Top 30 Sew Quotes

We have collected the best Sew Quotes by famous authors including Chelsea Cain, Gilbert Baker, Douglas Brinkley, Harry Crosby, Serena Williams and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Writing tips are like mini skirts. Sometimes they fit p
Writing tips are like mini skirts. Sometimes they fit perfectly, sometimes they make you cry, and sometimes you can reuse the material and sew yourself a pillow or something.

Chelsea Cain
That’s really how I ended up making the first flag – I was the guy who could sew it.

Gilbert Baker
When I was 8 years old, I made my own encyclopedia of American biography – Johnny Appleseed, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Charles Lindbergh, my pantheon of favorite heroes. Then I would write my own things and sew them together and try to make my own book.

Douglas Brinkley
I have invited our little seamstress to take her thread and needle and sew our two mouths together.

Harry Crosby
My mom taught me how to sew when I was 2 or 3, so I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember.

Serena Williams
I might not the best seamstress, I might not know how to sew, but I know how to make a garment look like a million dollars.

BeBe Zahara Benet
I draw, paint, crochet, sew, embroider – anything productive I can do with my hands while watching Netflix.

Emma Gonzalez
Balenciaga taught me everything I know. He taught me to care for the details, that it was not necessary to sew on a button where it had no use or to add a flower to make a dress beautiful… no unnecessary detail.

Hubert de Givenchy
When I was a little girl you used to learn to sew all the holes in things, darning socks, but nobody mends things anymore.

Vivienne Westwood
Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.

Simone Signoret
Yes, but more than being a designer, I’m more of a stylist, because I don’t sew and I don’t sketch, but I’m good at putting things together, choosing things that are chic and glossing over the aesthetics of things.

Dita Von Teese
I will buy sun dresses that I rip, burn and distress and then sew them back together.

Maria Brink
I like to work a lot with wood. I make furniture that falls apart. I also sew.

Tim Conway
If I could sew comedy and philosophy together, then I’ve done a good job. The primary goal is always going to be laughs and the secondary goal is always going to be saying something without it being a lecture.

Hal Sparks
There are mothers who sew for six months to make a fashion collection – someone’s grandmother, someone’s sister. We come in and get paid to walk for 10 minutes at the end. Whenever I think about that, I realise it’s not about me. I was just the one chosen to represent those women and sell the clothes.

Alek Wek
I am a good sewer. My mother taught me how to sew.

Nick Nolte
My mom was a seamstress, and I wish I’d learned to sew because I’m obsessed with ‘Project Runway!’

Carmen Electra
I sew my own shoes. Other male dancers don’t, but I like it one way, and I’ve learned to do it that way.

David Hallberg
How do you play someone in a movie? How do you do that? It’s impossible – unless you know how. How do you cut somebody open and take out their appendix and sew them back up and watch them get well? That’s impossible – unless you know how.

Tommy Lee Jones
Designing was always something I was interested in. I studied fashion design in high school as well as how to sew.

Kourtney Kardashian
Last year we had so many people coming in and out they didn’t bother to sew their names on the backs of the uniforms. They just put them there with Velcro.

Andy Van Slyke
I love to sew. But when it’s something that’s being repetitive over and over and over again, it takes a toll.

Ashley Nell Tipton
A police uniform is just a piece of clothing sewn by the same tailors who sew your clothes.

Fela Kuti
I had to learn to sew when I was growing up, because nothing else fitted me.

L’Wren Scott
I’m a workaholic. I’m a Capricorn, It’s my nature, And I’m convent educated: I sew better than any nanny we’ve ever had.

Princess Michael of Kent
I was extremely curious growing up. I taught myself how to sew, French braid, and cook. When I wasn’t creating things with my hands, I was learning more about tech. I was experimenting with email at nine, had my first cell phone at 13, and was truly obsessed with the Internet as a teenager.

Brit Morin
No one ever taught me, and I never had formal classes in pattern making, so I was like, Okay, I’ll just drape, and I’ll sew as I pin it.

Alexander Wang
Gold is a great thing to sew into your garments if you’re a Jewish family in Vienna in 1939, but I think civilized people don’t buy gold, they invest in productive businesses.

Charlie Munger
Even before I was discovered in 1966, I used to make my own clothes. I learned how to sew early on, and it’s still my passion now. I constantly have ideas in my head about clothes so jumped at the chance to do my own collection and am very hands-on. Everything I design, I wear and I love.

I am a horrible visual artist. I can’t fix a car, sew, knit, cook, etc. Statistically, there is more I don’t do than do.

Carrie Brownstein