Top 30 Embassy Quotes

We have collected the best Embassy Quotes by famous authors including Steven Holl, Elliott Abrams, Julianne Moore, Shirley Temple, Arlie Russell Hochschild and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

The whole notion of an embassy is like 'The Other.' Tha
The whole notion of an embassy is like ‘The Other.’ That’s what makes Washington interesting.

Steven Holl
Tunisian liberals say that the U.S. Embassy in Tunis is unengaged with their efforts to make sure the Tunisian model remains one of expanding freedom.

Elliott Abrams
Travelling childhoods are a common theme among actors. Army kids, embassy kids, travelling salesmen, clergy. Thing is, you learn about behaviour, that different places are separated by behaviours which are culturally driven.

Julianne Moore
I work a seventeen hour day, and I’m personally responsible for 108 staff members in the embassy.

Shirley Temple
I was 13 when my parents moved to Israel, and I was put in a Scottish mission school. Ninety-nine percent of the children were Israeli… Suddenly, I found myself speaking the wrong language, dressed in the wrong clothes, picked up by the wrong mode of transportation – an embassy car instead of a bus.

Arlie Russell Hochschild
The U.S. Embassy in Havana may be reopened, but outside its gates, an open society with more freedom for its people is still absent.

Katie Pavlich
British diplomats who worked in Iran during the 1980 hostage crisis are deeply upset by Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning film ‘Argo,’ which suggests they refused shelter to the group who managed to get out of the U.S. embassy.

Simon Hoggart
Even though I’ve had the odd terse word to say about Donald Trump, I still get invited to events at the U.S. embassy. I always attend, because as long as they’re prepared to hear the opposite viewpoint, then I’ll never miss that chance when I can.

Emily Thornberry
Americans who may be going to the largest embassy we’ve ever had.

Richard Lugar
In the best of all worlds everyone in the Embassy is doing something to assist U.S. exports.

Lawrence Eagleburger
My family moved – first to Washington, D.C., and then, in the spring of 1975, to Lebanon, where my father worked as a diplomat at the American embassy. My parents were enthusiastic about the move, so my older brother and I felt like we were off to some place kind of cool.

Greg Kinnear
Like many Americans, I am still haunted by images from the last days of the United States’ withdrawal from Vietnam in 1975. Newscasts showed South Vietnamese desperately trying to scale the walls of our embassy in Saigon to board the last helicopter flights out of the country. The fear in their eyes was chilling.

Jeanne Shaheen
In 1985, I was arrested, along with my mother and brother, Martin III, in a protest against apartheid at the South African Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Bernice King
I have always encouraged open and frank discussion among embassy employees and the expression of dissenting views, because this is the best way to maintain morale among embassy personnel and to arrive at sensible decisions which are in the best interests of the United States.

Jean Kennedy Smith
I was considered the luckiest of all the female gypsies since I landed the job as social secretary to Ambassador and Mrs. David Bruce at the American Embassy.

Letitia Baldrige
As early as 1993, members of bin Laden’s group had been planning an attack on the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

Peter Bergen
A discontented young fellow, filled with self pride; he certainly should have considered it an honor to be sent on so respectable an embassy as he was.

Zebulon Pike
I have also been saddened, though hardly surprised, by the weakness of the EU’s reaction to the criminal attack on the Danish embassy in Syria, which seems to have been permitted, if not actively encouraged, by the Syrian regime.

Timothy Garton Ash
I wrote ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’ at the age of 30 under intense, unshared personal stress and in extreme privacy. As an intelligence officer in the guise of a junior diplomat at the British Embassy in Bonn, I was a secret to my colleagues, and much of the time to myself.

John le Carre
That was Embassy Pictures, they went bankrupt shortly after This is Spinal Tap came out.

Harry Shearer
This was not a decision made with the Israelis. This was a decision by the president for the American people. And so, it was a decision that we all said Jerusalem should be the capital and the embassy should be there. This decision should not weigh in on the peace process.

Nikki Haley
The United States already has in place comprehensive trade sanctions against Sudan, imposed because of the regime’s support for terrorism. While we maintain diplomatic relations, we do not staff our embassy there.

Elliott Abrams
Diplomacy in a sense is the opposite of writing. You have to disperse yourself so much: the lady who comes in crying because she’s had a fight with the secretary; exports and imports; students in trouble; thumbtacks for the embassy.

Carlos Fuentes
Almost the first thing Obama did in the White House was to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the British embassy. That suggests a major re-ordering of things. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens from now on. It was a genuine break with the recent past – perhaps to re-connect with the past past.

Amanda Foreman
The Turkish Embassy in Washington is an ornate, eclectic building on the corner of Twenty-third Street and Massachusetts Avenue which was built originally for Edward Hamlin Everett, the man who put the crimp in bottle caps.

George W. S. Trow
In the British embassy in Afghanistan in 2008, an embassy of 350 people, there were only three people who could speak Dari, the main language of Afghanistan, at a decent level. And there was not a single Pashto speaker.

Rory Stewart
When we had concerts in the U.S., I used to be able to just go, but now I have to stop by the embassy and do an interview to get a visa.

Ok Taec-yeon
Huge numbers of embassy cables are labeled ‘unclassified’ or ‘limited official use’ and deal with mundane matters.

Elliott Abrams
I think that ISIS is a threat to our embassy, to our consulate, as well as potentially to the American people.

Rand Paul
The attack on the British embassy in Tehran came just days after the Iranian ‘parliament’ voted to expel the British ambassador, and therefore reeks of official complicity.

Elliott Abrams