Top 30 Ranking Quotes

We have collected the best Ranking Quotes by famous authors including Joseph Benavidez, Stephen Curry, Adrian Lewis, Taylor Fritz, Jan Schakowsky and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I've gone through a lot to get here. I'm doing my job.
I’ve gone through a lot to get here. I’m doing my job. And that No. 1 ranking next to my name says I’m doing my job better than a good percentage of everyone else.

Joseph Benavidez
I’m not in the business of ranking or debating who is what.

Stephen Curry
You can focus on the ranking events but I do miss the Premier League because it’s massive.

Adrian Lewis
Anything that would help me get my ranking up and get me seeded at tournaments will make my draws a lot easier and give me a much better opportunity to go deep in these tournaments.

Taylor Fritz
The truth matters, and despite my objection to the creation of the Select Panel, as its Ranking Member, I will do all I can to ensure that as long at it continues, it will be as fair, transparent and objective as possible.

Jan Schakowsky
My website, my email magazine, my blog, my books, my corporate seminars, and my public seminars all create the ability for social media to work and all build reputation and ranking.

Jeffrey Gitomer
The point is to win the biggest tournaments and beat the biggest guys head to head. Then, if the computer ranking works out that you are No 1 in the world so be it.

Mats Wilander
I look to constantly be a better version of myself every time I step out on court. That has come out with some good wins and good things on paper, but if my ranking were to drop or to rise, it wouldn’t affect my goals or how I want to keep improving.

Johanna Konta
The thing is, with century breaks, maximums, ranking tournaments, these sorts of things are automatically going to be broken: it’s not if but when.

Stephen Hendry
Young people are choosing cities before the country – they have their own ranking.

Alain Dehaze
Grades are almost completely relative, in effect ranking students relative to others in their class. Thus extra achievement by one student not only raises his position, but in effect lowers the position of others.

James S. Coleman
I try to focus on more winning matches here and try to go forward rather than the ranking because is the first step, to win matches, getting far in tournament, and we see after.

Garbine Muguruza
When we get people to log in, they end up using Quora a lot more, and we can provide a lot better experience for them. We can show them a personalized news feed; we can send them digest emails and do all this ranking to find some stuff they want to read.

Adam D’Angelo
As the highest ranking American official in the United Nations organization, I came to understand thoroughly that the national constitutional processes of the member states define the status of territories under their sovereignty.

Dick Thornburgh
In 2006 it was a horrible election year, and, you know, I lost. But I lost because I continued to be a constant conservative, and the last six years I was someone who was a national figure in the sense that I was the third ranking Republican in leadership and I had just run President Bush’s campaign in Pennsylvania.

Rick Santorum
The ranking never lies.

Stan Wawrinka
Well, the senators I’ve enjoyed working with the most would be Ted Kennedy and Kent Conrad, because they were both either chairman or ranking member of the committee I was chairman or ranking member of. And in both instances they were just great people to work with.

Judd Gregg
I keep track of my blog stats, Facebook subs, my Amazon rank, Twitter followers, Facebook likes per posts, my chess ranking. I get stressed when they all don’t go up.

James Altucher
The market for religious apps is fiercely competitive; searching for ‘bible’ in the Apple App Store returns 5,185 results. But among all the choices, YouVersion’s Bible, funded by of Edmond, Oklahoma, seems to be the chosen one, ranking at the top of the list and boasting more than 641,000 reviews.

Nir Eyal
My father was a civil servant, fairly sort of middle ranking, low to middle ranking. He worked almost entirely in what was then called Administrative Labour, dealing with employment and unemployment issues.

John Hume
There are a few great orchestras in the world, thank goodness. Although some people do put them in ranking order, it’s not like a snooker match. Each orchestra has different things to offer.

Simon Rattle
I finished three years ranked No. 1, so the ranking doesn’t matter anymore.

Simona Halep
My long-term goal is to get as high as possible in the rankings, and to improve my game each day. If I am able to do that, my ranking should get better and better.

Alex de Minaur
I’ve never really focused on my ranking per se because it’s out of my control. I try and do the right thing each week, and the ranking will look after itself.

Eugenie Bouchard
I’m the ranking Republican on the foreign aid appropriations subcommittee, so I know Tunisia well.

Lindsey Graham
There’s this index that tallies up how much your movies have made, and if they haven’t grossed a certain amount, then you’re not bankable. I know I’m not Will Smith but, you know, my ranking’s pretty low. The only studio picture I’ve done is ‘Zodiac,’ and that didn’t perform that well.

Chloe Sevigny
I’m playing pretty good now, but my ranking doesn’t say that. I’m number two.

Vijay Singh
It’s been interesting. I went through a period where a lot of people would recognize me, and then when I had injures and my ranking dropped, not as many people did.

Mary Pierce
Now quantitatively we rank things on something called alpha over standard deviation, which is the return independent of the market divided by volatility. Usually, to get a high ranking, you need some buying pressure.

Louis Navellier
So, you know, I think that Democrats are being more successful in Congress and I’m really going to be proud of the role I will play tomorrow as ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee when this bill passes.

Jane Harman