Top 30 Left Field Quotes

We have collected the best Left Field Quotes by famous authors including Eddie Rabbitt, Tony Finau, Alex Bregman, Mehmet Oz, Trevor Rabin and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I have always come out of left field with my stuff.
I have always come out of left field with my stuff.

Eddie Rabbitt
This whole golf thing was so left field for us, as Polynesians, but he had a lot of knowledge about sports in general. My dad was a genius, really. He was an absolute genius.

Tony Finau
I’ll play wherever they want me to play -anywhere on the field. Do anything to help the team win. Whether that’s playing left field or third base or wherever, I don’t care.

Alex Bregman
I’m sure people think that I’m out in left field you know, playing by myself.

Mehmet Oz
Several record companies had rejected my song ‘Owner of A Lonely Heart’ on the grounds it was ‘too left field.’ I never create to make a hit just to satisfy some record company executive’s quarterly profit statement.

Trevor Rabin
My zombie films were all sort of satirical, with political messages. So I was doing them inexpensively and quietly off in left field somewhere.

George A. Romero
The way those clubs shift against Ted Williams, I can’t understand how he can be so stupid not to accept the challenge to him and hit to left field.

Ty Cobb
I’m always very excited by something that’s a curveball or from left field.

Kevin McKidd
Hogan’s’ came from left field. It isn’t ‘McHale’s’ and it isn’t ‘Combat.’ You can’t categorize it.

Bob Crane
This phenomenon with Betty White is so wonderfully amazing. In a world where ageism runs rampant, out of left field, all of a sudden, the country decides to celebrate Betty White, and she becomes cool at 90. That’s remarkable.

Chris Meledandri
I can play anywhere. First, third, left field, anywhere but Philadelphia.

Richie Allen
I get a lot of kids distracted. Sometimes they got to go cover left field, but they’re over here talking to me, getting an autograph.

Pedro Martinez
I want to play the game hard. I want to ram it down your throat, put you into left field when I’m going into second base.

Bryce Harper
I don’t want to spend my whole life watching the sun go down behind the left field bleachers.

Earl Weaver
Michel Gondry’s ‘Green Hornet’ was another franchise flick that felt like it came out of left field – I thought in a good way, but most audiences disagreed.

Annalee Newitz
Mel is nuts. He puts on a suit and a tie and acts like a normal person so people think he’s okay. He’s definitely out in left field. He’s got the ambition of a boy.

Dom DeLuise
Music is cyclical, but I’ve never thought of the music I make as being so off the wall or left field that it wouldn’t always have an audience that would relate to it.

Billy Squier
Every time you wanted to do something, you’d hope it would score. You’d keep trying and trying, and all of the sudden, something would come right out of left field, like ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.’ No one had any idea about that one.

Gordon Lightfoot
I have to go with the approach I had in Triple-A. I need to take a lot of those fastballs I am seeing to left field. Also must gear up for the changeup and take them up the middle.

Anthony Rizzo
I think ‘The Stage’ is kind of left field.

M. Shadows
I can’t do jokes. I’ve always come from left field and tried to subvert conventional comedy. I started as a rebellion against that – albeit a very soft and surreal rebellion. It’s escapist.

Julian Barratt
Part of my humor is the fact that I love coming out of left field. I don’t want people to expect what is going to happen next.

Howie Mandel
The women’s movement kind of came out of left field in the 1960s and 1970s when they turned on ‘Playboy.’

Hugh Hefner
I make no secret of the fact that writing She-Hulk can serve as an opportunity for me to sneak in some really cool characters that I personally love. Some will be obvious fits, but others will come out of left field – but that’s what’s fun about the Marvel U – the bench is deep.

Charles Soule
‘Cover Me.’ ‘Take Time To Know Her.’ ‘Warm and Tender Love.’ ‘Out Of Left Field.’ ‘Dark End Of The Street.’ ‘Tears Me Up.’ ‘My Special Prayer.’ All points back to one song. ‘When A Man Loves A Woman.’ The Grand-daddy to all of my songs. The boss of all of my songs. I have great respect for that song. Always will.

Percy Sledge
There’s a song called ‘My Faith’ that’s kind of my spiritual song on my record. It’s a little bit of my softer side of me, comin’ out of left field a little bit.

Brantley Gilbert
I like playing characters that are complex, that are intriguing, that come from left field, that do things that are unexpected. I don’t like people who just follow one line and that’s it – that’s why I could never be in a sitcom, I don’t think. They’re not intriguing enough for me.

Pete Postlethwaite
Our quarterbacks were getting hurt; a couple got kicked out of school. The coach asked who wanted to try out for QB. I went and tried out, and from there on, I was a quarterback. I was ineligible in 10th grade until spring, so I did baseball. I started in left field and pitched.

For me, feeling good is line drives to left field.

Freddie Freeman
To be honest, and this comes out of left field, but I would love to do something with Jay-Z or Eminem. I have no limitations when it comes to the stuff I want to do musically. So to be able to do something like that I think would be really, really cool.

Corey Taylor