Top 30 Denominator Quotes

We have collected the best Denominator Quotes by famous authors including W. H. Auden, Jim DeMint, Spike Lee, Tzipi Livni, Jon Taffer and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common
Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh.

W. H. Auden
What happens in the Senate is the Republicans sink to the lowest common denominator.

Jim DeMint
I respect the audience’s intelligence a lot, and that’s why I don’t try to go for the lowest common denominator.

Spike Lee
I am good at persuading people. In convincing the other, I try to start from their point of view so it’s easier for me to find a common denominator.

Tzipi Livni
Failure is an awful thing, and when I look at the common denominator of failure, it seems to always be the same thing: excuses.

Jon Taffer
Inside a company, you can mandate that everyone use the same technology, which means you can go a little bit, I don’t know, higher fidelity than the lowest common denominator technology.

Stewart Butterfield
Schools unable to keep their lights on and their doors open for the full working week is just the latest bleak instalment of a long-running show. The age of austerity returns for its ninth miserable year; always in the background, the common denominator in everything from the Brexit vote to knife crime.

David Olusoga
Remember: You are the common denominator in all your relationship problems. Wherever you go, your pesky repeated issues go – until you shed a blazing light of insight upon them.

Karen Salmansohn
My father was – actually was an Episcopal priest as a young man. Became a psychotherapist, a psychologist. My mother is Jewish, so I grew up in a mixed background. But the common denominator was certainly music, and that was sort of emphasized in my household as music being sort of the spiritual force.

Joshua Bell
Trouble is the common denominator of living. It is the great equalizer.

Soren Kierkegaard
Philanthropic work reminds you of everyone’s common humanity, and that’s really the common denominator for everyone.

Laurence Fishburne
I find that when I’m struggling to think of how a six-year-old would feel about something, I just have to go right down to the common denominator, find the simplest way that you can look at an object or a problem, and not muck it up with all of the stuff that adults do and over-analyze.

Barbara Park
A lot of films seem to go to the lowest common denominator.

Julie Andrews
Well, being from Mississippi, the church house is kind of the common denominator. It was for me growing up. Like so many public performers, that was the first place I was ever invited to sing.

Marty Stuart
If you look at the common denominator of all the comics who have had big success, it’s being true to their nature… that’s what takes a long time to learn.

Ron White
When you go to standup, there seems to be a common denominator of some form of need or want for validation from the audience that maybe you were lacking as a kid.

Ray Romano
A common denominator among big guys like me who are trying to take care of our health is that we’re not getting enough sleep.

Michael Moore
The common denominator of the great women leaders in the world – Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir – is that they’re dramatically nonsexual.

Rod Lurie
The worst thing you can do after a test screening is slash it for the lowest common denominator.

Edgar Wright
At the end of the day, you can change coaches and managers and players, but if there’s something intrinsic, something wrong, then you have to look at what the common denominator is, and, usually, you’ve got to look at the ownership because everything runs from there.

Austin Aries
Language is like money, without which specific relative values may well exist and be felt, but cannot be reduced to a common denominator.

George Santayana
The common denominator all Latinos have is that we want some respect. That’s what we’re all fighting for.

Cristina Saralegui
I’ve never really been very good at marriage. It’s one of my failures. I’ve tried my best, but I do realise the common denominator is me; it’s something I’m doing.

Len Goodman
Beauty is the lowest common denominator: I don’t care what they say – every girl, every woman, wants to feel pretty and empowered and beautiful, within their own definition of beautiful. I love fashion, I love shopping, but I love beauty more because I love the science of it.

Eva Chen
Yeah, I think the common denominator – and this is probably going to sound like Acting 101 – but the common denominator is belief in the character in the moment.

Jenna Elfman
I think there’s a fundamental distinction between character-driven movies that are just really lovely slice-of-life movies and character-driven movies that you remember 20 or 30 years later; the common denominator with the ones you remember is that they all have some really complicated emotional problem at their core.

Alex Kurtzman
People tend to compartmentalize themselves into IT people, and movie star people, and scientists, but when we share our perspectives about nature, we find a common denominator.

Nalini Nadkarni
I think Trump uses social media as a way to get to people’s lowest common denominator. He uses it to incite fear. He talks about simplistic ideas.

Saikat Chakrabarti
As God took me through the journey that became the Bible study ‘Breaking Free’, He taught me to look for a common denominator among the things that triggered my destructive habits.

Beth Moore
You could argue we are a different audience today,but on the other hand what is it that makes Shakespeare great? It is that he understands the common denominator of man, his emotions and relationships.

Sam Wanamaker