.

Henry Bessemer
I come into these competitions to win, not to get silver or bronze, so it is frustrating.

Greg Rutherford
In our ephemeral information age, people think we’ve left behind the stone, bronze, and iron ages. But they’re all still going on – we use tonnes of this stuff every day. You just have to look.

Edward Burtynsky
I’ve been trying out all these bronzers, and By Terry has an amazing one called the Bronze Expert.

Eva Chen
I like to do a bronze smoky eye with some lashes and a nude lip. That’s my favorite look.

Christina Anstead
I served two tours of duty in Vietnam. I won the Bronze Star. I won the Purple Heart.

Ron Kovic
Our under-19s, under-20s, under-17s teams are all getting into Euro finals, World Cup finals, winning bronze medals. We’re winning bronze medals; it’s about that final step now. We’ve got to punish teams. In every game – youth games, senior games – just to push the game further.

Nikita Parris
No rendering can really simulate the way the light bounces off the bronze panel. From some angles, it’s almost a mirror, and from others it’s a matte surface.

Michael Arad
Winning the 2012 bronze medal was magnificent, but I would love to win a gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Mary Kom
I think every fight is a tough fight, but I’m not settling for a bronze medal.

Katie Taylor
We had a master sergeant present us with the Bronze Star of Valor he had gotten because he had felt we were the eighth men of the platoon.

David Draiman
If it doesn’t mean more to a normal human being like Dan Evans, who could change his life and career by winning not a gold but a bronze medal for Great Britain, if he doesn’t want to take that chance, I would say something is wrong with the Olympics in what it’s worth in tennis.

Mats Wilander
Modern-day coaching is about relationships, so I need to know every little thing that will make my players tick. How am I going to get more out of our best players, from Fran Kirby, Lucy Bronze? Lucy wants to be challenged. If you tell her she can’t do something, she’ll try it.

Phil Neville
Vaults and caskets are not the law; they are the policy of individual cemeteries. Vaults prevent the settling of the dirt around the body, thus making landscaping more uniform and cost effective. As an added bonus, vaults can be customized and sold at a markup. Faux marble? Bronze? Take your pick, family.

Caitlin Doughty
Bronze in the mirror of the form, wine of the mind.

I have a bronze statue of myself, naked. I have these really big curls and water comes out of every curl. It’s hot.

Macy Gray
If I missed bronze by whisker, it was due to lack of experience.

P. T. Usha
There’s no shame in a bronze medal. I used to think that, and I’m so ashamed of thinking that because there’s so much joy and hard work and love in this.

Kerri Walsh Jennings
I’m not disappointed with bronze. It’s always good to come away with a medal.

Bryan Volpenhein
It’s always great to perform, make the podium, and yeah, gold, silver, and bronze, will also encourage other nations, Asia, America to do better.

Caster Semenya
I wanted to emulate my parents – Mum captained India in basketball, and Dad won a bronze in hockey in 1972 Olympics. My focus has always been to achieve excellence whether in the field of tennis, in the corporate field, in the art of acting or in motivating youngsters.

Leander Paes
I had a stunt double for ‘The Bronze.’ She’s literally the most amazing human being I’ve ever seen. She’s NCAA women’s gymnastics champion. She was incredible. I would poke her thighs, and my nail would break because it was like poking a rock.

Haley Lu Richardson
All bronzes are made to be touched. Bronze is a sensual ‘living’ material. The sweat and oil of your palms adds to the patination.

Peter Marino
Nobody cares about the bronze or silver medals.

Buzz Aldrin
You may name a bronze statue ‘Liberty,’ or a painted figure in a city hall ‘Commerce,’ or a marble form in a temple ‘Athene’ or ‘Venus;’ but what is really there is only a representation of a single woman.

George Edward Woodberry