Top 30 Slammed Quotes

We have collected the best Slammed Quotes by famous authors including Burl Ives, Suniel Shetty, Aljamain Sterling, Rich Eisen, Leeza Gibbons and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I stopped and gazed on the little dull man who was bein
I stopped and gazed on the little dull man who was being paid to be a teacher of teachers. I turned and walked to the door, slammed it closed with a bang, and broken glass crashed to the floor. There was uproar behind me in the class, which did not interest me at all.

Burl Ives
People wrote me off when I joined the industry, my looks were criticised, my acting was slammed, my films didn’t do well. These things changed only slowly, and after a struggle.

Suniel Shetty
MMA is not one of those up and down basketball seasons where you have a ton of games and you can still make the playoffs. It doesn’t work like that in MMA. You get a couple losses, you get washed up, you get the door slammed behind you and they bring in the next person behind you who is here to take your place.

Aljamain Sterling
I had doors slammed in my face; I had a lot of news directors who wouldn’t give me the time of day. Some told me I wouldn’t have a future in the business.

Rich Eisen
Anybody who’s serious about their passion in life gets doors slammed in their face, literally and figuratively.

Leeza Gibbons
In the years since I worked with John Hughes, there were many years where I literally had hundred of doors slammed in my face because I wasn’t that kid anymore, and I wasn’t a character actor, and I wasn’t a leading man, and I wasn’t whatever Hollywood was looking for.

Anthony Michael Hall
If you are being criticised, and you are unsuccessful, then that can be a low for you. But if you are doing good and still being slammed, then it is good.

Himesh Reshammiya
The doctors have said that they don’t want me in the ring bouncing around or getting picked up and slammed down. They said the old head just can’t survive anymore trauma.

Ricky Steamboat
When Superstorm Sandy churned up fourteen-foot walls of water that slammed New York’s coastal communities in October 2012, they also washed away any false notions we had that we care sufficiently for poor people.

Maya Wiley
The poor Oscars – they always get slammed in the press.

Helen Mirren
As the White House doors are slammed in the face of the average American, I want to know if they will still swing wide open for Hollywood and the liberal elite. Will Jay-Z and Beyonce still get to stop by for a tour, or will they be denied like those who aren’t rich and famous?

Tom Graves
I never would’ve tried YouTube if I hadn’t had so many doors slammed in my face.

Lindsey Stirling
I took it personal. I got slammed quite a bit.

Steve Carlton
I left my native place to come to Mumbai, got routinely cheated, was given bad words, had phones and doors slammed on me. All my work and time was going down the drain. I didn’t get credit for some work I did.

Ankit Tiwari
The first day I walked into prison, and he slammed that door, I knew the magnitude of the decision that I made, and the poor judgment, and what I allowed to happen to the animals. And, you know, it’s no way of explaining the hurt and the guilt that I felt. And that was the reason I cried so many nights.

Michael Vick
I remember how my mom would take me on the subway from Queens to Broadway. We’d go to the offices of casting agents. Many doors were slammed in our faces. I was just a boy, but I remember that well.

Dick Van Patten
I am in the habit, like most British people, of holding the door open for people. But in the U.S., people don’t understand it. You get odd looks or doors slammed in your face.

Raza Jaffrey
I’ve had one fall that I kind of hurt my toe pretty badly because I slammed into one of the set pieces. But, you know, you just get up and keep going. The adrenaline’s pumping, and you just carry on!

Carmen Cusack
Not everyone needs to be slammed into a category and locked there.

Roger Ebert
I go out there and get my eyes gouged, my nose busted, my body slammed. I love the pain of the game.

Dennis Rodman
The reason Ronald Reagan gets slammed for having so badly exacerbated the problem of deficit spending is that he so plainly deserves it.

Daniel Keys Moran
Fear is a great motivator. Look at what 9-11 has accomplished – My god. It’s slammed the economy, It’s – I can’t even begin to detail all it’s actually done, other than bring down the buildings and hit the Pentagon. It’s stunned the entire nation.

Art Bell
We’ve always been slammed by most of the British press. They probably hate us because we’re too normal and incredibly honest.

Curt Smith
The education system of Hong Kong has often been slammed for marginalising a lot of people.

Joshua Wong
When universities are forced to recruit more and more from outwith Scotland just to balance the books, it is inevitable that doors are being slammed shut on some of our brightest talent.

Johann Lamont
In school, I learned about artists and how they were free to express themselves. I was allergic to conformity, and the lifestyle attracted me. I wanted to express myself in a way that slammed people up against the wall.

Grace Slick
I think that things like Twitter and the blogosphere are so instantaneously critical that I think it’s actually created a bit of a culture of artistic fear to branch out too much because you don’t want to be slammed.

Josh Groban
I’m slammed with an identity that can no longer say a word; mute with responsibility.

Kate Millett
I agree that my films have flopped, and I have been slammed for my nasal voice, my look, and my dialogue delivery. But every time I got a negative feedback, I went out of my way to work on it.

Himesh Reshammiya
When I published my first novel, ‘Slammed,’ I included lyrics at the beginning of each chapter from one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers. The overwhelmingly positive response from readers to those lyrics really surprised me.

Colleen Hoover