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A spirit, breathing the language of independence, is na
A spirit, breathing the language of independence, is natural to Englishmen, few of whom are disposed to brook compulsion, or submit to the dictates of others, when not softened by reason, or tempered with kindness.

Joseph Lancaster
A lot of the cities where we have a strong following, we don’t even get to every year anymore. But Stony Brook was a place that, from the very first time we went, the chemistry was right. They loved us, and we loved them, and we just kept going back and going back.

Butch Trucks
Kell Brook was saying he wants to forget about Amir Khan; he wants to fight Pacquiao and Mayweather. These guys don’t know who Kell Brook is.

Amir Khan
The sensitive ear of the musician detects a certain musical note in every city which is different from that of another city. He hears in each little brook a new melody, and to him the sound of wind in the treetops of different forests give a varying sound.

Max Heindel
I was born in Westchester, NY. I grew up around the Rye Brook area, and then I moved to White Plains with my family.

Jennifer Damiano
Brook isn’t just my brother, he’s one of my closest friends. That won’t change.

Robin Lopez
If you want to be an actor, you must have total, ruthless commitment to your art. Don’t be ambitious for fame or TV or movies. Art is a jealous mistress and will brook no competitors. Study all the time. Never stop reading. Never stop learning speeches. It will fill you up – define and refine you.

Steven Berkoff
Brook is my sounding board about everything – including being tall.

Robin Lopez
Stony Brook is a phenomenal university and I am proud to be affiliated with it, so it is gratifying to be able to support this wonderful institution in whatever way I can.

Emma Walton Hamilton
Kell Brook is a strong fighter. He likes to dictate the pace, which most boxers like to do. He likes to use his jab to set up other punches, like the left hook.

Errol Spence Jr.
Brook’s always had a knack for putting the ball in the bucket, and I would have to go out there and try to stop him. That would be my thing.

Robin Lopez
I don’t think there’s any extra pressure fighting in my hometown. It’s just added motivation. Real pressure was fighting against 30,000 fans in the champion’s hometown for my first title against Kell Brook.

Errol Spence Jr.
I am supremely humbled to receive the 40 Under Forty honor by Stony Brook University in the category of Civil Service and Activism.

Momina Mustehsan
The lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook are unparalleled natural treasures with some of the highest water quality in Connecticut.

Elizabeth Esty
Brook and I both own a house. He doesn’t do any of the work to maintain it, clean it.

Robin Lopez
I recently watched Peter Brook’s Lord of the Flies, and it wasn’t a favorite film. Then I saw the one that was made in 1990, which in my opinion didn’t match up to the original.

Brendan Fraser
Whether it’s Marcos Maidana, Shawn Porter, Amir Khan or Kell Brook, there are a lot of fights out there that I think would be very interesting for me, my career and the sport of boxing outside of Floyd Mayweather.

Keith Thurman
I train like a dog and I eat and fight like a lion and if Kell Brook thinks he’s got what it takes, put his money up, tell his people to come over here, jump on a private jet… I’ll even let him train in my gym, so we can make a fight in my hometown.

Jermell Charlo
Peter Brook’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ I remember seeing. That was pretty early on. And suddenly, I realized how theatrical Shakespeare is, how alive, how wonderful it is when it’s opened up by a great director and a great company.

Jeremy Irons
Kell Brook has a lot of heart. He showed it against Golovkin and when he came over here to the States and fought Shawn Porter. He’s a real warrior in the ring.

Errol Spence Jr.
Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.

Alexander the Great
First, hugely popular and talented romance/dark fantasy author Meljean Brook gives a really deep, wonderful story. She’s clearly spent so much time thinking about the world of Sonja and her story in particular, it could easily have been a novel of its own.

Gail Simone
Wrought upon at length, you may say, by an enthusiasm and frenzy that could brook no control – I burst the tyrant bands, which held my sex in awe, and clandestinely, or by stealth, grasped an opportunity, which custom and the world seemed to deny, as a natural privilege.

Deborah Sampson
In my vocal, I think you can hear something of my earlier times when I’d sing in subway halls for the echo and perform doo-wop on street corners. But I had a lot of influences, too – singers like Sam Cooke, Brook Benton and Roy Hamilton.

Ben E. King
I’m a boxing fan. I’ve seen Kell Brook fight. I’m not one of those boxers who says he doesn’t watch other guys fight or follow the sport. I do.

Errol Spence Jr.
GGG is a great fighter, but he hasn’t got the ability that Kell has – Brook is the far superior boxer.

Naseem Hamed
I love criticism. Equitable Life went down because management wouldn’t brook criticism, but if you are in business, you have to hear what’s going wrong.

Peter Hargreaves
Thine eyes are springs in whose serene And silent waters heaven is seen. Their lashes are the herbs that look On their young figures in the brook.

William Cullen Bryant
I grew up fly fishing when I was a kid. The feeling of it is fun. I went fly-fishing on Lake Delaware once, and I caught a record brook trout.

Aaron Dessner
Brook Lopez is huge!

Goran Dragic